The Sweet Seduction

by Silkstockingslover

Copyright© 2011 by Silkstockingslover

Sex Story: Melanie, a sexy a bi-sexual seduces her new Muslim roommate.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Lesbian   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Author comments: This story was based on an e-mail from a fan. She has a Muslim roommate she fantasies about and asked me to write a story about it. The story is not meant to offend, but to entertain. That said, comments on what you thought, good or bad, are appreciated.

Hi, I am Melanie. I am a 23 year old college student in her third year of her doctor's degree. I am 5'11, with perfect breasts and long luscious legs. My green eyes are considered my best feature. I have always been a sexual being. By the time Afaf became my roommate in my third year, I regularly had sex with 7-10 people a month. I fucked guys and girls and was both dominant and submissive. I was submissive to a couple black women, but dominated the Asian girls and some older ladies. I was always submissive for cock and because of this had become a great cock-sucker and had done everything you can do sexually with a guy including gangbangs, going to glory holes, and being the all-services stripper at a bachelor party. My new thing this year has been to fuck virgins. Now originally this was just to fuck boy virgins, but when Afaf became my roommate three weeks into the semester everything changed. I saw the ultimate challenge; get the Muslim girl to become my whore. I had done a Canadian, a Mexican, a Philippines, a Russian, and a few Asians, but never a Muslim. The game was on, but I knew this would be a crazy challenge.

When I found out I was going to have other roommate I was annoyed. My past roommate Kate was a decent pussy eater, but she quit school and I was assigned a new roommate. When Afaf entered, dressed in a blue business suit, 3 inch heels and beige pantyhose I was impressed. I was amazed by the clarity of her blue eyes, but surprised when she looked down as I introduced myself. I quickly learned she lacked confidence. I learned she was majoring in medicine as well and was a transfer student from England. I knew instantly, she would be my next prey, but that I was going to have fun seducing her.

Anyways, the next couple weeks I learned the following about her:
a. She was a virgin and was waiting for marriage.
b. She always wore full pantyhose, skirts, etc.
c. She never spoke first to anyone.
d. She had an IQ of over 180.
e. She was completely subservient. Not yet sexually, but that was to come.
f. She was shocked by my parade of men and women that came and went.

After a couple weeks, I decided to start the sweet seduction. She came home after a massive test, just upset. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she did not do well. For Afaf a 90 is not doing well, so put that in perspective. I walked over to her and gave her a hug. She instantly went stiff to my touch. I held her for a long time, until she relaxed a bit. I told her to take a seat on the couch and then I gave her a foot massage. The look on her face was one of horror. I comforted her for a few minutes and then told her I had a date and had to get ready. She was making herself supper when I came out in a micro miniskirt and a tight sweater. I asked her how I looked. She said she would never be able to wear anything like that in public. I shrugged and told her that if you have the body you should showcase it. She said nothing; because of her insecure nature she had no idea how beautiful she was. As I headed out I said, "You know Afaf, you are a very beautiful girl. You should let people she the real you," and walked out.

I came home with my date, a linebacker from our football team. She was studying at the kitchen table as always. I introduced her to him and then whispered to her, "I hear his cock is like 10 inches, I am going to investigate." I then left and went and got fucked. After he came on my face and hair, I sent him away, but told him to walk by Afaf without his shirt on. Of course, he did. I wiped the cum off my face, but made sure the cum in my hair was still there. I walked out in a robe and said to Afaf, "How disappointing, he was barely nine inches. Why is it so hard to find a nice thick ten inch cock?"

Afaf blushed and said, "Um you have something in your hair."

I looked in a nearby mirror, "Oh that fucker, he was suppose to just cum on my face. " I wiped the cum out of my hair all feigning frustration. "Afaf, it is just so tough to train a boy. " I gave her a kiss on the cheek and went to shower.

A couple days later I brought back my 40 plus something History professor Carol and fucked the shit out of her in my room. Afaf came home, like clockwork, at 8 and heard the majority of the fucking. Carol, a submissive white slut, who had been my slave since freshman year, was very animated during sex. She called out things like "Yes mistress, fuck me harder. Make me cum. Oh yes, I am your slave," etc, etc, etc. Anyways, after I was done with her, I told Carol to go get me a glass of wine from the fridge, naked. She looked at me concerned and I said, "Oh and be sure to say hi to Afaf."

She knew better then to disobey, so reluctantly, she left my room and Afaf was at the kitchen table eating. Of course I followed and was amazed to see the look of complete shock on Afaf's face. Carol said, "Hi Afaf," as if it was the most natural thing in the world and went and got two glasses of wine. Afaf just starred at the naked professor. Carol stopped by the table and looked at the History book on the table. She smiled and said, "Pay extra attention to pages 333-336 as they are the key to Friday's test," and she came back to my room. We drank our wine, I had Carol eat me out one last time and I told her to go shower. I came out, in my robe, and sat down with Afaf. She looked at me searching for answers. I smiled.

"I suppose you are wondering about all this."

She looked down and whispered, "No, it is none of my business."

I smiled and said, "No, no, it is ok. I will explain. Some women, like Professor Wilson are lonely and stressed out from their jobs. They need to release their stress and people do it different ways. Some work out at the gym, others play sports, some have meaningless sex and others, like Professor Wilson, want to be dominated. They are in control all day at work and want to just be free when the work day is done. Professor White is a submissive woman who will do anything I say."

