River Ride

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2011 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: A writer relates a motorcyclist's encounter to skinny dip, and more, to friends and the rider's horny wife. Young voyeurs stop to watch the river side frolics.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Wimp Husband   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

[This story is set after the events of Milky MILF including recollections of events from years before that.]

After a small group dinner, the six of us moved our drinks poolside and our chatter scattered randomly. The booze loosened lips and maybe too much was said ... I tried to drag the talk to more G rated stories, but that didn't last long.

"Lou and I had a weekly ritual. With up to two other riders, we'd ride carefully thru three towns before we got to our favorite motorcycle road. Until we reached the nudist colony at the foot of a mountain, we usually stayed under 30 mph. The entrance to the colony was the last crossroad for 30 miles of well-maintained race ... uhh blacktop. We instantly went to eighty mph, average. When I had a chance to check my speed on the longer straights, my Honda 750F calmly read more than 100 mph.

"Hard braking quickly followed each burst of speed. The always sharp bends demanded slow speeds, OR extreme leaning on a 1x3" bit of sidewall and advanced high speed handling tricks. I knew we were in the zone when my screeching, fiery foot pegs began screaming well before we reached the peak of the turn and kept rattling my foot until I hit the throttle again at the apex. The adrenalin rush of survival is amazing! We have had some close calls. My bike saved me twice. But that's another story...

"At the top of the mountain, we had a choice of two roads back down. Before choosing, we'd often park our bikes among the hundred others angled lazily in the dirt lot for the biker's greasy spoon, Alice's Restaurant. Not the original I'm afraid, though it really did have a hole in the outside wall. The food was all cooked in the same pool of grease, yet incredibly tasty. The small crowded tables were conducive to casual conversations with total strangers. Among them were always several biker chicks. Some rode alone and openly flirted. Sometimes that lead to casual sex hitchhiking on the residual tail fin of endorphins. Oops, maybe I should stop here before I say too much?"

"Oh hell no. Is that where you're going with this, a sex story?"

"I didn't intend to, but I can't hold a thought with all this hard liquor in me. Anyway, nearly thirty miles down the mountain road to a major beach and a small nude beach, there were some crossroads. We had to get down to sane speeds there and had an additional motivation. In a front yard just past the second crossroad, a beautiful young blonde with huge tits was always laying out topless ... at times fully nude. She sometimes pretended not to notice us roar past, but often sat up and waved to us. Very distracting!

"Ya know, Lou, YOU ought to be telling the rest of this story. Especially if you haven't told it to your wife yet. Wouldn't you rather hear it from him directly, Bev?"

"You're doing fine, Al. But I don't know where you're going either. Could this be the story about his river encounter? The one he told me about last week? I don't mind sharing it with some drunk friends, as long as I don't have to confess anything tonight!"

"OK. We continued our wild weekend rides until Lou's wife asked him to stop for their kids' sake. Lou often took long rides alone, especially to small lakes and bucolic pools where he could skinny dip. He often ran into some surprised people who expected to be alone. I'll try to paraphrase one of the stories he told us. Bev enjoyed hearing of his sex exploits and admitted she would get off on them. Yet, as she just showed, she rarely shares her sex tales. I KNOW she has some hot stories to share too! They'd agreed they could openly fuck others and would share the details to arouse the other. The only conditions were that the new partners had to be safe, not a threat to their family and each had to be honestly open about the encounter. They didn't share details if the other didn't want to hear them. Have I got all that right so far?"

"Yup. Keep going. We'll chime in if you screw it up. I want to hear how much you remember and I hope it arouses Beverly ... AGAIN!"

"Me too. During one lazy ride, he'd recently stopped mid day at a river. He parked his bike behind a tree and walked twenty feet toward a clearing at the edge of the river. There he saw a couple in an animated discussion. Unknown to him at that time, fifty feet ahead of where he parked was a gap in the dense trees. It presented a clear view of the clearing and the river to all who drove by. As he approached the river, he heard that the guy was trying to convince his girlfriend to skinny dip within sight of the road. She seemed about to concede when they saw Lou approach. Since he was comfortable talking to strangers anywhere or time, he easily joined the discussion."

