The Next One
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Frank's life to date.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating  

I don't know where I should start. There are several places where I could begin. The place where things started to go bad would be one, the place where the whole story started would be another and there were several places in between the two that could be a jumping off point. The day we met, the day I proposed, the day I deployed to Afghanistan or the day I returned are but a few. Then there would be the day we were married or the day she went to work at Cutter and Sons. Maybe even the day I went to work for XYZ and my subsequent promotions. But the more I think on it I guess that in order to grasp the full picture I need to start at the beginning.

I was six years old at the time. A new family had moved in next door to us during the summer vacation and my parents went over the day they moved in and introduced themselves. They invited the newcomers to dinner since they probably had not unpacked their pots and pans yet.

The new couple came over for dinner and they had a five year old daughter with them. Allison was introduced to me and my mother said:

"Isn't it great Frankie? Now you have a playmate right next door."

Being a typical six year old boy I grimaced and thought to myself, "But she's a girl." Allison was shy and spent most of her time looking at me while hiding behind her parents.

We never did play together that summer although we did get thrown together several times. Our parents became the best of friends and one Saturday at a cookout Allison's parents asked if my parents knew a good babysitter. It seemed that they had something to go to the next evening and my mom said:

"You can leave her here with us. She and Frankie can keep each other company."

"Oh no; we couldn't ask you to do that."

"Sure you can. Some day you can do the same for us."

After that the only time I saw a babysitter was when both sets of parents went out together and then of course the sitter watched both me and Allison.

Allison and I were at odds from the start. She played with dolls and I played with toy cars and trucks. She wanted to move furniture around in her dollhouse and I wanted to build things with my erector set. She couldn't understand why I wouldn't help her dress her dolls or play "Mommy and Daddy" and move things around in her dumb old doll house. Like I said earlier, "she was girl." Girls didn't know nothing about trucks, cars and plastic soldiers. She wouldn't play "Cops and Robbers" or "Cowboys and Indians" with me. She was just a dumb old girl.

Summer ended and school started and I was told that I had to walk Allison to school. She was starting kindergarten and hadn't been to any kind of pre-school so she was scared and the closer we got to the school the more scared she got and somewhere along the way she grabbed my hand for comfort. I tried to shake it loose, but she held on for dear life. As a result we arrived at school holding hands and all the guys saw it.

"Stay away from Frankie. He's holding hands with a girl so he probably caught cooties" and other stuff like that filled the air.

After school I had to wait for her so she could walk home with me and again it started. "Frankie's gonna get cooties" and the dreaded "Frankie's got a girlfriend, Frankie's got a girlfriend." I was red with shame as we walked home.

The next day Allison wasn't scared so she didn't try to hold my hand, but our parents were firm in their insistence that we should walk to school together and walk home together so I was stuck with it. Stuck with it maybe, but I didn't have to arrive with her next to me. As soon as school was in sight I picked up the pace and was a good ten feet in front of her when I went up the school steps. After school I waited for her and when she came out the door I started walking and I didn't slow down and let her catch up until we were out of sight of the school.

As we got older I was relieved of the duty of being Allison's escort to school and by the time she was seven she was walking alone or with some girlfriends. Since we left our houses about the same time each morning I sometimes walked with her and her girlfriends. Our arriving at school that first day was in the past and forgotten by the kids who had tormented me over it.

Things were normal until one day she wore her hair in pigtails to school. As I remember it she was ten at the time and I was eleven, almost twelve. School let out for the day and as I came down the front steps I saw Allison and two of her friends surrounded by four or five guys. At first I thought nothing of it, but then I heard Allison yelp and it sounded like she was in pain. I headed over and I saw that Bert Ellsworth had his hands on Allison's pigtails and he was jerking her head back and forth. He was laughing and saying "Gee" and Haw" as he pulled her head this way and that. "Good little horsey" he said as he jerked her head to the right and Allison yelped again. I walked up to Bert and told him to leave Allison alone and he sneered at me and said:

"And if I don't?"

I hit him and he dropped Allison's pigtails, took a step back and I stepped forward, put both hands against his chest and pushed. He staggered backwards and fell on his ass. He started crying, got up and ran off. While that was going on Allison and her two friends hurried off toward home.

When I got home my mom was waiting for me and she was pissed.

"I just had a phone call from Sally Ellsworth and she told me that you had beaten up her son and she wanted to know what I was going to do about it. Did you? Did you get in a fight with him?"

I started to tell her what had happened, but she cut me off and said, "I won't have it Franklin! I just will not tolerate it. No child of mine is going to be a bully. You hear me? I won't have it! Get up to your room and stay there until your father comes home!"

I ran to my room crying and whining that it wasn't fair; that all I did was what they told me to do which was watch out for Allison. I went to my room, slammed the door behind me and threw myself don't on the bed. "It isn't fair, it isn't fair" I kept saying over and over to myself.

I'd been in my room maybe five minutes when I heard Mrs. Ames (Allison's mom) come in the house.

"Where is he? Where is that young man?" and I thought "Now what did I do?" I'd only ever heard "young man" when I was in trouble for something like the time I tripped and stumbled and tried to catch myself by grabbing the table. The lamp fell off the table and broke on the floor and my mother came into the room, saw the broken lamp and said:

"And what do you have to say for yourself young man?"

Apparently mom told Mrs. Ames I was in my room because I heard feet running up the steps. My door flew open and Mrs. Ames said, "There you are" and she walked over to me and hugged me. Then she kissed me on the cheek and said:

"Thank you Frankie. Thank you for being Allison's protector."

