Visiting College

by crotalusw

Copyright© 2011 by crotalusw

Erotica Sex Story: My friend moved away and began to teach at a college and I found my visit with her to be filled with wonderful delights.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

As I went through airport security, I began to question what I was doing. Sometimes I make wise decisions and sincerely hoped this would turn out to be one, but seeing how crazy security in the airports had become, I couldn't help but wonder if there wasn't something wiser I could be doing.

Still, it had been far too long since I'd last seen Corrina and I was really starting to miss her something fierce.

Neither of us lived where we'd met any more. She had divorced her husband and had moved back east to live with her father, a widower who was working to get his life back on track. I had lost my job and had moved to another state to see if I couldn't make a go of things in a more hospitable climate. The downturn in the economy hurt a lot of professions and there just wasn't enough work in that city any more.

The move had been a good one for me. The people were more down-to-Earth and I felt that they fit me better. To be honest, they fit the person I wished I had been. Temperatures were definitely cooler and that required some adaptation on my part. I was so used to living in the southwest desert and my blood had thinned to the point that I loved the heat. My new high temperatures in high summer were but a shade of what I was used to getting and the lows at that time were downright chilly, but it still felt nice to be in a new chapter of my life.

My new chapter didn't have Corrina in it, though, and that made it feel empty.

Corrina's move had been a good one for her, too. She likes to feel needed and her father definitely needed her in his life. It was a struggle to move forward. I could only imagine the pain he'd gone through at the loss of his wife, and I most certainly did not envy him. I was very glad that things were working out so that she could go back and the two of them could work together on staying afloat and even rise above the tempestuous waves that life seemed to be sending their way. She helped him redecorate the house so that it felt different to come home. She worked to make sure he knew that it was okay to move forward, that they weren't going to forget her mom, but that they needed to remember that they were still alive and that they needed to live.

But I missed her.

So, I was standing in line to be scanned so that I could fly back east to see her. It seemed to be taking forever. The new screening procedures seemed to make things slower on everyone and nobody seemed happy about it. Eventually, I got through it and made my way to the gate. I sat down and pulled out my novel to read, but started to think of Corrina and got too excited to read. I couldn't concentrate on the story when I knew that I would be able to see her in just a few hours.

I sat at the gate and daydreamed. I reminisced about the old times, about how we met, about the feelings that quickly grew in me for her, about how we just couldn't be together, but about how we found times to chat and laugh together. I imagined what it would be like to see her again and to be able to hold her in my arms. I imagined the curves of her body and how it would feel to have them pressed against me. I wondered if she was wearing the Christmas thong that I'd heard about but hadn't seen, the one that excited my every sense just thinking about it. I imagined lying next to her under the covers of her bed and exploring her body with my hands and mouth.

"Last call for passengers boarding flight 321."

I had completely missed my first boarding call! I guess my imagination was in overdrive!

I jumped up and headed to the door to board. I handed my boarding pass to the attendant and she smiled at me.

"It looked like you were thinking good thoughts," she said. "I regretted having to interrupt, but knew you'd probably like to catch your flight."

I grinned at her and said, "Thank you. You're right ... they were delicious thoughts and I would most definitely like to catch my flight. The end of it just might make my thoughts reality."

That made her smile and, with a twinkle in her eye, she said, "I hope it does. Have a great flight."

With a smile, I walked along the gangway towards my plane. I found my seat and, luckily, some space in the overhead bin to store my carry-on. The flight was fairly full, but not packed. I sat in my chair and fastened my seatbelt, then watched as the flight attendants went through the pre-flight instructions. They seemed to enjoy their jobs and they were making jokes as they went. I figured this was going to be a good flight.

I love the feeling of taking off in an airplane. After riding along the tarmac, taxiing to position, we paused while the engines were revved to take-off speed and then the brakes were released and we started down the runway. I was pressed back into my seat as the plane gained speed. The nose of the plane lifted and the air rushing by pressed against the underside of the wings. Soon, we were lifted up from the ground as Bernoulli's principle held true. I felt us fly higher and higher and reveled in the joy of flight.