"Don't mind me, but if you prefer I'll go down the river a way. I was planning a naked swim also and I'm OK with doing it here with you."

"Lou said he hoped to challenge them into joining him so he removed his riding jacket and shirt, stripping to the waist, to encourage them. Little did he know what surprise was in store for him. Every day includes two hours of fitness exercises or jogging no matter what he was doing or his work demands. Obviously very fit with broad muscular shoulders, back, pecs, arms and abs, his tapered waist was very attractive to women. Most men envied his body and his pale blond hair. Though a little weatherbeaten, his face was pleasingly rugged and his often puerile smile worked for him.

"The average looking woman, Jill, locked onto his torso and stared silently. Her boyfriend bumped her and pressed her to go for it and let Lou join them for the extra thrill of stripping with a stranger. Jill had told him she wanted to expand her shy horizon and Jim was doing it. You can judge for yourself how much of that was a ploy."

"He's agreed to get naked with us. You're already flushed and obviously, you want to see him naked. I'm willing to let him play with us, but I'd rather you don't fuck him. If you agree to that, then why not?"

"Still stuck on Lou's pecs, Jill finally agreed with a simple and wide-eyed "uh huh. Mmm sure." She pulled off her shirt, revealing very big tits barely confined in her lacy bra. Lou and Jim could clearly see Jill's hardening nipples thru the translucent cups. Jim was already down to his underwear and showed his well-toned body that almost rivaled Lou's, and a big tenting dick shuddering to get loose. Them's Lou's words!

"Lou lost his boots and peeled his tight jeans over his ankles. As he lifted each foot, Jim and Jill gawked at the huge bulge in his Speedo. Jill struggled out of her extremely tight jeans revealing an appropriately small waist and very firm and shapely legs. The couple was in their mid thirties and apparently not really too shy either. Their casual stripping in the sparse woods just feet off the road convinced Lou he could ask normally uncouth questions like, "Jill, you're a looker. What are your stats, if you don't mind?"

"Staring at his bulge, she sputtered "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours." Lou had to wonder, was she flirting -with her husband next to her? Were they swingers or what? From this point, modesty was a long forgotten concept. He did like the look of her curves, her curly red locks and her demeanor. Despite her initial average looks, her oval, olive face with green eyes, pert nose and toothy grin were surprisingly appealing."

"Go ahead, Jill. Tell him. In case you wondered about me, at full mast my dick is nine+ inches long and four inches behind the head. It's a hard fit in her mouth, but nice and tight in her pussy."

"Jim! Let's not get out the peter meter. You definitely have reason to brag, and I love your massive cock so relax. Lou's doesn't seem to be lacking either. My 'cock' is nearly an inch when hard, not that I expect you'll see it. I'm a tight 37DD, 26, 39; I think my tits are too big and hope to trim and raise them one day. Stand back, the girls are getting free!"

"With that, Jill dropped her bra. Those sizable tits did droop greatly, yet their even roundness and huge aureolas contrasted appealingly with her small hardening nipples."

"My cock is about the same size as yours, Jim. Jill, I hope you'll let me see yours when hard and soft. I'm not asking for any more than that, but I'll happily oblige your wishes. Well, guys, should we just rip our underwear off, or should we savor a slow strip. I'm good either way."

"I was just going to jump in like this and maybe strip them off underwater, but there's no sense getting them wet. I'd like to see you guys slowly peel my panty off and watch your cocks jump for me. I never tire of seeing how much I can still affect men. So, Jim, you first, then me, then I hope we'll see Lou's huge cock at full mast."

"Lou wondered why she wanted him to go last. It was part of the surprise he had coming."

"Fine by me honey. You know I loved it when you got naked for another guy while I watched, so my Johnson should be fearsome soon."

"In the sun-drenched knoll, he rolled the back of his underwear under his ass and held up his hands. After briefly mooning the others, he pulled the front into, then past his pelt only stopping when he could wave two inches of swollen, exposed meat at them."

