Emancipation 03: Anatomy Lesson

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2011 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Pussy pleasers. My wife models for an intense, detailed, very descriptive, personal and internal anatomy lesson for her sister and bro-in-law. Her juices shared help improve her sister's marriage.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Sister   InLaws   Swinging   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

"I'm sure Joe won't pass up a chance to be close to Sue's snatch, and I'm questioning how much I DO know so yes, I'd like a tour too ... of my sister's pretty pussy? Yeowww!" [44]

"Let me know if I leave out something you want to know more about. Most of what I'm going to show you is right out of textbooks, but some is specific to Sue and my experience with others. I'll avoid clinical terms when I can. If you try to memorize what I show you, it may become too technical and seem it can't be fun. Lois, there are two reasons I'm going into great detail about arousing a woman. First, so you get a jump on your options when 'pleasing' yourself. I'll tell you the second reason later, maybe tomorrow. I believe you have to learn the details of driving before you can cut loose and fully enjoy it. Imagine driving winding roads without knowing when to shift or handle the clutch. No automatics. Speaking of cars, guys, these external pretty bits are her Volvo so let's look under her hood. Is this little nub the stick shift? So, what's it doing under her hood?

"OK, so it's a vulva, but seriously, Sue's outer lips are already partially swollen, which makes it easier to see her sexy, protruding inner lips. I bet Sue is breathlessly anticipating feeling our hot breath blow her pubes and warm her open cunt. She's loving watching us so close to and looking straight into her vulnerable pussy, so she's probably going to respond quickly. Lois, I'm not sure how to best present this info. I'm thinking I'll pose it as if I'm teaching a virgin male about landscape and tips, but I expect you will get something out of the tips too since you really are nearly a virgin. Use the tips as you see fit. And remember YMMV!

//Oh yeah, I remember you got VERY technical. I know... 'the beauty is in the detail.' //

"We'll try to get back to Sue's winking hole later, but notice how it reacts when I pet her. You can barely see the nerve bundle, the perineum, running between her anus and the bottom of her labia, or our anus to scrotums. Feel your own to get a sense of how it feels to play with it. Pressure, flick rates etc. all effect if it feels annoying to very stimulating. You'll have to learn what your current partner likes since it varies so much. You can feel Sue's and each others, mine too if you want, to compare. These lips are puffing up sweetly, yet I've found that they are not very sensitive to high pressure. We can pinch the isolated lip very hard and, like a scrotum, and there's little pain or pleasure. But when I gently stroke the same lip, it ... reacts ... like ... that. Little throbs ... more swelling ... and it makes her gasp. Pulling it alone isn't very stimulating, but rolling it so it spreads open works. The temperature change is very pleasant as is the feeling of a breeze between her intimate hot labia. You noticed this in your yard when you spread YOUR lips, right Lois?

"The other effect of rolling and pulling her lips is the directed stimulation of select nerves. Pulling the bottom of the lip up or out can be painful if it pulls against the perineum before she's well involved, but pulling it so the top moves is very arousing. That's mostly because it tugs gently on her clit and makes her gasp again, like ... that ... When we get around to the other lip, I'll roll them both open.

"Watch her clitoral hood as I pull her left lip down. It stretches too and moves her clit. Just by controlling one lip, I can control her clit and bring her to orgasm. They can indirectly pull the hood gently in many ways. Even making circles as far North as the navel can pull it. As she gets more aroused and the lips get pinker, they bloom and make her gash deeper. Her clit gets longer and harder, like the little prick it is. Lois, can you see yet why men, and many women, react so strongly to just seeing a swollen camel toe? It's so lusty I'm having a hard time resisting licking her right now.

"Look at the reaction of Joe's stiff cock, and how far my underwear is tented. Um, no you can't look inside it, you haven't earned that right - YET! Since you're naked, let's see your reaction so far Lois. Allow me to comb back your pubes so we can see how swollen your clit and lips are. They look juicy to me. [45] We'll check you again later. Yummm." She blushed, but stayed.

