Sue Serves Several

by LiteroCat

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Mind Control Sex Story: Year end party goes wild, steamy, photographic and very ADULT. Great culinary inspiration. Do you love chocolate mousse now?

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Mind Control   Hypnosis   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Food   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

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Laissez les bons temps rouler!

"I've been teasing my sweet wife for months that we HAD to start the new year off with a bang, several of them, but I had no idea it might come true. Especially like this. Thanks for hosting an unforgettable party."

Early that morning, 12/31/2009: "Well, Sue, I hope you're still up for our soiree. The invites went out and the RSVPs came back and they all agreed to the formal attire. No more collegiate type keggers, as you wanted. This is our first formal, grown-up, adult, did I say grown-up, party?"

"Yes you did. Twice. I got it and I know I'm nervous. The food is planned out, the table's already set and it's not even 10 A.M. So anything we eat today will be at the counter, You GOT IT? Seriously, I don't know why I'm so nervous. Four of the six coming are old friends and the other two are their spouses, so why am I so frazzled?"

"Well, I'm not sure, but this may be the right time to try our hypnosis skills to reduce your tension from whatever source. Those classes we took can help quite a bit so I think we should give it a try right away and reinforce it later today. OK?"

"You think this is the right time to experiment? How much time will it take from the day? I ... I ... I don't need the extra anxiety."

"Your choice. You can stay at your current hyper tense level or spend 15 minutes to help you relax. I've never seen anyone so prepared for a party, so that's all good. How do you think our guests will react to your tension? Will it help your party or hurt it?"

"OK. If it will take just 15 minutes now and later. It's important to me that they all feel this is a good party, so I want you on your best deportment too. No beer pong or suggestive games, right? Or do I have to hypnotize YOU to behave?"

"Right, AND you want our guests to actually ENJOY it, right? Let's get started. Come sit in your fav chair. Watch my finger, back and forth. You are already feeling more relaxed. Your eyelids are getting heavy. Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths. Focus only on your breathing, listen to the air flow in, out. Now hear my voice and accept suggestions only from me. You will remember everything that happens in this session. Feel the tension seep down your body, pooling lower and pouring out your toes. Look at the blank movie screen behind your forehead. You are already relaxed. The screen lights up dimly. You see yourself on the screen. You are slowly descending a stairway to a basement. With each step you are going deeper and deeper. When you get to the bottom and open the door there, you will be inside the space of complete relaxation. All anxiety will lose importance and no matter what happens, you will handle it deftly and confidently. Four steps left... 3... 2... 1. You are ready to open the door. Once you are inside you will realize there is nothing to fear and your guests will relax with you, appreciate all the preparations you made and enjoy your party. Feel the refreshing coolness of your calm room. You will remember everything up to this point. From now on, whenever you hear ME say SUE SLEEP, you will immediately return to your calm room and be totally open to my suggestions. If you understand and accept all I said, put your right hand on your left breast. Good. Open the door and walk up the steps. Gently come back to alertness. When you reach the top step you will be fully awake and totally relaxed. Four... 3... 2... 1 ... awake. All done honey. How do you feel?"

"OK. Wow, GOOD even. There's really nothing to be anxious about. It's all handled and even if it ALL goes wrong, so what! We'll live."

"Exactly. We even have time for a nooner so you can help ME relax. Then, we'll finish cooking and change into our party duds with plenty of time left." So far so good and the rest of the day went as planned ... and with great calm ... until 4 P.M.

"Al, I didn't make plans for after dinner! What are we going to do, watch 'It's a Wonderful Life' again?"

"NO, NO not that. Let's watch some porn or suggest strip poker instead. Rob and Lee are always trying to peek down or under your shirts and I know you've caught them too. Maybe YOU can be our dessert tonight. I bet you'd like that too."

"Says you! What did I tell you earlier? There are two strangers in the group and you know how I'm easily embarrassed if a stranger sees my privates. But our friends ... well I'm wearing a bra for a change so they'll have to look very hard to see anything. At least for tonight, formal wear means conservative. Though I'm willing to tease a little, if you would like to watch that." She can be very confusing!

"We'll see. Let's do your second session then get dressed ... conservative ... as you insist. Sit here and SUE SLEEP." Wow! Immediate response. Sue collapsed into a totally flaccid, relaxed state. When I asked if she were in her calm room, she smiled languidly and nodded YES. Let's see what my devious little mind can come up with...