"See why it can be a problem for her? Yet we both love this monster."

"It seemed odd that he took such pains to point out his cock and guide Lou to study it. They barely noticed a car full of teens slow to check what the people at the river were doing in their underwear. Jill's big, bared, bouncing tits were hard to miss. The three had no idea this was their third pass, having seen some tantalizing activity just minutes ago.

"Jim struggled to pull the shorts past his rigid cock, but couldn't flex it down enough. He reached into his shorts and swung it over the waistband, still hidden by his palm."

"My woman wanted to see it bounce out, so watch it jump when I free it."

"Again forcing focus on his stiff cock! He pulled the shorts down, let go of his turgid pecker and simultaneously stood up. The combined move let his cock hit his navel, then bounce to horizontal. He made sure it jiggled more as he kicked his shorts off his feet. Lou wondered if Jim's show was for him or Jill."

"Hey Al, I don't remember being so descriptive when I told you about this. Not complaining, I should have expected it from a writer. I see Bev is already enjoying hearing this again. She's not shy either, so maybe she'll let us watch her keep pulling her stiff nipples without her top. Keep it up and she'll be the first to get naked and finger herself. How bouts it honey? No answer? OK, back to MY story."

"Oh honey, I love it. And I like watching you strip for other women. Depending on my mood, I like watching them kiss you, kiss your cock, blow you, fuck your ass and you. Their gasp when they see your monster burst out is always fun too. Hmm, I guess it's my turn."

"With that, she rolled her small navy blue bikini over her ultra smooth, tiny, olive ass, just three inches down her ass crack."

"You like seeing my crack slowly grow, don't you?"

"Both guys grunted yes. Shaking her hips slowly, Jill rolled the front halfway into her long, curly, rust-colored pubes and licked her lips as she watched two cocks throb. She turned her ass to the men and slowly mooned them for several long seconds- full moon. When she pulled the rear of the panty well below her cheeks, the cool air confirmed her wish to expose her steaming, soaked snatch to the men. Knees together, her pussy lips took on the lusty bearded clam look. Then she turned to face them and pulled the underwear just below her clit.

"Jim, do you mind if I let our new friend get a closeup look at my little dick and maybe touch it while you watch?"

"Jim, now naked, bounced over to Lou and agreed. Jill, holding her bikini waist an inch below her trembling, but still small clit and showing off a puffy and gaping cleft, moved within a foot of Lou's face. When she SNAP extended her pussy at him, THREE dicks twitched! Lou reached out, double checked with Jim who was rubbing his cock, and gently circled Jill's thick clit. She moaned gutturally, and Lou pinched her slippery crimson-furred lip as he slid his thumb under her clit and invaded her defiant cunt. He pushed it to the hilt into her hot box, pressed her clit, squeezed his aching cock and watched Jill bite her lower lip and throw her head back, eyes closed. When he started pumping with his thumb, Jill, knees buckling, unknowingly granted his wish to see her swollen dick.

"Unheard and unseen, the teens' car silently coasted to a stop where they could clearly watch the bawdy action. With just a little more nerve, the two guys and three girls would have asked to join the play and probably been accepted. Three of them had crept closer and hid behind some trees for a better view. The boys were squeezing their hardened dicks in their pants while the girl slid her hand under her shirt and twisted her bare nipple.

"All three in the sun were aroused so there were no objections when Lou pulled Jill closer, slid his hand over her tiny, round ass and nudged her undies lower. Jim joined him by pulling down her right side as Lou pulled down her left. By reflex, she kicked the bikini several feet toward the road, and planted her foot an exaggerated three feet from the other. Jim stroked her ass as he nudged her closer to Lou. She jutted out her sopping snatch. Lou slipped a finger inside her steamy box and with his other hand he pinched her clit and her whole body trembled. Jim caught her as she fell over, Lou's finger still in her puss. As they caught her, Lou noticed the teens gawking. "Hey, Jim, there are several teens watching us. I can chase them off..."

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