My mom was standing in the door watching and I was thinking, "What the fuck?" (Yes – I knew the word – I was eleven you know). I have one adult hugging me and kissing me and one yelling at me and sending me to my room and for doing the same thing. Grown ups didn't make sense.

My dad came home and asked me what happened and after I told him he and Mr. Ames went to see Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth and I never heard another word about it, but Bert stayed clear of me for the next couple of years.

There was another outcome, but it didn't surface for another five years and when it did it was coupled with something else from the past. Once (and I was told this years later) when my mom and Mrs. Ames were in the kitchen making salads for a backyard cook out they were jokingly making plans for Allison and I to be married when we grew up. Allison was in the kitchen and she heard them, but she was only six or seven at the time and while she heard it she didn't really know what it meant – then!

The next five years went by and because of all the time the two families spent together Allison and I grew closer to each other in a brother/sister sort of way. I was long past where I thought that girls gave you cooties and I was starting to pay closer attention to them. The truth of the matter is that I 'was sweet' on a couple of them. I couldn't seem to keep my eyes off of Nancy Wilde or Beverly Abbeg.

One day as we were leaving school Nancy dropped one of her books and I picked it up and ended up carrying her books and walking her home. That started me walking her home every day after school and one day I asked her to go to the movies with me and she said yes. It was just after my third date with Nancy and the day after my sixteenth birthday when Allison asked me what I was doing dating Nancy.

"What kind of question is that?"

"You aren't supposed to be dating other girls; you are supposed to be mine."

"I'm supposed to be yours? Says who?"

"Your mom and my mom are planning the wedding."

"Get serious Allie."

"I am serious. I overheard them planning our wedding."

"We aren't old enough to get married Allie."

"Maybe not, but when we are it is supposed to be you and me; not you and Nancy Wilde."

I started laughing and walked away from her.

The next day when I got home from school I found my mom and Mrs. Ames waiting for me.

"Why did you send Allison home crying yesterday? What did you do to her?"

"I didn't do anything to her."

I told them about what Allie had said and my mom asked me what I did then.

"I laughed at her."

I saw both mothers look at each other and then my mom asked, "Why did you laugh at her?"

"Cause it was just so dumb. Me getting married to Allison? Come on; give me a break here."

"Why? What is wrong with Allison?"

"She's only fourteen."

"She will be fifteen next week."


"She's a beautiful girl Frankie and she's obviously stuck on you. Give her a chance Frankie. It wouldn't hurt you to take her out on a date."

I looked from one to the other and it hit me. "It's true. You are trying to hook us up. She wasn't kidding when she said that you guys are already planning the wedding."

"She probably overheard us once when we were joking around, but that's beside the point. Why don't you take her out on a date?"

I let them brow-beat me into it and the next day I asked Allison for a date.

"Why do you want to go out with me?"

I wasn't about to tell her that our mothers were behind it so I said, "I finally stopped looking at you like a sister and woke up to the fact that you are a beautiful girl."

"Beautiful? Me? You really think that?"

The truth was that I did. I HAD stopped looking at her like a sister and saw that indeed she was a damned good looking girl. We went to the movies Saturday and after the movie we went over on Elk Street and played miniature golf. We ended the day at Harry's Malt Shop and we were holding hands when we walked home.

We kissed on the third and fourth dates and on Sunday after that fourth date our parents went somewhere together and Allie came over to my house and we made out on the living room couch. From then on we were a couple. By the time I was seventeen our mothers were jokingly asking if they could start planning the wedding and I was saying "not quite yet" and Allie was saying "Spoil sport! Let them get an early start on it."

I was a good student in that I had good attendance and got good – but not great – grades, but I hated school so I knew that college was not in my future. I did know that I was going to need a trade so I looked around and tried to guess what would be a good thing for me to try. I decided that computers were here to stay and a little checking showed that the best training in computers and other electronics could be gotten by joining the service.

The only problem there was that I wasn't interested in giving up three years of my life just to learn a trade. Then a friend told me about the National Guard. After basic training and schooling I only had to give them one weekend a month and two weeks every summer. There were no wars going on and there didn't look to be any on the horizon so I signed on the dotted line and as soon as I graduated from high school and turned eighteen I would be off to Camp Bonner for training. I told Allie that I would be back in time for her prom and by the time she graduated high school we could see where we were.

"What do you mean by that? I'm yours and you are mine and that isn't going to change just because you are going to be gone for a while. But I'm holding you to your telling me that you will be back in time to take me to my prom."

I did my basic with no problems and did well enough in the Electronics Technician course that they offered me a place in the advanced electronics course. With training over I was back home in time to take Allison to her senior prom, but she told me that she already had a date and that it was too late to break it.

I wasn't happy with it and I was even less happy when I found out that for the entire time I was gone she had been dating the guy she was going to the prom with. I found that out when I stopped in at Harry's Malt Shop the second night I was back and ran into some guys that I had gone to school with. I also heard that the guy she was dating was bragging about popping her cherry and telling everyone how good she was at giving blow jobs.

The next day I started job hunting and the first place I hit, XYZ Industries, hired me. When Mr. Acker's, the interviewer, asked me what kind of experience I had I told him no actual work experience, but that I had just finished Electronics Technician training.

"What school" he asked me and I told him. "Basic and Advanced?" he asked.


"What was your class standing?"

"Third in Basic and Fourth in Advanced."

