Shower Towel

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2011 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Uncooperative towel leads to an impromptu group grope and interesting sex with brand new friends and old. Creating a new trick.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Our very liberal friends Reggie and Bob were coming for diner and fun tonight. Since we'd played with them several times, there was no need to be coy about our plans, yet a little anticipation never hurts. We didn't have much contrived beyond snacks, cards and some elegant sex play. They arrived unusually early.

Shirley was still in the shower and didn't hear them so she walked into the living room wearing just a pea green towel covering her tits to her knees. She rubbed a small yellow towel in her damp hair. Oblivious of our guests and preoccupied with the impatient snacks, she strutted quickly into the room, muttering instructions to herself and moi. Her green towel desperately hung onto her tiny tits and swung open from them with each long stride.

Abruptly frozen in mid step, eyes popped wide, both hands abandoned her tit towel and were glued to her hair towel. She saw Reg and Bob on the couch "Oh my, you guys are very early ... or am I that late? You caught me while wet all over."

"What a perfect intro! We now have a game plan. Are you really wet ALL over? I think we should explore that claim!" I pulled her gently by the heroic green towel and as expected, despite the big risk of towel loss, she didn't help it cling. She refused to admit she liked it when anyone looked down her shirt or up her skirt, especially when she went commando. I finally learned to watch without trying to protect her sham modesty as she passively allowed her taboo parts to reveal themselves. She never flashed ... well, not 'deliberately'.

Her strained, nervous towel loosened a little, but didn't fall off. "I think we should EACH voice an opinion. As usual my love, you are not permitted to adjust or hold your body towel. It will fall away by its own will." My dick hardened at the thought of watching Reg and her guy poke a finger deep into my rigid, spell bound wife. It would NOT be the first time she felt their fingers in her wet pussy.

Slipping my hand up her bare thigh and nudging her passive legs open, "I will test her moisture level first, then you two can poke her and I'll test her again. She should be very wet by then, if she isn't already." Once entranced, Shirl becomes extremely submissive, slavish even, and waits for directions so any exposed flesh can't be her fault.

My fingers traced her swelling lips, but before I could dive in or expose her snatch, the doorbell rang. Shirl gulped. I grinned. "DON'T MOVE. I'll get it." A young, unknown, couple was at the door. Mario and Maria introduced themselves as our new neighbors. I invited them in and stepped back. There was my damp wife, her hands still rubbing her head, displayed in her short towel. It valiantly fought its losing battle to cling to her tiny tits and preserve her 'modesty'. The green towel threatened to fall off with every breath. I took advantage of the distraction to leave the door wide open to increase Shirl's risk and thrill.

Though they 'ignored' the bulge in my pants, I saw Maria's eyes widen when she furtively stole a peek. "Come join us. We were just about to test my wife's claim that she is wet all over. Your first visit will either cement our bond or scare you out of here forever. Would it bother either of you if she lost her towel? If so, you better leave now and we'll meet another time."

"Has someone warned you about us already? We're comfortable with clothing optional parties. We don't even know your names yet, but we're not scared, are we Mario?"

"No honey. THIS may be the best new neighbor welcome we've EVER had. How can you compare this to a fruit basket? Your wife is easy on the eyes too. Yet all I see bare now are her shapely, slim legs and sexy shoulders. I look forward to SEEING MORE OF YOU and your friends."

"Great, a punny guy! Come sit and join the party. On the sofa, smirking, are Reggie and Bob. Shirl, we have two more who will test your claim." She groaned, faked annoyance and chose not to have a choice. Maria's short grey pleated skirt hiked far up her creamy, tempting thighs when she sat. My lingua automatically licked my lips at the luring sight. "Where was I? ... ahhh, yes."

My hand slid back up Shirl's sexy thigh and wrapped around it. "I like describing what I'm doing. More importantly, she does. Almost like phone sex. I hope you all follow my example when it's your turn to molest my beautiful wife. My hand is pressed firmly against her torso with a finger tilted up into the crack of her sweet little ass. I'm spreading that crack a little as I slide down and around thru her smaller, swelling, sweeter crack. You can't see, yet, but my finger is teasing her gash open and tracing her twat."

Mario, Maria, Reg and Bob groaned in sync. Shirl gasped when my finger brushed her little man. We three men already had obvious bulges in our pants. Shirl loved it when her body turned us on like this. Reg knew all too well not to wear panties. Bob had her knee high skirt pulled up one leg, showing all her left thigh and her hip, but the skirt still draped over her pussy. All of us noticed his hand pulsing her exposed, muscular thigh and his twitching little finger nudging her skirt aside on a pussy hunt. Those firm thighs could choke any of us into a blissful death.

Mario's roaming hand was under Maria's short skirt. Her 32c-20-34 figure was mouth watering even on her 5'0" frame. He pulled her thighs open and we watched him stoke her bright and shear white panty. "I'm pulling your thigh forward and open a little while my finger plunders your pussy in front of our friends and these former strangers. Two fingers insist on checking your depths for your claimed wetness."

