3holes Begins Her New Life

by Imnaked4all2C-EvnU

Copyright© 2011 by Imnaked4all2C-EvnU

BDSM Sex Story: 3holes begins to know what a REAL slave's life is

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Slavery   Heterosexual   BDSM   Spanking   Humiliation   Torture   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

First thing in the morning her black head hood was removed and she was stood in front of a basin to wash it and hang it up to dry. She was given a breakfast of a can of slave food much like dog food but formulated for "human" slaves. It was placed in a dish on the floor and she had to eat it with her mouth only. 3holes drank from a secured water bottle with a dildo mouthpiece to the giggles of the household help. After that 3holes was walked outside in the sun on a leash by the owner's assistant for an hour then taken to the shower and allowed to wash her body, with the assistant watching closely for any sign of attempting to escape of course. Escape was illegal here. After her hair dried a fresh identical hood put on and secured. Then she was taken, crawling to demonstrate her voluntary submission to the women's quarters. The women showed her the household cleaning supplies and pretty much left her alone to do the work. They still hadn't decided what to do with her. 3holes knew the canned food was to let her know there would be no pleasures for her in this world, save for when it also pleasures the owner. "God, this makes 3holes so damn horny, to be nothing, to have nothing, to be forced to serve and be punished for entertainment," 3holes marveled at herself. "Why does 3holes get so horny when 3holes KNOWS this owner may NEVER let 3holes orgasm. Probably for his friends and business acquaintances. I hope so someday" Her thoughts were sharply interrupted.

"3holes! Follow me" owner shouted from the door of the women's quarters. 3holes looked up, startled from her face down, bowing position. When 3holes completed her housework for the mistresses she was told to wait for the owner, face down, ass up. She had the butt plug in as owner's assistant had placed it in already, a morning ritual. He moved it in a step further. Each step of the plug made her clit pound deliciously more and for more. Her lips and cunt hole would twitch and almost dance, moisture forming and trickling down her legs, tickling and making her more horny.

The women tittered and smirked at her humiliating state. Speaking among themselves "I'm very happy husband has bought a slave to torment. He was always getting angry at us." Yes" said another, "He is so demanding and now he has one that must obey, and he can play with her as he wanted to with us as much as he wants". "She seems to enjoy it quite a lot" one said with a nasty laugh. "What I like is she must clean our home and we are free to shop and visit all of the time together." 3holes was both ashamed and hot. Ashamed being naked and with a butt plug before other women, but hot at being so controlled and no concern about any objection she might have had. Which she didn't have.

She followed him into his part of the large house. He had her lay on a bed-like table with no surface other than wood. He placed a ball gag in her mouth and further secured t with the velcro strap.There were rings and posts on the bed, walls and ceiling. He fastened her spread eagled on the table and put a vibrator between her legs. "Could this be true? Will he let 3holes orgasm? Why? Ahh-3homes is not to wonder why, but comply," she self corrected. The assistant stood at the foot of the table and held a camcorder aimed at her cunt and recorded owner teasing her with the vibrator. A little touch and withdraw. Pushing on her clit and running it up her pubic bone and down through her cunt to her anus. 3holes softly moaned in joy, not to be heard. Her cunt flowed like a river. She tried to spread her legs more which was impossible, but she tried to move with the vibrator. She felt her pelvis thrusting and spasming, her legs would have flailed if they'd been free. 3holes pushed her tits up, hoping they'd be touched and fondled. She had an orgasm and the owner chuckled and sounded very pleased. "Perhaps this place will be more pleasant than 3holes thought". she thought hopefully

3holes had slowly come to the realization that she REALLY was a slave, a naked, sex slave. "What have I done?" She was subject to anything her owner decided and she had no rights to object, to speak or to leave. She had no turning back, no escape should she change her mind. She was stuck here legally. A slave forever or until the owner threw her away. She didn't know this but even throw away slaves are still slaves and naked. They are taken by whoever finds them first. As she contemplated her situation, the owner sent the vibrator down between her legs again. This time a second assistant grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples, rubbed ice on them and when erect enough placed alligator clips on them. "Oh my God that feels so good" she thought. As this occurred she felt her clit get pleasantly hard, again her cunt flowed and her lips opened wide to allow a cock in. The camera got a good shot of her open hole. The assistant slipped his fingers in. Her hips pulsed and started grinding and she came again. Her legs were shaking, her toes pointed. She groaned to the camera pleasing the owner.

He stepped away and waited for the orgasm to end while he recorded it. That took awhile. Owner showed her a wide, black leather strap. He had the assistant pull the butt plug. The assistant retied her legs frog style so her knees were far away, her feet together and her cunt was spread wide open, leaving nothing between the strap and her clit. The position made her feel horny, but she had some fear. "What has 3holes done wrong to be punished so?" she cried to herself shaking inside. She saw the owner's eyes gleaming and he had a hard on.

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