"In Advanced was Tim Worthman your instructor?"

"For the last half of it. The first half was taught by Sgt. Parkman."

He asked me to have a seat in his outer office and twenty minutes later he called me back into his office and told me I was hired and could start work the next day. I found out later that Ackers was Sgt. Worthman's cousin and that Acker's had called him and asked about me.

My parents offered to turn the basement into an apartment for me until I could set enough money aside to strike out on my own and I took them up on it. I borrowed enough from my dad to buy a fairly decent Ford F-250 and then I settled in to start my life as an employed adult.

I'd been back a week when my mom asked me why I wasn't going out with Allison and I told her that Allison had a boyfriend and that it wasn't me. She told me that I was being silly and that Allison wouldn't do that to me. I told her what Allison told me about her prom and I told her about what I had found out from my friends (I held back the 'cherry popping and blow jobs) and pointed out the fact that Allison lived right next door and had made no attempt to see me or call me.

"Oh come on Frankie; you know better than that. She isn't supposed to have to come after you. You're the guy Frankie; you do the calling and visiting."

"I did that mom. That's how I found out that I wasn't going to be taking her to the prom. She made me promise that I would be back in time to take her and she told me she was going to hold me to that promise. I kept the promise mom. Here I am and she told me that she had a date for the prom and couldn't break it. As far as I'm concerned Allison is history."

"I'm sure you are mistaken Frankie. It must just be a misunderstanding."

"No it isn't mom and I would appreciate it if you and Mrs. Ames would not try and 'fix it'. Please leave it alone."

Thursday evening I got a call from Marv Pallister asking me if I wanted to go to a party on Friday and I told him I'd love to go. Marv had gone from high school to college and had joined a fraternity. It was my first time at a frat party and I was surprised. Most of the people there were in their late teens, but beer and stronger alcohol were readily available. They had a keg of Miller and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic punches. I was no stranger to beer since I was able to get it at the Enlisted Man's Club while I was in training.

I knew several people there so I got a cup, hit the keg and then walked around and socialized. After I'd been there about an hour I noticed a girl with several guys around her. I didn't recognize her and I mentioned to Marv that she seemed to be pretty popular.

"They are probably feeding her booze to get her drunk enough to pull a train."

"She's done it before?"

"Don't know. I've never seen her here before."

"You don't find that wrong?"

"What's wrong with it? Girls who come to frat parties alone have a pretty good idea of what to expect."

"If she does it sober yeah, but if you have to get her drunk to make it happen?"

"Not my problem. I don't participate. Girls that have multiple partners pick things up. I don't want them sharing with me."

"What if she hollers rape when it is over? You want to be known as a member of this fraternity if she brings the cops and the administration down on the place?"

"You are sweating over nothing Frank."

I just shook my head and walked away from him. I'd known Marv for a good many years and for the most part he was a good guy so I did my best to hide my disgust from him.

I kept my eye on the girl and it wasn't hard to do. Five five and a hundred and ten with long brown hair and a very sexy body topped by a beautiful face. Once when a guy brought her a drink I thought I saw him drop something in it, About ten minutes later the guys with her left her alone while they went to get more drinks or to find an empty room, but for just a bit she was all alone.

I walked over to her, took her by the elbow and walked her unresistingly out of the house. She squinted at me and in a slurred voice she asked me who I was. I told her that I was a friend and that seemed to satisfy her. I got her in my truck and drove away from the house.

It wasn't until I was two blocks away that I thought to ask myself, "Okay Frank; now what?" I couldn't take her home with me and I didn't know who she was or where she lived and even if she was coherent enough to tell me did I want to be the one to take her home in the condition she was in? I would get the blame and I had no doubt about that. I finally decided to check in to a motel.

By the time I got the key and got back to the truck she was passed out and I had to carry her into the room. I pulled the covers down on one bed and put her on it and pulled her shoes off of her. I arranged her on the bed and pulled the covers over her and then sat down on the other bed and asked myself why in the hell I hadn't just minded my own business. I sat there looking at the passed out girl for a bit and then I fell back on the bed and tried to get some sleep.

Slamming car doors woke me in the morning as people loaded up their cars to leave. I looked over at the girl and saw that she was still out. I got up, walked to the windows and moved the drapes aside and looked out and in the daylight I saw a McDonalds across the street. I looked over at the girl and saw that she still hadn't moved so I thought it would be okay to leave her alone for a few minutes.

I walked over to McD's and got two Egg McMuffins and two coffees and went back to the room. She was awake when I got back and when I walked into the room and she saw me she jumped off the bed, ran into the bathroom and I heard the lock click. I walked over to the door and said in a voice loud enough for her to hear:

"You'll notice that you are fully dressed and if you check yourself out you'll see that nothing happened to you. There's a coffee and an Egg McMuffin on the vanity counter for you. You need to do whatever it is that you are going to do so that I can run you home or to wherever you left your car."

I turned on the TV and was watching the news and weather and working on my coffee when the bathroom door opened and she cautiously came out. She looked at me and then the food on the counter and she picked it up and sat down on the edge of her bed. She took a bite of the McMuffin and asked:

"Who are you and what is going on here?"

I didn't tell her my name, but I told her what I had observed and what I'd done.

"I am so in trouble" she said' "My parents must be frantic right now. I'm going to be grounded until I'm eighty-five."

"It could have been worse."


"You could have woken up naked on a mattress in a frat house bedroom."

"Oh God; don't say that."

"Do I take you to your car or drive you home?"

