In the Backseat of Grandpa Walt's Gran Torino

by Baphemetis

Copyright© 2011 by Baphemetis

Erotica Sex Story: Walt Kowalski vents his lust on his granddaughter Ashley in the backseat of his Gran Torino. Based on the movie Gran Torino starring Clint Eastwood and Dreama Walker.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Fan Fiction   Celebrity   Incest   Grand Parent   MaleDom   Rough   First   Oral Sex   .

With a feeling of disgust welling up in his gut, Walt Kowalski surveyed his home. The place was packed with people milling about in their Sunday best, congregating around the food. His own useless son was fidgeting in the corner with his family, looking lost as usual.

Walt grit his teeth in annoyance. This swarm of freeloaders brought little comfort to him in this time of mourning. The loss of his wife left a hole in his gut that stuck with him. It was a pain worse than anything he endured during the war in Korea. Hell, he'd rather fight that war a thousand times than feel pain like this. No one in this pathetic lot knew how he felt. They disgusted him.

No one was paying attention to him. Their eyes were fixed on the food. They were more intent on stuffing their faces than comforting a grieving old man. That suited Walt just fine. To blazes with them!

With a pat on his thigh he caught the attention of Daisy, his loyal golden retriever. Under the guise of taking her out for some air, he escaped the gaggle of good-for-nothings in his living room. Outside, he took the opportunity to savor one of life's finest guilty pleasures -- chewing tobacco. Fresh air in his lungs and distance from the stagnant crowd in his home made Walt feel renewed and reinvigorated.

However, his peace did not last long. A clamor next door broke the man's brief respite. His new Vietnamese neighbors were having a party. A seemingly endless parade of foreigners streamed into the small, broken-down house.

"Harrumph!" he exclaimed under his breath in disgust. "How many gooks can ya' fit in one house?" He spit out a stream of tobacco-browned saliva in protest.

Finding no solace on his own porch, Walt made his way up the driveway. Disposing of the chewing tobacco, he headed to the garage to sneak a quick smoke away from the judging eyes of his useless son. The last thing he needed was another lecture about the "coffin nails".

When he entered the garage that housed his vintage 1972 Gran Torino, his most coveted possession, Walt discovered that he was not alone. His granddaughter, Ashley jumped at the sight of him. Instinctively, she tossed her cigarette to the floor and pretended to adjust the curls in her hair.

She flashed her grandfather a nervous smile and attempted to distract him from her smoking. "Wow! When'd you get the vintage car, grandpa?" she asked.

Walt Kowalski eyed the girl up and down. He had glowered at her disapprovingly earlier that day during the funeral. The nerve of her! Showing up at a funeral dressed like a burlesque dancer!

Ashley was wearing a short skirt, too short for Walt's tastes. It showed off her shapely young legs. She wore the skirt low, leaving her navel exposed. Her low-cut midriff drew your eyes to her belly button, decorated with a jeweled piercing. The top was cut low enough to show off her firm young breasts.

Walt felt a long-forgotten stirring in his loins as he eyed his granddaughter. Her stomach was taught and firm. Her breasts were full and round. Her face was just as pretty as her body. Long eyelashes batted at him charmingly. Her full, round lips called to him.

Walt's heart began to beat faster. Blood rushed to his loins awakening him. He felt a stirring inside him he hadn't felt for many years.

Without a word, he closed the garage door.

"1972," he answered her gruffly. He pulled back the car tarp to reveal the vehicle's shining, freshly waxed exterior. After all these years, he had kept it in mint condition. Even in the dimly lit garage, there was no denying it was a thing of beauty.

Walt drew two cigarettes from his pocket, inserted them in his mouth and lit them both. Eyeing his granddaughter lustfully, he handed her a lit cigarette.

Ashley grinned. "You're alright, Grandpa Walt," she said as she took the cigarette between her full, red lips and puffed on it.

Walt strolled over to the back of the garage and opened a cooler.

"I put the steering column in myself," he continued his story. "Right on the line."

He pulled two beers out of the cooler. He opened one and offered the other to his granddaughter. Ashley hesitated. Grandpa Walt has never been this cool. He was always a real hard-liner. Was this some kind of test? She looked at him nervously, afraid to act.

