Getting in Dutch

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I married a woman who grew up in The Netherlands and recently her mother came for a visit which gave me an opportunity to see just where my wife gets her libido. They sure had fun with me showing me how they look at things differently in Holland. Oh, they sure do.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   InLaws   Oral Sex   .

Danique and I have been married for just over two years now. Yes, isn't her name really beautiful? It's Dutch, she's from The Netherlands, speaks with a bit of a lingering accent, quite charming, I think, and is stunning to look at.

She's twenty-four, five-four, one hundred twelve pounds the last I knew, brown eyes, long blond hair and is breathtaking when she's naked. She's curvy and smooth with breasts that are just perfect: 34B. Each breast is a separate half-globe, perfectly round and full, each tipped with a small pink nipple. The center of each nipple is almost always erect, I suppose because she's such a sexy, turned-on woman.

Yes, she's every thing you're imagining. A tiger in bed, she knows what she wants and she wants it often, a quality that I'm quite happy to keep satisfied.

Not only that, she's intelligent and pleasant to be around. Combine that with a libido that is turned-on all the time and, yes, I'm a happy man. She has never, ever said she was too tired or stressed-out, she's always been ready whenever I was, sometimes more so. Not only that, she's one of those lovely women who just love to suck cocks. She tends to mine quite regularly, especially when she has her period.

We've been together a little over three years now and I couldn't be happier. She's ideal.

Danique's family is still in Holland, her mother and a two-year younger brother along with an assortment of aunts and uncles and cousins. I've met some of them on the one trip we've made over there last summer and they were all nice and friendly, which seems characteristic of the Dutch in general.

Her mom, Petra, as you might imagine, is also quite attractive. She had Danique when she was still a teenager, so she's just forty-two and at five-five, she's a little taller than my wife but also a bit more statuesque. She's got to be at least 36C in the boob department, maybe a little more. And, just as beautiful.

She came this summer to visit us for two weeks and I was tied up in meetings until about three, so Danique picked her up at the airport and brought her home.

When I got home, I went in the house and called around with no answer, so I decided to look out by the pool and when I stepped out into the back screened porch, I saw them, each on a chaise lounge basking in the sun ... naked.

Well, to tell the truth, I stopped and just looked for about five minutes at the both of them. I had, of course, seen Danique many times without her clothes on, in fact, she often stayed naked around the house, much to my delight. But her mother, well, she'd gone past the forty mark quite spectacularly.

She was sprawled out flat on the chaise but there was no flattening of her boobs, oh, no, they were like a teenager's, firm. upright, full. Just like Danique's, but larger.

Did I have a hard-on? You know better than to ask.

Well, as much as I was enjoying the view, I couldn't just stand there forever, so I called out, "Hi, I'm home," expecting that some quick covering up would take place.

"Oh, hi, hon, come on out, Mom and I are just enjoying the sun."

So, I step out into the sun as Petra says, "Oh, Steve, we are enjoying your wonderful sunshine so much. How nice to see you again," and she stands up and gives me a hug and a kiss, a kiss smack on the lips, pressing in nicely as my arms surround her with my hands dropping on to her lower back.

Danique also stands as she greets me as well. With her, my hands ranged down her back and onto her lovely curved butt cheeks, pulling her into my hardness between us.

"Why don't you get out of your suit and come join us for a while," she asked and I went off to get changed. As I was hanging up my clothes, I was wondering just how I should go back down to the pool, naked or in trunks.

Well, I thought, maybe with the state of my cock, I should slip on trunks which I did. After all, I'd only met my mother-in-law twice before.

As I walked out, Petra looked up at me and said, "Danique, your handsome husband has disappointed me with his bath suit. I was so interested in seeing what he makes you happy with but he's hiding it from us."

"Come on, Steve, my mother wants to see your cock. Don't be so American. Try to be Dutch for once, come on, get it out for her. And for me, too."

Well, it is true, we Americans, at least most of us, are rather prudish when it comes to the naked body and all things sexual. Many Europeans, including the Dutch, have a much more relaxed attitude about the body and about sex that we do. So, down and off came the trunks and out sprang my hard, erect cock.

"Oh, yes, Danique. He must make you happy with that. So nice. You have found a good American with a good pik."

"I think you've impressed my mother, Steve," my wife said as I stood over her mother with my cock out. She had her legs open some and was perfectly shaved just like her daughter.

"It looks like a hard one, may I see?" she asked.

I took a step toward her, smiling as I watched her hand raise up to grip me around my throbbing shaft and squeeze gently.

"Oh, Danique, he has a good one, girl, you must be happy," she told Danique as she continued squeezing it. Then, she let it go and I pulled up a chair to join them.

We enjoyed the sun, taking short dips in the pool every now and then, her mother making no effort to hide any part of her quite beautiful body. I was getting to appreciate the more relaxed attitude the Dutch have, especially when they're as lovely as my wife and her mother.

Over dinner, I had pulled on my trunks when we were ready to go back in the house and they each had on short terry robes that they never bothered tying, they just stayed loose, exposing themselves to me as they moved around preparing supper. Yes, I was hard the whole time, just waiting for my mother-in-law to decide to go to bed so I could have a spirited fuck with her daughter.

Finally, the time for bed came and I was in showering, making certain that my hard cock got as clean as I could make it, just short of spurting my cum all over the frosted glass walls. Then, out, I dried off and walked into our bedroom to see Danique, beautifully naked and waiting for me as she lay next to her mother, also beautifully naked and waiting.

"Um, oh," was about all I could get out as I saw them both waiting in bed.

"Do you mind if my mother comes to bed with us. She greatly admired your cock and wanted to know if you would please her with it. It has been a long time for her, you know?"

I thought I knew something about the Dutch culture but I was certainly learning more every day. I thought, well, look, old chap, two beautiful eager women can't be all bad so I told them, "I'd be happy to offer whatever I can to your mom, after all, we're all family now," and they made room for me in the middle as their hands felt all over me, Petra going right for my cock.

"It is a lovely, you say, cock, Steve. Is that not meaning chicken, a man chicken?"

I laughed as I told her it did but it was slang for penis.

"May you use your cock for me, I know Danique has told me she does not object. She said for me to enjoy. May I enjoy now, Steve?"

I have never fucked a woman without first pleasing her with my tongue and knowing how much my Dutch wife loves oral, I assumed that such a prelude would be acceptable to her mother, so I got up on my knees and spread her legs apart, bent down and began licking and tonguing her smooth, plump pussy.

I licked her thinking that she tastes somewhat like Danique who I love to lick, especially when I've gotten her really excited prior to intercourse. When she's really wet and dripping, I love to lap at her pussy until she just pulls me up and makes me fuck her.

"Mmm, oh, yes, Steve, you know how to make a woman feel very good. Danique is lucky girl to have you and now I am in addition."

I raised up over her and Danique reached over to take my cock as I began aiming for her mother.

"Here, I want to help you into my mother for the first time. It is my gift to her of my husband," she said and she bent over to kiss her mother as I pressed into her as she wiggled her butt helping me slide in.

Incredibly, she seemed just as tight, maybe tighter, than her daughter. As I moved in and out, her mom looked up at me smiling, obviously very happy.

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