Emancipation 07: Breakfast Confession

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2011 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Sisters & mates enjoy naked breakfast and expose long hidden secrets. Lois assess the lessons and a new life. How far will she go?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Sister   Swinging   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

She looked up at me and paused, letting the stray stream that hit above her eye just hang for moments before slowly oozing down her face, over her lip and into her smiling, taunting mouth. He fell deeply asleep. All four of us had now orgasmed before breakfast. I still had mixed feelings watching Sue orgasm with someone else, but they were easily resolved.

When we all stirred again, I remembered why I felt so hungry, for food this time. We'd skipped dinner and breakfast. "Let's get up you wanton wenches!" When I pushed two fingers inside her and kissed Lois awake, she moaned and grinned a blissful, beautiful smile. Then I stirred Sue the same way. "Mmmm ... breakfast! I love the idea of fingering two beautiful sisters and absorbing your mixed nectar from my fingers. This sweetness beats orange juice any day!" We just shook Joe awake. "How do you feel about sharing each other's juices now?"

In perfectly synched stereo, both said, "It makes me feel so much closer to her." And we all laughed. I insisted we stay naked thru cooking and eating breakfast. When we sat to eat, I noticed all the windows were still open so anyone nearby could clearly see four naked people scurry around then sit to eat. I pointed it out to everyone and no one [135] cared!

I asked if anyone had any misgivings about what we had done, so far. For some 'odd' reason, we all stared at Lois. "Yes, I did ... before coming up here. I expected to freak out at every little step and am still often terrified, but surprisingly not horrified! I feel so secure and flattered by all your concern for me." We all expressed how surprised we were, and impressed with her courage at every step. We knew she'd love the thrills if she faced the anxiety and trusted us. I suggested we each say how the experience, so far, has or might affect us. I went first.

"I feel absolutely enervated by the positive response and trust from everyone. Joe, for trusting me to open Lois's mind and her oh so sweet pussy. Sue, for encouraging me to work intimately with Lois. And Lois, for surrendering phobias and trusting me to guide you with love and respect. It's no secret that I love sharing what I learn, teaching anything. I always temper my passion with the attitudes of the 'audience', so I'm usually disappointed that so many are still unwilling to learn. I'm still pacing myself this weekend, anticipating roadblocks, but getting so much cooperation and trust, I'm overwhelmed. Testing and pushing my own limits, I'm surprised how easily I am adapting.

"Trust is the difference. If I couldn't trust Sue with you, Joe, I couldn't push past my old comfort limits. Once Sue began being truthful about her needs, rebuilding my trust, I was able to help her explore. The result is the vast difference I see in her ease and happiness in the last month. As long as we both adapt and remain considerate of each other, I see a much happier and longer future for us than we had a month ago. So, Sue, I'm thrilled to see you so happy again.

"Lois, I can't tell you how surprised and proud of you I am. I've never seen you so genuinely happy and free spirited. Can you even remember your old life before all these FIRSTS? Now that you've had your first and then three more screaming orgasms, can you believe you will forever know what it is? Can you see how obvious it was to us that you'd never had one before? Only twenty hours ago, yesterday, you refused a light mouth kiss and pushed my conservative 'A frame' hug away. What did you do to me first thing this morning? What a difference in just a few hours!

"Joe, I'm thrilled and humbled that I could make such a difference in your life and marriage. And I don't mean your fantasy fulfilled by sucking and fucking my wife, or kissing my ass and sliding your face against it - yes, I noticed. Those are the selfish, and gratifying parts of my reactions.

"Hey Joe, we can laugh about this now. Remember all the times you bitched that Lois insisted that you Lysol your dick before she'd touch it? I know that wasn't meant literally, but get this. I recently saw a very old full page ad about how women should take extra care to be ready for their tired, working man when he gets home. How they should be dedicated to his pleasure, take care of all feminine odor problems, blah, blah blah. It was a 1952 ad for feminine hygiene - for a bottle of LYSOL. How bad could they have thought it was that they thought women needed to wipe themselves with Lysol? Let's mourn all the sweet deserts spoiled by a disinfectant. Anyway, I see a brighter future for you two also, but I'll let you tell us about that. Lois next, OK?

"Um, what can I say? It's been one huge shock after another. Trusting our handsome host with my words, thoughts, fears and intimacies allowed me take off my top and show off my TITS, another word I couldn't say peacefully before, in daylight in our yard. After that huge step, I went naked in the yard! I didn't tell you that yet, Joe. Can you imagine? With encouragement, I walked naked INTO the yard and begged for more daring things to do.

