Home Movies With Patsy

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2011 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Considerate husband gives his wife what she really wants for V Day- to expose herself and eat another guy. He is also rewarded. Do they join the GROPE/FUCK club?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Swinging   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Food   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

This story was hijacked, or maybe even inspired without my knowledge, by my WONDERFUL, GENEROUS, BEAUTIFUL AND DISCRETE (?) Muse, Lois. Right, my goddess? ARE YOU LISTENING?

"I'm ALWAYS listening. Flattery will get you EVERYwhere."

I'm so whipped! And I don't get any tail from you.

"Don't you wish? Get on with the story I gave you."

Yes, my idol. Grrrrrrrrrrr

"So, hun, have you thought about what you'd like to do for Valentine Day tomorrow? Let's avoid the candy/flowers/chocolate and dinner cliche. Maybe find something we can both revel in? How about we dress you up sexy and turn some heads? You have so many teasing outfits that easily blow open or up. You can choose to flash your camel toe and sweet cheeks or go commando and bare it all. How does that sound?"

"You KNOW what I like. Maybe I should just go jogging commando in a mini skirt again. I really liked that since it felt so free and out of my control. You can follow discretely and watch the show and see if anyone cares. Is that my gift to YOU too?"

Yes, I DO know what she likes. "Well since you finally confessed how much you like flashing strangers, and pretty much everyone, I've learned to bask in your joy. Watching the sun or other eyes stare at your exposed tits, ass and bare pussy now makes my dick twitch; so yes it is a gift to me too."

"I'm so happy we came together, so to speak, and found joy in my fetish. Surprise me. I'll do ANYthing you like."

"I'm so glad you're leaving it to me. I've seen Ken trying to sneak a peek every time you bend over and tease him. Why don't we keep it small tonight and use him and maybe his girl? It feels like he's been hiding her. I wonder if she's real or just really ugly. I bet it won't take much to let you taste his cum. We can share hers and let them sample ours. Isn't that so much better than flowers?"

"Hmmmmm ... We haven't met her yet, so she might be a challenge and a surprise, especially with VD here. I like it. Make it happen and surprise me. I'm going for a jog ... commando in my sports shorts, so you aren't missing much."

"I know what I'm missing. Your plump camel toe from the front and the flapping rear that flips up and exposes your ass and its hole. I'll be thinking about you. Let me know if you find it more or less exciting when I'm not following you. I'll call Ken."

"Well, Ken, since you have editing skills and love doing it, I want to ask you if you'd like to help with a special home movie. I can't pay you, but I think you'll love the other compensation available. Are you in?"

"It's really just a hobby, so if you can keep me plied with beers, I'm happy to help."

He had NO idea what I hinted at or how much fun he was falling into! "Deal! This isn't a typical home movie. Last year, my gorgeous sister-in-law Lois came to me for help with her marriage. I eventually wrote an adult story, called Emancipation, all about her changes and how she went from a prudish germaphobe to a sex crazy, compliant, Pygmalian beauty. What she and her husband don't know yet is that I had cameras in here and recorded most of our first two days together - the FOUR of us. See, THAT will be your true compensation - seeing my wife and her hot sister naked and both beauties eventually fucking all of us. Intrigued now?"

"Ummm, YOUR wife? Does this mean I have to see you naked too? No matter. I know you've caught me perving Sue several times, well OK, every time you stopped by. Leaning in the car window and peeking down her top was always fun, but now you're going to SHOW her to me? ALL of her? Ummm, yeah, I'm ALL in! Where is she?"

"She still jogging ... and flashing. That's how she keeps those legs so shapely. How about I put in the first disc? We'll have to map all the DVDs before we can edit anything. Here's a pad and a beer, let's start our horrible, 'boring' job! When she gets back, we'll see if we can get a live show from her."

He gulped loudly. Ken's jaw went slack and I think he was drooling a little. I scanned thru the vid until we saw the two couples enter the living room we were in. "This will be the start of the movie, overlayed with simple titles. I wish I'd had a camera pointed outside to catch Sue's exuberant, near naked greeting." After turning the sound down, I explained the impromptu stripping game and how important the lesson was for Lois. We watched Sue move provocatively around the low table. At first, Sue kept her ass toward the men and, with legs locked straight, she put the scones on the low table. We watched Lois quietly, guiltily watch us stare at Sue's tiny skirt as it climbed toward her ass. The possibility of a live show from Sue kept him glued to the sofa.

"When her sister blushed, I was afraid she might still choose to just watch. She also stared at the full chest view of her sister's tiny tits dangling in clear view in front of her. The 2nd camera caught that and is on another disc. Don't forget to take notes for editing. Do you have critters in your pants or are you just enjoying the show?" Ken gulped again and adjusted his pants. "The camera was centered on the table, obviously facing Lois. Watch as Sue went around to Lois's side and extended the coffee cups toward us, letting us look down her shirt at her tits and nipples and giving her sister a peek at her ass. The camera just got a few glimpses of her nipples so far. This was the first time Joe had a clear view of Sue's tits and perfect nipples."

