The Hitchhikers

by Olderneighbor

Copyright© 2011 by Olderneighbor

Erotica Sex Story: I was driving home from a holiday when I picked up two girls. My fantasies soon became a reality.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Rough   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Big Breasts   .

I was driving along highway 101 in northern California, heading back south to home after a few days of visiting friends in Humboldt County. It was springtime and had been a nice few days, hiking through the Redwoods and walking the beach. And I could still take my time going home, as it was still several days before I had to return to work.

By the way, I was 52 years old at the time, a teacher on spring break. I was not as wild as other spring breakers, but I had my moments. Okay, not the sex part I had read and seen about on videos. But I did my share of drinking. As a matter of fact, my last night I had had quite a bit and, even though I was only a few hours into my return trip, already I was considering places to stop for the night.

Perhaps I could get to San Francisco. It would still be early enough to enjoy a little of Fisherman's Wharf, have a drink or two, get to bed early, and get an early start for home. This was a Friday, so I could be home by Saturday and have Sunday as a rest at home before work on Monday. I was such a planner, no matter how I felt.

Not so good this time as usual, however, as I noticed my gas gauge getting low. Very unusual for me to not fill up before leaving town. Somehow this my have been a foreshadow of the weird day it ended up being.

Garberville was coming up, so I decided to get gas there. After filling up, I absentmindedly headed back to the highway. Just as I turned to the entrance, I saw two girls hitchhiking. Without even thinking, I stopped just ahead of them.

I came out of my planning reverie when I saw a couple of people on the side of the road coming up. As I approached, I saw they were two young girls, and they turned around to stick their thumbs out as they heard my truck. On an impulse, I'm sure at least partially driven by my ( adj. )hangover, I stopped.

It was rather rash on my part, not really considering the fact that I was driving a truck which, even though it had an extended cab, it was also piled with my luggage. I was considering my alternatives as one of the girls opened the passenger door.

She quickly surveyed me and my cab, then queried, "Do you expect us to get in the bed of this thing, mister? Look at all this gear up here." I noted her long brunette hair and pretty face.

"Yeah, I know. I guess I wasn't thinking. Sorry."

The other girl showed up on my side and tapped on the window. I lowered it and she gave me a good looking over, it seemed. She had short, blonde hair and a prettier face than the other. Then she also looked at all my stuff in there.

"Damn, Chelsea, he looks safe too. Older is safer, right?"

"Not always, Lisa. I've heard stories. Plus I can see he wants us in his bed." They were acting like I wasn't even there. Then she acknowledged me, "Hey, mister, we really need a ride, so are you a pervert or anything?" That was rather straightforward.

I just smiled and said, "What's the difference? There's no room here, anyhow. But no, I am not a pervert. And I did notice your bed joke, by the way. Funny," I added sardonically. "I suppose if you really need a ride and trust me, I could put most of the stuff in the back. My backpack can fit behind the seat."

"Well, you look okay, I guess, and we really do want to get to San Francisco today some time, don't we Lisa? What do you think?" I thought I detected a sly smile cross her face as she finished the question.

Lisa still looked a little unsure, but Chelsea had already started to move my stuff, so she asked me, "Is there room for my backpack behind the seat too, mister? I have my laptop in it." I took it with a smile and placed it carefully next to mine.

Seemingly reassured now, Chelsea climbed in first, next to me. "Come on, Lisa, there's two of us so we'll be fine. Plus you know my intuition, and I can tell it will be great for all of us." Again, I thought I detected a sly smile with that last statement, along with what I took as a suggestive tone. "Now get in, for Christ sake." As Lisa sat, I noticed Chelsea give her a reassuring pat on her thigh. Then I thought I saw more of a sensual squeeze there as well.

What could I be getting into here? I wondered now what if they were lesbians? Or what if I am the one in danger? And why didn't I get gas before I left? "Well, mister, we'll never get there if you don't start driving." That got me out of my worried thoughts.

Chelsea sure could ask questions. She asked if I was staying in San Francisco (answer-haven't decided), have I been there before (yes), where was I coming from and who was I with? (Eureka with friends), a girlfriend? (no), would I consider sharing a room in San Francisco (what?).

"What the heck? You were just considering whether or not I was a pervert, and now you're asking me if I'll share a motel room with you two?"

"Not a sleazy motel now, mind you. I was thinking more like the Holiday Inn right in Fisherman's Wharf. It isn't too expensive, well except you need to pay parking too, but it is nice. And there is a bar right across the street, with food and everything. Damn, I'm hungry." Like I said, she could talk and ask questions and confuse the heck out of me, while still wondering if I should be scared.