We banked around to head eastward as we left the airport's airspace and I felt our climb ease towards cruising altitude. Before long, the fasten seatbelt sign turned off with a ding and the attendants stood to begin to help the passengers. I watched them work and watched how the passengers treated them. I liked to try to figure out the personalities of my fellow passengers by how they treated each other and the flight attendants. Some were completely absorbed in their business and seemed to give very little attention to others. Some were really nice, smiling at others and sharing a common, human bond. Some were just rude and seemed to dislike anyone and everyone. The flight attendants responded very well to those who were nice and were simply cordial with the rest. It really helped solidify my belief that we get better treatment from others if we start by treating them well.

The flight passed quickly and, before long, we were being told the weather in our destination and that we'd be there in a matter of minutes. The flight attendants finished picking up the trash from the drinks and snacks they'd delivered earlier then headed back to strap themselves in for the landing. I felt the plane descending rapidly and glanced outside to see the ground coming up to meet us. There's a certain excitement that comes with landing in a plane. There's a moment of uncertainty about whether the landing gear will work properly or if the weather is such that we'll have a bumpy landing. That one was smooth, though, our plane touching down so softly that I could hardly tell we'd landed. Several of us broke out in spontaneous applause at such a marvelous landing. We taxied to our gate and then retrieved our carry-on luggage after the fasten seatbelt sign was disengaged.

"Thank you for the flight and marvelous landing," I said as I reached the door to the plane.

The smile I received back was more than thanks enough.

"Have a wonderful stay," they said as I left the plane.

I had the momentary feeling of disorientation as I left the gangway and entered the airport. Having never been to this one, I wasn't sure where things were, but the signs seemed adequate and I followed their directions to the car rental area. I wasn't planning on staying more than a week, so my carry-on was sufficient for my needs and I didn't need to go to baggage claim.

Walking up to the counter at the Avis booth, I shared my reservation number with the pretty woman waiting to help me. She had a nice smile and sparkling eyes. I noticed her wedding ring and couldn't help but think that her husband was a lucky man to be able to look across the dinner table and see such a pretty woman eating with him. I hoped he knew it and treated her well.

Once I had my key and directions to the cars, I thanked the woman and headed out to find my rental. It was just where she said, which is what I expected, and I walked around it to look for any extra damage. Seeing none, I climbed inside and started it up.

I pulled out the map that the woman at the rental counter had given me and I perused the area. I had looked online at maps so I was somewhat familiar with where I needed to go, but it's always nice to double-check. I planned my route, noting the exits and street names I'd need to watch for, then headed out of the parking lot.

I was getting really excited now. Corrina was about half an hour away.

She was teaching at a local college now and I knew that she was going to be on campus at that time of day. So, that's where I was headed.

The campus was right where I expected to find it and I drove around for a little bit to get my bearings. I noted the names of the buildings and decided that a few of them looked like they could be science buildings. That's where I feel most at home so I found a visitor parking lot nearby and parked then headed over towards the nearest of those that looked comfortable to me.

"Excuse me," I said, stopping a pretty coed as she walked by, "can you direct me to the geography department."

She pointed to the next building, the one next to the one I felt most comfortable with, and said, "it's in that building there."

"Thank you," I said. "Which department is in this building?" I asked.

"That's the engineering building," she said.

"Thank you, again," I said, smiling to myself at the fact that I was most comfortable with the building I would have spent my time in had I gone to school here.

I took a deep breath and walked over to the next building. I could feel my steps moving fast and my heart beating to match. I was getting anxious and excited.

Walking into the building, I took note of the directory on the wall and could see her name. She was in an office on the second floor so I found the nearest staircase and walked up. I found the set of instructor offices and walked down the hall until I found hers.

