Emancipation 04: Screamer

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2011 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Pygmalion has many more 'firsts' and overcomes more phobias. Evaluating where we were and preparing to end the game and bring Lois to a *major* orgasm. Joe finally gets to Sue's tits and Lois learns how to suck. Did she reach her first SCREAMING orgasm?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Sister   Swinging   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Day 1 part 4

Before Sue hit bottom, I spread my four soggy fingers and invited everyone to taste them. Lois's face was pressed to mine, and Sue's to Joe's as we drank and slurped Sue's scrumptious fluids. We all mmmmd and moaned as we feasted. Lois was actively working her finger, and mine, causing our tongues to entangle deliciously.

We saw Sue smear her juice from my other hand on Joe's mouth and he did the same to her. In a second, their mouths were locked together yet allowed us to glimpse their tongues wrestling. Sue had Joe's stubby in hand, but was just squeezing it. He had his hand on her shirt, squeezing her tit and pinching her nipple.

As soon as our fingers were juice free, Lois and I warmly locked tongues until she decided to run her tongue across my palm and finish the last of Sue's gift. My cleaned hand found her breast, lifted it and pinched her already hard nipple. It felt more elastic than Sue's. Lois was no longer passive. We went back to aggressive tongue kissing, and I felt her hand on my dick. [54] She squeezed and tugged it lovingly as my hand slid down to her exposed pussy. All four of us were breathing hard and moaning. Her thick hair rebounded under my caress just before I found her throbbing clit and slid [55]around it. Lois pushed her hips against my hand, [56] making two finger tips breach her fuzzy [57] fortress. Her cunt singed my fingers with the heat of her intense passion. I felt I was about to rush a full scale cock invasion into Lois and cum far too soon.

"Wait!" I panted to everyone. "We need to slow this just a little. When we all cum later it will be stronger, like Sue's climaxes. Lois was about to pump my bare cock and you, Sue, were already pumping Joe's. Though Lois is very turned on right now and I'd love to have her in every fucking and non fucking way, this is HER emancipation and we need to pace it better for her. Still, you seem damned emancipated already! Let's get a quick drink then come back and finish our game. It will lead us back here in a little while, only better, if that's possible! Besides I still have my shirt and underwear on, but my stiff dick is about to drill a hole thru the Speedo. Look, it's still pointing straight ahead! Lois, YOU did that to me. Congrats!" Building her self esteem a bit can't hurt. Can it?

We all went to the kitchen for some water. While walking around the table, I noticed that all the windows were open and pointed out that anyone within a block could see the four of us casually naked. Sue may relish that, but the rest of us, especially poor Lois, were presumably shier. Yet none of us cared. [58] We all shared the same bottle of water, no glasses. All four of us were germ aware, but Sue was germ phobic and Lois HYPER phobic. She never shared glasses or a bottle before, but here she was unabashedly slurping water and spit with all of us! [59] Just fucking amazing.

We soon went to the living room. As they sat on the floor, against the couch, I went to check on my surprise. There was still plenty of tape left since the VCRs only recorded when any of the six cameras detected motion. Hmm, I see I'll be busy editing this week. I asked if they minded if I opened the front door though, or because, it was an invitation to brazenly expose us all to the street. They all got a thrill from the risky idea. [60]

Joe lamented, "And I was so close to fucking, Sue! Are you sure all that wood is just from Lois? Could some of it be from watching your wife jerk and French me?"

"Well I wish I could say it's not. Not only was your sister-in-law attacking you, so was my wife. It seems I've changed some too. Just a few months ago I would have been very upset if anyone saw her tit, nipple or even her thighs or panty exposed. Yet now I'm watching her naked and preparing to fuck you with Lois and me right here - and I'm OK with it, better than just OK, it was hot! How do you all feel about what we were doing?"

"Well," sighed Lois, "I was on fire. Just watching you eat Sue, finger her and share her sweet juices with us got me as close to an orgasm as I've ever been. If Sue's response was an orgasm, then for sure, I have NEVER had one in my life! I didn't see much of what Sue was doing with Joe and, I confess, what I saw didn't bother me since I was truly high just savoring the exquisite sensations of licking a warm sensual tongue. That was a thoroughly disgusting idea just yesterday, but now I see that all I was missing was the passion and love that seasons all of this. That feeling of being embraced in love is making all these alien acts possible and very pleasant. In fact, Joe, I saw a passion in you I could never draw out. Though honestly, until now, I didn't want to."