"I don't have a car. I was with a date last night."

"What happened to him? How did he let you get into the situation that you were in?"

"He got drunk and was passed out before we were even there an hour."

"Well we need to get you home then. The sooner we do that the less likely your folks will have the cops out looking for you."

She gave me her address and told me how to get there. When I pulled up in front of the house she hesitated for a few moments and then started to get out of the truck.

"You're coming in to tell them what happened, right?"

"Oh no. I'd be the guy closest to hand and I'd be the one to get all the blame. No thanks. Good luck."

I put the truck in gear and pulled away. As I drove off it occurred to me that I didn't know her name. No matter; she didn't know mine either and that is what counted. No way for her parents to get to me. Or so I thought.

Saturday afternoon I got a call from Gloria Buggins telling me that a bunch of kids I'd graduated with were having a skating party at Skate City and she asked me if I wanted to come. There were maybe eighteen kids from my class there and Gloria attached herself to me and stayed my skating partner pretty much the entire evening. I did skate with Harlina Collins and Nancy Neubert a couple of times each, but Gloria took up the majority of my time.

When things broke up we all headed for the Sonic Drive In. Gloria had ridden to the rink with Pauline French, but Pauline had left the party early and Gloria asked me if I would give her a ride. There was a full moon out that night and when we got ready to leave the Sonic Gloria asked me how long it had been since I had been out to Steven's Point to see the full moon reflected off the lake. Steven's Point was the local 'make out' spot so I had a pretty good idea of what Gloria was interested in and I also had a pretty good idea of the reason why.

Something had happened between Allison and Gloria several years back and the two of them despised each other. I would have bet a month's pay that a trip to The Point with Gloria would reach Allison's ears by noon the next day. It didn't take any thought on my part at all. After all, I didn't owe Allison a thing.

Gloria was not shy in letting me know what she wanted. After ten minutes of making out Gloria said:

"I've been on the pill since I was sixteen Frank."

I looked her right in the eye and said, "And Allison finds out how? You going to tell her yourself or do you have someone else set up to do it?"

"Why Frank honey; how could you possibly think that of me?" and then she laughed and said, "I'm going to do it myself."

I unbuckled my belt, pulled down my zipper and said, "Go for it."

Gloria laughed and said, "I never thought it would be this easy. Pull your zipper back up. My folks are gone for the weekend and I would much rather use a bed than the seat of a truck."

I drove to her place and she led me to her bedroom. As I undressed I asked:

"If it wasn't for Allison would I even be here?"

"If it wasn't for Allison you would have been here a long time ago."

"How is that?"

"There were several girls besides me that were interested in you, but Allison stuck to you like glue and we couldn't get to you. I was surprised when you came back that the two of you didn't get back together. I decided to make my move before Allison got her head out of her ass."

"Head out of her ass?"

"She's been hanging with Tony Spears and he is a prime twit and a total asshole. She is going to realize that sooner or later and by then I hope to have you firmly under my spell."

By then she was naked and she spun around in front of me and asked, "You like?"

Yes indeed I did and I spent the next four hours showing her just how much. Gloria had no limits and didn't hesitate in asking for what she wanted. She sucked my cock and then asked me to eat her pussy. I'd only done it once and I told her I might not be very good at it and all she said was:

"Good. I can teach you how I like it done."

She had me work on her for about ten minutes before she told me "Enough, at least for now. Get up here now and drive the nail home."

It had been a while for me and so I came quick and I'd no sooner pulled out than she went down on me to get me hard again. As soon as I was up again she mounted me cowgirl and then she did most of the work until she got us both off again and then she said:

"Eat me again Frankie."

"But you have cum in you,"

"So what? It's yours. It won't kill you. Swing around into a sixty-nine and we can do each other."

I hesitated and she said, "Come on Frankie; you've got a good thing going here if you don't screw it up."

I took that to mean that we were going to be together for a while if I went along with her program and I got to thinking that eating her might be a small price to pay for steady pussy and so I prayed that I wouldn't upchuck and ruin things and I bent to the task. It didn't kill me and when Gloria got me up again she said:

"Good boy Frank. Are you ready for your reward?"

"My reward?"

"Yes Frankie; your reward."

She got up on her hands and knees and said, "Do my ass Frankie; fuck me in my pooper."

When we were done she led me into the bathroom and washed my cock and then she went down on me for the fourth time that night, but I was done and she couldn't make anything happen. I got up and went over to my clothes and she asked:

"Where are you going?"


"Oh no you don't. You are going to wake up here and then I'm going to fuck you and feed you breakfast."

I looked at her for a moment and then said, "And Allison gets a blow by blow account of the whole thing?"

"What do you care?"

She was right. What did I care.

It happened like she said. I woke up and she fucked me and then fixed breakfast while I took a shower.

"My parents will be home sometime today so we won't be able to do it here tonight so why don't you get an air mattress for the back of your truck and pick me up somewhere around four. I'll let you take me to a movie and by then it should be dark and we can go out to the Point. Sound okay?"

I picked Gloria up at four and we caught the six-twenty showing at the Rialto. When the movie was over I took her to Harry's for burgers and fries. As we sat there eating and talking I saw some of Allison's friends eyeing us and I wondered how long it would take for Allison to hear about it not that I cared.

After eating we left and I turned right out of the parking lot and Gloria said:

"Where are you going? The Point is the other way."

"I'm not in favor of truck beds in the dark and out in the open. I got paid Friday so I've got enough for a motel."

