She Taught Me Well

by crotalusw

Copyright© 2011 by crotalusw

Erotica Sex Story: Friends can make the best teachers.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

I sat back in my recliner with a cold drink in my hand and wondered what in the world was wrong with me. I picked up the remote and started surfing through the channels, though my mind just couldn't seem to concentrate on what was flashing across the screen. Stopping on a channel with a mind-numbing show playing, I tried to let myself get caught up in the story so I could lose track of reality.

Reality just wouldn't let go of me, however.

"What is wrong with me?" I asked myself for the hundredth time that day. "Why do I let myself get caught up in the unachievable? There's nothing but heartache down that road."

Finally, I succumbed to the intrusive thoughts and feelings and let myself reminisce for a while, reliving what led up to my day of torment.

The first time I saw Natasha was in the office. She'd been hired as a temporary receptionist, with the potential to become a full-time employee. We'd been through a number of temps at the front desk over the past, few years. It seemed we never found the right fit for our office.

When Natasha started, I was actually working in a field office and rarely saw my friends in our main office. It was during one of those rare visits that I first saw her. The first thing I noticed was her eyes. They had that dark, mysterious quality that always seemed to be appealing to me. She was nervous, though, so wasn't smiling as much as I like and it made me think that she'd be dazzling if she would smile, but I never saw it that visit. I figured it would have to wait.

As is common in our office, new employees are taken to lunch to get to know us and allow us the opportunity to get to know them. It's usually a fairly informal event so we can feel free to be ourselves. I like lunch with friends so I drove over from the field office to participate in Natasha's welcome lunch. That's when I found out she was Eastern European. I hadn't expected that, but found it exotic and enticing.

I still hadn't seen that smile that made her eyes pop, though.

I spent the next year out at the field office. I got caught up in the project on which I was working and didn't get much chance to chat with the folks in the main office. During down-time on the project, I explored my sexual fantasies by writing erotic stories. It was an excellent outlet for my feelings and gave me the opportunity to try new ideas in my mind without having to deal with the feelings that come from a relationship. I guess I could have looked for a fuck-buddy with whom I could try these things out, but that never really felt like me, appealing as the idea sometimes seemed.

After a while, I put my stories online and started to share my stories with female friends. I found myself getting turned on at their obvious excitement from reading my words. They would occasionally let slip that they'd have to visit the restroom after reading for a while to masturbate and relieve the pressure that my stories generated. That was the epitome of praise. If my stories could cause that much excitement, they were definitely worth sharing. One friend even came in to the field office to tell me that she'd cum four times the previous night while reading one of my stories. That was

Finally, the project at the client's office ended and I returned to the main office. I had mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I'd get to be with my friends again and would get to spend time getting to know the employees who'd started with the company after I left the main office to go to the field. And, I must admit, I was definitely looking forward to that with some of the new coworkers. On the other hand, I was going to be back under the watchful eyes of corporate IT and wasn't going to have as much freedom as I had in the field.

Nevertheless, I moved my stuff back and got settled into my cubicle in the main office. While I was gone, my location was moved to a cubicle that felt far more exposed. I was initially unhappy with that. I just don't like people being able to see what I'm doing, don't like having my back to the main walkway. It didn't take long for me to realize one of the big benefits of my new location. I could now easily see the beautiful women in the office as they walked to the break room or the reproduction room. There's not much better than being able to see beautiful women on a regular basis.

It was at that point that I started to see Natasha in a new light. We started sharing more of ourselves and I came to understand who she was. Studying personalities and how they interact had been an interest of mine since my teen years. I spent a lot of time listening to people and understanding how they work. I used those skills with Natasha and gave her a sounding board for her ideas, letting her vent when she needed and providing support. During those times, I got to see that smile of hers that really made her eyes shine. The shine was even better than I'd imagined it would be. Her eyes could send rays of sunshine throughout the room, banishing all thought of shadow.