"Thanks Lois, I'm sure! Actually, I'm really encouraged to hear that. You knew, and I can confess now, that sucking and fucking Sue have been some very old wishes. Sex without caring for your partner is still OK, but it's so much better if you do feel, as you said, 'embraced in love' and help your partner feel that, even if it's just for the moment with a stranger. Watching you wanting to actually be active and get fucked is very exciting. I'm looking forward to doing everything with you, my beautiful wife, when you're ready."

"Great answer Joe. I found it very exciting to open my pussy to everybody. Undeniably seeing my bare pussy in your clear view right now is only possible because of my man's empathy and understanding. That orgasm was fantastic, but I wasn't sure how embarrassed I'd be to show my cum face to my family. Once I realized I wouldn't be criticized, I let go. I didn't care and I rode the wave to a wonderful high. Watching my sister and my husband get hot added to my arousal and I took it out on your dick and mouth. I'll save my other thoughts for later. Let's see, where we're we? Lois thought she could shake us up by ordering my hubby to eat me for your viewing pleasure. So it's... '"

" ... my turn to order Lois. I don't think you're ready to do what I really want right now, but this should help. I want you and Sue to remove my Speedo with your teeth then thoroughly lick my cock and balls."

// Do you remember what it was that she wasn't ready for? Did you ever get to that? //

// Yes, Lynn, I remember. Stay tuned to find out if it ever happened. OK, I'll tell you now; I wanted Lois and Sue in a 69, while I fucked Lois 'doggy' and Sue licked my dick as it pummeled her sister. Not too extreme... //

// Yeah, you're right. She wasn't ready yet, but I would have liked that then. We know Reg and Lynn would too! // <?I>

"Well, I'm glad [61] to finally see that monster, but I'm not sure I'm ready to suck a cock. It's been three years since I tasted Joe's."

"That's why I didn't say 'blow me'. Do what you can, no pressure, but let Sue help. I'll adapt the pacing to you. My dick's raging in anticipation of being set free and displayed for you." Facing the same problem as earlier with Joe's dick and undies, both women knelt at my sides. They turned me so my arrow pointed at the open front door. My dick is longer than Joe's and gave them more problems getting the Speedo off. "I like these two beautiful faces and four jiggling tits [62] circling my loins."

Lois was very quiet. She later admitted that she was trying not to let on how turned on again she was, but was dying to taste [63] me. Taking the back, Lois bit my Speedo and [64] tugged. "Mmmm, your hot gentle breath on my hairy ass is terrific. I don't think I told you I like my ass gently and lightly stroked." Sue watched as Lois managed to pull my Speedo below my ass.

"Lois! Did you really just rub your nose up along my ass crack and take a sniff? [65] Nice move!" She and Sue moved to my sides and wedged the Speedo down as far as my dick permitted. Sue noted that I didn't say 'teeth only' so she tried using her feet. "Ohh, your warm feet are making Willy throb. No progress, but I don't mind." Lois, still actively pushing her limits, was first to bite the waist where it touched my cock. On the way, she slid her face up my thigh, nudged my balls, pressed my [66] cock, left a blast of hot breath around my cock head [67] and FINALLY bit the waistband. "What a tease you've become!" I moaned at least twice.

Sue slid up a little faster, but also blasted my cock with hot air. Mmmm. They paused briefly with both chins [68] pressing my dick, nearly making me spurt. As one, they pulled the waist up along my belly giving me a ball wedgie, used their chins to push my dick against my navel and pivoted the waist over my cock head. They must have planned this since, again as one, they paused leaving just my cock head exposed above the waistband. They had their noses just touching the head [69] and inhaled my aroused, musky [70] scent.

The chill made me twitch as they watched it. "Lois, consider this 'Dick Anatomy 101' and 'Intro to Blowjobs 101'". Sensory overload approached as I noticed they were rubbing four tits against my thighs. Two noses hooked over the waistband as their mouths pulled the Speedo to my balls. Another pause! Sue licked the side of my naked dick and nuzzled. Lois hesitated then also, gingerly, licked the other [71] side - three times! She paused again then watched as Sue ran her hot, wet tongue up and over my cock head! Then circled it!