"Go ahead," he said. "I won't tell your parents. Even if they do find out, you can just blame me. Your chicken shit dad wouldn't dare say a damn thing to me about it." He winked at her.

Ashley laughed. He was right. She knew her father was scared shitless of Grandpa Walt. She liked this cool new side to him. It felt good to have a powerful friend that her father was afraid of. Especially one that would give her cigarettes and beer. Maybe, he'd even let her have that cool, vintage car instead of letting it waste away in a gloomy garage. She pictured herself pulling up to her dorm in the Gran Torino. She'd be the only one on campus with a car like that!

They laughed together. Ashley took a generous swig of beer. She put her hand on her uncle's chest and massaged him gently. Walt felt his manhood tingle at her touch.

"You're so cool, Grandpa Walt," she said sincerely. "Thank you." She got up on her tip toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Well, you sure know how to make an old man happy," he said to her, smiling.

Ashley could swear she caught a glimpse of lust in his eyes. She had seen boys look at her that way before. It was a look of hunger that usually meant they were going to feel her up. "No, that's bullshit!" she thought to herself and she dismissed the notion.

Walt stepped away from her for a moment and turned on the radio in the garage. He dialed through the stations until he found one he liked. "Unchained Melody" was in the middle of playing.

"How about a dance with your grandpa?" he said.

Ashley took another swig of beer. She smiled at him. "Okay!"

She let her cigarette drop to the ground after a final puff and put her arms around the older man's neck. Walt put his hands on Ashley's bare waist. The feel of her flesh against his was all his body needed to bring his dormant cock back to life.

Ashley looked into her grandpa's eyes and smiled that beautiful smile of hers. For a moment that seemed like an eternity, Walt saw his wife in Ashley. She was as she looked fifty years ago, after the war. Oh how he wanted her! He lusted for her. He lusted for Ashley!

Ashley pulled close and put her head against his chest. She felt the strength of his heartbeat. His shirt smelled of a mix of bleach, musky deoderant and sweat. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, taking his manly scent into her. There was something about him ... something attractive. He was old, but he wasn't frail. In fact, he was stronger than her father, physically and in character.

She buried her face in his chest, pressing her cheek against his taught muscles. She pulled closer, letting his body press against the softness of her breast. She brought a bare thigh forward against his leg, but this time, she was in for a surprise! She could feel what was unmistakably a raging hardon. Her thigh pressed into a thing of iron, threatening to rip through Walt's pants. Oh God, he was magnificent! Nothing like those boys at school!

She looked up at him. He was eyeing her, but the look on his face was strange. It was a combination of unrelenting desire and ... fear!

"Grandpa Walt..." she whispered, almost involuntarily.

Her mind raced. This was crazy! He's her grandfather! All her life, she'd been afraid of him! She feared him more than her own father! Yet, here she was, her arms around his neck, pressing her chest into him, feeling the hardness of his cock against her bare thigh.

Maybe the beer was beginning to have its effect on her. For reasons she couldn't even explain to herself, Ashley pushed her face into his. As their lips touched, she opened hers and gently caressed her grandfather's with her tongue, inviting him in.

Before she knew it, Walt's tongue was down her throat, exploring her mouth eagerly. She took him in and felt the taste of beer and tobacco, feeling strangely turned on by the disgusting combination.

With their mouths fully open, their tongues danced around each other's. Walt explored deeply and greedily into her mouth, savoring the forbidden taste of his own flesh and blood. The thought of it, the taboo against what he was doing, it only served to fuel his lust. He felt his cock grow immeasurably rigid. He consciously rubbed it against Ashley's bare thigh, enjoying the feel of her flesh.

Then, suddenly, to the surprise of them both, Ashley did the unthinkable. Maybe it was the beer clouding her better judgement, or maybe it was her inexperience with boys and her insatiable curiosity about what real men were like. For whatever the reason, she reached down and lay her hand on Walt's throbbing hardon. She pressed her palm firmly against him and caressed its length through his pants.

