Mr. Lonely

by DG Hear

Copyright┬ę 2011 by DG Hear

Romantic Sex Story: What happens to this soldier after he enlists in the service.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   First   Military   .


This story is loosely written about the song 'Mr. Lonely' by Bobby Vinton. Thank you to WanderingScot for his editing.

Chapter 1

Here I was in the barracks listening to a radio station that played old time music. They were playing a song I could relate to. Hell, this song was written before I was even born, it was 'Mr. Lonely' sung by Bobby Vinton. I knew it was my parents' kind of music. I remembered them playing records and tapes like this when I was growing up back in Ohio.

Iraq, my new home away from home. I enlisted in the service when I couldn't find work. I worked a number of jobs after graduation from high school but kept getting laid off. I wasn't really college material but did like working with my hands.

I often thought I'd like to be an electrician but I needed to go to a trade school for that and my parents just didn't have the money. I came from a fairly large family, one brother and three sisters. I was the youngest of the crew.

I figured I would work for a year or so and then save up my money. My parents didn't charge me anything to live at home, and I would go to a trade school. The problem was I kept getting laid off and was lucky to have enough to make my car payment and pay for my insurance.

I talked with my parents about going into the service. They were nervous about it with all the conflicts in the Middle East but they told me it was my decision to make and they wouldn't stop me. My parents always stood by me. I know they wish they could have helped us all out more but times were a little tough right now. They did the best the could for us.

My last job was working with dad in the furniture warehouse where he's been employed for thirty years. They had a cut back and I was one of the youngest employees and got laid off.

I guess this is where I talk about Julie. She has been my friend most of my life. She just lived down the block from us. Once we got into junior high school, she became my girlfriend. We went steady and broke up probably a dozen times throughout high school. After all we were still kids. We were still dating while I worked at the warehouse. She went away to college but we kept in touch.

She got pissed at me when she came home one weekend and I told her I enlisted in the Air Force. I would be leaving for San Antonio Texas for boot camp the following week.

We made up and went out for something to eat. Then, back to her basement for some wild sex. I told her it would have to last till I got through boot camp. Damn, we were good together. We've been having sex ever since our prom. We were going to wait till we got married but we had no idea when that would have been. We had sex every chance we got.

She was on the pill so I didn't wear condoms with her. I know for a fact, we were each others' first. We put a towel on the couch to catch any possible blood the first time. We really didn't know what to expect. She told me it hurt but only for a little bit. I should mention I did wear a condom till she got on the pill which was about a week after our first time.

I was gone for basic training and sure did miss her. My nights were me lying there wishing she was there. I had a picture of her that I always carried in my vest pocket. Kind of a good luck charm.

Through basic training I stayed faithful to her. It wasn't easy with all the girls running around but I did stay true. I figured she did too but I really had no way of knowing except for her word.

I came home for three weeks before going on for training. I saw Julie as much as I could but she was at college. I did see all my sisters and my brother and their families. I had one sister not married who was in college also. She was smart and had gotten a scholastic scholarship.

Cheri, my youngest sister told me all through high school that I shouldn't date just one girl. "James, some day you will get burnt. I hate to say it and I like Julie but you need to date other girls."

Of course I was a teenager and thought I knew better than anyone. No one could tell me shit. Cheri did date a lot but she dated a number of boys. She was as popular as I was. I guess looking back, I should have listened to her.

I spent most of my first year in the States. I was stationed outside of Las Vegas. I was being trained to be sent to the Middle East. I was also studying to be an electrician. My commanding officer said that we would be helping to rebuild cities and electricians were needed. That's part of the reason I joined the Air Force.

I made it home twice during the year. Julie and I spent a little time together but she seemed a little different. We still had sex as often as we could.

I was told that we were being sent to Kuwait when I returned to base. I had to admit I was scared and nervous. I guess it was expected but I had to wonder if I made the right choice.

In Kuwait we actually lived in some decent barracks. We spent our days helping to rebuild the cities. It was different than any place I have ever been. If it wasn't for my fellow soldiers it would have really been a lonely place. I got letters from my mom about once a month and even less from Julie.

In one letter from Julie she told me she would understand if I wasn't totally faithful to her. She said she talked with her friends and they told her it was hard on servicemen overseas.

I had to wonder if it was me she was worried about or was it that she was the one who was being unfaithful. After that letter I was a little pissed. A couple of buddies and I went into town and went to a bar. It wasn't long before we were quite drunk and with some women.

