Bunny Island Is Bimbo Island Is Bunny Island Is Bimbo Island Is

by Dictionary Rainbow

Copyright© 2011 by Dictionary Rainbow

Mind Control Sex Story: Isabelle and Will take a junket off the cruise line. Happy and excited that they've got the trip all to themselves, they don't know that this side adventure will be the vacation of several life times.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Black Male   Big Breasts   .

Isabelle and her husband Will were the only customers abroad the excursion skiff. The cruise liner wasn't large to begin with, but combined with the down economy and being off season, most of their trips away from the boat were with a small crowd. This was their first time to be completely alone, though. Just the two crew members piloting the small boat accompanied them.

One of the broad chested men came and sat next to the middle aged couple. In a thick islander accent he said, "You've got two hours on the beeches. Be back on the boat by then. We don't come to getcha. Don't go too far and watch out for the rabbits."

"Rabbits?" the plump real estate agent asked her husband.

The middle manager smiled at her. "Sure. Haven't you heard? They've got a vicious streak a mile wide. LOOK AT THE BONES!" The happy couple laughed.

As the driver pulled the skiff up at a long wooden dock, their companion hopped up and out of the boat. He tied roped it up and got back on board. "We wait here."

Normally the crew would take the chance to go get some lunch or do other errands when the guests departed. The change of custom disturbed Isabelle. Tilting her head, she asked, "Why? Why are you waiting her? Why are we the only ones on this junket?"

"We's scared. Scared of the rabbits."

She wanted to ask more, but Will cut her off. "We've only got two hours, dear. Let's not worry about people's irrational fear of something as cute as a rabbit. Let's go hit the beach. I wanna see if this island has great shells."

The couple walked down the pier and enjoyed the nice clear view to the bottom of the sea. Arriving at the beach, the dark haired suburban wife took off the robe she wore and laid out in her one piece bathing suit. Her portly husband dropped his travel bag and headed into the ocean.

It wasn't long before a white rabbit came hopping out from the woods and stopped just a few feet away from the large woman. She rolled over onto her stomach and looked at it. "Awww, aren't you cute?"

The rabbit bounded forward a few hops. "I'm sorry, little guy, but I don't have any carrots." He hopped closer still and wiggled his nose at her. The young woman flicked her light brown hair behind her shoulder and laid down on her stomach. Her diet had paid off and now she was going to enjoy tanning in her new bikini. Her fiance, Will, would go wild for an all body. As hard as he worked on his diet along with such a life changing trip, she figured he deserved the treat.

She'd refused to go on the cruise at first. They hadn't really had the money for it. They were both in their mid twenties and Isabelle waited at two different restaurants while Will often took double shifts at the convenience store just to make ends meet. But he'd been insistent. She finally caved in and was glad she had. The relaxation was wonderful, but Will's proposal to her the first night had sent her to heaven. This was the best vacation she could ever dream of.

Isabelle rolled her head to the side so she could look at her white companion. He was so cute she thought. She'd love to take one home. She could have sworn he smiled at her as his cute nose wiggled at her. The lithe swimsuit model rolled back onto her back, her waist long blond hair stretched off her towel and onto the sand.

She was glad she got a day or two off from her shoots, just some alone time with her studly boyfriend, Will. His athletically fit body fit so perfectly on top of hers. She wished he'd come back soon. She was ready to play.

Isabelle looked back at the rabbit. He was almost within arms reach of the girl. "Mr Bunny, why are you so cute?" He just wrinkled his nose in reply.

The high society troglodyte sat up, unclasped her bikini top and threw it onto the sand. She laid down so her surgically enhanced chest could catch the full force of the afternoon sun. Her mounds jutted off her with artificial perfection. She was thrilled that she could get away from the boat and have some time to sunbathe topless. They'd threatened to kick her off the cruise when she'd done it on deck.

Rippling with muscles, her boy toy came back from the ocean carrying a large fish. It wriggled and squirmed in his hands. "Look what I got!" he boasted.

Lifting her large Chanel glasses, she inspected his catch. "That's nice."

"I got it with my bare hands."

"That's nice," she said. "You're blocking my sun." He was a really good fuck, she thought, too bad he was dumb as bricks.

Disheartened, Will threw the fish back in the ocean. Isabelle noticed for the first time that a second white rabbit shadowed him. It looked remarkably similar to the bunny resting beside her.

The muscle mass of a man came back and sat down next to the young upper society trash. He put one of his meaty paws on her left breast and started roughly groping her. "Hey Bella, let's fuck."

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