"Well, when I heard what my sweet baby sister was up to, I wanted some of that! Just wanting it terrified me. Since he already knew you were planning my emancipation, it wasn't hard to convince Joe to come here, 'just to hear what Sue was doing, and maybe watch her do it... ?'. It was soooo easy to let him believe that this trip was his idea and that he had to persuade ME.

// I don't think we ever told her I had them both slyly convincing the other it was THEIR idea to join us. Ha! //

"Sue, I knew he loved looking at your hard nipples push out your shirts and kept trying to glimpse your bare nipples under the loose or daring clothes you wear. Every time he saw one he'd salivate and moan in my ear how hot and hard it looked. You both embarrassed me. I guess he thought that would turn me on or loosen me up. Instead, I smacked him angrily. Never again. I understand now he was just horny, angry and very frustrated. From now on I'll just enjoy his watching your bare tits, or anyone else's. He wanted to see you naked and to fondle you for ages, but to FUCK you too?

"I had no idea how prudish I WAS and how terrible an effect it had on my marriage. No one could describe the joy I was missing, I wouldn't listen and I couldn't understand why it was such a big deal to Joe. Now I know. And I am terribly sorry I hurt you and us so badly with my ignorance and closed mind. Here's more new news for you, I knew I was driving you away and that maybe you were already getting sex on the side, but I 'accepted' that by trying to believe that meant less pressure on me to spread my legs and BE fucked. This has been quite an eye opening education so far, and THIS student is anxious to continue it.

"I was very impressed with what you all knew, but more so that my sister was so involved. And JOE! Watching you fondle then suck Sue's tits, then again today, finger and suck her pussy was impressive. You weren't harsh as I always interpreted your moves. The considerate way you licked her pussy and passionately kissed her, instead of disgusting me as I expected, [136] turned me on. Sue told me you were also gentle when you pushed two fingers into her ass. I'm sorry I missed that, but I bet you're willing to repeat it JUST for me. Maybe once I watch that up close, I'll be more willing to allow any of you invade my virgin ass. Joe, I didn't know you could really be so tender or that you were so experienced. I'm thrilled we agreed there'd be no secrets this weekend and hope that continues for life.

"Sue, your expertise sucking dick surprised me. That we could share that so casually while I sucked your man's dick and you sucked mines', seems surreal. I've only had three men inside me, only two were my choice, so the vast experience I thought I had was all theory and 'book learnin'. Watching your guy lovingly and selflessly expose the intimacies of your pussy to us was more than I could expect. Ordering him to eat you while we watched seemed like the thing you'd both refuse to do.

"But watching him caress your pussy before us with fondness, finger you and share your intimate juice with us, then finally eat you to orgasm was ... inspirational. Feeling your tongue do that to me and also bring me to ecstacy was thrilling. We may NEVER leave! Our relationship is forever changed and we may never play Monopoly again! Do you think there's a kinky version? You are welcome to drop in any time and to fuck and [137] suck Joe whenever you like. I'm sure he won't mind, and I always want to watch and probably [138] participate. Shit! Did I just say that? OH WOW, just letting the truth flow without censoring feels odd, but so great! I hope you feel the same about me with your [139] man. I can't believe I'm talking about threesomes and fucking my brother (in-law)!

"I've never touched or seen an un-circumcised dick. Now I'm fascinated by the softness of the head compared to one that's been circumcised. I had the urge to slip my tongue under your foreskin, but it was always pulled back tight until I caught you before getting hard again. It surprised the hell, or cum, out of me that when I did get to taste you that way, I loved that unique ambrosia. Hey guys, better get those stiff joysticks down or we'll have to eat you both right now for desert!

"One more surprise you boys don't know yet ... when I woke this morning, I was briefly startled by being naked next to two naked cocks, and then by how much I craved [140] them both! My naked sister was smiling in her sleep, curled peacefully against my husband. I stared for some minutes at the satisfied tableau. Before I knew what I was doing, I was kissing my sister and sucking her [141] tongue lightly. She moaned and rolled to her back allowing me to bite and suck her stiff nipples [142] before kneeling between her legs. Her light brown curlies were fascinating to watch [143] and trace, but her slightly gaping pussy was too much to [144] resist! WHAT have you done to me?

"My tongue licked her [145] labia, tasting the ripened remains of our adventures. The taste was richer [146] than last night, but just as exhilarating. Once my tongue pushed her swelling lips open, her incredibly lusty aroma filled my lungs and shutdown my mind. Feasting on your wonderful scent mixed with your luscious taste, mmmm ... I swear I had another [147] little orgasm. My thumb automagically found her clit and stirred it the new ways my new darling lover [148] showed us. We both moaned, then Sue's eyes jerked open wide. It took her a second to see where she was and what I was doing before pulling my head hard into her fragrant and tasty puss. She reacted just as you said and climbed quickly to a muffled orgasm. With renewed vigor, I lapped up the flow of her refreshed juices. Not only did I love [149] the sex, but I felt the gratification you described at giving so much joy to someone I love. I better shut up. You next, Sue."

