Pam's Home Invasion

by Anonymous Bosch

Copyright© 2011 by Anonymous Bosch

Erotica Sex Story: After Pam's last time with Master Mike, Master Ben and Mistress Jill, her world is shattered. Here's what happened when she lost control of the rest of her life. This is the sequel to "Pam in the Van."

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Slavery   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   DomSub   Light Bond   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   .

Sunday night, there it was, sitting in my inbox.

Subject: The black van.

I shivered violently and my body flushed all over.

I flashed back; my bra was being cut off. Being induced to come while he ate me. A flood of hot semen in my mouth. Being crushed between two men while they fucked me savagely. The titanic orgasms that followed. The taste of hot pussy. A screaming orgasm at the sky...

After last time, they had dropped me off at my car. No raincoat. I had to hold my blouse closed as I scurried into my car. I checked my face in the sun visor mirror. I looked like a wild woman. My hair was a mess and my face blotchy and tear stained. My whole body was sore and my asshole ached. I was so exhausted.

I drove home in a daze, my mind blank. Saturday and Sunday were a blur. I felt like I was drifting in outer space. I rested, sleeping like a dead woman. Monday morning I realized I was in no condition to go to work. Besides, I felt like what was happening to me was written on my forehead. I volunteered at a non-profit. I called my boss and told her I was taking indefinite leave. From what I knew and read, this was more like Stockholm syndrome, not like a rape victim.

I began to sleep more normally in the middle of the week, which was good and bad. I frequently dreamt of the events in the van and in the woods. I always woke up sopping wet. I really wanted to know where those woods were and who's property it was. I decided it had to be an estate like my parent's. Maybe it belongs to one of them? And Mike did look familiar. I just couldn't place him.

I was also thinking about the, "Let's have a home invasion," statement. I knew they would be back and I knew that I'd welcome it whenever it came. On Friday night, I masturbated and when I came, it was okay (I mean it's NEVER bad). It didn't come close to when I was with the gang, screaming at the sky. It seemed so pointless.

Shaking, I clicked open the email.

Subject: The Black Van

Little Slave, Leave a copy of your house key, the house code and the gate code in your mailbox. NOW. From now on, you will not use the security system at night. Every Friday and Saturday night, you will also wear a baby doll teddy with matching panties and bra. A sexy one.

A VERY sexy one.

Write back when you have obeyed.

Masters & Mistress

I sat at the computer and stared at the email. They must have taken my personal business card when they rifled my purse. Now that I knew they were able to come into my home at will, my life had been totally taken from me. I had, in fact, been enslaved in any real sense of the term.

I felt myself perk up, and I realized I was happy. I wrote the codes on a note, put it and a spare key in the envelope. I grabbed the extra remote for the gate. As I walked down the gate, I felt myself getting wet. I suddenly felt as if Ben was in my ass. I used the remote on the gate and as I walked through, all I saw was Mike, quivering hard and getting ready to sandwich me. He lifted my legs into the position. Jill knelt to guide him in. Mike's cock slammed into me. They alternated, furiously pounding me until I came, screaming at the sky.

My eyes opened. I was standing in front of the mailbox with the envelope at my feet. I looked down and the crotch of my jeans was sopping wet. It looked as if I had peed myself. I bent at the knees, picked up the envelope and dropped it into the box. I walked back up my drive and keyed the remote to close the gate. I had no idea how long I'd been standing in front of the mailbox.

"Every time I thought I have lost everything, I lose some else." I marveled.

"How is that possible?" Now I didn't even control my own body.

"I had an orgasm, lost in a flash back..."

Then I thought, "I've heard of wet dreams for boys, but A WET FLASHBACK????"

Subject: The Black Van

Masters & Mistress,

Everything is in the mailbox.

Slave Pam

The next day, I felt a lot better. I went grocery shopping and did some errands. I had been living on delivery and what was in the house. I felt as if maybe I could do this.

"Maybe I need to have two identities like Gollum in "Lord of the Rings!" I thought.

I called the parentals and acted as if everything was great. Mom asked if I was seeing anyone and I hinted I had met someone to fend her off. I called some of my friends. I dodged any get-togethers. I idly thought about going back to work. But why? I didn't have to work another day in my life. My trust fund interest paid me more than I spent so it was growing.

The weekend went by. I had dressed in the incredibly sexy translucent black teddy that I bought to show off for my ex both nights. It looked so hot with my long blond hair. The bra was scooped below my nipples and the thong panties actually joined below my clit. The teddy was so shear, it might as well been air.

If I slept a wink, it was for a long as a wink takes.

By Tuesday, I was like a landmine. One touch by any of them and I'd explode. I went to get my nails done. That was a mistake. Even the Korean woman's touch made me hot. When I got home, I had an odd feeling. When I walked into the kitchen, there was a note on the kitchen table.

This is where we start.

That was all it said. I shivered and began to get wet. "When?" I wondered. They had been in my house while I was gone. They were watching me. Kitchen tables were always a turn-on for me after Enrico. But there was no way they could know about Enrico. About my feigned reluctance. About his hot tongue and his long, hard cock. About his cock in my throat and the taste of his come. I felt my pussy flood. I ran upstairs, stripping my clothes off and flung myself on the bed. I got my favorite dildo and fucked myself furiously. I detonated. It was a really good orgasm. Not sandwich good, but good.