When this one gal began rubbing my leg it didn't take long before I was hard. There were rooms upstairs and we took the girls up there and had sex. When we were done I felt bad, I had cheated on my girl at home.

It was just sex. There wasn't any loving feeling like I felt with Julie. I mainly just wanted to get off. I tried to stay true to Julie but it was so damn hard, especially when she wasn't sending me any letters. I would write her and tell her I missed her and wondered how she was doing.

I still got letters from my mom and once in awhile from my sisters but nothing from Julie. I began to go to town on my days off with my buddies and was screwing different women. Most were older than me but I didn't care. I just wanted to get my rocks off. Sometimes a blowjob and other times I would fuck them.

It cost anywhere from five to twenty dollars depending on what you wanted. The women always acted like they were having a great time and even faked their orgasms. It really wasn't hard to tell.

I had a couple of months to go on my tour of duty when I got basically a 'Dear John' letter from Julie. She told me she hadn't written me because she was ashamed. She had met a guy at college and had fallen in love with him. She went on and on apologizing to me but the bottom line was the same. She had dumped me.

I really felt bad. That night I kept remembering over and over what my sister had told me. She was right, most childhood love affairs end up just being memories. I even wrote my sister and told her that she was right and now not only was I lonely but also felt very foolish.

I was to go home in two months but for some reason felt ashamed. I went in and signed up for another tour of duty. I would be in the Middle East for another year. Maybe by then things would change on how I felt.

I wrote home and told my parents about Julie and me and that I would be overseas for another year. They told me that they thought I made a mistake signing up for another tour but they would stand behind me.

I was already into my second tour. I made it through the holidays ok. My family sent me gifts and letters. I got a lot of cards from other relatives and people from our church. It was nice but now the holidays were over and I felt alone again.

I was sitting there listening to some of the words of the song. It kind of fit my situation. Sure I knew I was moody but I did feel somewhat alone.

"Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely

I have nobody for my own

I am so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely

Wish I had someone to call my own"

"Now I'm a soldier, a lonely soldier

Away from home through no wish of my own

That's why I'm lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely

I wish that I could go back home."

That's how I felt much of the time. I figured I made a mistake by re-upping but now I had to live with it. Our troop was told that we would be going to Afghanistan to help out there. We knew it was somewhat of a hellhole. We would work there during the day and camp away from the area at night.

It was dangerous but we had a job to do and did our best. It was a relief to get away for a couple of days and go to other small towns even to just visit. The areas seemed so poor. Most everyone was happy to see us. They called us their protector. The sex was easy to get. When the women saw our uniforms I guess they knew we were probably lonely and gave us sex.

I should say they charged us but to fuck a woman for ten dollars was almost nothing. Every time we went to the small villages I had sex with a woman if she was willing. Am I proud of it? No, but everyone did it. Sex is part of life and I was only twenty-one and horny as hell. We always carried condoms to be as safe as we could. We also always traveled in at least pairs.

Sometimes we couldn't tell who our enemies were, everyone looked alike. I did wonder about the terrorists and suicide bombers. They were going to get all these virgins after they killed themselves and went to Mecca. These virgins weren't coming from any of the towns I visited. Men sold their wives, daughters, sisters or even their mother if they could. Where were all these virgins coming from? I sure the hell didn't see them.

Back to the song. I was listening to it and half feeling sorry for myself when we had a mail call. I received a letter from a Mindy Sue Ridenbaugh. I had no idea who this person was. I open the letter and in it was a Christmas card along with a letter. Here's what it said.

Dear James:

I know you are probably wondering who I am and why I'm sending you a Christmas card so late. I went to Christmas Eve service at the church your sister Cheri attends when she's not in college. I really don't know her except by sight.

She put your name on a tree for anyone who would like to send cards to our men in uniform. This is odd for me because I don't usually do things like this but I remember you from high school. I was a freshman the year you were a senior.

I know it must be hard to be away from friends and family. I'm an only child and attend college now. If you would like to correspond, just write me back. I would be happy to send you clips from the newspaper and tell you the latest town gossip.

Your Friend

Mindy Sue

Who was this Mindy Sue? I thought it was nice of her to write to me and it was a cute card. It's funny how the simple things like getting a card can cheer you up.

I wrote her back and told her I would love to correspond with her. I did ask her if she would send me a picture of herself so I can picture her while writing to her.