Sue and Joe were impressed that she went that far. And she wasn't done. Sue sucked my cock head past her teeth. As she licked around it, Lois began licking the shaft. Their tongues met on my cock and Lois got her first taste of another woman's mouth - her sister's. [72] "I've never felt the thrill of two hot mouths focused this way on my dick flanks at once. Feeling you suck my cock shaft together scares me. It feels like you can tear my dick in half. Don't stop."

Sue pulled the Speedo below my balls and got Lois to help drag it to my feet and off. I suddenly felt vulnerable to them. Joe watched his wife lick my dick. She nudged my legs [73] apart as Sue was already licking my balls, then joined her. [74] Thankfully, she was very gentle there. "I see both balls are wet, as well as the head and part of my shaft, but that's not enough." Sue took the hint and sucked in most of my dick with one gulp. Lois gasped. Sue's lips inched their way down my shaft until her nose jammed against my furry pelt.

"It's so lusty [75] watching this big dick slide all the way in then nearly all the way out just an inch from my face. Where's it all going? Your mouth isn't that deep."

Coherent words refused to form in my brain, Sue was busy and couldn't speak, certainly not with a mouthful, so Joe answered, "It's sliding into her throat. Watch her NO TEETH technique. One day I hope you'll WANT to do that to me."

"Literally into her throat? It must go in two inches. Doesn't that hurt, or choke you?"

I was still 'distracted' so Joe again responded, "It takes some practice, timing and a relaxed jaw."

Before I erupted, Sue slid off my dick and directed Lois to try. The cold air chilled and shrank poor Willy, but it was still stiff enough if Lois were ready. "ME? I'm not quite over swapping spit yet. I don't think I can hurt you, but ... Is that foreskin? I've never seen that either."

As Willy chilled, Sue put Lois's hand on my dick with hers and whispered, "Keep it warm, squeeze and stroke [76] slowly. Yes that is a foreskin. When you pull the skin back watch out for the nerve bundle that attaches at the pee hole. Let him show you how to roll then pull the foreskin. You didn't notice it before because it was pulled tight by the erection. And yes, you can hurt a dick. Don't bite it, scrape teeth (yet) and don't bend it too sharply. But your throat can't hurt it. If your jaw is too narrow, don't force it. Slide it in as far as comfortable, seal your lips around it and suck gently to start. You should know that the nearly tasteless and slippery clear liquid is Cowper's, a.k.a. pre cum. Not quite tasteless, it's actually a touch salty and sweet. I love its taste."

Still stoking me gently, Lois said, "I read about it, but never saw it from Joe and certainly never tasted it. Then what do you do?" Hmm... , was she stalling or just excited by the descriptions?

"Bob your head to slip it in deeper and decide how far you want it to slip out. Use your tongue around it as you like. It will hit the back of your throat and, if you're not prepared, will trigger a gag. That's not sexy. You control how deep and how much gagging there is. Notice I didn't gag and it went past that point. Time your breathing so you can pause with the cock head against your throat. The high heat drives them mad.

"Before trying deep throat, tilt your head up to lessen your jaw to throat angle. That will help both of you. If you can keep going, relax your throat and push gently against his dick. It will just slide down with very little discomfort, like you're swallowing a big pill. If he hasn't cum yet, you can go until your nose is pressed hard against his pubes. When Willy is as deep as it can go, you can pause with it there and gulp to squeeze it with your throat. If that doesn't make him cum, he just isn't in the mood!"

"OK, what do I do about the semen, Sue? I would always spit it out or aim it away from me." Stalling... !

"The least sexy thing you can do is spit it out, but do that if you must. If he cums while buried in your throat, most of the first spurt goes straight down your throat and you won't even taste it. But the next spurts will likely be in your mouth. Gulp what you can, or catch it all, it won't hurt you. Taste varies with what he ate, so experiment with foods as you like. Some women really love the taste. The other choice is, as you said, to catch him just as he cums and direct the flow away. They seem to like watching it splash on our faces and tits especially. It's pretty slippery stuff with a unique feel. Some guys like you to share it with them, mouth to mouth. Your brother's about to explode so let's get him to cum soon.