The light was on inside.

I took a deep breath and knocked softly.

"Come in," I heard from inside.

I opened the door and peered inside, hoping she'd be happy to see me. I dreaded that this surprise visit would be unwelcome or that she wouldn't feel for me as I did for her. I feared that she wouldn't be here or that she wouldn't have time to see me. I began to kick myself for not making this a scheduled visit with her instead of a surprise visit.

The light that went on inside of her when she saw me, however, destroyed my fears. She was definitely happy to see me.

"Oh my god!" she cried. "What are you doing here?"

She jumped up from her seat and came around to me. Our hug was fierce and full and I felt like I'd come home.

We held each other tightly for quite a while, both very pleased with this turn of events. When we broke the hug, we didn't release one another completely, but just separated enough to be able to look into each others' eyes and talk.

But I didn't talk. I leaned forward and kissed her soundly. She seemed surprised at first, but then melted against me and our kiss seemed to last even longer than our hug and was filled with instant passion.

I couldn't believe myself, that I'd been so bold. However, I just couldn't seem to do anything different. I wanted to kiss and hold her, so I did.

When we broke our kiss, she grinned at me and said, "well, that was a surprise! What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you," I said. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you, too," she said softly, leaning in for another kiss.

Our second kiss wasn't as passionate, but was more comfortable and cemented our togetherness.

"Well, sit down," she said when we finally broke that kiss.

"Unh un," I said. "I don't want to let you go."

She smiled and that and kept holding me. "Sounds good to me."

"I needed to see you again. We never really got a chance before and I wanted to see if there was a chance now. We've both had time to move on from how things were back there and you've never strayed far from my thoughts," I said.

I could hear her give a soft, little moan at my words and she pressed herself even more tightly against me.

"That makes me so happy to hear that," she said. "I've not let you stray far from my thoughts, either."

I kissed her again, tenderly, but this time I let my hands wander along her back and down to her ass, to cup it and pull her against me. That made her breathing increase and her passion shot up a few notches. Before long, our tongues were darting out and dueling one another and our hands were exploring each others' bodies. Things were most definitely heating up.

I slid a hand down inside of her pants, feeling her soft skin and knowing that I wanted to experience it all.

She moaned again and reached down to grab my ass, too. My other hand had just reached up to cup her breast when we heard a knock on the door behind me.

We quickly separated and tried to put our clothes into a semblance of order.

"Come in," she said, sounding a little wistful at needing to break up the fun.

A student stuck his head in the door and asked, "do you have a moment?"

"Of course," she responded. "Come on in."

The student walked in and paused when he saw me.

"Don't worry about me," I said, trying to ease his worries. "I'm just a friend from the past."

The student sat down and asked about the latest quiz, trying to figure out how to do better in the future. Corrina worked with him for a while, trying to help him understand how things were done in her class. He seemed to feel better after their chat and was smiling when he left her office.

"I wish I had more time," she said then, "but I have another class to teach."

"Do you mind if I tag along," I asked. "It'd be fun to be in class again."

She smiled and said, "sure! Let's go!"

She grabbed her book bag and we headed out the door and down the hall. I felt like a million bucks when she slid her hand through my arm. I couldn't think of anywhere else I'd rather be at that moment than walking along with Corrina on my arm.

Entering her classroom was like walking back into the past. I hadn't been in class in fifteen years, but things hadn't changed much at all. I felt very comfortable sitting down at a desk in the back of the room. I always did like school and would like to go back to learn more.

That section turned out to be a lab. Corrina spent about ten minutes getting the students set up on what they were going to be working on and how to best test the rocks they had before them. They were checking on the minor differences between similar rocks and I found it interesting. I had taken a geology course in school and really enjoyed it, but we didn't get as in-depth as she was getting and I started to really pay attention to what she was saying, trying to learn the minor differences, myself. I figured any bit of learning would help me.