"OK. I'll try to keep this short. But, I have to finish what you started, sis. Startled is the least of it! My prudish, germ phobic sister was lapping my pussy to wake me. Your tongue in my mouth and on my nipples registered as a wonderfully warm sense of euphoria. After she so skillfully made me cum, I had her lay across the foot of the bed and spread for me. I teased her by licking up her legs to where they join, then along the outside of one lip, past her clit and up her tight belly. She griped that I was being mean, but I moved on to her generous tits. This was the first time I caressed them with lust [150]. I was surprised by how sensual and silky they felt compared to the last time I rubbed them years ago, soon after they bloomed. Her nipples felt different from mine too and I loved them - the way they looked, felt, tasted and smelled of your distinctive musk.

"They spiked for me with just the slightest nibbling and sucking, then puckered into goose bumps when I continued north. While squeezing and pulling them, I found her eager mouth. Without hesitation, [151] she sucked my tongue into her mouth. Her enthusiasm was contagious. We were quickly moaning together and I desperately wanted her to cum at my attentions. One hand held her head to me, the other warmed and pinched a nipple, and a knee pressed her clit from side to side. She was already so aroused, she came in minutes. Only my tongue in her mouth kept her from waking the dead. We collapsed, sweating, on each other and shared a tender, loving [152] kiss. I suggested I get my toys and continue, but Lois asked me to hold them for later, when we were all awake. Wasn't that sweet of her?

"Just telling that made me gush some. OK, back to the question, I uh, confess that I was ready to leave my husband a year ago because I thought he was too prudish to let me get a little wild. Can you imagine that now? Sometimes truth hurts. I felt too 'adored', loved too much since I knew I wasn't deserving. Lois, you've only had three men in your twenty-eight years, but I had my first at fourteen and had about thirty by my nineteenth birthday. All were my choice, though I made four feel they were forcing me. I needed something and thought throwing myself at all those men, and four women, sucking their cocks and cunts, would make me feel better about myself. It never did.

"Only my man here tried to understand and help me, even at personal cost. He was brought up 'old world', so nearly everything I did had to be horrible for him. I knew that and pushed for more anyway, trying to shove him away and make him leave me. I would never admit this before, but as you said, nothing but truth this weekend. I knew I was undecided about many things and despite fucking thirty guys many thousands of times I lacked several key experiences.

"Though I had many orgasms, their cocks didn't satisfy me. So I wondered if I were actually gay. You know with me it has, um had, to be black or white. I wondered for years, even tried it once, at sixteen, with a friend, but felt too terrified to believe it. I've masturbated since I was ten, so I thought I was an expert. With thousands of fuckings I was sure I was. My guy let me see there was more to feel. Sex alone is physics and in very few of those thousands of lays did I feel chemistry. When I met this man, things changed drastically.

"Phone sex was incredible. He painted such a vivid image and guided my masturbating so well, I had more satisfying orgasms just with his voice than I'd had with all those other dicks. He helped me expand my masturbating repertoire and introduced me to using certain hard veges and finally vibrators. I always hated how my pussy looked and smelled. There was no way I could even think of tasting my cum. He showed me how beautiful it is and how tasty my juices are. Unfortunately for him, that drove me to try women more seriously. We split up for a while so I could learn more on my own.

"I never admitted this aloud before either. Their cum tasted as hot as mine and I loved making them cum for me. Since veges were now a proven thing, I used carrots, squash and cucumbers on my ladies and ate the sopping veges. Maybe we'll try that together too. Lois, I hope you don't still find that disturbing. They were very tasty! My man has even used a firm banana in me, then we enjoyed licking it together. Now I understand Clinton's thing with the cigars. I can imagine how intoxicating his real humidor got after storing the pussy humidor's bounty awhile! If those cigars held the scent of 'that woman', it would be a long lasting erotic joy to smoke her pussy, especially in public!

"I tried living with a woman as a life partner beyond sex. It too was pretense. We did experiment in public baths, cars etc. and I enjoyed sex with them, but something was still missing. I never confirmed your suspicions before, but this is Truth Weekend so, Yes, I did let Pat's boyfriend watch us fuck. I'm sorry. When we individually asked both of you if you wanted to watch us together on condition that the other of you had to also watch, we'd already decided that if either or both of you said yes, then HE or both could watch us. So when you said NO, that only excluded you.

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