"We're at noon on Sue's pretty pussy, the little man in the boat. He's already pulling out, but watch as I pull the hood all the way back. Her erection seems to get bigger and it's surely feeling unsheltered. Joe, remember the clit has MANY more nerves than our pricks, at least per square mm, so it's very sensitive to direct stimulation. We have to stay aware of that. Any pain in the clit affects her the same way as if someone flicks you hard in the balls. It's over.

"Nevertheless, here's where it surprises many people. The whole clit is much bigger than the little nub we see even now swollen and hard. These are the heart of the clit: the HOOD, actually formed from the merging of the inner lips; the GLANS, the nub covered by the hood; and the SHAFT, the rubbery 'cord' under the skin attached to the GLANS, sometimes called the 'inner clit'. At the point where you can't feel the shaft, it divides into two parts, or crura, like a wishbone, and they eventually attach to the pelvic bone. Here's an important part to visualize when you want to make her scream. The crura are about THREE INCHES long. From the juncture of the crura and the SHAFT, continuing down the sidewalls, are two bundles of erectile tissue, 'bulbs of the vestibule.' There's no need to go into all the muscles and veins that surround that tissue. I don't know them, anyway. These bulbs are sometimes called the 'saddle bags' part of the clitoral area. The SHAFT is the 'saddle' and the GLANS is positioned like a saddle horn.

"Before we feel those parts, let's look at Sue's inner lips, 'labia minora'. When she's aroused, as she is now, the inner lips get more sensitive to light touch and swell, darken with blood and extend past the outer lips, 'labia majora'. They attach to the bottom of the clit and also stimulate it. Even when she's not aroused, Sue's inner lips form a highly sculpted pattern that protrudes beyond the outer lips. Despite how it was created, I love the way it looks and feels. After just a few seconds of caring stimulation, these wonderful lips also smell and taste intoxicating to me.

"Directly below this crimson clit, and usually under the meeting of her inner lips, is her pee hole. Look straight down a little below those folds for the vagina proper. The area leading to the vagina is the vestibule, which is often wrongly identified in erotica. Looking at it this close, it's obvious how much smaller the vagina is than the vulva. Some sources include the anus as part of the vulva. I don't, but it doesn't matter. You know how the vagina is often called the love canal? Look for it in Sue's pussy. Though she's already aroused, there's no canal. The erectile tissue and muscles close the opening until we insert something, then they adjust to the size of the intruder.

"Notice how those sweet lips glisten now? When we can see her dew on her outer lips, the inner are already saturated and the creases between lips hold a small treasure for us to lick up. Here, look at how wet her creases are. Honey, does showing off your leaky cunt turn you on? Uh huh, I thought so. And your moans and twitching confirm it. Look past both sets of lips and inside her damp pussy. Lois, I know you worry about germs, but the other main purpose of all this luscious juice is to clean the pussy to make it safe for sperm. The ph. change it makes turns all the moisture just a little salty, and oh ... so ... tasty...

"We need a speculum to look any deeper since the walls squeeze together, but let's do that another time. Her cervix isn't very far in, but she'd have to pull her knees up hard to let a long finger slide past it to touch her back wall. Remember, only the first third of the vaginal walls is sensitive.

"The last hot spot to consider before I feast, is on the ceiling usually about 2.5 to 3 inches deep. Joe, I know you never reached Lois's fabled G spot, but I'm sure it does exist. Lois, if you haven't found it yet, I can help you with that later. Once you find it your first time, it's easy to find and identify by texture and CERTAINLY by your response. There's a simple technique to reach it, but you do have to focus to find it since it's hiding among the other 'rough' spots inside. When you do feel the denser node, I won't go into what it really is now since that too is usually surprising, ease off the pressure. It goes from zero to painful quickly so it's best to stay on the fringes and use gentle pressure to make it move and stretch. Occasional direct pressure after she's aroused works well on some women and not at all on others. There are two other minor sensitive spots, but, believe it or not, they're still debated and very hard to find.