Gloria was quiet for a few moments and then she said, "I'm not doing this just so I can rub Allison's nose in it and I won't even tell her if you don't want me to."

"I don't care if she finds out about it or not."

There was another silence and then Gloria said, "You aren't my first Frankie; you aren't even my tenth, but if things break right Frankie you could be my last."

It was my turn to be silent for a bit and then I said, "It is a little early to be talking like that. We need to know each other a lot better than we do right now."

I pulled into the parking lot of the Starlite Motel and told Gloria to sit tight while I got a room. Once in the room we stripped quickly and spent the next three hours repeating what we had done the previous night in her bedroom and then it was time for me to take her home.

"Tomorrow?" she asked when I walked her to her door.

"What time?"


"I'll be here."

I had a good day at work and I was looking forward to a good evening with Gloria, but the good mood disappeared when I got home and walked into the house. My mom, Mrs. Ames and Allison were sitting on the living room couch.

"Oh Frankie" my mom said, "We were just talking about you. Come on Jan; lets leave the youngsters alone."

Mom and Mrs. Ames got up and headed for the kitchen. I looked at my watch and saw that I'd have to hurry to be at Gloria's on time. I nodded at Allison and headed off to get ready for my date. Five minutes later my mom came into the bathroom where I was shaving and said:

"What is wrong with you Frankie? You were rude to Allison. I know you were raised better than that."

"If I wanted to talk to Allison I would have called her. You and Mrs. Ames need to stop trying to push us together. I have a date tonight and I need to be there by six. I'm tight for time and I don't have any to waste on Allison."

"What happened to you when you went into the Army? You never used to be this way."

"Nothing happened to me. Allison chose to get another boyfriend while I was gone and she chose to stay with him when I got back. That was her choice. I had nothing to do with it. Now if you don't mind, I'm running late and I walked out of the bathroom, went to my room and finished dressing. When I went to leave Allison and Mrs. Ames were gone.

I saw Gloria two or three times a week for the next three weeks and then one Wednesday when I got home from work I found Allison sitting on my front porch waiting for me.

"Hi Frankie. Do you have time to talk?"

I didn't have a date that night so I said okay.

"What happened to us Frankie? You don't call me anymore and you are running around with that whore Gloria."

"What happened to us Allison was that you took up with Tony Spears before the tail lights of my bus were out of sight. Then when I get home in time to take you to your prom like I promised – and remember you told me you were going to hold me to that promise – you tell me that you already have a date for the prom and it is too late for you to break it. All choices that you made Allison."

"But Tony means nothing to me. I needed dates for a lot of school events and you weren't here. I picked Tony because he was harmless."

"Horse crap Allison. In the first place you did break a date to go to the prom. You had a date with me and I came home in plenty of time to do it, but you broke that date with me and if you could break a date with me you could have broken a date with Tony. Secondly, you say he means nothing to you? He meant enough to you that you gave him your virginity. The most you ever let me do was play with your tits through your top. I never even got a hand inside your bra"

"That is a lie Frankie. I don't know where you got the idea that Tony got my virginity, but that is just plain bullshit!"

"Don't tell me Allison; tell everyone else. Tony is out there telling anyone who will listen that he popped your cherry and that you give the best blow jobs ever."

"He's lying! It isn't true Frankie; I swear to God it isn't true."

"Doesn't matter Allison. You stuck with Tony so I started seeing Gloria."

"She's only dating you to piss me off."

"It doesn't matter why she is doing it Allison; she is doing it and I'm satisfied with it."

"You are wrong Frankie. I did not stick with Tony after you got home. I told him I would go with him because it didn't look like you were going to be home in time, but I haven't gone out with him since the prom."

"Makes no difference Allison. You made your choice when I got home and you told me that you had a date for the prom and that you wouldn't break it. After I found out that you started dating Tony as soon as I was gone we were done. Anything else?"

"You aren't being fair Frankie."

"Probably not, but that's life" and I went into the house and left her on the porch steps.

For the next three months, with the exception of my Guard weekends, I kept steady company with Gloria and then it was time for me to go off to my two weeks of Guard training camp.

It wasn't what I expected. I thought I'd be sleeping in a pup tent, crawling around in mud and going through field exercises, but what I ended up doing was taking refresher courses in my specialty. The two weeks went by quickly and then I went home.

As soon as I unpacked I called Gloria, but her mother said she wasn't home so I decided to run down to Harry's and see if there was anyone around that I knew. There was. Through the window I saw Allison and two of her friends sitting at a table so I got back in my truck. I decided to try the penny arcade next to the theatre and just as I was pulling into the parking lot I saw Gloria come out of the theatre with Ronny Belson. He had his arm around her and she was smiling up at him. Just then Gloria saw my truck, recognized it and shoved Ronny's arm away from her. I continued through the lot and drove on home.

I was not thinking good thoughts about girls. First Allison and now Gloria. I was just pulling into my driveway when my cell phone chirped. It was Gloria.


"Hi Frankie. When did you get home?"

"About three hours ago."

"Why didn't you call?"

"I did. Your mother told me that you had gone out. Have a good time with Ronny?"

"I was lonely and he asked me to go to the movies with him. That's all it was baby; just a night at the movies."

"Must have been one of those 'feel good' movies. You sure seemed to be feeling good when you came out. All smiling at Ronny with his arm around you."

"It was nothing baby, we were just in a good mood."