Along with my love of personalities, I enjoyed studying languages. I was fluent in English and Spanish and could understand some French, Italian and Portuguese. When I have friends nearby who speak another language, I like to learn from them as much as I can and I realized that having Natasha in the office was an opportunity I shouldn't pass.

I talked to her about her language and was told that it's a difficult one to learn. With a challenge like that before me, how could I not dedicate some time to it and show that I was up to it? To add to that incentive, Natasha shared with me her fear that her daughter was not learning the language as well as she'd like. I went online and found an amazing website that detailed her language and broke it down into basic rules of grammar and pronunciation. It started with the alphabet, which was different from the one used in America, and worked up from there. With a little dedication, I learned the alphabet and started working on my vocabulary. Unfortunately, the pronunciation was missing. Luckily, I had Natasha in the office and I turned to her for help in distinguishing between letters that looked like they'd sound almost identical. I learned words and phrases from her to help round out my learning process. We started spending more time together. I felt a need to learn her language well and so I sought her out on numerous occasions to get help with my pronunciation and grammar.

Of course, the prurient side of me wanted to learn the words that you only whisper to your lover during foreplay. I wanted to be able to walk up behind her and whisper in her ear how hot she made me and how excited I was being close to her. I wanted to give her shivers as I whispered in her ear what I would like to be doing to her right then. One day, I vowed, I would be able to do that. In spite of that desire, I didn't feel that our relationship had progressed to the point that we were ready to share our sexual feelings and ideas, even on a purely hypothetical level. We were getting there, though.

One day, one of my friends, Paula, came into my cubicle and asked me for the link to my stories again. I envisioned her reading my stories and being turned on and was more than willing to share my story link with her. A little while later, I found out it was so she could share the link with Natasha. Apparently, they'd been talking about something that led to a discussion of my writing erotica. Natasha was interested in reading the stories, but grew a little anxious when she found out that I often use people I know as the basis for some of my characters. However, when my friend shared that she'd been one of those characters, Natasha seemed to relax at the idea.

I get excited whenever there's a new reader to my stories. I shared with her my desire to improve and asked to know which stories she preferred and to let me know if there was anything missing. Her first responses were very simple, but conveyed pleasure at what she'd read. It seemed that she was shy about sharing all of her feelings about what she'd read.

Over the next week, she wasn't able to read too much because of a project on which she was working. She was too distracted by work to get into the fun of a good story.

Work always seems to get in the way of fun.

Finally, she had some free time and was able to really read for a while. It was my day off, though, so I wasn't there to talk with her about it. I thought she'd read a story or two and call it a day.

During a conversation that day, Natasha's nationality came up and I was asked if she cooks authentic food from her country. I wasn't sure, but figured I could easily call her to find out.

When she answered, she had her professional voice on, but when I started talking so she knew it was me, her voice changed. I was amazed at the difference. All of a sudden, her voice dripped with sensuality. I was overcome. My level of desire jumped up several notches. She mentioned that she'd been reading ... a lot. She started to list the titles of the stories she'd read and named off about half a dozen names. I was amazed. I didn't expect her to read that much. I wanted to explore that for a while and get into details, but I was sitting with someone else and knew that I couldn't say what I wanted. I had to cut off the phone call far sooner than I'd wanted. That sensual voice she shared with me was addictive. I could have sat and listened to that for a long time.

Soon after that, we began to send text messages back and forth and she let me know that she would enjoy reading a story that I wrote about her. Not only was she okay with the idea of having a character based on her, but she actually wanted it to happen. That got my creative juices going and I started to come up with any number of ideas that I could use to include her.

Over the following, few days, I played with different ideas and scenarios that I could use with her in them to flesh out the story. I couldn't seem to come up with the perfect one, though. I thought through and discarded a number of them. Eventually, I hit on an idea that I thought would work and quickly hammered out the story.

The next day, I sent the story to Natasha to get her ideas before posting it to my website. I was surprised to get a response back from her as quickly as I did. I guess she must have really been waiting to read that one.

