Thing's Walk Home

by Imnaked4all2C-EvnU

Copyright© 2011 by Imnaked4all2C-EvnU

BDSM Sex Story: Thing walks home and Jack's agenda get good

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Slavery   Heterosexual   BDSM   MaleDom   Humiliation   Torture   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Nudism   .

The two men were groping Thing's tits, ass and cunt. She obediently spread her legs as trained when they began to reach, making it easier. "Lord would be so proud"-Thing thought.

She had noticed her clit getting tingly and moist, she was sure her hole was open so it could be stuffed with meat.

The man with the cell phone hung up and after a few minutes she heard a car pull up. A large sedan. It stopped and the back door opened. She could see there were other men in the car. The driver, and 2 passengers. The man with the belt spanked her ass with it and then the men had Thing crawl in over the seat and lay face up and the other two men got in, under her. The door closed and they drove around the town.

The men in the back kneaded and played with her tits and nipples, the one by the driver felt up her leg and put his fingers in her cunt and fondled her clit and belly. The driver said "Hey, dudes! I want some too." So once in a while they would push her cunt to within reach of the driver so he could reach back and feel her cunt.

She dutifully spread her legs for the men she served. She felt her cunt swollen and hot, begging for an orgasm, hoping they would allow her to have one.

They had no clue that orgasms were not a given to Thing anymore but a mixed privilege. They were used to teach Thing to LOVE being controlled and tortured. Now they were used to entertain Jack and his friends, humiliate her and videos to sell for cash. They were ALSO used as a part of Jack's agenda to remove her taboos and discretion so she would be pliant and molded to the slave he wanted ... Wanted for sale.

She spread her legs as far as the seat would allow-which pleased the men greatly. They rolled her over, and one by one, she was moved around to enable her to suck each man's cock. Thing was getting so well trained. A few weeks ago-she NEVER would have thought of herself as going naked through town in the back of a car with strange men sucking their cocks and spreading her legs. TRYING to encourage them to play with her clit, trying to "trick" an orgasm out of them. They didn't seem to get it. They'd play with her and then start joking and laughing and forget to touch her a moment. All too soon she had sucked the last cock and then men decided to drop her off.

They pulled behind a grove of trees. They pulled her out of The car and had her bend over with her ass facing the drivers opened door.He lubed her ass and plugged her with his extremely hard and large cock. He pounded in and out harder and harder-he came and then started again. Thing was mulling over his lasting power,"Why, he didn't even get soft before he started again!"

After he finished he gave her a few swats on her bare bent ass and grabbed her hanging tits one last time. "Where should we drop you off?" he asked.

Not being used to decisions anymore she had to think a minute. She told them how to get to Lord's house. It would be light soon, the local sheriff would be out.

They dropped her off and she went to the back door and quietly knocked with her foot and waited. After a few minutes, she knocked again. She noticed the neighbor next door, a Mr. Betts had turned off his kitchen light and turned on his back flood light. She knew he was looking and that made her hot all over again. Her cunt hole opened as if to say "hello" or Hole-oh, her cunt was really wet now.

Finally, Jack opened the door. He glanced at her clit and saw it was really erect and twitchy. He was glad they kept her all night. He wasn't worried about her. This is a small town and she was safe, and the sheriff only does nights on call so no problem with discovery unless someone called them.

She needed to have sleep deprivation. All the better to train her with and get more internalized submission. He had her crawl in on her elbows and knees-keeping her ass high up and opened for view, and follow him to the kitchen. "I have a new teaching for you. I also will call you something different. You will also only refer to yourself this way verbally and you are to train yourself to only think of this word that will refer to you. Property. You will be called property. It is not a name-you do not have a name. You are a property, MY property. Only use that word for referring to you, the slave." Thing was thrilled and hot to be Lord's.

Jack then brought out a plastic bag filled with ice. "No, my property will not rest. But will be groomed for more" He retied her hands over her head and had them tied to a ring in the ceiling. Jack produced an ice cube and 3 alligator clips with small chains attached to them by a central ring. He picked up an ice cube with a tongs and slowly encircled her right nipple. As it became erect, he switched to the left-slowly, slowly until it too became erect. Then he put the ice gradually down her belly stopping short of her clit and cunt. God, how her clit throbbed and begged. She remained silent-though she wanted to moan and say "Please let me cum."

Jack took the ice and touched her clit with it and moved it away. Then he touched it again. Property didn't think her clit could get any harder, her cunt anymore swollen and wet, her hole any more open. Then he put the first alligator clip right on her clit. How it pinched in pain, and how much more she wanted! She spread her legs farther to both please him and to beg as he took the ice and moved back to her nipples-teasing them with the ice until they too were erect again. Then he put clips on her nipples.

Property saw the point-literally.

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