"If it was nothing why the quick pushing of his arm away from you? Figure that it wouldn't pass the boyfriend test? Well I've had a long day and I'm tired. I'm going to bed" and I disconnected. I didn't call Gloria the next day and she didn't call me.

I was home two days from training when I came home and found mom and Mrs. Ames waiting in the living room for me.

"Rob honey" my mom said, "Can we talk to you?"

"As long as it isn't about Allison."

"What is wrong with you Frankie?"

"Allison and I are done mom. I'm going with Gloria now and I have no plans on changing that."

"We have talked with Allison Frankie and we are sure that it is all just a misunderstanding."

"I said we could talk mom, as long as it wasn't about Allison" and I left the room.

She followed me.

"I won't have this Frank! I am your mother and as long as you are living in my house you will not disrespect me by walking away from me while I'm talking to you."

"You are right mom and I apologize. I'll start looking for a place of my own tomorrow" and then I turned and left the house as my mom called after me, "Wait Frank; I didn't me..." and the closing of the door cut off the rest of what she was going to say.

I headed for Harry's and on the way I stopped at a newsstand and got a copy of Apartment Finders Magazine and over a cheeseburger and fries I looked for a place that I could afford. Gary Kinson came in and saw me sitting there and he came over to join me. We talked for a bit and I saw him as he kept glancing over at a table in the corner. I looked over and saw Tony Spears and a couple of other guys and looked back at Gary. He had noticed me checking and said:

"I was just curious. I know you were with Allison before she started going out with Tony and I wondered if there was going to be trouble and I should get out of the way."

It turned out that there was indeed trouble for Tony, but not from me. I was looking past Gary and saw Allison come walking in the door. She walked straight back to the table where Tony was sitting, picked up the milkshake that was sitting in front of him and poured it on top of his head as she called him a lying mother-fucker. Then she looked around the room and said loud enough for every one to hear:

"This worthless piece of shit is a lying mother-fucking bastard. He did not take my virginity and I have never given a blow job in my life much less one to this worthless piece of shit!"

By then Tony had worked his way out of the booth and had stood up which turned out to be a bad move on his part since it gave Allison a clear shot at his crotch and she rammed her knee into it. He fell to the floor and she proceeded to kick him until Harry pulled her off. She looked my way and gave me a look that clear as day said "Fuck you!" and she walked out of the place. Gary looked at me and said:

"I'm betting that it will be a long time before Tony talk's trash about a girl again."

I just shrugged. Gary got up and left and I went back to the apartment guide. I found half a dozen and I made a list of places that I could check out after work the next day.

I was just finishing when Gloria walked in and sat down with me.

"You haven't called."

"I didn't want to cause problems for you and Ronny."

"I told you Frank; Ronny and I just went to the movies and that's all."

"All I can say is that it didn't look that way to me."

"Look baby; I told you when we first started that you weren't the first or even the tenth. Remember that?"

I nodded my head yes.

"Well Ronny was one of the first ten and we have remained friends and that's all, just friends. If you also remember I told you that if things worked out right you would be the last and you have been. I have a lot of friends Frankie, both female and male and if you are going to get bent out of shape every time I see old friends and enjoy myself around them I guess you are right in ending it between us."

She got up to leave and I said, "Stay Gloria. You are right. I'm sorry. My only excuse is that Allison stepped out on me when I was gone and when I got back and saw you with Ronny I said "Shit! Not again! I jumped to conclusions and I'm sorry."

"Want to make up? It's been two weeks for me too."

And we did.

The next day after work I went apartment hunting and I decided on the third one I looked at. It was reasonably close to work and so I put down the first and last months rent and a security deposit.

I went home and started to pack. My mom wouldn't talk to me and my dad asked me what was wrong. I told him that I was tired of being ambushed by mom, Mrs. Ames and Allison whenever I came home.

"I've told mom several times now that I'm not with Allison anymore and that I'm dating another girl, but she and Mrs. Ames are dead set on pushing me and Allison together and I'm tired of it. The only way I can see that will put an end to it is to move out on my own."

Dad shrugged and said, "I guess I can see your point."

I hit Goodwill for some furniture and moved into my new digs. It was a Friday night and Gloria's parents had gone somewhere for the weekend so Gloria spent her first night there to christen the bedroom. Saturday we christened the living room. And the dining room table. And the kitchen counter.

I invited mom and dad over for dinner Sunday and dad came but mom didn't.

"Give her time" dad said. "She's just a little upset right now."

"Why? I'm grown. I wasn't going to live at home forever."

"It's just the way you left."

I dropped the subject. Both mom and dad knew what caused me to leave and going back to it would serve no useful purpose. Dad and I talked jobs and sports as he dried the dishes that I washed and then he said goodnight and went on home.

It was the first weekend in October and I was just back from my weekend with the Guard. I was in the shop testing a unit that had just come out of assembly when I was paged to report to Mr. Backman's office. I walked into the outer office and his secretary told me to go right on in. The first thing I saw when I walked in was a tall stunningly beautiful woman. When I opened the door it blocked what was to my left and when the door closed I saw a girl sitting on a chair against the wall. She looked vaguely familiar and when she lifted her head and looked at me I saw that it was the girl from the frat party.

Russ stood up from behind his desk and indicating the woman he said:

"This is my wife Evangelina and I believe you already know my daughter Sarah."

"Actually I don't."

"Don't what?"

"Know her."

"She says otherwise. Some time back she came home one morning with a highly improbable story about where she had been. A week ago she came in to see me, saw you out in the shop and told me that you were the man she woke up with in a motel room. And you say you don't know her?"

