Roxanne's New Neighbor

by MrPayne

Copyright© 2011 by MrPayne

Erotica Sex Story: A young woman is seduced by her female neighbor.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Reluctant   BiSexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Roxanne Tate slid behind the wheel of her new, white, Cadillac Seville. That was one nice thing about living with Ted. He was not stingy. And he liked to not only fuck, but to please her as well. He didn't mind the games she liked to play. She didn't have to work now, but she enjoyed being a nurse. Besides, working for a gynecologist gave her the opportunity of meeting interesting women.

She started the car and turned the air-conditioner on, full blast. She paused before driving off. She couldn't decide what she wanted - a nice, hard, cock or some lovely lady's tongue. Decisions, decisions. Her hand slipped under her short, starched, white, nurse's uniform skirt. Roxanne squeezed her panty covered crotch.

Roxanne always wore tight panties. She liked the feel, the pressure, as if someone had their hand cupped against her pussy. At work she always wore a tight brassiere too, a size too small. The bra cut into her skin leaving deep red marks on her breasts, also displaying deep cleavage that some patients liked to admire.

Keeping the heel of her hand on her crotch, she picked up the cell phone and dialed a number. It rang once. "Hello honey," she said. "My name is Roxanne Tate. May I speak to Mr. Bixby, please?"

She waited a few moments. "Ted! Darling! You didn't tell me you have a new secretary."

On the other end of the line she could hear Ted chuckle. "I told you we were reorganizing down here. I picked her today."

"You picked her?? Must be a bleached blonde with big tits, uh?"

"Now why do you say that, Roxanne? I'll admit she is, but..."

"You're so transparent Ted," Roxanne cut in. "I'm surprised you let a redhead like me live with you. You must invite her for dinner some evening. I'd like to get to know her."

Ted laughed again. "Want to suck her tits is more like it."

"Don't tempt me baby. But I didn't call to discuss who you're fucking in the office. Can you get off early today?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"I'm hot, Ted. Real hot. I was thinking of inviting Linda Wilson over. You can have her when I'm done. Brad's on a business trip so she could stay all night if you like."

"Hmmm. Sounds nice. Why don't you invite Hilary Thompson, instead?"

It was Roxanne's turn to laugh. "That little slut. You do have a thing with blondes lately. I'm not sure I'm ready to share her, Ted. She needs some more training before I let you have her. Look. I'll surprise you. Just get home before me. And I'm leaving the parking lot right now. And Ted, just remember my cunt is so hot right now that the air-conditioner isn't cooling this car. Ta ta." She hung up her phone, and drove off.

It was a beautiful, hot, Wednesday afternoon and Roxanne was in a good mood. It was her half-day off. She would go home; maybe lounge by the pool for an hour or so before calling one of her girl friends; then she and Ted would work the woman over. In addition, old Mrs. Simpson had handed in her notice. That would leave Roxanne in charge of the office and Dr. Ford had said she could hire the new nurse. Roxanne smiled to herself. She would make a trip to the nursing schools in the area and hand pick just the type of nurse she wanted.

Roxanne maneuvered the car into the right lane. At the light the bus in front of her stopped. As a passenger got off, the light turned red. Roxanne fumed. She looked out her window at the woman who got off the bus. The woman had started walking toward her; seemed to change her mind; turned around; walked to the corner; turned right and headed down Roxanne's street.

The woman was Kathy Baker. She had moved into the house next door a couple of weeks ago. Roxanne had only met her once or twice, and then just briefly. She knew Kathy was in her twenties and divorced, but that was about it. Roxanne had meant to get to know her better, but had been so busy she didn't have a chance.

Finally the light turned green and the bus began to move laboriously. Roxanne followed and turned right. Kathy was about a block ahead. In her tight mini-skirt and high heels, Kathy had to take mincing steps. Roxanne pulled her Seville up next to the curb, rolled down the passenger window and honked.

Kathy Baker felt like a fool. She had been divorced nine months ago. For the first six months afterward, she had become a regular at several singles' bars. Most of the men she met had only been interested in one-night-stands. At first she had not minded at all, and took on all comers. But after a while, she had tired of the whole scene, and finally stopped going to the bars. And, she decided to move to a much nicer up-scale neighborhood.

She then turned her attention to her job. She worked for a large corporation, and was a special assistant to the only female Vice President of the firm, Ms. Loretta English. Kathy cringed. Ms. English, who had befriended her, helped her through her divorce, and for whom Kathy had busted her ass, had turned out to be the devil in disguise. No, that was unfair. She should have seen it. It was her fault.