// I remember I was concerned that she was still afraid of semen, so I wanted to bias her the other way. //

"Just so you know, Lois, fresh semen is very nearly germ free, low calorie and nearly all protein. So swallowing it may actually be healthy. It is sticky, but even if it dries on you it washes off easily. We told you all that so you don't think of it as something disgusting you 'have to do'. If you still believe that, don't suck dick until you feel secure about it. Some women absolutely LOVE giving head. You can still do hand jobs, and there are some tricks we won't cover right now. Watch me do both as you observe up close [77] and maybe give me a 'hand'."

// I'm glad we didn't list ALL the ingredients in semen, just enough to relieve her fears. //

"I can't think of anyone else I would listen to or trust about these things. I'm committed and in your hands ... or you're in mine now! I'll do what I can, but I may have to quit before you cum. Wow, here we go."

Sue let go and let Lois bring me back to full mast by hand. She licked Willy again and we were all shocked when she began pumping the head [78] into her moist mouth. With Sue's help and encouragement, Lois began sucking me properly. [79] Joe was astonished that she was so willing, and sliding me deeper into her hot mouth. My Pygmalian was doing very well. Lois naturally shifted her hands to my hips and kept sucking me into that heavenly, velvety mouth.

"God, your mouth is so hot and wet, it's perfect. Don't forget to relax your jaw or your back teeth can cut me and quickly deflate poor Willy. Mmmmm... , if that's the back of your throat, grunt once. Great, as I hoped. If you're trying for deep throat grunt once ... You ARE?"

// That was dumb! I distracted her and made it too easy to quit early. //

POP! "I was, but I'm just not ready for that yet, sorry. Still, I want to practice a hand job and help you cum, OK?"

"Ohhh... , yessss... , go for it!" The chill when she abruptly popped me out of her mouth suddenly was startling. Sue guided her thru the slide/twist move, told her when to squeeze and when to speed up. When they saw me begin to shudder and my knees buckle, Sue took my cock back in her mouth and drew a deep guttural groan from me. One warm pump deep into her throat and I was gone. She swallowed my first and second release, then held my rippling cock just outside her mouth to let Lois see my third spurt leap over her teeth. Lois wasn't ready for this so, when Sue licked the last dribble off me and showed Lois a mouthful [80] of cum, she covered her face. "Wow. I needed that. I'm sorry I pushed you too fast, Lois. I'll slow us down a little. You'll know when you're ready. Isn't it your turn?"

"Nope, it's Sue's turn to order Joe. I was really getting swept away, and thanks, you're so patient."

"Gee, what should I order? I see just two shirts left on among us all, so somebody else is about to get naked, though that seems anticlimactic now. Who will it beeeeee? ME! Wasn't this also one of your fantasies, Joe? To see and maybe suck my bare tit? I order you to take off my shirt using ONLY your face. But no tit sucking yet."

"Oh thank you for the fun restriction! Let me see ... How do I do this? Raise your arms halfway for me. Oops, lean back, your right tit's trying to escape thru the armhole. Mmm yes, hi girls, you're coming out in a minute, though I see thru those huge arm holes that you're not even touching the shirt. I love looking at these tiny tits teasing me under a shirt, and from here I can see all of them. OK Sue, sit on the coffee table and spread your legs for me."

"Ok... , but why do you need my legs spread to take off my shirt?"

"I don't. I just like the view, and being against your open, steamy snatch. I can expose your tits by pulling off your straps, but I can't get the shirt off. Not OK, hey? Then I'm going to pull the back hem up to your neck with my teeth, then do the same to the front. You'll have to raise your arms when I say now."

Lois sat on my naked lap [81] to casually watch this fairly simple task. When I said my dick was cold, Lois nonchalantly warmed it by hand. [82] With one arm over my shoulder, her tawny nipple was too close to resist. She jerked, then grinned as I suddenly sucked it in and warmed it.

The ribbed shirt tucked under Sue's tiny tits, making them look bigger and more shapely than they were. After getting her shirt-back up, Joe enjoyed Sue's bare, sexy back a moment. He licked her spine and kissed her shoulders. After biting the bottom front hem, he gratuitously pressed his forehead against a tit and pulled her shirt up a few inches. He caught and held the hem with his chin, shifted his bite to the middle of the shirt just below her still covered tits, pressed his right ear against her left tit and slid the shirt thru his teeth past her right tit.