Again Cheri was right. If I had paid more attention to other girls in school instead of spending all my time with Julie, I might have remembered Mindy.

I got a card on Valentine's Day from Mindy. She wished me the best and hoped I was doing well. She went on to tell me how I was one of the few guys in school who treated her nicely. That made her feel good. She also said that she remembered me always being with Julie and asked if I thought Julie would mind me corresponding with her. She still didn't send me a picture.

I wrote her back and told her that Julie and I were no longer together and that I was happy to see the Valentines card. I reminded her to send me a picture. I didn't tell her but I ripped up my picture of Julie and mailed it back to her. I liked to carry a picture as sort of a good luck charm.

I kept thinking about some of the girls at school and did remember a Mindy in school but she was short, rather heavy, a red haired girl with glasses and braces. I had to wonder if this might be her. Needless to say every guy would prefer a sexy looking chick but this girl had heart.

She was the one who gave of her time to write to me and keep me updated on my hometown. Then I remember guys telling me that often the awkward girls at school ended up being the swan. I had to wonder if Mindy might be the same way.

I received letters from her at least every other week. She told me about her family and about her schooling. She did say she was an honor student and was taking secretarial classes. I came to find out that her father owned an Electrical and Furnace supply business. He had three offices and Mindy said after she got a degree she was going to replace her mother in the office.

According to Mindy, her mom was ready to only work part-time and was waiting for Mindy to take her place. In one of my letters I told Mindy that I was taking courses in electrical circuits. I wanted to be an electrician when I finally got out of the service.

She finally sent me a picture. It must have been her graduation picture. It was a head and shoulder shot. It was the Mindy I remembered. She was pretty and had the reddest hair. I could tell she was still heavy but she was now wearing contacts and had her braces removed.

I thanked her for the picture and told her I remembered her. She joked about her weight but said it ran in the family. She hoped I wouldn't stop writing to her because of her weight.

"Mindy, I'm not that shallow. You have been nice enough to write to me and send cards on every little occasion. I honestly look forward to getting my mail in hopes that I might receive a letter from you."

She kept writing to me and I really did look forward to her cards and letters. She never said anything about dating or having a boyfriend. Whenever I asked questions about it she by-passed them and went on to tell me other things.

I still had sex with the town women. Of course I never told Mindy nor did she ask. We were just good friends now and I found she really had a humorous side. She sent me some pictures of some girls in bikinis, (none of her) she said so I could tell my buddies these were my women back home.

When I asked her for one of her in a bathing suit she said she laughed and said, "not hardly." Some day she hoped to lose weight and maybe she might give me one in a one piece bathing suit but she added, she would have a robe on also.

That's the way it was with Mindy and me. We were pen pals but in a sense I really cared for her. I was no longer 'Mr. Lonely'- I had a friend who kept in touch with me.

I got one letter from her and she told me that through the grapevine she heard that my old girlfriend, Julie, was pregnant. One weekend when she was home she saw Julie and her mother shopping. She did have a little belly on her. Mindy didn't mean to be mean as far as I knew she always passed along information about people I knew. It's been over a year since my Dear John letter.

The winter holidays were arriving again and I got my packages from home. I even got a couple of gifts from Mindy. I sent home gifts for my family and decided to buy something nice for Mindy. I found I could buy jewelry pretty reasonably and sent her a necklace and matching earrings.

When she wrote me back she said she cried when she opened it. She had never received a gift from a man before. I told her I would be coming home at the end of January and asked if she would go out with me on Valentine's Day.

She wrote back, "James, are you sure you want to be seen with me? Look, I wrote you because I figured you were lonely and could use a friend from home. You're not obligated to take me out or even see me. I just want you to know I would understand if you should change your mind."

I did get home at the end of January. I would have four weeks before I would be going back to Nevada to put in my last year of service. I would be going to electrical school and also working on the base. Hopefully I wouldn't have to return to the Middle East but it could happen. The Air Force owned me for another year.

I called Mindy at school which was in Columbus ninety miles away. I reminded her of our Valentine's Day date and wanted to make sure she still wanted to go out.

She told me she went home on some weekends but planned on staying at school the weekend of Valentine's Day. I would have to go there and she would love to go out with me.

I stopped and picked up a heart shaped box of chocolates and a card that said, 'To my friend'. I arrived at her apartment. It was an apartment that four girls shared. It had a kitchen, bath and living room. It did have four separate bedrooms, one for each girl which gave her privacy. I knew all this from my letters with Mindy.