"Sue, you will NOT remember these post hypnotic suggestions and will NOT do anything against your nature. When I say SUE SLEEP, you will stand tall and still and wait for my command. You will respond to my voice ONLY and do as I command without question, hesitation or resistance. If it is something you don't feel you can do, say 'No thank you, SIR.' You will be totally aware of everything you and the others do. Unless I say otherwise, you will not remember what I ordered you to do. When I say SUE AWAKE, you will come back to a totally conscious and relaxed state. Sue AWAKE."

I was surprised Sue was so susceptible and that it seemed to work as planned. Tonight we find out what IS within Sue's acceptable limits despite her desperate habit of lying about them. And I'll ensure she entertains our guests.

We showered and prepared appetizers while air drying naked. Sue looked anxiously out the windows, I suppose she's concerned yet titillated by the prospect of being caught so, umm, unprepared. It was hard to suppress laughing when she tossed me some sly, quizzical looks. I dressed quickly in a formal suit with a bow tie,

Sue reconsidered her outfit several times. You need to know every detail of her struggle picking her clothes for this special night so you can understand her conflicts. She must have suspected something was up since she chose sexy, lacy panties over her usual nylon bikinis. I also suggested she wear her demi push up bra which was much less than half solid cup that's topped with 2/3 cup shear lace that let her perky nipples show thru. She chose a loose, classy, cafe-au-lait colored, button down, long sleeve blouse with triple tiered draping neckline. Leaving two buttons open made it look too solemn; opening the third button exposed just a bit of her lace bra and made it, and her, very tempting.

She picked stockings with wide lacy-elastic tops that didn't need a garter, yet she added a red one for effect. I told her the stockings had to be pulled up as high as possible, into the folds of her legs/crotch, or the tops would look gauche under the short, blue skirt she would wear. She smirked slyly as she slid the silky stocking on, she took the extra seconds to 'smooth' them over her shapely, toned legs. I wondered if she'd find a way to tease our guests the same way.

On her own, she chose to pull the skirt waist up a bit so a little more of her shapely legs showed. The creamy blouse color added to its translucent promise. Since it was loose and flowed, it actually clung only to the most prominent peaks of her small breasts. Where they pressed against the smooth blouse, the lacy bra was crisply, sheerly displayed. Thru the near gossamer combination, her nipples darkened and screamed for attention. THIS is what she meant by 'conservative'? When she noticed their 'shadow', to my disappointment, she chose to wear her matching royal blue blazer. Now you see the fundamental contrast of her conservative yet sexy formal outfit. A holiday broach helped soften the cold formality of her 'work suit.' She capped it all with her best mid length pearls that were hidden if only two buttons were open, so she was easily persuaded to open the third button.

We were all in our 30s with decent to extraordinary bodies, and average to attractive features, if I must say so myself. I'm sure my lovely wife knows I'd love to fuck every one of our female guests until we drop; though she hides it, I'm sure she knows their husbands would love to ream her all night too.

When the first guests arrived, they paused under the big mistletoe bow. Sue gave both of them a lingering kiss, I just hugged Rob, but frenched Reggie while palpating her soft ass. Sue slapped my hand saying that wasn't classy enough for tonight. Before Rob and Reggie got their coats off, Lee and Sage rang our bell.

Lee, being our old and friendly friend, got the same wet kiss from Sue, though Sage got a milder lip kiss. "Lee said we should treat his wife with the same open familiarity as we offered him, so..." I dipped Sage so Sue couldn't see my hand groping her firm ass under her long coat while my tongue danced in her willing mouth, though I'm not sure why I wanted to defy Sue. Licking my lips, "Ummm, that was nice. Happy New year."

Newly inspired, Sage coyly removed her coat and exposed her bare shoulders. Her gold gown had drooping, off shoulder straps that revealed soft, well-tanned skin. It was backless and so low cut I'm sure I caught a little nip slip. When she turned, I could see that the back dropped so low that the first inch of her bare ass crack was exposed to all. My dick twitched. What a great first impression! With so much crack showing, it was unlikely she wore panties under the long gown. Though stiffened and using a narrow cross strap, her narrow top half of the gown was little more than a loose shield that shifted and exposed most of her tantalizing tits as she moved. This was too easy!

I served both couples some warmed, spiced Holiday wine that hid its kick. Halfway thru our first large glass, Steve and Barb knocked. I've known Steve since we shared some classes years ago, but Sue knew him about half as long. We'd only met Barb twice before. Maybe because she was annoyed with my blatant display with Sage, but Sue threw herself at Steve and held her tongue out so we could all watch him suck it into his mouth.

Barb seemed annoyed too, watching her husband swap spit with my wife, so she grabbed me and raided my mouth. After thirty seconds of intense mouth fucking, she guided my hand off her ass, under her coat and onto her big soft tit. Her nipple was already hard when I reached it. Her coat buttons popped open when I pushed my arm higher and exposed her green, strapless dress to all who were quietly watching our display. Barb eyed Steve while he watched, smiling, as I dipped my hand into her tenuous bodice and extracted her thick, sensuous nipple. The mistletoe was a great investment!