"Anything?" Afaf questioned.

"Yes, watch. Slut get out here." Professor Wilson came out wet from her shower. "On your knees." She obeyed. I looked at Afaf "Do you want her to eat your pussy?"

Afaf looked shocked, "Oh no."

I laughed, "Your loss. Slave go get dressed, I will see you in class tomorrow." I then went and showered.

The next day Afaf saw Sadie, an Asian girl in all Afaf's classes, leave my room after taking a strap-on in her ass. Sadie who a few minutes earlier was screaming, "Yes, fuck my ass with your massive cock," walked over to Afaf and asked her how her essay was going. They talked like friends and then Sadie left. I came out in my robe but with my strap-on still attached.

Afaf looked at me and said, "Sadie too?"

I shrugged and said, "She is one of the craziest bitches I have ever had. She will go home now and study and ace whatever she is doing next. Her body is cleansed from stress." I took off my strap-on and washed it in the sink. "She a friend of yours," I asked.

Afaf responded still clearly stunned, "Yes, we just talked yesterday about arranged marriages and how our parents expect so much from us."

I smiled, "Sadie has never talked about that to me, but she comes over here almost every week to release her stress, every time she has a big test." I shrugged and went and had a shower.

The next part of my plan was the first risky one. I felt that I already had Afaf under my control, even though she did not know it, but still this was a risk. I assumed that she would stay true to her submissive personality and would not say no to me. I brought over Colin, a black friend of mine, who did indeed have a 10 inch cock. I had been sucking his cock slowly for about five minutes when Afaf walked in. This time, instead of the privacy of the bedroom, I sucked him in the livingroom while the basketball game was on TV. Afaf looked at me shocked and I said, "Sorry Afaf, but Colin is a big basketball fan and did not want to miss the game." I went back to bobbing up and down on his thick rod. Afaf went to the kitchen and made her supper. I could tell she kept trying to not look, but Colin's grunts distracted her. I then quit sucking and said, risking my seduction plan, "Afaf come over here, I want to teach you something." As I figured, Afaf came over. I said, "Sit down." She did. I continued, "Now I know you are going to have to marry some guy down the road and it is very important that you know how to please him. So just sit there and watch." I then put my mouth back onto Colin's stiff meat. I just took the head in, licked around the top, teasing him. I then said, "You see Afaf, you need to adore the penis, to treat it like a shrine." I then took the whole thing in my mouth and did a few slow seductive bobs. I then said, "Now don't worry Afaf, at first sucking that deeply will make you gag. But practice makes perfect. " I then licked his balls and sucked each one into my mouth. "True pleasure," I continued, "Pure pleasure, comes from teasing, the anticipation. Make him crave you; you have all the power when you have his cock in your hands or mouth." I then took it in my mouth and sucked hard and fast. I then pulled out again and said, "Now what you must decide is do you want to shallow his cum, or take it on your face. Men love both. The guys love it best when you shallow all their cum, but they also like to see their juice dripping down a girl's face." I then looked at Colin and said, "Shallow or facial."

He smirked, "Facial bitch." He then grabbed my head and started pumping his cock in my mouth. All the teasing had him revved to go and after a couple minutes the cum grunt came and he sprayed a massive amount of sperm all over my mouth, cheek and chin. I then took his cock back in my mouth until it shrunk. I then matter-of-factly said to Afaf as I grabbed the gobs of cum on my face and put them into my mouth, "You see we have all the power, do you want to try honey?" Afaf shook her head no, but kept starring at Colin's delicious cock, rising again from my hand. "Your loss sweetie, more for me. Ready for round two big boy? Sorry Afaf but I have to have his cock in me, you can watch if you want." I took off my skirt and straddled him. Afaf watched briefly, but then got up and went to her room. Colin fucked me for a good half hour before shooting a second load on me. We then watched the rest of the game. Afaf never did come back out. I wondered if my plan worked. I would have to wait till tomorrow.

The next couple days were midterms so I was too busy and other then a quickie with Sadie, I behaved myself. Afaf treated me the same so I figured so far, so good. The final aspect of my seduction would be on Friday after our last day of mid-terms. After her last test I could see the complete exhaustion she was feeling, I knew that today would be the perfect day for the final play. We had a couple glasses of wine and talked about which test was the worst and so forth. I gave her another foot massage, this one spending way more time on each toe, each muscle. After a third glass each, I asked her to give me one. She seemed uncomfortable, but she did it. I finally then said, "Afaf, not releasing your sexual tension is dangerous for you."

Afaf said nothing.

"Do you find me attractive?" I asked.

Afaf whispered in the quietest voice ever "Yes."

I said, "I think you are beautiful."

Afaf was embarrassed.

"It is time for you to realize how beautiful you really are." I leaned in and said "Kiss me." She was nervous, but she kissed me. Awkward at first, tentative, but she was clearly trying. I broke the kiss. "Afaf, you are a submissive woman. You have wanted to submit to me since you saw the parade of men and women come from my bedroom. It is time for you to submit to me completely." Afaf looked into my eyes. "Do you want to submit?"

She sheepishly said, "No, but I need too."

I moved back a bit, "You don't want to?"

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