I knocked on the door and my red haired friend answered it. She looked pretty much like I expected. She was quite overweight but dressed appropriately for a heavier woman. She had on a pair of black slacks and a pretty red blouse.

She did have the most beautiful face and naturally red hair. Her dimples showed when she smiled. Because of her weight, she had quite the rack.

She smiled and invited me in while she got her coat. "Hi James, do you prefer to be called James instead of Jim or Jimmy?" she asked.

"For some reason my family and friends always called me James and it just stuck. I'm named after my dad but everyone calls him Jim. That's probably how I got stuck with James."

I handed her the box of candy and the card. She thanked me for the chocolates but said she was going to go on a strict diet and exercise program. She added, "after I eat these chocolates."

I asked about her roomies and she said two went home for the weekend and the other went out with her boyfriend. She didn't expect her back that night. She got her coat and we headed out for dinner. I did call ahead and had reservations at a nice restaurant.

We figured we would eat first and then take in a movie. As we ate we talked about our high school. She had told me again how I was one of the few guys who acted nicely toward her. She also mentioned that half the girls in high school would have gone out with me if I had asked them, but I was all wrapped up with Julie.

Mindy did tell me that she did go on a few dates but all the guys wanted was sex and she wasn't going to put out just so she could have dates. She even told me because she was heavy and had big boobs that guys figured she would be easy.

"I wasn't that hard up to be with a man," replied Mindy. "Just because a woman is heavy or fat in my case, doesn't mean I don't have a sense of decency. After awhile I pretty much just stopped going out and put more time studying. Every once in awhile I did go out with a group of friends but never went steady with anyone."

"Why do you keep putting yourself down? Yes, you might be overweight but you're a beautiful person with a very loving heart. I know that better than anyone. I looked forward to your letters each month. It helped me make it through some very trying times."

"Thank you! That is the nicest thing that anyone has ever told me. No wonder we all had a crush on you," she smiled after saying that.

We had a nice dinner and then went to the movies. We shared a tub of popcorn and I did hold her hand. After the movie I took her back to her apartment. She asked me if I wanted to come in.

I told her I had a long drive home but I could come in for a little while. I loved talking to her. Besides, I might even get lucky, I thought to myself. We went inside and she got us each a beverage and we sat on the sofa next to each other and were talking.

I don't know what made me do it but I leaned forward and kissed her. Her lips were so warm and soft. I backed away a few inches and looked at her for a reaction. She just looked at me so I leaned forward and kissed her again. This time she closed her eyes and kissed me back.

We started out slow but kept kissing. "I like you so much," I said to her.

Our kisses became more passionate. Mindy wasn't saying anything but I could feel her breathing harder and harder, as was I. Then I did it. I started unbuttoning her blouse. I went slowly so she knew what I was doing. She wasn't stopping me.

Once her blouse was unbuttoned I began to rub her breasts through her bra. She was large and I kissed the vee between her breasts over and over. She had a bra that had the clasp in the front and I undid it and let her breasts free. I began rubbing them as I continued kissing her. I took my thumbs and slowly rubbed her nipples and felt them getting hard.

Mindy spoke for the first time since we started making out. "Let's go to my bedroom."

We got up, held hands and walked into her bedroom. I took her in my arms and kissed her again and again. At the same time I removed her blouse and bra. I reached down and unbuttoned her dress pants and pulled the zipper down. Even though she was quite overweight I could see her pink panties that matched her bra.

"James, could you turn off the overhead light and just leave on the lamp? I'm getting embarrassed."

I did as she asked and told her she had no reason to be embarrassed. I slid my hand down in her pants but over her panties and began rubbing her. She felt so wet. I can't remember when I felt a woman as wet as she was. I could smell her sex and her pants were still on. I pulled on them and they dropped to the floor.

I could feel that Mindy felt a bit embarrassed about her body but didn't say anything more about it. She sat on the edge of the bed and I gently pushed her back, lay next to her and kissed her. I went back to rubbing her very wet panties, her legs hanging over the bed. Mindy was in lust at the moment. She spread her legs a little so I could fit my whole hand over her mound.

I stood up and got in front of her and put my hands on the waist band of her panties and slowly removed them. She had a beautiful red bush. I don't ever remember being with a woman with red hair like this on her mound.

