New Owner-new World

by Imnaked4all2C-EvnU

Copyright© 2011 by Imnaked4all2C-EvnU

BDSM Sex Story: Property is taken to the new owner's home.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Slavery   Heterosexual   .

Property was unsecured from the stage and led blindfolded to a waiting limo with tinted windows. She had no idea of where she was going, but they spoke another language though some of the people seemed to also speak only English, so there was mixed conversation.

Her new owner spoke "You are no longer to be called "property". Now you are "3hole". CLose your eyes and keep them closed until I tell you, you may open them" 3hole did as she was told. He removed the blindfold, and he and another man fitted a tight hood over her head. It had a lock to secure it so she can't remove it if not supervised. It had several rings for bondage convenience and velcro around the large mouth hole, eye slits and ear holes.

The owner said "You will wear such a device forever. I do not want to see you-only 3holes and tits."

He then closed all the holes. It was dark and silent. She started to burn between her legs, moisture around her cunt, her clit started to twitch and pulse.

She felt the limo pull into somewhere and they helped her get out. She went up an incline and realized they were boarding a plane.

The ear cover plugs were removed "3hole-kneel here" one of the assistants said. She was made to kneel in the middle aisle. Then her eyes were uncovered. She was able to see the man who bought her for the first time. He looked cruel and hard minded. Angry?

As she kneeled naked in the aisle-she saw every eye tracing every inch of her nakedness. "My hole is opening, my clit is hot. I hope they orgasm me. It's scary, yet exciting."

3hole moved her knees more apart. She knew she should anyway, and she was hoping they'd notice her arousal and do something about it. Even if only for their own amusement. She didn't care.

She could now hear the conversations going on around her. Two English speakers were discussing the situation.

"His wives were really upset. They were against the whole idea. He had to convince them he would only have sex with her when they wouldn't. They weren't totally buying that" "Really? the other one spoke, "How did he get them to go along." "Well, he told them his main purpose for her was to clinch business deals, the status of having a level-0 slave (lowest, must obey even other slaves), and for his fairly frequent desires to punish and humiliate. He propmised them they too could order her around, punish her or have her punished if she was disrespectful or disobedient. He would declare her first house job of the day would be to clean the women's quarters. THAT was popular with them."

The other man spoke-"I can only imagine the jealousy though. She'll be paying for that. And he'll have to follow through to avoid a rebellion from them."

The owner's friend stood up and said "I'm bored. Let's have a little fun here somehow." The owner had been given the clit prod by an ecstatic when he got his money.

"3hole! Lean back until your head touches the ground."

Her hands were tied behind her back so someone roughly grabbed her tits and used them like handles to pull her into position. She felt her quads stretching, and she could barely balance.

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