Beth's Trio

by Tom Land

Copyright© 2011 by Tom Land

Erotica Sex Story: Beth and Tom have become lovers, and she decides to let him meet and enjoy a couple of her sexy girlfriends, Donna and Jenny.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   .

Tom liked to live dangerously; maybe a bit too dangerously. He'd become totally obsessed with Frank's married daughter, Beth, and he'd already been able to seduce her once there in her father's house. Tom had envisioned actually seducing Beth and having his way with her, but never in the actual home she'd grown up in. He could just hear Frank now: "Tom, now that you've fucked my daughter, and you've totally spoiled her for what she experiences with her husband, are you going to make an honest woman out of her now that you've ruined her for any other man?"

Tom actually returned to where Beth was staying with her folks and fucked her three more times, and then she'd asked a question of Tom.

"Would you be interested in a lusty little foursome with me and two of my sexy girlfriends who are about my age?"

"Oh yes, Beth. You know I would. Are you OK with sharing me with them? What are their names?" Tom asked.

"Tom, they're my best friends, Donna and Jenny, but I must warn you; both of them are totally horny and if you agree to take us on as a foursome, you'll get your brains totally fucked out. OK? I'm just wondering if you have any idea what you might be getting yourself into."

"Baby, I know you three girls are very sexy and very hot, but I think I can hold my own even if the odds against me are three to one, Beth."

"OK, but you've been warned, Tom," Beth said. "Can you pick me up tomorrow night at 7 and I'll make sure we get over to Donna's place; that's where you're going to get the chance to fuck and satisfy three of the horniest young women you've ever met, Mr. Tom."

"Absolutely, Beth. If these two girls are your friends, I want to meet them and I want to get to know them just like I know you now," Tom said as he felt his cock growing fully hard in anticipation.

The next evening he picked up Beth and they drove over to Donna's house. She went in with him and the moment Tom saw Donna and Jenny, he knew this was going to be one very erotic evening. The weather was already turning chilly outside, but the three sexy twenty-something babes were all wearing sleeveless tops and shorts. It was obvious they were dressed to get undressed easily.

Beth introduced Tom to her two gorgeous and very sexy girlfriends, and the four of them began to talk and get comfortable with each other. What a huge turn-on it was for Tom to know that he was not only getting comfortable with these three sexy young women, but that they all knew the exact reason for why they were there that night. Beth had perfect B-cup breasts and both Donna and Jenny clearly had C-cup tits or larger. Tom loved fucking a sexy woman nicely endowed in the chest and he was about to play with three of them.

"Tom, Beth's told us a lot of nice things about you," Jenny said as she sat down next to Tom with a cold beer in her hand.

"Oh, really?" Tom asked as he waited for her to say more.

"Yes, Beth told us you are very good in bed," Jenny said as she gave him a very sexy smile.

"Oh? Good. Now we're getting to something I can work with," Tom replied. "Which one of you ladies wants to go first?"

"I do," Jenny said as she reached over and felt Tom's hardon already growing large and firm in his pants.

"No fair, Jenny," Donna and Beth both protested. "Tom will never be able to fuck us if you get his dick first."

"Ladies, don't count me out before you give me a chance," Tom said, as he stood and began removing his pants. His cock was nearly hard, but when he saw Beth, Jenny, and Donna pulling their sleeveless tops off over their heads and their shorts too, he was fully hard. Tom could not believe what he was seeing. All three babes were so fucking hot when they got naked, and he could hardly believe that he was seeing three sexy luscious women stripping naked to have fun with him. All three had their pussies shaved baby smooth and both Donna and Jenny had very large full breasts, and he already knew that Beth's tits were totally hot. Tom still thought Beth was the sexiest and certainly the most beautiful of the three young women, but at that moment he realized this was all about sex, lust, and desire, not necessarily who was the best looking but who was the hottest fuck.

Tom stripped off his clothes to join the three ladies and as soon as his pants and briefs were off, Donna, Jenny, and Beth all came over and got him to sit back on the couch so the three of them could start enjoying his horny cock. Donna was the first to get her hands on Tom's cock and she began to stroke him up and down, and then bent over, taking the head of his cock in her wet hot lips as the other two girls were right there on the floor at Tom's knees with her to fully enjoy the view, the feel, the taste, and eventually the hot lusty fucking of Tom's cock in their pussies and in their mouths.

"Oh, wow, Donna, mmmm, yes, baby, suck it, girl," Tom moaned as Donna began to really stroke Tom's cock and she had the head and a couple of inches of his hard shaft in her mouth, as she began to really work his cock. Tom knew he was capable of cumming several times in a highly sexed group like this, but with the way Donna was sucking his dick, he wasn't sure that his first orgasm wasn't right around the corner.

"Easy, Donna," Jenny said as she'd seen her girlfriend in action before and knew when she was blowing a guy as hotly as this, he wasn't going to be able to last for long.

"Yeah, girl, save some of Tom's hot cock for us, too," Beth laughed. She knew her girlfriends were going to get the best of Tom's sexual abilities since they knew that she and Tom had already been sexually involved a few times. But, the foursome with her two sexy girlfriends and lusty Tom made Beth horny, too, and she was hoping for at least a brief ride on his hardon at some point and she'd love to suck him and get him hard again for another fuck after one of the other girls had gotten a load from his big nuts.