I knelt down, and buried my face in her mound. The smell of her sex was very strong. I didn't finger her but used my face and tongue on her pussy lips. She was making so many strange sounds that I figured were mini orgasms. The difference between Mindy and other women I've been with in the Middle East is that Mindy's, sounds were real.

I stood up and began to remove my clothes. Mindy got up and said she would be right back. She went into the bathroom and grabbed two large towels and came back and put them on the bed. By then I was naked. Mindy got on the bed and lay down on the towels.

Mindy looked at me with very nervous looking eyes and said, "James, do you have a condom? I'm not on the pill or have any other kind of protection."

"Yes, I do," I said as I reached in my pants and took a condom out of my wallet. In fact it was a three pack. I took one and put it on a very hard cock.

Mindy looked both scared and nervous as I got between her legs. It was then I saw tears in her eyes.

"What is it Mindy?" I asked.

"I've never been with a man before. This will be my first time and something I'll remember for the rest of my life. Please be gentle with me is all I ask."

I don't know why but I had tears in my eyes also. Here was a woman, a friend that I was about to have sex with. I really liked her but neither of us ever spoke about love and here she was giving herself to me.

"Are you sure you want this to happen, Mindy?" How stupid could I be? A virgin was offering herself to me and I was asking her if she was sure she wanted to have sex.

"Yes, she said with tearful eyes. I want you more than anything right now," replied Mindy.

I slowly put the head of my cock to her opening and gently pushed forward. Right off the bat I could feel an obstruction; I knew it was her hymen. I pushed a few inches into her and she winced. I held still till she kind of gave me the go ahead and then slowly started pumping in and out. God, she was so tight and felt so good.

It's so hard to explain the difference in just having sex and having sex with someone who really wants you. It wasn't long before Mindy was holding on to me and moaning and groaning. She was talking but I could hardly make out the words except that she loved it or me, not sure which.

She came with a fully fledged orgasm. Her pussy squeezed my cock and I felt spasm after spasm coming from her. I held back as long as I could and came as hard as I ever had. Mindy said she could feel me coming and it was making her smile. She was so happy she was able to make me come.

After I shot my wad I rolled off of Mindy. She lay there a few minutes and said she needed to clean up. She grabbed the towel with the blood on it and held it between her legs and went to the bathroom. I wasn't sure what to do. I slipped off the condom and put it in a tissue. I put on my jockeys and waited for her.

She came back in a pair of pajamas. "Do you want to spend the night? You'll have to leave first thing in the morning before my roommates get back."

"I'd love to spend the night with you."

She turned off the lamp and got into bed. She turned on her side away from me and I cuddled up to her ass. It wasn't an hour later before she had removed her pajama bottoms and we were having sex again. Good thing she left the one towel on the bed.

By morning we had used up all three condoms. I kissed her goodbye and asked her if I could see her again before I go back to Nevada for my schooling.

"I'll be home next weekend if you want to stop by and meet my parents. Maybe we can go to another movie or something," replied Mindy.

"It's a date." Mindy gave me her home phone number and address. She might have been heavy but she was a special woman to me.

I went through the week visiting my relatives and friends. It was odd when I went to the mall and saw a very pregnant Julie. She was with a man I guessed to be her lover. I almost wanted to go up to him and say, "I had her first, you always remember your first," but I thought better of it. I knew she saw me but I didn't even approach her, nor did she come near me. I did have that hurt feeling even though we'd been apart for over a year and a half.

I thought up stupid things that I could have said like, "If you could have kept your fucking legs together that could have been our kid." If she was like most normal people she probably had a few left over feelings for me too. It's just the way life is. I knew I didn't want anything to do with her, pregnant or not.

I stopped and visited my sister Cheri. I told her about Mindy writing me and that she got my name off the Christmas tree where Cheri posted it.

"I thought after what Julie did to you that you might like some letters from home. Mindy told me at church I think it was last summer that she was writing to you. Have you seen her since you've been back?"

"Yes, last weekend I took her out to dinner."

"James, she is young and vulnerable. She is really a sweet girl. Don't hurt her. She knows she has a weight problem and has a plan to work on it. Just between you and me, she really likes you and I don't think she has had many boyfriends."

"Cheri, it may come as a surprise to you but I like her too. When I was in the Middle East it was letters from her that helped me keep my sanity. I would never lead her on or hurt her. We are just friends right now. In fact, I'm going to take her out this weekend and even meet her parents."

Cheri smiled at me. "You are a pretty good little brother. Just don't make her any promises you can't keep."