Her towel split open up to her bushy sex and my finger inched inside her. Shirl's eyes closed, her head arched back and she moaned. All eyes strained to look under her towel. "I'm pushing a second finger inside your tasty twat, my love, and I'm twirling it inside you. My wrist is pushing your towel open for everyone to enjoy the sight of a bare you. I'm reaching the bottom of your cunt and my knuckle is stretching your pouty pussy to tease your clit. One more long swirl inside you before I withdraw and pass you to our friends. My vote is ... you weren't wet before, but you seem a little damp now."

I withdrew, rather yanked out, my fingers, tasted and sniffed them before offering all our guests a whiff. They all enjoyed her savory scent. "Everyone draw a card. High to low card tests her twat in that order." Maria drew a King, high card. "She's yours my new friend. Though there may be a similar price for YOU to pay in a bit." Maria smiled with puckered lips, but made no comments. As I turned Shirl toward Maria and Mario, I also folded one side of her towel open and pinned it onto her hip and ass. The other side was still straight down and covered half her pussy. Maria gulped at the bawdy sight. She slid to the edge of the sofa and didn't bother to close her open legs.

"Honey, let's play properly. Let's show everyone your fantastic legs and your obvious, swollen camel toe behind these lacy panties." Mario held her skirt back so it slid past her hip, deliberately exposing his wife's tiny panty to us. He was blatantly rubbing her puss thru her dampened panty as the stranger slid her petite hand up my wife's bare leg. She cupped Shirl's mons.

Bob rubbed Reg's now partially exposed bush and she rubbed his dick thru his pants. Unsure how bold to be, Maria followed my lead and pushed two fingers deep into Shirl's pussy, stroked twice then pushed four tiny fingers inside her. Both moaned. Maria squeezed her husband's dick with her free hand, "Take it out for us honey. Show them how thick it is."

Shocked his wife's boldness, Mario stared at her agape. She nodded encouragement and squeezed him again. While he hesitated, Reg reached into Bob's unzipped pants and stroked his still hidden shaft. Maria looked into my eyes for permission. My goofy smile said yes, so she shifted her free hand to open my pants. I held them tight for her so she could unzip me. She pulled her hand out of my wife, licked half of it clean then offered it to her husband to taste.

Strangers just 15 minutes ago, were now selfishly tasting my lovely wife's sweet juices. Mario's very thick cock was out, so was Bob's. Shirl stood still and tall, as she watched three men get stripped by two horny women. She angled her head up, taking a 'disinterested', victorious stance and continued to feign ignorance of what happened around and TO her.

Maria bent sharply into her husband's lap, pointed her pillowy ass high and directly at my face before she pulled Mario's pants off. I flipped her short skirt onto her back and gently stroked her still clad ass, down to her moist pussy. She wiggled it for me, then turned and pulled my pants and briefs off me with little effort and a huge grin. Her shapely, braless C cups jiggled for me, but her nipples stayed haplessly out of sight.

Mario had the next highest card, so he slid both hands along Shirl's toned legs. His right hand brushed open the other side of the barely clinging towel. Both hands wrapped around her upper thighs, onto her bare ass. His short, thick cock pointed straight up at her, just an inch away from her sex.

Reg unhooked her skirt and unwrapped it, finally fully exposing her short, curly, auburn bush and swollen, obvious, damp clit. Maria stared so intently she didn't notice her husband beat me to unhooking her skirt and dropping it to her feet. I snagged her panty sides and, with no resistance, slowly slid it over her plump and gorgeous ass. The still expanding, fragrant moist spot demanded our attention. Everyone was bottomless.

Nearly anticlimactically, Mario plunged two fingers deep into Shirl. Still some distance away, his tongue strained toward her clit. Her twat twitched visibly and he continued scooping her soggy snatch. We saw a drop of her precious dew seep out of her sweetness and run down his finger.

"She seems wet to me." He withdrew his hand, deeply sniffed it and selfishly licked it all clean. He fell back against the couch, leaving his dick standing tall at the seat edge. Maria resumed her position. Her plucky posterior was again in my face. As she began sucking her husband's fat cock, my hands ran up her inner thighs. She shifted one leg open to let my prayer folded hands bump her puffed pudendum. I rocked them back first, letting both index fingers kiss her knobby, hard clit.

Rocking forward, I let my knuckles split her wet gash and my thumbs slip into her ass cleavage. They slid higher and spread her plump, shapely, firm cheeks. Her lightly dyed, tan sphincter twitched under my close inspection, then relaxed. The immaculate, puckered muscle loosened without prompting and stayed loose despite a minor assault from my thumbs. It drew my tongue flat against it. The mild musky scent and deliciously intense heat were dizzying. Before I realized it, my tongue had rolled itself and pushed partially into her anal smoothness. It slid down into the dangerous rear to front tasting and snacking maneuver.

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