"I never knew her name and as far as I know she never knew mine."

Mrs. Backman said, "What kind of man are you to behave like that?"

"Like what? I saw a situation that I didn't like, stuck my nose in it and got her out of it. I actually felt pretty good about what I did and under the same set of circumstances I would do it again."

"Why don't you tell us your side of it" Russ said.

I told them what I'd seen and what I'd done.

"Sarah was out of it due to whatever it was that they slipped into her drink and she was still out of it when I put her to bed. I couldn't bring her home because I had no idea where she lived, she couldn't tell me and her purse was somewhere back at the frat house. When she woke up in the morning she was terrified so we never got around to introductions. She was still leery of me when I dropped her off in front of your house. I didn't stick around because I knew I was going to be the one dumped on because I would be the only one handy."

There was silence and then Mrs. Backman said, "I'm sorry for what I just said" and then she walked over to me, hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. "Thank you for watching out for her."

I turned to Russ and asked, "Is that it?"

He looked at me for a couple of seconds and then said, "For now." I left the office and went back to work.

Twenty minutes later I saw Mrs. Backman and Sarah leaving and Sarah left her mother and walked over to me.

"I never thanked you for what you did for me." She handed me a piece of paper and said, "Call me" and then went back to join her mom.

I looked at the piece of paper and saw that it was a phone number. I looked at it, then at the retreating figures of Sarah and her mom and then I dropped it in the open top of my tool box and forgot about it.

That night I got the bad news. Gloria had been taking classes at the local community college and when she came over to my apartment that night she was in a great mood.

"Guess what?"

"Do I get a clue?"

"Why bother; you'd never guess anyway."

She took a piece of paper out of her purse and waved it at me. "I got accepted at Baylor. I start fall classes in two weeks." She stopped and said, "You don't seem to be too happy for me."

"Baylor is in Texas right?"


"So that will pretty much kill us off."

"No it won't. You can come down on weekends and I'll be home on holiday breaks and stuff. Plus my dad works for an airline and I can get passes and fly home on some weekends."

"Be serious Gloria. I'm going to drive like hell to get there so I can spend half an hour with you and then drive like hell to get back home in time to go to work? I don't think so."

"We will work it out Frankie; you'll see."

But of course we didn't.

She hadn't been gone two months and I was just starting to look forward to her Thanksgiving break when she called me.

"I didn't want to do this in a letter Frank, but I've hooked up with a guy here. Sorry baby; don't think bad of me. Bye baby."

The two months between Gloria leaving for school and her phone call I'd not been idle. I joined a bowling league on Friday night and was taking some night computer classes at the local community college and things had gotten really busy at work and I was putting in a lot of overtime.

The job was going good, but I was concerned over what might be going on in the bosses head. It always seemed that whenever I looked his way Russ was watching me. Did he not believe what I'd told him about what happened with his daughter? I felt that his wife did, but I also remembered what he'd said in his office when I finished the explanation and asked if that was it. His "For now" was said in a tone that suggested that he wasn't satisfied. I wondered if my playing the Knight in Shining Armor was going to cost me my job.

Thanksgiving was fast approaching and things had mellowed out a touch between mom and me. I was invited to Thanksgiving dinner with the aside that "Allison and her parents will be here." This wasn't big news because for years Mr. and Mrs. Ames and Allison had been sort of an extended family and had celebrated the holidays with us.

"I know you have issues with Allie" my mom said, "but there is no reason that you can't be friends."

On Thanksgiving I showed up at my folk's house with pies that I had picked up at the Village Inn the day before. Allison and her parents were already there. I hadn't seen Allison for a while. She was going to college and usually only came home every other weekend or so and when home she didn't seem to frequent any of the places I did. I was surprised when I saw her. Her hair was shorter and she was wearing none of the makeup that usually caked her face and she looked damned good.

The conversation around the table was fairly general. Mr. Ames wanted to know about my job and I told him. Mom asked Allison how her studies were coming along. Dad and Mr. Ames started talking sports and mom and Mrs. Ames talked about curtains, drapes and things like that.

When dinner was over the men-folk did the clean up. It was a tradition from way back. The women prepared the meal and the men did the dishes while the women retired to the living room and socialized. Dad, Mr. Ames and I talked sports until we were done and then dad and Mr. Ames went out onto the patio to smoke. I didn't smoke so I went out to the living room, but the women were talking fashion and recipes and I had no interest in that so I headed for the family room and turned on the TV. There wasn't anything interesting on worth watching except football and I had zero interest in the two teams playing and I got up to go shut off the TV. Just as I stood up Allison walked into the room.

"Can we talk?" she asked.

"I don't see why not."

"I'm sorry Frank; I was wrong. You were right when you said that I should have broken my prom date with Tony when you got home. The only reason I didn't was because I didn't think that it would be fair to Tony. It was his prom too and I would have left him without a date one week from the prom. There was no way he could have come up with a date that late. It wasn't fair to you, but it wouldn't have been fair to him either I know you promised to be there, but three weeks before prom and you weren't home and I hadn't heard from you so I said yes when Tony asked me. I'm sorry Frank; I never meant to hurt you."

I just looked at her for a couple of seconds as I thought about what she had said. I remembered how much going to my prom had meant to me and I knew that Allie's would have meant as much to her. And she was right. The prom was Tony's also and finding a date a week from the prom would have been damned hard if not impossible. Plus, I'd had some time to get past the whole mess.

"I would like to get us back to being friends Frank."