I wasn't sure what she meant by that statement but I think it had to do with telling Mindy I loved her or that she could be my girl. I did have another year of service and wasn't expecting to come home much. At least I'd be in the States.

I went over to see Mindy on Saturday. A large red haired woman answered the door. I figured it was Mindy's mother.

"You must be James. Mindy said you would be coming over." she invited me in and I sat down.

"Mindy will be here in a minute. How did you two meet?"

I felt an interrogation coming on. About that time a man entered the room.

"You must be James, Mindy has been telling us about you. So, someday you want to be an electrician?"

"First to answer Mrs. Ridenbaugh's question. Mindy and I went to the same school. She saw my name on the Christmas tree at church and sent me a card. Then we just started corresponding."

I thought it might be good to mention church. It usually sounded good when you say we met at church even though I haven't been there for years.

"I entered the Air Force a year after graduation. I couldn't afford tech school so I figured I'd get my training to become an electrician through the service. I've learned a lot helping to rebuild houses in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan among other places. I have one more year in the service. I'll be stationed in Nevada and finish my electrical training. Hopefully by this time next year I can find a job as an electrician."

Mr. Ridenbaugh stared at me for a few seconds and then began to speak. "Son," he called me son. "You get that technical degree and when you get back from Nevada, you look me up and I'll give you our standard test. If you pass it, I'll see you have a job."

"Thank you Mr. Ridenbaugh, I'll do my best to learn all I can." I wanted to tell him that his business had nothing to do with my dating Mindy but thought better than bring it up.

About that time Mindy came in the room. She had on a red sweater and jeans. She later told me red was her favorite color. "Mom and Dad, are you through interrogating James? I was listening and you asked him the same questions you asked me. Right now we are good friends and Dad, it has nothing to do with your business even though I thank you for the nice gesture."

"I'm sorry Sweetie," said her dad. "We're just trying to be good parents."

"It's ok Mr. and Mrs. Ridenbaugh. I know you were just looking out for your daughters' well being. I wouldn't do anything to harm her in anyway. Like she says, we're just good friends."

I thought I answered pretty well but got an odd look from Mindy's mother. We left and just went to a burger joint and then to a movie. I wanted to have sex with her but wasn't sure how to approach her on it and where we could do it.

After the movie Mindy told me to drive out in the country. We must have driven for an hour before we arrived at a private camping ground. Mindy showed the guard a pass and told me which trailer to drive to.

"My parents have a trailer here on the water that we visit on some weekends. You know why I brought you here, don't you?" asked Mindy.

"To see the lovely water and watch the boats go by. We don't have any fishing gear." I laughed and Mindy punched me in the arm.

We went inside and it wasn't five minutes before we were undressed and I was busy eating her out. This time I fingered and tongued her pussy till she came. I took out a condom and Mindy asked me if she could put it on me. It wasn't hard because my cock sure was.

We went and lay down on one of the beds. Of course Mindy got a towel. She told me the last thing we needed was for her parents to find cum stains on the bed.

We fucked and Mindy screamed out how much she liked it. I played with her big tits and got her nipples hard. She felt me come and squeezed her pussy muscles. When we finished I rolled to the side and was rubbing her belly.

"Why are you rubbing my flabby belly?"

"I don't know but doesn't it feel good?" I replied.

"Of course it does, every time and everywhere you touch me feels good. One day I'm going to get rid of the flab, I promise."

"You don't need to do it for me but if you want to do it for yourself, more power to you."

We fucked one more time before we left the trailer. When I was about to come Mindy asked me to pull out of her, she had already had an orgasm. I pulled my cock out of her and she slipped off the condom and took hold of my cock and had me come on her big tits. I must say it was one hot orgasm.

Mindy cleaned up and put the trailer back the way we found it. She even took the two condoms and flushed them down the toilet. On the way back we talked and I told her that I thought her mom gave me a funny look when I said, "I wouldn't harm her in any way."

Mindy laughed.

"What's so funny, do you know why she looked at me so oddly?" I asked.

"James, I told my mom I really liked you and she asked if we had ever had sex. I don't lie to my mom and I told her we did last weekend but you used a condom."

"She told me to be careful, especially with service men. They mean well but are also lonely and she didn't want me to get hurt."

"Great, how am I supposed to face her again?" I asked.

"James, you have never hurt me. I care for you and I wanted it as much as you did. It's ok, besides you will be leaving sometime this week won't you?"