"There's at least one more thing a caring lover should know about a clit. Its stance changes with its hosts changing arousal. It may start out completely hidden in its hood, then partially come out. When it does, its very sensitive GLANS swells to allow more arousal. But it has a sensitivity or pain threshold where it goes back into its shelter. Chase it or directly rub it at your own risk. During orgasm it's always retracted. Joe, if you can remember, right after you cum after a long sex session, your head, 'GLANS penis', is extremely sensitive too. Even a gentle touch may hurt.

"Lois, if you ever used your dildo until you climaxed, you may have noticed you could hold it to your clit until you came. Direct stimulation makes the clit retract at a lower level of stimulation than with penetration alone and may get you to climax sooner. But a hard dick alone allows very high levels of stimulation before it retracts. That is its own reward. Often women add direct clit stimulation during penetration, and we shouldn't be insulted by that. Finally, retraction does not guarantee orgasm.

"I'll bring you some nectar in a minute. But I'll start with my nose just inside her lips and let Sue's wonderful fragrance fill my lungs. God, how I love that scent." My tongue automatically reached out and lightly pressed against a moist lip. Transferring wet heat directly to her waiting labia made Sue immediately moan. I pushed my nose gently against the side of her clit and she shuddered.

"Watch her lusty clit and her puckered hole as I press and stretch her lower abs. I never noticed which came first- clit erection and retraction, or the other signs. I'm usually too busy at the time. Stretching Sue's inner thigh can also stretch her clit, but we don't have to focus only on her clit. We haven't won her tits yet so I can only play with them over her shirt. That works for her, but denies us the pleasure of watching her chest redden, her nipples pucker into their textured perfection, and her tits jiggle with her orgasm. Sorry, Sue, but I guess I'll just have to make you cum again when you're naked.

"It's so hard to resist slipping under her shirt or rushing thru this treasure. Joe, you should know for later, when her nipples are hard she likes them pinched very hard, like this." Sue spasmed with my hard tug and pinch. Back to her sweet snatch, "Now that her lips bloomed again, I'll use my fingers to open them all the way and rub gently. Look how small her vagina is despite all her, ummm, fucking experience.

"Lois, you may be surprised how big it will stretch. Birth is a special case. Two moderate size cocks and a dildo can easily fit at once; not only can you get all five fingers inside but I can show you a photo of a woman fisting another woman. She's in past her wrist, though that's pretty extreme. Don't worry. I have no intention to put that much stuff in either of you, unless you BEG. Cocks vary from very small girth to huge. Vaginas have to contract to handle the small dick so it feels fulfilling to both partners. My finger is, hopefully, smaller than most small dicks so we can test that before stretching her. Not only are the huge cocks often painful in a cunt or ass, but it's near impossible to get a blowjob.

"I doubt you can see much as I slide a finger inside, but you can see her reactions. Sue has released so much juice that my finger got no resistance. She automatically clamped down on my single finger. If it were my dick, it would be very happy already. I'm bending my finger slightly as I pump her pussy so I can drag it along the textured sidewalls. Remember the saddle clit? That's what I'm stroking now with moderate pressure and she's reacting very nicely. This must be very frustrating for you Sue, sorry, I'll get you to a peak shortly.

"Besides stretching the walls, I'm also nudging her anus with my thumb. You have to judge if she's in the mood for that. If she relaxes it, you can pickup some of her cunt juice on your thumb, lube the asshole and slip inside. If you go that way, remember the ring muscle, 'sphincter', has the highest concentration of nerves in that area. I'll go over that a little more later, maybe. I will tell you something I relearned recently ... when you go in about a half inch, press sideways and see if you can feel that there are TWO sphincters about a quarter inch apart, according to an M.D. in San Fran.

"Back to her pussy, my index finger is rocking along the side of her clit slowly. She's starting to pant so I'll speed up. I'm dipping into the fluid on the bottom for my benefit, but I'll use it in a minute. Before I get her off, I want to slide a second finger inside. She's so wet I can slide it in dry. If it were the first, I'd lube it as I did, but I'm sending it in dry now so I can use the extra friction to raise her stimulation. It won't stay dry more than a couple of seconds so I won't hurt her.