He scratched a note as he watched Sue fall gently into her seat then squirm casually, letting her legs spread a little as she moved. Lois reached for her coffee and her legs spread for us too. "You have no idea how hard this was for Lois. The girls crossed their legs or bounced their knees apart for us so we could peek up their short skirts for the game. Hey Ken, do you think your girl would like to watch this too? We could use the extra eyes and note taker. Maybe this will turn her on too? What's her name again?"

"Patricia, a.k.a. Pat or Patsy. Well, she's not a flasher, as far as I know, and she isn't into typical porn, but she has taken an interest in editing a short film we're making. I can ask her about watching strangers in a home brew sex tape. Maybe you can even help us with some camera work for our film."

Well, well. I thought Ken was going to be my patsy. Joke's on me. "Call her now. We can pick up from here. Tell her we're waiting for her and not to worry about what to wear. In fact, she should come as she is. Is she daring enough to come in her underwear, or naked? She should enjoy the chilling two block walk."

"Daring? She's a sucker for dares. I'm sure I can taunt her into it." He dialed. "Hi honey..." He explained what we were doing and teased her about staring at a friend's beautiful naked wife without her. He said he wanted her with him to keep him strong, but he was staying either way. She seemed reluctant and he abruptly changed the subject. "Patsy, what are you wearing right now? ... Just out of the shower? Great. We want you to walk here as you are ... Yes ... yesss, I do. OK ... Don't you dare put on anything else. Come, run here now. Yes, I DARE YOU. Move that pretty ass down here." He hung up with a huge grin on his face. "She's coming and will probably cum too. She's no prude and gets hugely turned on watching amateur clips online and can lose control. She's on her way, but she wants to surprise us with what she's wearing, so I'm not supposed to tell you."

"You know, Ken, if we play this right, we can make a VD gift for Patsy too. I'll grab my camera." I also got the remote for the two nanny cams. No sooner had I placed the hand held camera on the coffee table and sat, the door pushed open and Sue whooshed in. Her green, loose, knit shorts had sinfully retracted into two serious wedgies, front and rear, that Sue left conspicuously untouched. Ken couldn't help staring at her swiveling, well-rounded and nicely framed gluts as she went to the kitchen for a cold beer. She knew he was watching and slowly walked her hand under her shorts, digging into the wedgie and fearlessly exposing her soft, beautiful cheek to a near stranger.

Ensuring he had a reason to look, she asked "Can I get you guys another?" We declined, but stared at her bared, pink gluts. She added, "Ken, I'm happy you could finally come visit. I think we'll get along great. Especially if you're going to watch THAT video." Posing willfully at the threshold, she wiped the cold beer across her forehead, then down into her cleavage and into her grey sport bra. "Oh, now it looks like I have three boobs. Doesn't it, Ken?" What a tease! I pressed RECORD on the remote for the nanny cams. She watched Ken's stare sink from her three tits to the tight camel toe wedgie that Sue seemed to proffer him. She didn't try too hard to suppress the giggle that escaped while she watched Ken lick his lips and shift the growing tent in his pants. Her staring blatantly at it didn't help. Using her best model walk, she slowly shimmied toward us, wiggling her amazing abs and her plump, clearly portrayed labia with each step until she dropped onto the sofa into the small gap between us. Ken started to shift away to make room, but Sue latched onto his upper thigh to restrain him. Lucky for him, or not, his dick was tucked down the other leg or she'd already have a firm grip on it. Was she just horny or pushing her VD gift? "No, stay up against me, Ken, and be cozy."

"Wait til we get to the hot scenes, Ken. She's already choking my dick. Ahh, the sweet aroma of arousal is in the air. Not that you've missed them, but look at those horny, plump labia!" That lewd guidance gave Sue the option to continue escalating, and she did. Ken leaned forward for a better appreciation of her charms. She spread her legs, tossed one over each of our thighs and flipped up the loose legs of her shorts.

"Honey, hand me that sheet of stickers next to you? I actually planned on using these in the morning as the first VD gift of the day, but I think Ken will appreciate them too." She found the two she wanted and we both wondered what she was doing. She peeled the first and pressed it into the waxed, small valley at the top of her thigh, a hair or two from her pussy. After pressing the second sticker into the other leg/pussy valley, she forced her legs open wider and asked, "So, what do you think these mean? What do you see?" We each held a thigh and stretched them open while we very closely inspected her groin and the few wispy hairs escaping her shorts from her upper pubes. After a prolonged inspection, including long, gentle strokes all the way up her thighs, Ken said he saw a little bit of heaven.

I didn't think her bare lips showed, but maybe one did. Ken still rubbed his stiff, covered dick. "And I think heaven is misting over and plumping up too. The stickers are a cupid heart and a black top hat. So, you're offering Lincoln your pussy for VD?" Ken had no guess as he was too busy drooling.

"Close! The top hat represents Lincoln, now President's Day, and the heart IS VD, so ... drum roll ... it counters the common complaint that there's nothing good to eat between the holidays. Are we all agreed?"

Ken moaned; I chuckled. Sue squeezed her fully exposed legs together and grabbed her labia obscenely. I took photos of her slowly rubbing her covered slit as Ken watched, and of her first contact with his covered dick. "I hope you're not waiting for an engraved invitation to examine my wife."