Grandpa Walt's size and rigidity surprised her. She had fooled around with high school boys, but Grandpa Walt was a man. His cock felt almost as thick as a cucumber and as hard as steel. It both frightened her and aroused her at the same time. What would it be like? Would it hurt? Probably. Would it feel good? Definitely.

Walt's hands found their way under the bottom of her blouse and up to her firm, teenage breasts. He fondled her roughly through the fabric of her bra, all the while forcing as much tongue down her throat as he could. He thrust his hips forward aggressively, trying to satisfy his cock's yearning to be touched.

Ashley's hands stroked the rigid organ through his pants. She gasped for air as she felt her heart race out of control. Her body tingled with electricity at every touch. Her own grandpa! It was disgusting and it sent shivers down her spine. The sick taste of beer, tobacco and old man added to her disgust, but at the same time ... she had never been more turned on in her life. Disgust turned to lust. The more she was repulsed by the idea, the more she wanted it.

Walt slammed the young girl back against the driver's side door of the Gran Torino. It gave an audible "thump" as she slammed against it. He hiked her bra roughly up without unfastening it, exposing her breasts. Hungrily, he took them into his mouth, suckling the erect nipples, tracing them with his tongue.

Ashley continued to feel him up through his pants. She grasped his rod firmly in her hand and squeezed him, still impressed by his his size and rigidity.

A moment of clarity overtook Walt through the haze of lust his brain had been enshrouded in. He lifted his head from his granddaughter's breasts and started to back away. He looked at her, half naked, her breasts dripping with his saliva. Her hair was disheveled and she was breathing heavily. Her bare legs were spread wide open and he noticed one hand was up her skirt, fondling herself. He could catch a glimpse of her pink panties.

"Grandpa Walt?" she asked. "Why are you stopping?"

He glowered at her. He shot her a fierce look of disapproval, the same one he gave her in church.

"My granddaughter is a whore," he thought to himself silently.

"You ever sucked a man's cock before?" He asked her bluntly.

"Wh ... What?" She was taken aback by his question. "No!" she lied.

He growled under his breath. He could tell she was full of shit.

"Get on your knees," he ordered.

Ashley hesitated. Kissing and feeling each other up was one thing. Did she really want to take the next step? Her mind reeled with the reality of what she was getting into. Her own grandpa. Her father's father ... but her own curiosity seized her mind. The feel of his thick, rigid cock was fresh in her memory. She had sucked off boys at school before, but they were nothing like Grandpa Walt. She wanted to know what it looked like. What would it feel like? What it would it taste like? How would it make her feel?

She obeyed without protest.

Walt unbuckled his belt. He stepped closer to her and unzipped his zipper. Ashley looked up at him with those beautiful doe eyes. Her lips were slightly parted. She was ready for him.

He gave his pants a downward tug, releasing his manhood. It bounced in the air, surprising Ashley and nearly slapping her in the face. She marveled at its length and girth. He was bigger in every way than the boys she had seen at school.

"Make yer grandpa proud, Ashley," Walt said. He took his cock in his hand and offered it to her.

Ashley wrapped her fingers around the old man's member. She squeezed it gently and began to jerk him off. She experimentally gave the cock head a few kisses, then she licked him with her tongue.

"C'mon, you can do better than that," Walt snarled impatiently.

He grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock down her mouth. He began forcefully face-fucking her. He ignored her muffled cries of protest as he shoved his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Ashley resisted at first, trying hard to push the older man off of her, but it was useless. She quickly gave up on all attempts to resist him and instead, tried to relax and take as much of his cock as she could. She began using her tongue to stimulate him, flicking it around his cockhead as it entered her mouth. Instead of trying to push him away from her, she lowered her hands to his legs and caressed his thighs. She gently massaged his balls as he continued to face fuck her.

Soon, Walt took his hands off her head. Ashley pulled her mouth off his dick and gasped for air, but she quickly went back to licking his cock. She ran her mouth up and down his shaft. She took him gently into her mouth and ran circles around his cockhead with her tongue. She darted those beautiful doe eyes up at him with a look of revulsion as she licked his cock.

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