Sue fumed at the loss of 'formal' behavior. She guided Barb to join the others and we all toasted the new year and the exciting night to come. Bent over sharply, Sue poured two more glasses of warmed wine while aiming her ass at us and Steve. Her short skirt naturally climbed up her legs, but she managed to wiggle it a bit higher, not quite reaching her stocking tops. Was she wavering already on the formality of the night? No, not yet. Steve grabbed a flashless shot up my wife's skirt that got giggles from all. He had us all cluster for a group photo. Barb pressed her still exposed tit against Reggie's bare back for the formal scene and Steve jumped in just before the self timer went off.

Sue lifted Barb's beautiful boob and squeezed it back into her dress, saying "Let's put this away, at least for now."

After more wine and appetizers, we moved to the formal table and Sue served each course deliberately and elegantly- soup, salad, wine, crusted salmon in lime with two vegetables, more wine. Before serving the fish, Sue removed her blue jacket.

Without the weight of the jacket, the thin blouse moved freely and the neckline pulled away every time she delivered a dish. Eyeing me each time, she leaned into each of our male guests enough to let them look down her top and see her nipples thru the shear bra. They didn't hide their stares. In fact, Steve snared the open collar and made a show of pulling her blouse away from her chest while staring inside. Another button popped open and he slipped his hand inside. "Sue, you had your hands on my wife's bare tit, isn't it fair for me to handle yours?" She slapped his hand away just as he tried to pull down the lacy top of her tiny bra.

It was time to experiment with our tipsy friends. Before she could close her blouse, I bellowed "SUE SLEEP!" She immediately stiffened and froze, upright, eyes glazed, one plate still in hand. The other two couples noticed her reaction and froze, mid bite, wondering what the hell was happening.

"Love, put the plate down in front of Reggie and step away from the table. Good. Now slowly unbutton your blouse. All the way. Yes." Everyone silently turned to watch my 'shy' wife mindlessly follow my order. "Remove your blouse and toss it to me." She struggled with the sleeve buttons, but finally slipped off the frilly blouse. Steve flashed a shot just before she dropped it. Her pearl necklace hung just below her clavicle and well above her meager cleavage.

"My dear, raise your skirt slowly." Without bending, Sue blankly pinched the snug, blue skirt at mid thigh and inched it up. When it exposed her long, firm thighs, I told her to pause. "Now turn slowly, legs apart. Good. Pull it up higher until your shear panties are visible." No objections yet to showing her nipple shadows and her pubes to everyone. FLASH

"OK, release the skirt and open your bra. Face us and remove it. Show us those cute little titties. Toss me the bra and pull your nipples until they stand tall and hard. What do you think of them, friends? I'll let everyone feel them and maybe taste them soon enough." Still no objections. FLASH "Sue, you will not notice anyone touching your tits, but you will be more and more aroused with each touch or bite. Understood?"

"Y ... yyyes sir."

"Good. Now unhook and unzip your skirt. Remove it and toss it to me." Once the long zipper was open, it fell easily to her ankles. She stood perfectly still wearing her three inch heels, small, shear, yellow panty, long stockings and the pointless red garter. FLASH As she turned slowly her full ass crack, trimmed bush and barely puffed labia were clearly visible. FLASH FLASH The pearl necklace and bracelet added the touch of class she wanted. I know she would be feeling vulnerable and exposed, but still didn't object.

"Now dear, turn your back to us and peel off your panty slowly. Do it the way I like - legs straight and slightly apart."

"Y ... y ... yes sir." She did exactly as I ordered. Her very pretty and shapely ass swelled, then tapered again as she bent. When the panty passed mid thigh, her ass moved closer to us as she kept her balance. FLASH MUCH more interesting was the result. Her ass cheeks clenched, then loosened when she bent for us. Her tasty pink rosebud was now exposed to two new people, the rest of us had already seen and tasted it. It winked its invitation to us. As tempting as it was, her inner, sculpted, undistended pussy lips demanded all our attention when they appeared. FLASH I'm glad I had her remember all this so she could stop lying to me and herself. Steve's photos will prove this isn't just a dream. Fake modesty out of the way, we can arrange for future public exposure for fun.

