Cute Audit Girl

by danii

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Sex Story: She is an Audit Asst, and I managed to fuck her in my office cabin

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   .

Hi Friends,

Danial from karachi, 30 yrs old, working as Head of finance in a reputed company.

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant. I was working with an Audit firm as manager audit and we use to go to client site for Annual Audits. Any cute giel wanna be my friend can contact me at This is one of the experiences when I went to audit the accounts of a Computer Institute. The first day when I went there, the Vice president of the institute introduce me with the Senior and Middle Management that he is the Audit Manager and all staff should give me proper respect and protocol and should follow my instructions. I realized that most of the staff comprises of young girls (20-28 ) year of age and they are very much impressed from my profile and my powers.

The next day when I entered in institute for Audit, I called the Manager Finance and ask her to depute her Accountant with me so that she can resolve my queries then and there. After 3 minutes some one knocked at my room and when I saw at door, my heart beats almost stops. A young hot chick of around 23 years is standing at the door who was wearing tight black T- Shirt and blue jean with a smiling face and asking permission to enter inside. After entering she sat just in front of me. She introduced herself as Afshan and said that she is working there as Senior Accountant and she will assist me for next 1 month in Audit. I was so happy from inside that I cant explain. She is a very preety girl with pinkish complexion and a figure of 32,26,34 with long black hair and a killing smile. After a few minutes both of us are comfortable with each other and we started personal chat. Being an experienced Auditor, I came to know in few minutes that she do not have much knowledge of Accounts and there are lots of errors in the accounting records. When I started some tricky questions about few payments she was unable to answer properly and upon my strict questions that how she made heavy payments without proper approvals she is almost crying.

Then I took her hands in mine and softly press her hand and come close to her and ask her that if she wants me to be silent, she has to pay me. She was so innocent that she smile and said that she will pay be Rs. 10,000 as bribe if I do not disclose anyone about the issues in accounts. I smile in reply and said that I don't need money I need U.

She immediately blush and said that okay I m ready but I m a virgin and I never touch any guy so u have to play the role of master which I happily agreed. Readers, here I would like to mention that Auditors room (where we are sitting) is on the 7th floor of the institute where no other staff is allowed as the CEO of the institute is not in the country and other Management is sitting on 5th floor. So we are all alone in the floor. I locked the room and use dark curtains so that no one can see inside the room. Then I come close to her and planted a soft French kiss on her juicy red lips. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm yummy, she is so soft that I felt as if I touched a rose. Then I hug her from the back and started rubbing my hands all over her breasts. She is breathing heavily and so is I. I then hug her v tight from the front and enjoying the touch of her soft booobs and started kissing her deep inside her mouth. Now she is also responding my movements and our tongue rolls on each others. I sucked her wet tongue and my hands are constantly rubbing her boobs. Then I lift her T shirt up and throw it away and also removed her black net bra. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the vision of her white apple sized breasts made me out and I started rubbing one from my hand and sucking the other. Then I lift her and lie her on the large sofa on one side of the room and now I was over her, sucking her breast and biting her nipples. She is moving here and there with pleasure. I suck her assets for 10 minutes then I removed her jean and also my clothes and again lie on her. This time I tries to rub her pussy. I parted her pussy lips and rubbing it gently she is enjoying a lot and moaning with pleasure. Her pussy is not totally wet and I entered my Fingure inside the pussy and move it in and out which she love a lot and moaning loudly.

Then she sit near me and take my pennies in her hands and started giving me a hand job. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm that's so cool, and my cock becomes rock hard. Then I put my penis inside her mouth and she started sucking my penis softly. She was very gud in that and I feel a lot of satisfaction. Then I put my penis in between her boobs and push her boobs from side and rub my penis in between the two oranges. AAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's amazing experience. I did that for 5 minutes and then exploded all my cum on her boobs. We both then relaxed naked in each others arms for 10 minutes. Then we clean up the mess and unlock the door. Dear friends this happen daily for next 1 month after which I gave her job in my audit firm as my assistant. Now both of us go together in all audits and u know we have sufficient time to enjoy daily. If u like my experience mail me at silent_magma @ hotmail dot com, I luv to dirty chat with a girl.

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