Later, I showered, put on an old threadbare T-shirt and crawled into bed and fell asleep. I awoke to feel someone slipping under the covers next to me.

It was Master Mike.

He kissed me, sucking on my tongue. Then he rolled me on my back and started pulling up my T. I lifted my hips to help and then sat up while he pulled it up and off. I was naked, wet and ready for my Master. He sat on my hips and ran his fingertips so gently over my shoulders and chest. It made me shiver all over. It was the way he had seduced me the first time. His fingertips barely touched me as they raced over my skin. Then he cupped my tits, with his palm just touching my nipples. He fingers spread around my tits and then he drew them up until they pinched my nipples.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhh, Master." I moaned. He did it again. And again. And again. My toes curled. "Please, Master. Fuck me. Fuck me. Stuff that big, fat cock into meeeeeeeeeee. Fuck me. Please fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee..."

He slid down my body and lashed my nipple with his tongue. Hard, hot and fast. He twirled my other nipple with his fingers, hard and fast while he lashed me.

"Oooohhhh Master, suck them. Please suck them..."

His tongue probed my belly button and then he laid a hot, wet trail down to my clit. Master Mike shoved my legs high and wide. I hooked my knees behind my elbows and he opened my pussy wide open with his thumbs. His tongue stabbed deeply into me and circled around inside me.

"Yyyeeeeeesssssss, eat meeeeeeeeeee." I moaned. He slid his hands under my ass and lifted my hips up. His tongue circled my tight little asshole and stabbed into it.

"Ooohhhhhh God, I love that." He put my ass back down and a finger wet with my pussy juice bored into my ass. He worked it into me and then began to finger fuck my ass.

"Is he going to fuck my little asshole?" I wondered.

His mouth latched onto my clit, sucking. I shook all over and came, moaning his name.

While I was coming, he laid me on my side. And then from behind, his long hard cock plunged into my steaming pussy.

"Oh yes, master. That feels so good, so good ... ssssssooooooooo goooooood." He fucked me slow and deep. His right hand wandered over my body, rubbing my clit and pinching nipples. I was in heaven. After a few minutes, I felt him tense up and his cock pulsed inside me. He froze and I felt him come inside me. When he did, I came too.

I lay on my side, feeling him soften inside me. He slipped out of me, rose up off the bed and left. He hadn't said a word the whole time. I could feel his come oozing out of me. I scooped it up and licked my fingers. I slept wonderfully that night. The next morning I took a morning after pill and started taking the pill again. The press would go wild if "The Shriver Princess" had an illegitimate baby.

He came back on Wednesday and Thursday. He made love to me the next two nights too. He didn't tie me up or blindfold me. It was confusing. He also never said a word.

On Friday, I dressed in my sexy little tedy and crotchless panties. I finally fell asleep around midnight. I woke up when a ball gag was shoved into my mouth. Masters Mike and Ben were here and Mistress Jill too. They put on my blindfold, flipped me over on my front and taped my forearms together.

"OH YES!" I thought happily, "Sandwich time!" One of them picked me and threw me over his shoulder.

"Nice tedy, little slave. You look hot as hell." Ben said. A hand stroked my ass as he carried me downstairs. He carried me into the kitchen and stood me at the kitchen table with the backs of my thighs pressed against it. One of them freed my arms.

"Now strip, bitch." Jill ordered me. "Yes Mistress." I took off the tedy and then my bra and panties.

"Here, put these on." I put on the clothes as she handed them to me, hampered by the blindfold. When I got to the skirt, I knew what it was. They were making me dress in the uniform from my high school. I couldn't button the blouse over my pushed up breasts it was so tight. Click. Click. Click.

"Wow, she looks hot." Jill put my hair in pigtails. Click. Click. Click.

"Every man's fantasy comes true." Ben said. "All the guys want to fuck the rich preppy bitch in the uniform."

I sensed someone in front of me. They took off my blindfold. It was Jill. She was wearing shorts and a T. I looked at her body and SHE HAD AN ERECTION! She trapped me against the table and mauled my breasts. I saw a video camera on a tripod. Click. Click. Click.

Then she said, "I'm going to get off all over you." My eyes bulged. Enrico. They knew about Enrico! And about the kitchen table where I was fucked for the first time by our family handyman. How was that possible?

Jill undid the first 4 buttons and pushed the blouse down my back and twisted it to trap my arms. She pulled the bra strap off and inverted it to bare my tit. She assaulted my nipple, lashing and sucking. Ben and Mike were watching, both of them naked and erect. Jill ripped off my bra and mauled my tits. Then she tore the blouse off, buttons flying. She pushed me back on the table. Click. Click. Click.

"I'm going to fuck you right here on the table where your father can see." She said. Ben and Mike came over and pinned my arms to the table. Jill unbuckled my skirt and yanked it off. Ben and Mike each grabbed my panties at the hip and tore them in half. Click. Click. Click.

Jill stuffed two fingers in me and fucked me hard with them. She bent over and sucked on my clit, fucking me hard and fast. Ben and Mike bent over and sucked on my nipples, still pinning me to the table. I shivered and then exploded, drenching Jill's face. Click. Click. Click.

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