"Now that the second finger is in, I can keep stroking as I did with one finger. Just spreading them as I slowly piston her changes the feeling too. Her pussy barely resisted the addition, but stretched then clamped down tight again. Thankfully her muscles are very strong. With two fingers in a V, I rotate my hand so they straddle her clit, and pump. Here's another time I'm careful about putting too much or direct pressure on her clit.

"I'm also increasing pressure behind the clit as I slide along the ceiling and stretch it. That pulls gently on the clit, but also starts to involve her G spot. When I want to bring the G closer to me, I can rotate her knees up. I'm still very careful to surround it with my V. Two fingers works out very well since with just one it's too easy to bump directly into the G or the clit. I want her to scream in joy, not pain.

"Before I do that, sorry Sue, I'm going to slip in one more finger though I could push four in now. Stretching her sweet cunt too fast can also be painful, but sometimes they're in the mood for some pain. Blocked by the other two, three fingers can't go all the way in, but do help her feel 'full', at least until she's ready for four. Usually two are enough to get her off, but today I want four inside to scoop up her sweetness. Bring your noses close to her pussy and my hand, take a slow deep smell and tell me what you think of the aroma."

"It's very strong now, but it is very heady. I can't wait to get in there myself."

"I agree. My scent was never this strong or sweet smelling. I'm still not crazy about it, but it's growing on me. Imagine, ever liking my sister's sex scent!" [46]

"The aroma and taste change a bit with orgasm, so I wanted you to take this scent as your reference. I see Joe is ready, but Lois, if you're brave enough, I'd like you to taste this nectar. Later, I bet you won't be able to get enough of it."

"I'm not sure I'm ready to taste it ... but I said I'd trust you, so if you think I'm ready I'll try a little."

"I do. And good for you. It's not very risky. I'd rather get Sue off first, but we'd lose her reference. Sue, it won't be much longer. My three fingers are dripping with your dew. One more minute of pumping and I'll switch hands inside you while we savor you. If you want to watch us, I'll move us closer to you." When Sue got close to cumming I switched to two fingers of my left hand inside her, one before and one after extracting my three sopping fingers. "I'm making the exchange of hands part of the stimulation, so for a moment I had four fingers inside this hungry cunt. My left hand is weaker and a little awkward, but two fingers will keep pumping and sliding until I get my right hand back inside.

"I've brought Sue to the verge a few times so when she cums it should be very intense. Watch her glazed eyes as she watches us share her intimate juices. Put your noses on my fingers and inhale. It's tight quarters, so Joe, you take my ring finger, Lois my middle finger is yours and I'll take the other. Let's enjoy the scent a moment, nose to nose." We were so close that as I smelled a finger, I leaned a little and touched Lois's warm face with mine. Obviously a little giddy, she leaned into me too. That simple relaxed contact was amazingly intoxicating and comforting. Seeing this, a smile supplemented Sue's sex grimace.

"OK, let's gently taste my fingers." Joe and I quickly started, and watched Lois. She was very leery and watched us lick the juice. I smiled and nodded at her until she tentatively touched her tongue tip to my finger. She carefully tasted the fluid and I told her to take a bigger taste. [47] Her tongue licked along half my finger and she analyzed it again. Her eyes widened and, with no further prompting, she again put her tongue against my finger, wiped around and sucked it wholly into her mouth!

"You know, I think I'm getting a little high. I never imagined licking anyone's fingers, certainly NOT after they were inside someone's body. I'm really liking the scent and now the taste. Mmmm"

My heart leapt and we all laughed quietly. Lois got greedier and, still 'mmmming, ' completely cleaned her assigned finger and moved on to mine! Her tongue licked around it, hit my tongue and kept licking! Our tongues tangled on my finger. Where's her germ phobia while she's swapping spit with me? [48] I wasn't complaining, in fact I groaned at the pleasure.

//MMMM the memory of that sweet taste and Lois' happy tongue and warm reactions have given me a new hard on. Ohhhhh, Lynn, thanks for sucking it while we watch my wife and Reggie finger themselves. We'll, uhhh, get back to the diary in a minute... //

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