"I don't have a problem with that Allie."

She walked over and gave me a hug and said, "Thank you Frank."

She turned to go and I said, "Allie?"

She turned back to me and I asked, "Would you like to catch a movie with me tomorrow evening?"

She smiled at me and said, "Of course I would."

"I get off work at five so why don't I pick you up around six?"

Somewhere around the middle of the movie I noticed that Allison was holding my hand and I've no idea how it happened. I started to move my arm, but her hand tightened so I let it go. By the end of the movie her head was resting on my shoulder.

I knew where Allison wanted to take things, but did I really want to go there? Allison and I did have something good once, but could we get back to it? Should we? I decided just to let things flow. Allie would be going back to school on Sunday so there was no time to get anything going anyway.

Silly me!

As we left the theatre Allison said, "It is still early and I don't want to go home just yet."

"What would you like to do?"

"I've never seen your apartment. Want to show it to me?"

Why not I thought, what could it hurt? She checked the place out and mentioned how cozy it looked. She excused herself to use the bathroom and I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. I jumped channels for a while and then started wondering where Allison was. I got up and went to the bathroom and knocked on the door as I asked:

"Are you okay Allie?"

The door swung open to show that the bathroom was empty. Allison hadn't come back to the living room so there was only one place she could be. I walked over and looked in the bedroom and what I saw took my breath away. Allison was naked and lying in the middle of the bed. She didn't say anything, just looked up at me and waited.

"What are you doing Allison?"

"Oh come on Frank; you can't possibly be that dense."

"But why?"

"I read your face when I told you that Tony was lying when he said he took my virginity. You thought I was lying. I figured that the only way I could prove it was to give it to you."

"Jesus Allie, you do..."

"Shut up Frank! I always planned on giving it to you, but I always thought it would be on the night we married. That doesn't seem likely now, but I'm still going to give it to you."

"You ne..."

"Shut the fuck up Frank and get over here!"

I stood there staring at her and she got an exasperated look on her face and got off the bed. She came over to me and her hands went to my belt. I didn't fight it as she worked my jeans and briefs down and my hard cock leaped up as it was freed. Allison looked up at me and said:

"I am a virgin Frank, but I am not totally inexperienced. I've been fingered and I have given a hand job or two, but you are the first one to get this" and she took my cock into her mouth.

I had an unkind thought maybe, but I had to believe that she was telling the truth about never having had a cock in her mouth. She was terrible at it. I'd see to it that she got better at it, but that would be later. Right then I needed to get my cock out of her mouth before her teeth did some serious damage.

I pulled her up and pushed her back on the bed and then I went down on her.

"Don't do that; its nasty!"

I took my mouth off of her and said, "And taking my cock in your mouth isn't?"

I went back to what I was doing and heard no more protests, but after a couple of minutes I got a low moan and ten seconds later her fingers were in my hair and holding my head in place. After a few more minutes I moved up on Allison and did the deed. Not being very wise in the way of women and having no experience with virgins I still had to believe that Allison hadn't lied when she denied giving up her cherry to Tony. She was extremely tight and I met resistance a couple of inches in. I stopped and Allison cried out:

"Push damn it, push!"

I did, she cried out and several pushes took me all the way in. I stopped and held still and Allison said:

"It hurts. Oh God does it hurt, but the other girls tell me it gets better if we don't stop,"

I started to slowly make love to her and after several minutes she moaned:

"Better, much better."

I kept going slow and soon her legs came up and she clamped my body with them.

"A little faster honey; a little faster please?"

I didn't want to go faster because it would make me cum sooner and I was afraid that I would leave Allison unsatisfied and that wouldn't be good for her first time. At least that was my thinking. Allison's hands clutched my ass cheeks and she pulled me to her as she cried:

"Faster Frankie, faster."

I gave in and started fucking her faster and harder and a minute later she moaned "Oh God," her body shook and she went limp just as I gave one last hard push and came. Concerned I started to pull away, but Allison clutched at me and cried:

"No, no, don't go. Just stay there; please Frankie, just stay there."

We lay there and she held me and after a couple of minutes or so she asked:

"Can we go again? How soon can we go again?"

"As soon as I get hard again."

"How long Frankie? The girls told me I should make sure to do it several times the first time. If I suck it will that make it quicker?"

"Probably, but you have to make sure that you don't use your teeth on me."

"Did I hurt you? I'm sorry Frankie; I didn't mean to. Just tell me how to do it."

I pulled out of her and it was then that I noticed the blood. "I guess I need to wash before we go any farther."

Allison looked down and said, "Oh yuck, me too" and we got up and went into the bathroom together. We showered together and then went back to the bed. Her second blow job was much better as was her third. The third was monumental in that it was totally unexpected. We had just finished making love for the second time and she wanted to go again. I decided that I would eat her pussy while I waited for 'Frankie junior' to recover. I'd only been working on her for about a minute when she twisted around and went for my cock and we ended up in our very first sixty-nine.

After our third session she noticed the time on the bedside clock and cried:

"Oh shit! I've got to get home!"

We hurriedly dressed and I drove her home. When I walked her to the door she said:

"If you pick me up earlier tomorrow we will have more time."

We spent Saturday and Sunday at my apartment and I was actually glad to see her go back to school. One more night with her and I might not have been able to get out of bed and go to work on Monday morning. As I dropped her at the house on Sunday she said:

"I'm coming back every weekend from now on. Keep them open for me."

As the door closed behind her I had the thought that I might have created a monster.

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