Mandy and Chris

by Graeme Peters

Copyright© 2011 by Graeme Peters

True Sex Story: The author was out of work and went fix some doors. What he saw changed his thinking on so many levels. This is a True story

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   True Story   Size   .

Some years ago, I was between jobs, so I had no work to go to. I was determined this would not be permanent, and soon I would have another job.

I hated not working and as interviews came along I wanted to keep my options open and take the best job I could find, in the one month I had given myself.

I spoke to a friend about this and he suggested I joined with him for a while.

It paid a little but certainly not a wage, although I agreed to join him for a short while, I stressed I was not there for exploiting and there had to be nothing illegal.

Mike told me he had a job to do for a friend and he was going to see her about it that morning, and would I like to go with him. He drove us to a small cottage in a little town nearby and in no time we were sat in Mandy's parlour having a drink of tea.

Mandy was his client for whom we were to do some alterations to the doors in her house. She worked as a night shift supervisor for a local biscuit (cookie) factory.

She was a larger than average young lady who I guessed to be around thirty something years old. She had a pretty face with hard eyes that I guessed told some of her life story.

Mike began a very suggestive conversation with her and began to touch her very intimately around her panties and breasts. She sat on his knee and warmed to his caresses. They kissed very passionately, and they were really getting warmed up. I felt like 'a spare part at a wedding' out of place and very embarrassed.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Mandy went to the door to answer it. A gruff voice said, "I thought you'd never answer it, where the hell were you?"

Mandy greeted him like a long lost family, and soon arrived back in the parlour with the guy in tow, or rather he had her in tow as she was wrapped around him like ivy.

"This is Chris," she said in a very excited voice.

"And this is Mike and his friend who are doing some work for me," she said in a false voice which had risen two octaves over the one she had previously.

"How do," he said in the same intoned gruff voice. Mike and I just sort of smiled and acknowledged him and sat down again. Chris looked like jail bait to me and to be honest I was not a little scared.

Chris and Mandy sat on the couch and immediately started in to kissing and caressing ignoring us completely. It was as though we were not there at all. I began signalling to Mike that we should be going, but he beckoned with palms down to sit tight and not move.

Mandy was now removing Chris's shirt and feverishly undid his belt to release his jeans. He was a well muscled man with plenty of tattoos on his arms and body and a healthy glow to his skin

"Take these off," he said lifting her dress and pointing to her panties.

Mandy didn't mess about she quickly slipped her panties off, in that time honoured way that women do, fishing up her dress with closed legs and one leg and then the other, under her dress without lifting it. She then abandoned herself onto the settee to resume her undressing of Chris, not there was much to take off him.

You could feel the tension in the air as Chris fished up her dress, and she opened her legs wide.

"Oh God I have missed this," she said in a trembling voice, and she shivered.

We could hear the squelching noise of her pussy juices as Chris's big fingers sank deep into her pussy and began to move hard in and out of her body.

It was bizarre like tom cats sat around a queen cat as the top cat fucked the top queen really hard. The finger fucking caused Mandy to have numerous orgasms and she cried out loud in a low pitched voice.

Then Chris decided it was time to get undressed and pushed off his still laced shoes and Mandy finally pulled his jeans right off he pushed his under pants off and his socks all together and he was looking at Mandy with a great deal of lust.

As he turned towards her I saw his penis, it was enormous only about 6-7 inches in length but really fat in the girth. Now he was really gentle with her.

She slipped out of her dress and lay back on the settee with her backside almost off the seat. Chris knelt between legs which were now very wide apart ready for him.

It was as though Mike and I were not there. They couldn't care less who was watching. Chris fed this huge enlarged penis into Mandy's pussy very carefully and tenderly and we could see great fat thing slowly slide into her very wet and much enlarged vagina.

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