Onscreen, Sue's bro-in-la w, Joe was just reaching inside Sue's armhole and pulling her nipples. He couldn't see them there, so, inspired, Ken slipped his hand under Sue's sport bra and mimicked Joe's action. -click- No one objected, so he swept across Sue's tiny tits under the bra twice before leveraging it up and exposing a tit. -click- Sue leaned forward, stared defiantly into his eyes and raised her arms straight over her head so he could pull off the bra before he stretched it out. He dropped it behind the sofa and fondled my wife's bare tits. She reached under his cargo shorts and latched firmly onto his swollen cock. -click- "Hmm, cotton ... briefs?" He nodded and his leg trembled. Lois and Sue already removed Joe's pants and rubbed his barely covered dick. Though well distracted, he saw Lois show and remove her panty just before I sniffed them and passed them around.

Escalating again, the tv girls pulled Joe's Speedo off and sniffed his dick. Sue clawed her way under Ken's briefs and pulled his hard dick free. He groaned loudly when she squeezed him. She smirked. On tv, we got several up skirt glimpses of Lois' sweet, moist pussy as she struggled to remove Joe's shirt with her feet. That was all the permission Ken needed to stroke Sue's clad pussy. He stared wistfully at her plumping labia and bare tits, not sure if he should continue. A brief look at the tv showed Lois losing her top to Joe and me. We just set her big, beautiful tits free and made them bounce.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. "Come in; it's open." I shouted. Before Ken could turn, Patsy briskly came to the sofa breathlessly. She had answered our dare. The gorgeous, 5'9" knockout wore fuzzy, blue house slippers, a pale blue hand towel around her hair and a matching blue bath towel around her torso. It was the perfect size to nearly cover her from mid boobs to just below her ass cheeks. Though her thighs pushed the towel slit open a bit when she walked in, I couldn't tell if she wore panties. Despite the towel's overlap, she had to hold it closed at her tits to keep it up. My dick didn't need help to stay up. What an entrance!

She was excitedly chatting nonstop since she opened the door. "Ohh my God! THERE! I did it, I struggled not to run here, but my towel kept flipping open and there were many people staring at me. It was SOOOOO exciting..." and then froze wide-eyed. Sue's tits were exposed and Ken had one hand on them and the other fixed on her labia. She was still clamped onto his dick, which was still under his pants, but obviously out of his briefs. I framed all three and took a photo. "What's going on HERE? Did I miss the party already? Oh what great nipples you have. Is it impolite to flatter nipples before we meet?"

"Oh, hi honey. I tried waiting for you, really I did. But Sue is just too much to resist, especially with what she and her sister are doing on tv." He pinched Sue's nipple as his wife gawked then looked at the screen. "Lois' tits are nearly as big as yours." I guess he hoped flattery would distract her and let him continue digging into my wife's slit.

Patsy saw his hand in Sue's crotch and didn't comment. "How about I judge for myself?" I asked as I approached Patsy and reached for her towel hand. Since she wasn't shocked by the explicit action surrounding her, I assumed she was ready to play with us. I pressed my palm on her left tit and gently pried my fingers over hers and under the towel. I prayed Ken wasn't exaggerating about her. She yielded to my compassionate touch and let me move her hand away. The towel slipped a little and caught on her stiffening nipple, but not for long. I held her hand away from her body as the towel masque ever so slowly fell away. It dropped a bit, then peeled from her bare breasts, exposing full D-cups that still sat high thanks to her youth. "They are magnificent! Honey, don't tell your sister, but I do think these are more photogenic and so I like these even better. These feel remarkably firm for such large mammaries. Much more than Sue's, right Ken?"

In the seconds it took for Ken to nod, Patsy's towel revealed her muscular abs, snagged on her hip and finally fell to the floor. WOW! Her sexy, slim waist contrasted with her much wider hips giving a near perfect, classic figure. I was briefly disappointed she had panties on, but then knew I would relish dragging them off shortly. She tossed the head towel onto a chair and shook out her still damp, blonde hair. My eyes and hands worshiped the flawless creation next to me. As I savored the velvety texture of her warm, sensuous skin, I noticed Ken had finally crawled under Sue's shorts and had his fingers pumping in her wet cunt. I nodded toward them and Patsy turned just as Sue snaked Ken's dick head from under his shorts. "My dear, beautiful, sexy Patsy, you should know I'm recording this and we'll edit it together later. The finished video will be our VD gift, so maybe we should pretend we are making a porno, I mean a MEMORY." Patsy looked for the cameras and smirked. Sue slid her thumb around the glans which was already purple and glistening. She released his belt and fly and tugged his pants and briefs off together. Patsy watched her husband's dick leap straight up. As Sue shifted, he grabbed the bottoms of Sue's shorts and pulled them off her by both legs. Her beautiful little bare ass and pussy faced us as she bent over Ken's cock and stuffed it in her mouth. Her small tits dangled straight down with hard, tall nipples pointing the way. He yanked his shirt off and both were completely naked. With her pussy out of reach, he harshly sucked a beautiful little tit into his mouth and bit the sensitive tip.

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