After her pre-lab instruction, she set the students loose on their tasks and started to walk around to help if needed. The kids seemed to be doing pretty well and she only needed to guide a few of them here and there. She came back to where I was sitting and asked, "so, what do you think?"

"I love it!" I said. "It brings back good memories for me!"

She was standing next to my desk, facing the rest of the class. When I saw that the students were all occupied looking at their rocks, I slid my hand over and along the back of her thigh. My fingers curled towards her inner thigh and I heard her sharp intake of breath as she felt me caressing her that way. As I slid my hand upward, I felt the heat increase between her legs and I grinned.

I was glad, at that moment, that I was sitting down because my erection was growing and I knew it would show if I were standing. She sure felt good, though.

With a catch in her voice, she said, "I'd better check on them."

She winked at me and then walked over to another group. She had a nice spring to her step and I couldn't help but watch her move as she walked.

I got back to my rocks and thought I had it just about figured out when she came back to my desk.

"You naughty man," she whispered. "You've got me all wet now!"

I grinned up at her. "That's just how I want you," I responded. "I want you ready for my tongue, my fingers, and my hard cock."

She moaned at that.

"I want that, too, and as soon as possible. This is my last class of the day. I'm supposed to have office hours after this, but with the break coming up, I don't think they'd miss me."

Fifteen minutes later, the lab was over and she wished the students well over the long weekend. Before they'd all left, she was back at my desk, ready to go. I stood and collected her hand again then walked her out of the room.

We walked back to her office so she could collect a few things then we headed outside.

"My car is over here," she said, pointing to the big parking lot near the buildings. The visitor parking was in a portion of that larger lot so I figured we were headed the same way. "Where did you park?" she asked.

"I'm over here, too," I said. "I'll follow you since you definitely know better where we're going."

She laughed at that and we walked over to the parking lot. The visitor parking section was closest and I pointed out my car so she would know which to watch out for on the drive to her place. I then walked her to her car. After she unlocked the door and opened it, I pulled her close and gave her a kiss, trying to fill it with all the joy that I felt at seeing her again. I wanted her to know, without a doubt, that I was happy to be with her. I could tell, by her response, that she knew it and that she felt the same.

"I'll be watching your rear end for the next while ... don't get nervous," I said, laughing.

"You'd better!" she said. "This rear end is all yours and you'd better enjoy it!"

I walked quickly back to my car with a spring to my step. Things were going great!

As I pulled out of my parking spot, I looked over and saw her waiting at the end of the row of cars. I pulled in behind her and followed her out.

It wasn't a long drive to her house, but it was long enough that I could see the surrounding area. I was used to cities in the West, where they're a bit newer. This was older and it felt like history had been made in this area. I'm sure it was just local, family history, but it was still more than I often saw back home. It was neat to see.

We pulled up in front of a rather nice, older home. It looked beautiful. I could easily imagine growing up in a house like that one.

I parked and was getting out of the car when Corrina showed up at my door. She seemed excited and nervous, matching my own feelings. I grabbed my overnight bag and walked with her up to the house. She unlocked the door and let us in.

"My dad's not here right now. He doesn't usually get home until 6:30, or so," she said.

"I look forward to meeting him, but hoped we'd have some time to ourselves," I said, sliding my arm around her waist.

She grinned at that and grabbed my shirt, "let's go, then!"

She led me upstairs, pointing things out quickly as we went. She didn't waste too much time with the tour, though, but headed steadily to her room.

"And this," she said, "is my room."

No sooner had she said that than I dropped my bag and grabbed her, pulled her close, and began to kiss her some more. We moved slowly towards the bed, our bodies never stopping to touch. We lay down on the bed, our lips seemingly stuck together. Our hands quickly worked to pull our clothes from one another. It wasn't long at all before we had our flesh pressing together. The heat from her body was driving my desire above and beyond normal peaks.