Kathy had kept her mind off sex by working hard and buying a house in Queen Anne Heights, a better neighborhood in Bayport. This morning though, she woke up as horny as could be. She wanted a cock, and she wanted one bad. It was time to have an affair, she thought. The only men she knew anymore were the guys at the office. Her co-workers were having affairs with each other, so why couldn't she get in on the action? She did not have anyone particular in mind, a man, any man, would do.

After her shower, she put on midnight black hose, a black garter to hold them up, a pair of crotchless panties that clung low on her hips, and high heeled black shoes that strapped around her ankles. She then put on a sheer, black bra and a dark blue blouse. Kathy unbuttoned enough of the blouse to expose her cleavage and actually show the little red bow on the front of her bra. She tucked her blouse into a tight, black, mini-skirt.

Kathy spent extra time carefully applying her make-up, being a little heavy handed with the dark eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner. She also put on some extra splashes of perfume, especially in her cleavage. She then carefully combed out her long, beautiful brunette hair. A lightweight black, long sleeve jacket, which hung midway down her skirt, completed her ensemble.

Her car was at the garage getting a tune-up, so she called a taxi. From the looks the driver kept giving her, she knew her new outfit was doing its job.

But, work was a different story. None of the men on the ninth floor seemed to notice her. She spent as much time as she could near the coffee pot, but they stayed away. Finally, just before lunch, Mr. Larsen, a man in his fifties and very happily married, walked by her desk. He stopped and asked a question. After she had answered it, she asked what was wrong with her.

"Kathy, how long have you been working here?" He asked. "Don't you know that everyone on this floor thinks you're Loretta English's flunky? Her spy. You could be walking around here nude, and none of the guys would make a pass. They all ogle you and wonder who the lucky guy is you go out with."

Before Kathy had time to mull over this crushing news, her phone rang. It was Ms. English wanting to go over the Latimer file. Kathy got the file and walked to Ms. English's office. She had certainly been keeping Kathy busy. It was the fifth time that morning she'd been called to Loretta's office.

It happened while going over the file. Kathy was leaning with both hands on the desk. Loretta was behind her. Kathy saw it coming. Like a slow motion picture, she watched Loretta's well manicured hand reach across and down into Kathy's blouse. Loretta softly squeezed Kathy's left breast, and Kathy did nothing to stop her. Loretta was breathing deep and slow, and Kathy felt the breath on her neck and ear. Kathy was shocked, but she didn't pull away. Her cunt started to throb.

"I've always wanted you, Kathy," Loretta murmured in her ear.

Hearing Loretta speak broke the spell. Kathy struggled out of Loretta's hands and escaped to the other side of the desk. She straightened her shoulders, thrust out her bosom, and with her five-foot-six frame erect said, "I don't see how I could ever work for you again, Ms. English. I Quit!"

Kathy turned and walked out. Loretta was saying something to her, but she didn't pay any attention. She shut the door behind her, walked to her desk, retrieved her purse, and went to the elevators. Kathy pushed her way through the lunch crowd in the lobby, and out into the street. "Not a taxi in sight," she thought. Then she spotted the bus. She got on blindly and sat behind the driver.

It took Kathy a few moments to compose herself. She could not believe that Loretta English, so prim and proper, was a lesbian. The thought both alarmed and excited her. Her left tit still itched where Loretta's hand had caressed her, and her cunt was creaming. Was she too a latent lesbian? "No," she said to herself. "No it can't be." But then why did the thought of Loretta's tongue in her gash send shivers up and down her spine? And what had Loretta said as she left? Something about Kathy coming back to her?

Kathy groaned and squirmed in her seat. She looked around the bus. All the other passengers were men, and they were all staring at her. She could sense their eyes stripping her. "God, they must think I'm a Sacramento Avenue hooker." She pulled at her too short skirt. It was unseasonably warm for May, and the bus was hot. She felt uncomfortable. When the bus stopped at Santa Barbara Avenue, she got off. She could walk the rest of the way home. Better than those prying eyes.

So now, her she was walking down this exclusive street, looking and feeling like a whore. Kathy could not stop thinking about how Loretta's pass had excited her. She heard a car honk and out of the corner of her eye saw the car pull up to the curb. Kathy kept walking. She was not going to be picked up on the street. Then she heard her name being called by a woman's voice.

Kathy walked to the car, and leaned to the open window. Roxanne Tate was twisted in her seat, bent over the console toward the window.