My head was spinning, but was able to reply, "I have been to that Holiday Inn. It is nice." I glanced at her now, quizzically, and I'm guessing my look of confusion must have turned to surprise. Chelsea was definitely rubbing Lisa's leg. Trying to ignore that and remembering she mentioned hunger, I stammered, "Would you like to pick up some lunch?"

"That would be great. There's a little town coming up with a cute sandwich store. We could pick up food and go somewhere for a little picnic. Doesn't that sound fun, Lisa? Oh, I know just the place where we can go too. Oh, my, mister, we don't even know your name. But I sense safe easily and like you. Don't you like him too, Lisa?"

Lisa finally gets a word in, "Yes, I think I like him too. So what is your name, mister?"

"My name is Steve, and I like you both as well. So you're both comfortable picking up lunch and going somewhere?"

Chelsea again, "Nice to meet you, Steve. And frankly, I was a little worried about you being comfortable with us. I know you saw me rubbing Lisa's leg, like this."

"Chelsea, give the guy a break. You are always trying to cause embarrassment. Oh, shit, stop it." I glanced to see Chelsea had just rubbed Lisa's crotch. "Sorry, Steve, she has been like this all morning, the horny bitch."

"Me horny? What about you, Lisa? Okay, I'll stop, or Steve may have an accident or two. Isn't that right, Steve?" She then suddenly put her hand on my crotch. "Yeap, I better stop for sure. He's a little hard, Lisa. (giggle) Oh, there's the sandwich place. Damn, almost missed it with my silly playing."

I had to break pretty hard to pull in. Luckily, no one was behind me. "Jesus, Chelsea. We could have had an accident there." At least that caused my erection to soften so I could comfortably get out of the truck.

I guess Chelsea didn't know I was already close to them, or she didn't care, when I overheard her whisper to Lisa, "He feels pretty big, Lisa." They both giggled as we approached the shop. Lesbians this ruled out, I hoped, but perhaps bi-sexual? Maybe my not getting gas could be a good thing?

Now I got a better look at both of them as they walk side by side in front of me. They were both wearing short, tight, shorts, both with excellent butts. Chelsea was the taller one, looking quite tall when next to the very short Lisa, even though she wasn't. My guess for Lisa was 5 foot only.

Lisa's legs seemed more athletic next to Chelsea's longer ones. In fact, her thighs looked downright powerful as did her rather muscular calves. I thought back to Chelsea's hand rubbing that bare skin. How nice would that feel! In contrast, Chelsea's legs seemed soft and less shapely, but very nice in their own way. Definitely, both were very sexy young women.

Inside, we grabbed a sandwich each, a bag of chips to share, and a soda apiece. Chelsea slightly objected when I handed the lady my money to pay, "Steve, we can get our own. After all, you are doing the driving."

"No, no, I've got it. Besides, it has been a long time since I've had the opportunity to treat a couple of good-looking young ladies," I insisted, glancing at each of them. Lisa's tits were bigger too, pushing against a tight, button-down blue blouse. I could not quite tell about Chelsea's, somewhat hidden by a loose t-shirt. Or maybe I did not look as close?

"Okay, just drive out of town a few miles now, I think. There is a redwood grove, forget the name, but we should be able to find a nice place there to picnic. Nice and secluded, would you prefer, Steve?" Chelsea queried. "Oh, I don't know why I'm asking. That's what Lisa and I prefer, so you're just stuck with that."

Lisa leaned forward, I noticed, to view my response, "Not at all, ladies. The more secluded the better, as far as I'm concerned." Both girls smiled somewhat connivingly at one another as I interpreted.

"There it comes, Steve. See, I was paying attention this time, even though my hands are itching to get at Lisa," she laughed. I could not help but think that I, too, had an itch as well.

We parked at the head of a trail leading into the redwoods, and soon we were walking deep amongst the tall trees. We passed several people, but I was a little surprised there were not more considering the beautiful day it was. Not that that bothered me at all.

Chelsea finally suggested we move off the trail and look for a place to picnic. We headed left off the path and finally found a clearing suitable enough to lay the blanket we had brought. I don't know why but I always carried a blanket as well as a sleeping bag with me, until now neither ever used. In this case, I'm glad I had it available.

We spread it out upon some flat ground, and I sat, prepared to gorge upon my sandwich. But Chelsea had other ideas. "Let's have some quick fun before we eat. I so want at you, Lisa."

"Oh, Chelsea, control yourself," responded Lisa, "we don't want to embarrass our friend here, do we?"

