Sold! Property Is Owned by Another-jack Gets $$$$

by naked4all2C-EvnU

Copyright© 2011 by naked4all2C-EvnU

BDSM Sex Story: Follow property to the sales block and "see" how it's done.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Slavery   Heterosexual   BDSM   MaleDom   Humiliation   Torture   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Property finished cleaning the house. Lord was very fussy today about it and wanted every nook and cranny scrubbed. Property was grateful Jack didn't make her lick the floors clean this time. She was tired. Sleepy. Jack per his usual watched her clean.

He still got off watching her clean the house naked. "Come here, suck my cock," Jack ordered. Jack's big hard cock was spilling out already. Property was trained how to suck, and well. First she licked down the shaft and around and back to the tip. She touched her tongue to his balls and brought her tongue to his juicy tip, She heard him breathing harder and faster and ran her tongue around the tip, kissed it and put his cock in her mouth. she sucked until he almost came and started licking some more-then sucking-when he came he almost dropped to the floor. "God, I'm going to miss this," Jack thought.

Jack brought property to his desk. "See this?" This is a contract. Read it." Property read the contract. Jack asked her what it said. "It says property agrees to being a naked sex slave for life. That property will remain silent and obedient. Will ask for nothing and expect nothing. That property LOVES being owned by a man. It says the owner may sell or auction, give away, lease or rent property anytime he wants to, to anyone he chooses." Jack replied, "That's right. Will my property sign?"

Property was overjoyed. She wanted to be owned, used and disciplined. Humiliated. The idea of being REALLY sell-able property was exciting and hot. Her cunt warmed up and her hole widened. Her inner legs dampened. "Oh yes, Lord. I'll sign. I'll sign right now." Jack smiled. "I knew property would. It will make me very pleased." At that property picked up the pen and signed.

Jack bound property's hands behind her back and blindfolded her. He quietly slipped the contract into a manila folder. He led property to his van and had her climb in the back. He fastened her wrist straps to the floor. Just in case.

Property was trained to obey and seek to please Jack-but now he took no chances. Property had made Jack dinner that night, but she was not allowed to eat. Discipline and learning to be patient for the Lord's fancy.

Jack started driving. It was dark when he arrived at the old house. It was on an old dirt road in the next town. He opened the back door and let property out.

A man walked up and told Jack to follow him. They walked into a room will barred windows. It WAS well heated. The merchandise must be kept safe for sale.

Property still didn't know what was going on. "Was it a party? A gang bang?"

She was secured to the wall and told to sleep if she could. A blanket was allowed her and being very tired after the last few days, she fell asleep.

The next morning she was awakened and a ball gagged. She was kept blindfolded. Jack led her up to a table and helped her climb up. Her legs were guided into stirrups like at the doctor's office and he strapped her legs in.

Another man's voice spoke "I am going to inspect the wares. We want no diseases or defects to lower the price or create an unhappy customer." Property wondered what he meant. "Was she going to be rented to a party? " She had no time to think. Cold jelly was smeared all over her and the man pushed his fingers into her cunt hole and felt around. Then he used a speculum. She felt several fingers go into her anus and felt it stretched, and the fingers went as deep as they could go. It felt good. Her hole opened a bit more and wetness flowed. She could not see the men smile, but they were pleased.

She heard more footsteps and her tits were grabbed and felt thoroughly-her nipples pinched and pulled and rolled between his fingers. "Ahhh. They can erect," the feeler said.

"She passes. She should sell well if she behaves as you say," one of the men commented.

"Sell? Jack was selling her!" She started to tremble. Jack's voice got firm. "Property! Remember what you are. You are here to please. you are a slave. It is NO business of a slave's how property is used by the owner of the property."

Property knew he was right. She was humbled by her failure to submit for a moment and not think of anything but Jack's, or any other's pleasure and happiness.

Soon she was led to a shower and washed by the men. She longed for them to fondle her clit and allow her to have an orgasm, but she knew they weren't thinking of that. They wanted her fresh for the auction block.

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