"Hi; Kathy. It's much too hot to be walking. Let me give you a lift home."

The nurse's uniform was unbuttoned at the top and all Kathy could see at first was Roxanne's deeply tanned and fleshy cleavage. Her tits were bigger than her own. Kathy looked up. Roxanne's long auburn hair was done up in a loose bun, tendrils of hair falling by her ears. Then Kathy noticed Roxanne's long eyelashes, deep green eye shadow, sultry emerald eyes and glistening red, full, lush lips. Her heady perfumed filled the car.

Kathy didn't realize it, but bending over as she was; she was displaying her more than ample bosom for Roxanne's inspection. All thoughts of her girlfriends left Roxanne's mind. She wanted to seduce the young brunette with her lightly tanned skin. She looked up at Kathy's face and smiled. "Come on in, Kathy. The air is nice and cool in here."

"Thanks. I'd love a ride," Kathy responded. She opened the car door and sat in the passenger seat. She was conscious of her skirt riding up to her waist, exposing her nylons, garter belt straps, and shapely legs. She pulled the skirt down as much as she could.

Roxanne was still leaning over the console. "Nice outfit. I love that red bow." Roxanne's index finger touched the decoration. Gooseflesh tingled all over Kathy's tits as Roxanne's long red talon scraped her skin too.

"Th ... Thanks," Kathy said meekly.

Roxanne smiled again, readjusted herself in her seat, and put the car in Drive. Roxanne chatted pleasantly as she drove, but Kathy wasn't listening. Instead, she was wondering if Roxanne had just made a pass at her. No. It couldn't be. She was just too sensitive after the morning episode. Kathy turned her head to look at the big redhead. The woman did have large, beautiful tits. Kathy found herself wondering what it would be like to suck on those bronzed melons. God, what was the matter with her? How could she think that?? She stared out the window and tried concentrating on what Roxanne was saying.

"Pardon me," Kathy said, interrupting. "What did you say?"

"I was wondering if you'd like to come to my house for a drink. Since we're neighbors, we should get to know each other better."

Kathy thought for a moment and decided no harm could come from that. Besides she didn't want to be alone just then. "Oh, that would be nice. Uh ... I have to meet a friend later this afternoon, so I can't stay too long."

"Good. Just a drink." Roxanne smiled and the tip of her tongue slid across her upper lip. For a moment Kathy was filled with a deep apprehension, but she brushed it off as nerves. A few moments later they pulled into the drive. The ladies got out of the car. Roxanne took off her cap, pulled out some pins, and shook out her long auburn hair. She led the way to the house, her hips and ass swaying seductively.

Roxanne led Kathy to the den, overlooking a large swimming pool. A large, overstuffed sofa sat in the middle of the room looking out onto the pool. Kathy sat on the sofa. To the right was a door, covered by a full length mirror. Roxanne stood in front of the mirror for a moment running her hands through her hair, getting all the knots out. She excused herself for a moment and came back with a bucket of ice. She went to the wet bar in the back of the room, behind the sofa. "I'm having a gin 'n tonic. What would you like, Kathy?"

"That sounds good."

Roxanne brought the drinks and sat on the sofa a safe foot away from Kathy. They sipped their drinks and talked. Kathy thought her second drink was much stronger. She also began to notice an undercurrent of sex in Roxanne's conversation. She was talking about her boyfriend, Ted, and then asking her questions about her boyfriends. Was it her imagination, or was Roxanne's green eyes stripping her. Kathy began to feel uncomfortable.

"I'd better get going," Kathy said. "I do have to meet my friend."

"Don't you have time for another, Kathy? I'm having such a good time talking to you. You're so nice."

"Well. I guess one more will be okay. Then I have to leave Roxanne."

Roxanne smiled and got up and made fresh drinks. When she sat again, she was right next to Kathy. She ran her red fingernails lightly over Kathy's knee. "You know it's going to be so nice having you for a neighbor." Kathy shivered.

Roxanne then mumbled something about getting comfortable. Kathy watched in horrid fascination as the tall redhead stripped off her nurse's uniform. What first caught her attention were Roxanne's big tits. They bulged over and under the too small, shear, white bra. Kathy could see the blood-red, almost purple aureoles. They were bigger than a small orange, and her long nipples as thick as a man's pinkie finger.

Roxanne bent over at the waist to adjust her white nylons being held up by the white garter belt. Her white, bikini panties were drawn tight up the crack of her hard ass. When Roxanne turned toward her, Kathy could see that the panties were also wedged up her slit. Auburn hair curled out and around the panties.