"Yes, I'll probably be gone till this time next year. If I don't take any leaves of any kind I can be released by January of next year."

"That means I won't see you if at all until next year. Do you still want me to write to you?" asked Mindy.

"You can if you want, but I bought a cell phone. I can call you instead. I know we both have mixed up schedules but we can set Sunday or another day as our day to talk. Don't forget the time difference. I think you'll be three hours ahead."

"I'm going to miss you," said Mindy.

"Do you want to be my girl? I'll buy you a ring."

"There is nothing I would like more but the answer is 'no'. I won't be your girl, not now anyway. Look, that's what Julie did to you. I don't want it to happen again. We can be friends and you can call me like you said.

"You'll be on base and probably get horny and want to have sex. I won't be there and if we're not a couple, you won't be cheating on me. We'll just stay good friends for now."

I knew she was right. I'd be away from home half way across the country. I probably would have cheated and I didn't want to hurt her. I took her home and kissed her goodbye on her doorstep. I didn't see her parents again as I left for home, which was probably a good thing.

I talked with my sister Cheri and she agreed with Mindy. "She's a good girl James. She has another year of college and you have another year in the service. Either of you might find someone else in that time. If you're meant to be together, you will be."

Damn! How did my sister get so smart? Where was I when God passed out the brains? Cheri told me I was in the hormone line.

Chapter 2

I left for Nevada in the middle of the week. I called Mindy's dorm phone and left her a message telling her I already missed her. I was Mindy's first just like I was Julie's first. Maybe the taste of sex would change Mindy too. It actually saddened me.

I had a very busy schedule when I got back. I had a job where I worked on the base and spent at least four hours a day in the classroom. I didn't do much other than work, study and eat when I got a chance.

It was about two weeks later when I talked to Mindy. She sounded happy to hear my voice. She didn't have a cell phone which really surprised me. I called her at her house on Sunday.

"Mindy, why don't you have a cell phone? I thought everyone did."

"Up to now it would be a waste of money. As you know I don't date a lot and my parents know how to get hold of me. I'll probably get one someday and you'll be the first person I call," she laughed.

I told her about my hectic schedule and that I would try to call at noon on Sundays. It was the only day I had completely free. I did get other days off but I needed to study, I really did want that job if her dad really meant it. I would wait till I got my certificate before mentioning it.

We talked for about an hour each week. Mindy told me she had her mind set and was going to lose the fat. She said I would be proud of her. She mentioned she cut back on eating goodies, and she told me not to send her any. She had also joined an exercise class and went three times a week. I remember her saying it was hard but she was getting results.

The year was going by and she mentioned that Julie had her baby and got married. She even mailed me the wedding announcement. It did bring back some thoughts of Julie but I didn't care anymore. Julie was now in my past.

It was summer now and Mindy said she wasn't taking any summer classes. I did tell Mindy that I had to go to Arkansas for a few weeks but would still call her on Sunday. We were told to pack light because we were going on training maneuvers. Some of us might be sent to the Middle East and we needed some refresher courses.

I was a bit scared, and I didn't want to go back. I only had a half year to go before I would have my release. If I was sent back overseas, god knows how long I might be there.

I wasn't thinking when I packed my gear and forgot my cell phone. On Sunday I didn't have it to call Mindy. I didn't know her number by heart. All I ever did was just push a button on the cell phone.

For three weeks I was in Arkansas practicing recon tactics all the time hoping I wouldn't be going back. I didn't get to talk to Mindy either since I didn't have my phone. Damn it anyway. I hoped she didn't think I forgot about her.

I finally got back to Nevada three weeks later on Saturday but called Mindy anyway. The phone rang and rang. Damn, they didn't have an answering machine. I remember Mindy told me they had one at the office and didn't have one at home. They weren't there most of the time and their friends knew where to get hold of them.

I waited till noon on Sunday and again, no answer. The next two Sundays I called at noon with no answer.

I was due to go to Texas for a month and wanted to tell Mindy. This time I didn't forget my cell phone. I would try every Sunday till I reached her or somebody. One night while we were in San Antonio I went out with some other soldiers. We went to a strip bar and I drank way too much.

I ended up having a lap dance and then met a woman in the bar and fucked the shit out of her. Come to find out it was just a married woman who loved young soldier cock. She came to town about once a month to get laid. I was her man this month. It's funny when I think back on how great it was with Mindy but these other women were just fucks.

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