Suddenly, a room full of still formally dressed guests gaped at my dear wife's most private slit. My dick throbbed at the sight of her well-lit pussy. Or was it the gaping mouths of my appreciative dinner guests? "Pause." I caught her with her panty just below her knees. FLASH What a tempting sight! "Continue." She pulled the panty off one leg at a time FLASH then stood and held them at her side. "Toss them to me. Spread your legs beyond your shoulders and grab your ankles. No, keep your legs straight. Reach back and spread your ass cheeks so we can all admire your ass hole and your absolutely gorgeous pussy. FLASH Pull your pussy open for us. FLASH Folks, enjoy the bare, immaculate pink while you can. Sue, push two fingers into your pussy and pump them." She did, but her lips FLASH were still dry. No one had said a word since this started. And she STILL didn't object to the licentious display.

It was time to push past simple exhibitionism. "OK Sue. Stand up. You will continue serving and entertaining our guests. When you serve dessert, you will ask each person if they would like a taste of your tit. You will allow anyone to grope and pull your nipples. Each contact will arouse you more and more. You will orgasm at least once from tit play. Understood?"

"Yyyyyesssssssss sir."

"Begin now." I'm beginning to really like this mind control stuff! As she approached, I smelled her panty FLASH and passed it around the room. There was no scent to it yet, though everyone made a grand show of sniffing them. FLASH Sue walked, glassy eyed, into the kitchen and brought the berries and extra rich chocolate mousse to each guest. FLASH

As she slipped sideways between the chairs, she offered "Your mousse sir. Would you like to squeeze my tit?" Rob did indeed want her tempting, tall nipple. He twisted it, FLASH squeezed her boob and went back to pulling her nipple. It puckered visibly as we watched. "Ouuu, thhhahat feels very nice. Thank you sir." She turned to take the next dessert from me.

"Before you serve each of the remaining desserts, you will present your pussy to me for inspection. I'll check if it's wet or swollen yet." She bent over sharply next to Rob and offered me her twat. FLASH It wasn't swollen yet, but it seemed a little moist. I pushed two fingers inside and confirmed my suspicion. FLASH She took the next dessert and served Reggie.

"Your mousse ma'am. Would you like..." Reggie didn't wait for her to finish. She took Sue's tit in hand and squeezed it so the nipple bulged between her lightly closed thumb and forefinger. FLASH She then bit the exposed nipple and sucked it. Sue moaned. Reg pinched her other nipple while sucking the first. FLASH She laughingly offered her own tit, still covered, to Sue. There was no reaction to the offer. Reggie released her, and Sue bent over again. She offered a hanging tit to each, Rob and Reg. I pulled her slightly swelling cunt open. It was moist and had a scintillating scent. FLASH

After watching me lick her scrimpy juices off my fingers, she took the next dessert. Her bare tit rubbed along Barb's bare shoulder. Barb's strapless, low-cut top displayed most of her big boobs and Sue seemed to notice. "Here's your mousse ma'am. Would you like to squeeze my tit?" Apparently, she did. The 'stranger' twisted slightly in her seat and took a nipple in her mouth. As she sucked and bit my wife's nipple, she openly slid a hand down her back and onto her curvy ass. FLASH Sue moaned deeply at the suckling and the fingers that traced down her bigger crack. Barb rubbed Sue's sphincter just inches away from her husband's face. FLASH He spread her ass cheeks and licked his lips as his wife fingered my wife's back hole. Sue moaned even more intensely than before. FLASH Steve removed her garter for a better view and palpated and kissed Sue's irresistible sweet cheeks while Barb noisily nursed. She shifted to Sue's left tit and released her ass to Steve's pleasure. Someone grabbed his camera and FLASH

As we all watched, she rubbed her own breasts a few seconds before reaching in and extracting her own left tit FLASH again. Her full D cups made it easy to wear strapless dresses, show miles of cleavage and yet keep her nipples covered. She offered her nipple to Sue, who did not react. She rubbed her hardened nub between my wife's lips - still no reaction. "Sue, you may suck on anyone's nipple if you like. Enjoy it." She immediately opened her mouth and sucked Barb's tit. Both moaned. FLASH Sue held Barb's boob and guided more into her mouth. She then pushed the rest of Barb's dress down to her waist, exposing and palpating her other big boob. FLASH Hmm, I didn't tell her to do that. Was this a problem? Once she sucked on Barb's other thick nipple, I realized she was still following my last order. Good for her ... and us. Barb's tits were well shaped and hardly sagged, though Sue's perfect nipples still drew all our attention. After some minutes of closely watched moaning, Sue stood up, walked back around the table and presented her pussy to me for inspection. It was now swollen and very wet. I pushed three fingers into her soggy slot and stirred. Her well-textured walls were puffy and slippery. FLASH

Rob and Reg had latched onto Sue's tiny tits FLASH while I inspected her pussy, but now released them so she could stand. I wafted my wife's sweet smelling fragrance under their noses and mine. After sucking my middle finger clean, I offered the other two scented digits to my nearest guests. They eagerly sucked a finger each. FLASH While they enjoyed my dear wife's most personal nectar, I enjoyed the tactile tongue lashing they gave me.