Roxanne sat again. Her knee gently touched against Kathy's. She picked her drink up from the glass table in front of the sofa, and slipped her other arm along the back of the sofa behind Kathy. Kathy gulped at her drink. She knew she had to get away. Now. "I've got to go, Roxanne," she said, staring at her drink. "I'm getting a little bit drunk and I need to sober up before I meet my friend." She couldn't look at Roxanne.

"I understand honey," Roxanne replied, leaning into Kathy. "But do come back. I know we're going to be good friends. Give me a little kiss goodbye."

In her confused state, that sounded all right to Kathy. "Nothing harmful in a kiss between friends," she thought. Kathy leaned closer to those shining lips, and tilted her head as Roxanne's heavily made-up eyes came closer and closer. Their eyelashes touched. Then Roxanne's lips were on hers - surprisingly soft and gentle lips.

Kathy kept her mouth closed. Roxanne's velvet tongue tip tickled over her lips. Her hand caressed Kathy's neck softly, pulling Kathy closer to the provocative and voluptuous flesh before her. Kathy's body ached in lustful recognition of what was happening to her.

"So lovely," Roxanne murmured against Kathy's lips. The she pushed her lips harder against Kathy's clenched mouth. Roxanne's hand was on her shoulder, drawing her closer and closer. Somehow Kathy's hand had landed on Roxanne's silky, golden brown thigh, and she was lightly caressing that hot piece of flesh.

Roxanne's tongue was still licking Kathy's pouty lips. Kathy found herself wondering how many twats that tongue had been in. How many women and girls had that long, sensuous tongue excite them to orgasm? How many creamy, juicy cunts had that tongue lapped up? The thought aroused Kathy so much that she gasped, just parting her lips slightly. But that was all the opening that slithering snake of a tongue needed.

Roxanne lunged her tongue into Kathy's mouth and Kathy had to taste it. Kathy sucked the long, strong tongue into her mouth and played with it softly. It tasted of gin 'n tonic, perfume, cigarettes, and pussy. Yes! She could taste the pussies of the hundreds of women that piece of sexual flesh had invaded. Kathy's red fingernails dug into Roxanne's fleshy thigh.

Roxanne withdrew her tongue. Her lips gently bushed against hers. "Do you want to go now?" Roxanne asked in her throaty voice.

"Oh no," Kathy whispered. Her tongue ran over Roxanne's lush lips, and then entered her open mouth. Their tongues played idly - probing, exploring. Roxanne stuck her tongue out as far as she could and Kathy's tongue licked at it in a lewd way. Kathy had never had such a soft, loving kiss. No beard stubble, no prickly mustache, no hairy beard, just soft, erotic flesh against flesh.

Kathy's hand had moved up to the edge of Roxanne's panties. Her index finger moved back and forth inside the elastic band, feeling Roxanne's hairy bush. Roxanne was still gently rubbing the nape of Kathy's neck. Kathy leaned even closer into Roxanne. The blunt tips of their brassieres touched. Kathy seethed inside. She pressed harder with her mouth, with her breast, with her hand.

Roxanne's right hand crept up and unbuttoned more of Kathy's blouse, her left still caressing her neck. Roxanne began softly rubbing Kathy's breast. Her fingers got inside the cup arousing Kathy's nipple. Kathy's cunt was now pulsating wildly. Roxanne's tongue was too marvelous, their kiss so sweet and wickedly exciting. The thought of that tongue sucking and teasing a cunt - Kathy's cunt, perhaps - caused Kathy to squeeze her thighs together. Roxanne pinched her hard nipple, and Kathy moaned aloud.

Roxanne's mouth moved to Kathy's throat and ear. Her hand finished unbuttoning Kathy's blouse. Kathy, gasping for air, moaned, "I must ... go ... soon."

"Yes, darling," Roxanne whispered in her ear. "Just let me taste your soft shoulders before you go." Her tongued teased Kathy's ear as she slipped the blouse off both of Kathy's shoulders. "You're so lightly tanned. You must come lay be my pool with me. I don't wear anything when I sun."

"Yes. Yes." Kathy managed to say. "Oh your mouth ... so wonderful," Kathy groaned as Roxanne sucked softly on her shoulder. Kathy knew she had to leave. Now, before she went insane, before the tall, auburn lesbian had her long, tongue wedged into her now sopping pussy. Oh her pussy ached. It was burning hot. She knew if she relaxed for an instant she would succumb to this voluptuous and lewd Jezebel.