"Of course we do, or perhaps instead he will like it and join in." And with that Chelsea pushed Lisa down and straddled her stomach. I sat intrigued as I watched her pin Lisa's arms above her and then lowered her face close, whispering, "You would like that, wouldn't you, girl?"

Chelsea kissed her full on the lips then, with Lisa giving only slight resistance. As the kiss prolonged, however, I saw that Lisa fought a little harder. When the kiss parted and Lisa glanced at my bewildered state, she pleaded, "Come on, Chelsea, Steve looks like he does not like this at all."

I guess my look did not convey my thoughts or excitement in this sight, so I acknowledged it now instead, "Actually, Lisa, you are wrong. I am surprised of course, but not that taken aback that I am not enjoying it. Please continue if you wish."

Chelsea now became a little more commanding. "Well, we don't have all day so let's get on with it then. Steve, get over here and hold Lisa's arms down for me." Okay, I was at least slightly bewildered by this turn of events and hesitated. "Hurry up!" she demanded now. So I did as instructed and positioned myself kneeling behind Lisa's head and holding her wrists. "If she resists, hold them tighter," she added as she released her own hands.

I felt Lisa tug and momentarily lost my grip on one wrist, but soon grabbed it tighter and held both fast to the ground. I have to admit at this point my cock was growing rapidly, and even more so when Chelsea quickly unclasped the button on Lisa's shorts and with a strong tug pulled both those and her panties down and off as Lisa only slightly resisted.

"Oh, shit," she exclaimed as immediately Chelsea's head went between her legs. Lisa squirmed and moaned in obvious pleasure even though I still felt her wrists both demanding release. As I increased the pressure on them, she winced, "Okay, Steve, ease up. I won't fight now." I was relieved by that and actually released them fully, surprised to see that she held them there on her own power now.

Chelsea then stopped her licking of Lisa's pussy long enough to tell me, "Get yourself naked, Steve. I can see you might want to get something some freedom." She was certainly correct by that statement, so I stood and quickly had my t-shirt, shorts and boxers off and flung to a far corner of the blanket. I then stood there, cock bobbing erectly above Lisa's head, not sure what to do next.

Chelsea again stopped her lapping to instruct, "Well, don't just stand there. Make her suck it." I quickly complied and kneeled next to Lisa's head, grabbing and turning it to face my hard cock, pressing it to her lips. I was delighted when Lisa did not resist and opened her mouth willingly to accept it.

I groaned in pleasure at the very first touch of my cock slipping slightly into her mouth. Only my cock head was in, but that was enough to feel her lips clasp it lightly and feel her tongue at the opening first, and then lick around it. I ventured to put a hand on one of her large boobs, which Lisa approved of by lifting her chest.

I grasped it tighter and pushed my cock farther into her mouth. Chelsea meanwhile reached both of her hands up and began unbuttoning Lisa's blouse. After the second button, however, as I watched in anticipation of Lisa's bra and cleavage revealed, Chelsea suddenly grasped the blouse in the middle and pulled it apart violently.

Lisa and I both gasped in surprise, but my cock took advantage of her wider mouth and plunged deeper, now halfway to its goal. I held it there and, to my surprise, Lisa's head moved upon it, taking another half inch. I eyed her bra and that those inviting boobs and my hand went quickly and removed one from its bra hold.

As I grasped it tightly again. I began moving my stroking my cock in and out of Lisa's lovely, thick lips. She in turn held her head in place, accepting more and more of it as it fucked her mouth. Suddenly I felt my hand slapped by Chelsea's, as gone unnoticed until now, her hands must have reached under Lisa's back and unclasped the wide bra strap.

Removing the bra and throwing it aside, I could now see the reason for the slap. Chelsea wanted her own possession of those massive tits. She grabbed them from below and lifted them skyward, and the sight of those uplifted huge boobs with their giant areolas and stiff nipples caused me to plunge my cock all the way in Lisa's mouth. Having reached partially down her throat, I saw her flail and pulled back, allowing Lisa's gag reflex to recover.

"Damn, that looked exciting," Chelsea exclaimed. "Do that some more, Steve, while I bring her to an orgasm. Try not to cum, though, as I'm sure you want to fuck her little cunt, don't you?" She immediately resumed licking Lisa's pussy and clit, and I willingly went back to fucking her face.

I have to admit I nearly did cum a couple of times as my hand basically mauled both of her tits while plunging my cock deeply in and out of her mouth and throat. But I was able to keep thinking of the reward of fucking her pussy and resisted.

