The Slave in Owner's Compound

by Imnaked4all2C-EvnU

Copyright┬ę 2011 by Imnaked4all2C-EvnU

BDSM Sex Story: PArt of the slave's life in a compound in a country that allows slavery

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   MaleDom   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .


The Slave awakens to the Owner's movement in the bed. Quickly the slave crawls to the edge and as the Owner sits up she looks at his cock for firmness, and yes it is hard. She puts it in her mouth and starts to suck his cock. He reaches for the electric prod. If she fails to move faster and harder at the right moment-she gets a zap on a nipple or clit. This also pleases the owner-which is the focus of all of the slave's thoughts, and deeds. The slave has no words, except upon and order pr invitation to speak. Silent and obedient, thinking only of how better to serve the Owner, and if the Owner is not present how better to serve everyone else. The slave is the lowest order. Naked at ALL times. Sold to a country in which keeping naked slaves is not only acceptable, but a symbol of wealth and status. Once a slave in this country-there is no turning back as a slave has NO rights ... no right to speak, no right to ask to speak. No right to food or water other than sustenance. The Owner is a harsh one. Slave only receives the food in a slurry, and must drink all water from a dildo, in the main living hall that also has a cage for bondage if there is no work to do. The slave willingly was trained, and then sold. All proceeds to the trainer. As a slave, she has nothing. Nothing but constant humiliation, punishment and work.

The owner is displeased and zaps her nipples, she dare not jump, she dare not raise her eyes. Her eyes are never to be focused higher than the Owner's cock, at anytime. Jumping back would mean more extreme punishment.

She goes faster and harder and the Owner cums hard in her mouth and she swallows it all, never to spill a drop of the Owner's honey. She llicks him clean and he goes to his shower. She crawls into the shower room and washes him well. The owner then gets out and stand with his back to her. The slave understand she is to begin licking his anus and rimming him-then sticking her tongue in as deep as it will go. He reaches between his legs and zaps her clit. She goes even deeper and wiggles her tongue inside him.

He spins around pushes her down and she automatically spreads her legs knee to chest as he fucks her hard. When he cums again he orders her tell him what she thinks. "Owner. I thank you for your wise training and for the honor to serve and pleasure you. I pray to improve forever."

He leaves her there and she goes into obeisance position. Face to ground, tongue touching the floor and ass in the air to await further commands from the Owner or one of his wives or employees, or higher slaves who are dressed.

The Owner is never to be referred to as "my" owner as it is the slave who is owned-completely. It is not a slave and master relationship. There is NO relationship. The slave is not an "I" as the slave has nothing nor any right to anything, not even as a human, less than the pets. The slave is a thing, a play thing and a workhorse. The slave must keep al of the adult s quarters clean. The slave must daily crawl between the rooms naked and scrub the floors, wash the bathrooms and kitchen. When done she must them prove her skills by licking the floors, toilet and sinks for a final rinse.

Today, a wife was scolded by the owner. She was angry. Slave heard her marching down the hall. Her robes rustling. All people in the country must wear modest clothing covering even their arms and feet. Even the slaves-except the lowest slaves who are forced to remain naked at all times, even if going to the city center for an errand. The slave is required to pleasure all the men who indicate however vaguely they want something. When back at the compound-the slave, in the few communications allowed must take a whip and whip her bare ass in front of the owner to et him know she is confessing to a sexual encounter outside of his. The owner will then decide on a punishment. Each lashing is the number of men pleasured. The slave may never say no to anyone, not even a slave-as there are no slaves lower. The must be punished for infidelity and immodesty, should it occur. If the slave fails to confess the punishment is drastic. Slave knows. The slave was chained to a toilet and licked the owner's penis clean after each pee and was the nighttime receptacle for2 nights.

The angry wife shwooshed in and kicked the slave in her bare uplifted ass. She call an male employee and said the slave had been impertinent and disobedient. The Slave must NEVER contradict another. The man asked the slave "Were you improper?" Thr slave said, "Yes sir. Thank you sir for discovering my poor behavior. I hope the punishment is severe. The Man thought about it awhile.

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