Normally, I like to take my time and proceed slowly, but there was no way we could do that. I wanted her too much and she wanted me as well.

Without even thinking, I found myself sinking my hardened cock between her moist and very ready pussy lips. Our groans were deep and impassioned as I sank into her with one, smooth motion.

I hadn't felt this overwhelmingly good in FAR too long.

Our lips were forcefully pressing together, our tongues dancing with one another as our hips began to move. She was grinding her pussy against my pubic bone and I was pressing back. I knew I wouldn't last long at all and hoped that she wouldn't be left without.

But my fears were useless. The movement of her hips and the desire that she'd had building for the last hour and half were enough to push her right up the peak of pleasure and she was crying out her orgasm in less than a minute. I could feel her pussy fluttering around my cock, her hands were grasping at me, trying to pull me tighter against her, her body was quivering under me, her breath was coming in gasps and she had to break our kiss so she could breathe at all, her moans and cries were intensely erotic.

It was far too much for me and I began to shoot into her. My own orgasm overwhelmed my senses and, for a few seconds, I couldn't see, feel, or hear anything. My entire being was caught up in my pulsing cock and the sensations emanating from it to course through my body.

Slowly, I regained my senses and could feel her coming down from her own orgasm.

When we could think again, we looked at each other and giggled. It felt so good to be together like that.

We kissed slowly then, tenderly.

Easily, we sank into making love. I kissed along her jaw and over her face, then back towards her ear. I loved the way she would moan as I reached soft, tender spots and it urged me onward. I kissed her neck as she arched her head backward, exposing herself to me. She smelled and tasted so good to me.

My hands were caressing her sides, feeling how soft her skin was. They came up to caress her breasts and she moaned again. My kisses were working their way down to her breasts and I took my first, real look at her breasts. They were magnificent. I'd fantasized about them many times before, but to see and feel them was better than my dreams. I kissed around them, nipping every now and then, and worked my way to her nipples, which were hardening with desire. When I sucked the first one into my mouth, her breath caught in her throat and I chuckled, which sent another wave through her. Her hips were starting to move again as my cock rehardened inside of her. I concentrated my attention on her breasts, licking and sucking on her nipples, occasionally biting them, but she kept distracting me by the luscious movements of her hips and the feeling of her pussy milking me.

Finally, I couldn't take much more and moved my head back up to hers so I could kiss her again. My hips began to move as well and we were soon sliding back and forth, driving together with each thrust and pulling slowly back to drive again. We couldn't seem to get enough of one another. It just felt far too good to want to stop at all, so we didn't.

With each thrust, I would grind our hips together, teasing her clit. I could feel her movements increase in intensity and knew that she was again climbing the peak towards ecstasy. I continued my movements, increasing the amount of time I was grinding against her with each thrust. Soon, I was just pressing against her, moving my hips back and forth, but that was just what she wanted.

She grabbed my ass and began to squeeze me, pulling me tightly against her. She opened her mouth wide, gasping for breath, then she moaned long and hard as her second orgasm blossomed within her. Her body twitched beneath me and she pressed her clit tightly against my body. Her legs wrapped tightly around me, holding me.

I watched her, my heart growing within me. She was beautiful. The way her body flushed and moved drew me to her like a flame draws a moth. She was amazing.

As her orgasm started to diminish, she relaxed her legs a bit and I started to piston within her. The sensitivity created by her last orgasm was heightened by my movements and she quickly rose up the peak again. This time, I didn't stop to grind against her with each thrust but was steadily moving in and out of her, driving deeply with each thrust. I wanted to fuck her, to let her feel me pounding into her. I knew that with her recent orgasm, she just might have another if I did things right.

I must have because it wasn't but a few seconds later that she was crying out again. That was all I needed to send me over the edge and I had another orgasm, filling her with my seed. This one wasn't as strong as my first, but it felt just as wonderful. My feelings were augmented by the knowledge that I had been able to give her so much pleasure.

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