Sue waited patiently until I offered her the next dessert plate. She took it round to Lee. "Would you like..." He had her tit in his mouth before she could complete her offer. FLASH Her long, loud moan filled the room. It was his turn to stroke her ass and spread it open for his wife. Sage rubbed her fingers down Sue's crack. FLASH

"I was going to keep my tits tucked away," she said, "but since hers and now Barb's have been hanging out all this time, I figure no one would object if I pulled them out."

Horny Steve piped up, "Oh please, allow me..." Before she could consent or not, he reached into her dress and fished out both sexy C-cups for our viewing pleasure. FLASH Lee reached over and pulled his wife's dress down to her waist and pulled one of her tits away from Steve so he could tweak FLASH and suck it. She struggled with the straps briefly, but thrust her chest out to offer both men her best. "Yummm, welcome to our group, Sage."

Lusty Lee piped up, "Reggie, I bet your tits would like to be free too. How about it?" As she licked and kissed Sue's ass, FLASH drawing deeper and louder moans, I stepped up to Reg.

"Since I offered my wife's tits to everyone, isn't it fair for me to sample all these lovely mammaries?" I caught Reggie's nodding and moved against her chair. Rob smiled at me and pointed an open palm at Reggie's chest. With all that consent, I wrapped my hands over her shoulders and over her covered tits. FLASH As I watched Sue's nipple vanish FLASH into Lee's mouth, I pushed Reggie's thin straps off her shoulders. After blatantly unhooking and unzipping the back of her dress, I pushed my hands inside her top, FLASH over her braless boobs, and deftly slid the dress to her waist without losing contact with the stiffening nipples. I went around to her right tit, FLASH leaving her left one for Rob.

He leaned over and bit her hard left nipple as I reached her right nipple and sucked it in. Our tongues worked on her FLASH as her noisy response matched our combined nipple concerto. Lee, meanwhile, kept sucking Sue's tit yet managed to watch Reggie's boobs bounce and largely vanish into two hungry mouths. He suddenly took a spoonful of chilled mousse and wiped it on Sue's free tit. The spoon nearly hung from her tall, straining nipple. FLASH

Barb laughed, but Lee spread the mousse mostly on Sue's aureola and nipple with the spoon. Sue shivered and moaned again. Without delay, Lee sucked one side of the flavored tit into his motor mouth. Sue's eyes closed. FLASH The hot-cold sensation with the moist suction was pushing her to her threshold. She began a rising crescendo of moans and grunts before suddenly shuddering, turning crimson and screaming out her tittie orgasm as ordered. FLASH Seeing her reaction, Barb took a heaping spoonful of mousse and held it up for the rest of us to see. Oh no she wasn't! Ohh, yes, she was.

She nudged Sue's legs far apart then quickly corkscrewed the tablespoon into Sue's gaping gash. FLASH Sue lurched. I didn't give her any orders about allowing pussy contact. How would she handle this? Her reaction would point to what her comfort limit is. Maybe because she was turned on already, she bent over again and offered Barb her ass. FLASH So much for being embarrassed being naked in front of a stranger! Still one stranger to have contact of the third kind with.

Barb had to use a finger to push the mousse off the spoon when it was already deep into my wife's public pussy. She packed the mousse deeper so it would stay inside Sue. FLASH When the nectar-laden spoon came out, Barb sexily licked it clean, sucked the last of Sue's luscious juices FLASH off and refilled it. She managed to push one more heaping tablespoon of dessert into my wife's pussy before it started to ooze out. FLASH

She passed the spoon dripping with Sue's sex juice to Reggie since her mouth was free. While Reggie licked the pussy spoon, Barb got on her knees behind Sue and started licking her chocolatey pussy. FLASH "Barb, you're going to stain your green dress. Why don't you take it off and put it with Sue's clothes? If you lose the panties too, you can finger yourself while you eat my wife." Matching her rising arousal, my timing was right on. She gave me a coy look and hesitated briefly.

"OK. Why not? I think we're all going to be naked soon anyway." She stood and stripped for us, ensuring that her big boobs bobbed for her audience. FLASH Barb dropped to her knees and lapped the foamy fudge from Sue's dripping pussy. Sue groaned, shook and shrieked her public climax. FLASH I guess a stiff clit has no conscience either! She noisily popped her tit out of Lee's mouth and stood on wobbly knees.

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