Sliding and pulling as he did, her right nipple appeared. Carefully, he pulled one side far over her right tit, turned his face by playfully pivoting against it, slid the shirt thru his teeth and pulled the shirt over her left tit. Now that Sue could see both maracas loose and exposed under Joe's face, she blushed and grinned in embarrassment. I don't understand that. Joe's leaning against her naked pussy between widely spread legs was somehow not embarrassing?

"OK, Sue pinch the shirt with your chin and raise your arms." This let him pull the back up, then pull the front over her head, pull each armhole above her head and finally, by biting the bottom of the front and rear hems together, stand and slid the shirt off her arms. His dick managed to slap her face and mouth several times. "Tadaaaa! It would have been so much easier with two people, but this was a fun challenge. It also let me squeeze those soft titties with my face and watch them bounce free. Slapping your face with my dick was a very nice bonus. My turn to order you, Sue. That last shirt is in the way, so though I'd rather suck those great nipples, I order you and Lois to quickly take off your husband's shirt. Lois, get your tit out of his mouth and your hand off his cock."

With little fanfare, the girls peeled my shirt off and the game ended. Or did it? Of course it didn't. Now we could continue freeform. Joe was still drooling over Sue's nipples. Since this was a special weekend for Lois, we agreed to alternate partners playing with each other so the others could watch, at least for a while. "Ah, dreams come true. Sue, you have very lusty nipples on those tiny titties." Somehow, we had migrated closer to the open door. Joe leaned in and licked Sue's nipple, rested his head on her naked loins then gently caressed her slightly drooping little tits. "I like feeling your bushy pussy hair in my ear and face; love its heat; love pinching these nipples and massaging these breasts. Now lean into me a bit so I can suck these hard, demanding nipples. Mmmmm mmm..."

Lois watched him gently suck my wife's nipples. She seemed at peace with it, and even smiled. I wrapped my legs around Lois's hips, slid my arms under hers and held her weighty tits. As I pinched her nipples and nibbled her neck, I pressed my swelling dick against her back. Sue moaned under Joe's tongue; he moaned savoring her hard nipples; Lois moaned under my affections and I by connecting with the ladies' bliss. Sue squeezed then wanked Joe's dick, Lois pressed back and wiggled against mine. Slightly above a whisper, I asked "I think someone's watching us. Should we give him a more intense show?"

Only because Lois was already turned on, she didn't object. "Sweets, I'm so hungry for you. Turn and face me so I can bite your nipples and suck your delicious tongue." Even that light-weight lusty wording would draw vehement anger from her [83] until last week. I didn't need to point out to her that she was much more accepting of earthy language and lust. In fact, I felt she was not just more tolerant of it, but could now let herself enjoy it and indulge in her own lust. And lust was one more [84] thing she never allowed herself.

We were both on our knees, and we could see Joe and Sue between us and the open door. Knowing they were watching us made us more aroused. Our tongues tenderly then aggressively interlocked for ages. My hand found her wonderfully warm and silky breast and teased her nipple. My turgid trooper was pinched between our hot bellies, but Lois gently pulled it out, and squeezed it tightly. I caressed her neck and beautiful face, but went back for more of her hot, eager tongue. We moaned together, distracting our spouses. I whispered, "Many of MY fantasies are coming true too, you know." She smiled slyly, enigmatically. Killer smile!

Joe and Sue matched us, with Joe biting and stretching her nipple very energetically. Their deep kisses were full of moans; they pinched each other's nipples and pulled their hips hard together. Their sloppy kisses were much noisier than ours.

Slowly combing thru her lush raven pussy hair, I circled her clit [84] gently. "Something's working, Lois. Your lips just got very moist, and I'm not inside, ... yet. My lip reading fingers tell me your pillowy, French, outer lips are clamoring 'MANGES MOI' and have already started opening for me. Spread your legs [85] a little more, sugar, to make them, and you I trust, very happy. That musky, sweet, heavenly scent is all you and you're taking my breath away. Mmmm... , I hope stroking your inner lips, like [86] this, makes you feel as good as it does me."

Joe heard his wife's breathing get deep and raspy, saw her pallor deepen and glow, her clenched eyes and increased sweat. The sex monster inside her was finally breaking free. That realization made him lust for her and pause his attending my wife. Instead of being insulted, she was thrilled for her sister. After a moment, she directed his attentions back to her by moving his hand to cup her pulsing pussy. "Let her enjoy the trip as he brings her along. She's coming alive."

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