"Let me have some of this big boy," Jenny said as she got Donna to let her have a little of Tom's cock before they all got into the serious sex. Jenny loved giving guys head and she quickly had her mouth licking and sucking on Tom's cock as she stroked his hardon up and down, and loved it when she started hearing him moan from the pleasure he was getting from being naked and with these three gorgeous young woman who all wanted to have sex with him.

Tom knew he was going to shoot his first cumload down the throat of one of these sexy beautiful young women if they didn't stop stroking and sucking on his hard cock. He'd already been with Beth, having fucked her and letting her suck him to orgasm. He wanted to have her again this evening, but he also wanted to enjoy Donna and Jenny sexually, too.

Jenny only stroked and sucked Tom's large thick hardon a couple of minutes before her normally hot lusty desire to fuck took control and she quickly shifted from where she'd been giving him head and smoothly moved up onto his lap as she used her hand to hold his hardon upright as she quickly positioned the wet tight lips of her pussy over the head of his cock and slowly allowed herself to mount him as she slid down, taking inch after inch of his large hardon deep up inside her horny pussy. Jenny loved the feel of a man's hardon spreading her pussy lips and penetrating her pussy and Tom was as hot and sexy as any man she'd ever fucked.

"Ohhhhh, yes, mmmmmm," Jenny moaned as she settled downward on top of Tom's cock. It took a few up and down strokes until his cock fully penetrated her wet cunt, but quickly her smooth shaved pussy lips smacked firmly against his groin. "Now, fuck me, Tom, give me your best shafting, baby," Jenny moaned as she started riding smoothly up and down on Tom's hardon.

Tom reached up to Jenny's chest, cupping both of her sexy large tits in his hands as she rode him hard. "Ohhhh, yeah, girl, give me your hot pussy, Jenny," Tom moaned as he knew Jenny was intent on fucking him in his lap until he spurted a load of cum up into her pussy. He had even asked Beth if her two girlfriends were on any kind of birth control, but he figured all three of these ladies were big girls and if they were unprotected, it wasn't his problem.

"Hey, Jenny, come on, you don't get to have all the fun," Donna protested as she bent over and kissed Tom's lips and took his hand and placed it over her full right breast. Tom moaned hotly as he felt Donna's sexy breast in the palm of his hand, and when he squeezed, he could feel the sexy nipple of Donna's tit harden under his touch.

"Yes, baby, please play with my sensitive tits, Tom," Donna begged as she maneuvered beside Jenny so the other girl eventually pulled her pussy up off of Tom's hardon and Donna swung her leg over Tom's lap, guiding his cock up into her wet tight pussy just as Jenny had and she quickly mounted him and began to ride up and down on his large thick cock. "Ohhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkk, what a damn hard cock, Tom," Donna moaned as she began to slide up and down, up and down on Tom's hard cock, and she was intent as well to bring him off to a powerful orgasm inside her very horny cunt.

Tom was having a fantastic time, and even though he had fucked Beth several times, he was also more than ready to have her spread her legs and welcome his hardon inside her horny wet young cunt, too. In fact, Tom thought all three of these sexy young women were totally luscious and lascivious with him, but he thought Beth was the hottest of the three, and he knew that even after he, Jenny, Donna, and Beth had fucked, he would go home with Beth and probably busy himself with fucking her and filling her horny pussy for the rest of the night.

Donna pulled off of Tom's cock and said, "Mount me from behind and fuck me hard and fast like the horny depraved bitch I am, baby," and she whipped around, grabbing Tom's large thick cock and she pushed back, feeling the head of his cock penetrating and then filling her horny tight wet cunt as she began to fuck back and forth on his large rod even before he could start thrusting into her hot pussy.

As Tom began to really throw a lusty fuck into Donna's horny cunt, he could see Donna kissing and playing with Jenny in front of her, and that drove Tom on. He grabbed Donna firmly by the waist and threw his hardon in and out of her tightly clasping pussy until he felt his balls begin to start shooting a huge load of cum deep up into her horny cunt. He buried his cock deeply inside her and she began to orgasm too as she felt his cum exploding deep inside her cunt.

As soon as Tom's cock ejaculated into Donna's cunt, he pulled his hardon out of her pussy and Jenny and Beth both came back to him and they began to suck and kiss his cock, soaked in the pussy juices of Donna's and Jenny's pussies. Beth quickly beat Jenny to Tom's groin and she had her hand wrapped around his cock and then she took it in her mouth and began to kiss and lick Tom's cock until he began to get hard again and within five minutes of having his cock sucked, he was ready to do another of the horny sexy ladies that were naked with him.

This time Jenny spread her legs and laid back so Tom could mount her. Jenny guided his cock into her waiting pussy with her hand around his hardon, and he was quickly buried in her tight wet cunt up to his balls. She seemed to be even hornier to be power-fucked than Donna had, and Tom already knew how much Beth loved to be fucked hard and lustfully. He would get Beth's pussy third since she was willing to share her newest lover with her friends, but he also knew he'd be "getting Beth" the rest of the night. Tom couldn't believe how hot and lusty Beth's two sexy friends were and he was getting the goodies from all three of them.

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