Now what? Roxanne's tongue was in her armpit, washing all around Kathy's smoothly shaven flesh. Kathy had never been kissed there before and it was driving her wild. Her arm rose of its own accord, and pressed the shaved area against the probing mouth. Roxanne's hand was again inside Kathy's bra playing, squeezing, and pinching her tit and nipple. It was too much. Kathy wanted those red lush lips pressed against her pussy, that tongue probing deep in her slit.

"Kiss me everywhere, Roxanne," Kathy groaned out.

"Take off your blouse and skirt," Roxanne said in her husky voice.

Kathy stood up. Roxanne settled back on the couch to watch Kathy strip for her. Kathy took off her blouse and then slipped her bra straps off her shoulders. She unhooked the front of her bra and let it slip to the floor. Her breasts jutted out. Her aureoles and nipples had reddened in her excitement.

Kathy cupped these proud beauties in her hands. "Do you like?" She asked coyly.

Roxanne set down her drink and smoke. "Beautiful, just beautiful, baby. I bet they are as soft and as sensitive as mine. Gimme. I want to suck on them."

"Wait." Kathy unzipped her skirt and let it drop. Her pussy lips pouted out through the hole in her black panties. They were swollen with lewd excitement.

"Come to me, baby," Roxanne moaned.

Kathy straddled Roxanne's lap. Her knees sunk into the sofa until her pussy hairs were touching Roxanne's thighs. Putting her hands on Roxanne's head, she pulled that luscious mouth hard against her straining breasts. "Oh, God!" Kathy shrieked. "Suck 'em. Suck my big, sensitive tits."

Roxanne's hungry mouth was all over Kathy's soft, sensitive tits. Her hand squeezed, pulled, and pushed them as she extruded the tits into her mouth like a vacuum. "Lovely, gorgeous tits," Roxanne moaned through her kisses. Kathy moaned and panted in complete abandon as Roxanne sucked her nipples to rock hardness.

Kathy used her hands to squeeze her big, soft globes of titflesh against the nurse's cheeks. Roxanne continued kissing the mounds of flesh; her hands dropped to rove over the back of Kathy's panties. She kneaded and pinched the fleshy buttock. "Your tits are so divine," Roxanne said in her husky voice. "And your young firm ass, so exquisite, so lovely."

"Your so good, Roxanne. No one can suck my titties like you. You are making me so hot."

"I love sucking tits like yours, Kathy. You are so beautiful Kathy. You take my breath away."

"Oh! Oh, god!" Kathy yelped, as Roxanne's teeth bit down hard on her nipple.

"Oooohhh. Does that hurt my baby?" Roxanne voiced, biting the nipple again.

Kathy groaned and offered her other tit. "This one. Chew on this one. Oh! Oh, yes! Again lover! Again!"

"Hmmm, Kathy darling. Your pussy is sopping wet."

"I can't help it. Oh! Oh!" Kathy exclaimed. Her hips were thrashing wildly on Roxanne's fingers which were probing through the bloated lips of Kathy's torrid hot cunt.

Kathy was now being driven by her passionate lust and latent licentious nature. There was only one thing that she wanted; one thing that she needed desperately. "Roxanne," Kathy screamed. "Kiss my cunt! Suck on my pussy! Put your lovely mouth on my wet cunt. I want your tongue up my twat. I've got to have it."

"Hold your horses, darling," Roxanne cooed. "We've got all afternoon. Unless you still want to meet your friend."

"Fuck my friend," Kathy spat out as Roxanne lowered her mouth to Kathy's tits again. The nurses probing fingers were now deep inside Kathy's steamy fuck channel, and her thumb pressed hard against her slippery clit. A lecherous and lewd lust coursed through Kathy's veins. With a sensual shake of her rich brunette hair, Kathy dug her fingers into Roxanne's tight bra. Kathy wanted to see and taste those mammoth tits before she let the lesbian bitch suck her to orgasm.

"Is this what you want, bitch?" Roxanne asked with a throaty chuckle. She reached behind her back, unclasped the bra, withdrew her arms from the straps and threw it on the floor. Those huge globes of flesh popped free and stood firm, with minimal sag, jutting up proudly.

Kathy dropped down onto Roxanne's knees. "What big, beautiful tits," she exclaimed. "God, your rosettes are so big. And your nipples. So long and soooo thick. Oh. I've got to suck them and massage away those nasty red welts."

Kathy's wide open mouth tried to engulf Roxanne's right tit. Her hands were busing massaging the other.

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