Easu's Awakening

by fertile_kitty

Copyright© 2011 by fertile_kitty

Science Fiction Sex Story: Easu's breeding potential for promotion is decided by the Committee on Repopulation.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

"I call to order this meeting to review the candidacy of the breeder Esau for alpha breeder status."

Esau waited in the adjoining room, devoid of window or listening devices. Though unable to hear the actual proceedings, he knew what the end result would be.

First, they would review his file and acknowledge that Esau was one of the most potent beta breeders in the cohort. They would marvel that Esau was the most requested beta; in fact, he was more popular than some of the more established alphas. If he were able to listen in, he might have thought that he would finally get promoted. Receive the status he believed he deserved. Of course, he knew better. The fifth time around, there are no surprises.

The review committee would become disturbed at the numerous injuries his female subjects sustained. Bruises, cuts, occasional broken bones. Furthermore, his alpha mentor would complain about Esau's steadfast refusal to follow protocol and ignore the basic fundamentals of training. That he would be an absolute menace to the newer girls in the program. The committee would debate for a moment and finally split the vote down the middle: recommend Esau for more training and re-evaluate in the three months' time.

Right on cue, the door opened to give the verdict. It was classier this time; it even sounded sorrowful. "Maybe next time, Esau. All they want to see is that you're a team player. And then everything will be as it should. Just show them what they want. What's the harm in that?"

Esau slowly rose from his chair and returned to the common area. As he walked, the question lingered in his mind. Indeed, what was the harm in doing what they asked? With alpha status came privileges. Doing what they asked did not sound so difficult. He could play their game long enough until he got what he needed.

But ... every time he resolved to complete the training and get with the program, his primal instincts took over. No matter how hard he tried, in the act, he could not satiate his hunger. All the training and lessons would recede to the back of his mind. What could he do differently this time to stop it? Was it even worth trying?

He picked up the phone to receive his assignment for the day. He'd be more reserved this time. Flipping through the file, however, he realized the futility of his promise. It was Yasmine, a woman he had been with before and one of his favorites. Just old enough to have been around the block a few times to know what she wanted, and yet young enough that she could keep up with him. That was important. He wore most of his subjects out. And though they never told the breeders about the fate of their sessions, he had heard he was the father of both of Yasmine's children. And in only two sessions.

"Good morning, Esau. You'll be in Room 15 today. A repeat customer, I see. And all by yourself. Good luck." By the tone in the receptionist's voice, he could almost swear this was a setup.

When Esau walked into the room, his subject nearly squeezed him to death. "You don't know how many favors I had to call in to make this happen," she purred into his ear, dragging her fingertip across his cheek. "I need your cum inside me. I need you to knock me up." Apparently, there was no need for pleasantries. There was only one thing on her mind.

There was no used to being pissed off though. They thought he was liability? He knew they were filming this; they filmed everything. Why was didn't anyone show this video during his review meetings?

"Of course you do, you fucking slut," he grinned and slapped her on the ass. But he paused a moment. Alpha status. He wanted alpha status. And that meant he had to play the part of an alpha breeder. "But I have to be good this time," he whispered back at her and kissed her on her forehead. He brushed the brunette locks that obscured her face and stared directly into her shining, hopeful soft hazel eyes. "I can't..."

The fates would not be kind to him though. She slipped a mischievous hand underneath the robe he was wearing and stroked his throbbing bulge. "I don't want a good guy," she whispered huskily into his ear. "It took me a long fucking time to set this up." Her fingers tightened around his cock. Her other arm weaved around the collar of his bathrobe and raked her nails down his back. Fuck her. She knows exactly how to awaken the beast. "Give it to me," she whispered into his ear, gently kissing his neck up and down. Her nails scraped his skin, leaving little red marks in their path. "Take me."

Esau's heart began to pound. His nostrils began to flare. This woman. She knew how to antagonize a breeder. She knew everything about the injections. The hormones. The pills. The urges. The irresistable urges. He was powerless to resist them. Every stroke of his cock, every additional line on his back, the way her teeth just lightly sunk into his neck. The beast was coming out and there was nothing he could do to uncage it.

With a ferocious growl, he lifted Yasmine off her feet and drove her to the bed. She squealed in delight, wrapping her legs around his waist. He was taking her on a ride. He leapt into the air, driving Yasmine's petite body hard into the mattress. There was no time to wait. Leaning back, his strong hands ripped at the thin cotton dress she wore. In a few moments, he had torn it into shreds. The rhythmic pounding of his heart filled his ears. His eyes glossed over as he stared down directly at her. She should be afraid at what she's created, but she looks thrilled. Eager. Desperate. Her hands pawed at his open robe, trying desperately to yank it off. He obliged the request to satiate his own lustful rage. The bathrobe flew off to a corner of the room, presumably never to be seen again.

He stared at her, breathing heavily. She stared at him, gasping in abject desire. It was a standoff before Yasmine finally broke the silence. "Breed me." That was the sign. That's his permission to go. No holds barred, it was time to attack her body.

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