Finally, Lisa moaned and groaned and her body shook visibly in orgasm. "Okay," Chelsea responded to that fact, "now it's my turn for some pleasure." She quickly jumped up and removed every stitch of her clothing. I could not help but admire another beautiful body as I also stood and prepared my assault on Lisa's pussy.

As if rehearsed, Lisa turned over and got into the doggy position as Chelsea and I traded positions. "Fuck her good with that nice cock, Steve," she proclaimed to me as we passed, slowing enough for her to stroke my cock herself. "The better you fuck her with this, the better it will be for me."

With that, she lay down on the blanket and spread her legs before Lisa. I was able to see Lisa immediately grasp Chelsea's clit between her lips while already inserting a finger into her cunt. With that sight as stimulation, I placed my cock to Lisa's pussy, found that sweet opening, placed the head inside, then plunged it harshly all in one stroke.

Lisa gasped against Chelsea's pussy, but showed no signs of protest, so I slammed into her some more before, delighted by her gasping sounds, before slowing to a more gradual fuck. I did want to enjoy something I had not had in awhile and not knowing I could have again.

Soon we had a rhythm going, and I found that not only could Chelsea talk, but she loved doing it while receiving her pleasure. Things like, "Oh, fuck, Lisa, yes, lick my clit and finger-fuck my cunt. Stick another finger in there and fuck it hard. Yes, Steve, fuck her good. Damn, this is feeling great. Fuck me, Lisa, fuck me. Fuck her, Steve, fuck her."

I don't know how I lasted as long as I did under those circumstances, what with besides Chelsea spouting nasty dirty talk all the while, Lisa also moaning and groaning and pushing against my every stroke. Of course, that all had to come to an end, and eventually, I pistoned my cock harder and faster into Lisa's cunt until I had to release.

This did not go unnoticed by either Chelsea or Lisa. "Yes, Steve, cum in Lisa's sweet pussy. Give her that nice feeling of sperm shooting wildly deeply into her. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, '" Chelsea screamed in obvious orgasmic delight as Lisa did the same, while she did feel my inordinate amount of cum squirting as I held my cock within.

We all then collapsed upon the blanket, even Chelsea lost for words for a time. We actually ate in relative silence before Chelsea spoke, "Damn, I don't know about you two, but I'm sure happy." Lisa and I still only had the energy to smile at Chelsea and each other in accordance.

And soon we were back on the highway to San Francisco. Chelsea and Lisa both dozed all the way until I pulled into the Holiday Inn. I actually wondered what the valet thought about me, an older man, being there with two lovely creatures as they. He smiled knowingly as I said, "My daughter and a friend."

After checking in, Chelsea and Lisa were already standing outside the car ready to unpack the luggage, and soon we were in a double room with two queen beds. I was also able to get a room in an upper floor overlooking the wharf and bay, not that we ended up enjoying that view too often.

All three of us showered, separately if you're wondering, then decided to take a walk down to the wharf and pier 39, a shopping, eating, and entertainment bonanza. We were getting hungry, but decided to do our dining (and drinking) closer to the hotel. So we went to the sports bar directly across from the hotel.

While there, I couldn't help but feel and see the looks at least the girls were getting, if not me as well being lucky enough to accompany them. We had all changed clothes, of course, and Lisa's boobs were shown off with a low-cut t-shirt, white no less with no bra. It seemed almost illegal the way her nipples protruded against the fabric. It barely reached below her huge knockers, accentuating the sexual effect it was having on me, and I imagined the patrons as well. That's not even to mention the tight jeans she wore, that magnificent butt just seeming to cry for a squeeze.

Chelsea also wore very tight jeans over an equally appetizing ass, and this time she was wearing a button-down blouse, no bra I noticed a few times as her buttons were spaced just so I could see a peek of her boobs.

After ordering drinks, but awaiting to order food, Chelsea went to the restroom. I, and others, were admiring her tight ass, when Lisa commented to me, "I can't wait to get her back."

Apparently, I thought, I must have missed something, because I had no clue what Lisa meant by that statement. "What do you mean, get her back?" I asked innocently.

"Don't get me wrong, Steve, I really did enjoy this afternoon. But between her finger-fucking my pussy and you following that with your pounding fucking, my pussy hurts like it's been gangbanged." Not only wondering if she knew that from experience, but I also did know I had missed something.

"Lisa, I'm sorry if I hurt you in my passion," I answered even though my cock was responding other than compassionately, "but I really did feel like you were liking it. I just, I don't know, didn't feel like it wasn't something you didn't want."

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