"Wow," she said. "That is the best one so far!"

"I'm really glad you liked it," I responded. "It's especially important that those for whom I'm writing the stories really enjoy them. What was your favorite part?"

"I don't know that I have a favorite part. I just really liked it all! I love the way you described everything. I could see it happening!"

I imagined her body responding as I'd described in the story: her nipples hardening and becoming very sensitive, her breathing getting shallow and quick, her skin tingling as if I were lightly running my hands over her body, her pussy getting wet and opening in order to ease the entrance of my hard cock.

Those thoughts got me excited and caused my mind to wander even further down those paths, imagining how it would be to caress her soft skin and to experience everything she had to offer. Before I knew it, I had an erection and could feel my cock throbbing in my slacks, begging for attention.

Unfortunately, it was just at that time that some project work came up and I had to leave my fantasies alone while I took care of work.

A small bell sound caught my attention and I saw an e-mail message arrive. Opening the message, I read that we were going to hold a farewell celebration for Paula. She was leaving our office and we wanted to wish her well by enjoying happy hour together at one of our favorite, local bars. Of course, I accepted the invitation. I was sad that Paula was going. Over the past, few years, we'd grown close and I was going to miss that friendship.

The rest of the day was caught up in project work so I didn't return to thoughts of Natasha and how I imagined her responding to my stories.

However, when I lay down in bed that night, my mind wandered back along those paths of pleasure. I grew quite hard, replaying the thoughts that had passed through my mind earlier that day. As my mind wandered, my hand slid down and began to stroke my length. It felt so very good. My mind began to race, picturing her lying down next to me, offering herself to me. Each stroke brought an increase in intensity, causing my heart to beat faster and my mind to expand on the thoughts passing through it. Before long, I could feel an impending orgasm blooming inside of me, growing larger with each movement of my hand on my cock. Suddenly, my body tensed as my orgasm exploded within me. I held my breath as spurt after spurt shot from me, landing on my chest and stomach. I couldn't think, could only feel an amazing burst of energy overwhelming my senses. After an eternity of orgasmic bliss, my body began to relax and the throbbing ebbed within my erection, which had begun to subside. My vision returned and I lay there gasping, reveling in the afterglow.

After cleaning myself up, I crawled back into bed and slept peacefully.

A few days later, Paula's farewell arrived and we all drove over to the bar after work. She had already left the office and met us there. She seemed pretty relaxed and ready to have a great night out with friends. It was good to see her again, since it had been a couple of days since she was last in the office. We all sat around a few tables in the bar, enjoying each other's company out of the office.

To my surprise, Natasha showed up at the bar to join us. I hadn't expected her to be there. Normally, she is rather involved in taking care of things at home and isn't able to get away to join us at functions like this, but apparently found a way to make it work that night. I found myself grinning as I saw her smile and sit down to order her drink.

We had a good time. We laughed and joked with each other for quite a while. Finally, as usually happens when I've been sipping from a glass all night, I had to go to the restroom. I excused myself and wandered through the crowd to get back to the facilities. When I was done, I wandered out toward the balcony for some fresh air, and saw Natasha walking toward me. I figured she needed to visit the facilities, too, but also thought it might be a good time to sneak a hug.

Opening my arms as I got closer, I collected her into a hug. She flowed against me and I wrapped my arms tightly around her. It felt good to hold her against me.

"We should move out of the walkway," she suggested, steering me toward the side.

We held each other some more, there in among the shadows of the balcony. It was at that time that my body decided to betray me. My mind started to concentrate on the feel of her curves and how her luscious breasts pressed against me. Instantly, my cock started to grow. With how closely we were standing, I figured there was no way she wasn't going to feel it and I fervently hoped she wouldn't pull away.

She purred a little and pressed against me. I heard her start to talk so leaned down to listen closely.

"I was hoping that story you wrote wasn't just a complete fantasy."

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