by StorytellerJ

Copyright© 2011 by StorytellerJ

Erotica Sex Story: Finding herself in a financial jam, a young single mother and college student takes a job she never thought she would.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Gang Bang   .

Janice stood, towel in hand, gazing at her reflection in the mirror. Moving the towel to one side, she looked closely at her naked body. She needed the money, she thought, but ... could she really do this? Her outfit for the evening was hanging on the chair next to John's desk. With a quick worried look, she checked the office door to make sure it was locked, not that it mattered, she sighed; after all she had agreed to do the job. Part of her had been having misgivings ever since she had accepted the job. Another part of her was secretly looking forward to the evening. I mean, what the hell, She knew before she had agreed to take the job that it wasn't the kind of job a girl would want to tell her mother about. She needed the money and that is all that this was all about ... wasn't it.

She was a 24 years old, single mother, with a three year old, a junior in college, a week behind on her rent, and with in days of having her car repossessed, what a mess. It seemed like she was always short of money. She had been working as a bartender or waitress for a company that catered weddings and parties for the last several years. The money wasn't bad; but it just wasn't enough to pay the bills.

She had a friend, named Anna, who like Janice was young, single and also had money problems, they had discussed their difficulties on many occasions. Anna had recently started working some stag parties and Janice had watched her friend's financial picture improve dramatically. Anna wasn't getting rich but at least she could pay her bills and there was a little left over. Anna had suggested several times that she should work stag parties, and even introduced her to her boss, John Le Nore.

John was better known for his topless bar, but also owned the business that Anna sometimes worked for catering private parties, mainly stag parties. She felt like he was a bit of a shady character and had always said no when either Anna or John had asked her to work for him. As her money situation became more desperate, she had finally called John. She asked if he had a party she could work and told him her situation. He sounded pleased that she had called and made an appointment to meet with her...

The Sons of Iowa Social Hall was a 9,000 square foot private club used mainly by John for booking his private parties. The club was on 130 acres of land a few miles east of El Cajon on highway 94. It was set way back, out of site from the road and there were no other buildings in sight. Janice parked next to the only 2 cars in the front lot and walked to the entrance. It wasn't fancy, but it was clean. The parking lot was black topped with parking lights and painted parking stripes, much like a supermarket. A gated one-lane road circled the building to another smaller parking lot without lights or striping in the back. From there the road continued on around the building to the other side and back to the front lot and another gate. She tried the front door, it was open and stepped in, pausing by the door she looked around. There was no one in sight. The entry hall was 12 x 24 with a large hostess table that looked more or less fixed in place, at the far end of the room. Large, open farmland, pictures hung on the wall to the left and a series of windows lined the wall to the right. A double doorway to the left of the hostess table led to a large open room with a stage, dance floor, and dinning area. On the other side of the room, a doorway led to a separate bar. Along the back wall, of the room, there was a small kitchen area, two restrooms, and John's office.

John came out of his office to greet her, "Janice, back here!" he called. She walked quickly crossing the room to his office. "Come on in, sit down" he said pointing at a chair. "Would you like some coffee or anything?"

"No" she replied trying to hide the nervous quiver in her voice.

"Well I'm glad you called, you're an attractive girl, and I think you will do well." "You do know that this will be a stag party, and that there will be, most likely, some nudity." John said looking her questioningly.


"You've thought about this and you're Ok with it, then?" he asked looking at her, to gage her reaction.

"Yes" she said not wanting to betray her doubts.

"You don't have a husband or boyfriend who would object to you working here, do you?"

"No, no husband and no boy friend"

"You every done anything like this before?" he asked "No, not really, but I'll be alright."

He looked thoughtfully "What does, not really mean?"

"Nothing ... I mean I've stripped for a boy friend a couple of times ... but nothing professional"

"Oh, well," he said dismissively "let me tell you what we have to offer then. I know you said you needed 3 to 4 thousand, by Monday, but I'm not sure that is possible, but here is what I have." He said watching her intently. "We Have a Party for 75 people Friday night, with a bar and appetizers set up here in the dining area and we will need 2 people here to serve the drinks and keep the food replenished. They will get $100 each plus tips. We also will need 4 Stage Strippers, they get $250 each plus tips, if they stay on the stage, and an extra $300 each, for anyone that works the floor"

Janice could feel her hopes diminish as he spoke. She felt sick to her stomach, she had counted on this, but he wasn't talking the money she needed.

"As you can see these jobs pay well but they don't come close to paying what you said you needed."

"I guess you're right, I was hoping I could do better." Janice said, her head drooping "I'll have to think of something else, but thank you." She was surprised to feel a level of disappointment that had nothing to do with money.

"What will you do?"

"I don't know," she shook her head "but something, I need the money"

"Well..." he seemed to hesitate "I don't know if you would be interested or even if you could do it but..."

"What?" she inquired a feeling a ray of hope return.

"Well there is one other thing. There will be a second private party, in the bar for a few select people. The door to the bar will be locked. The room will be rented to them, but we will not be involved. The girls we put in the bar will be working for them; and the money for the girls will be on the bar in an envelope when she arrives. The girls will have the key to the exit door. What happens in that room will be up to them, if the party members leaves happy, there will be more work, of a similar nature. If they don't leave happy, then we will re-negotiate the fee for the night. Only the man paying for the party and a few friends that he will personally invite will be allowed in. We have agreed that this number will not exceed a total of 15 people, that's what they have paid for. They will come and go, though the exit door to the back parking lot, which the girls will open. They want a private place to talk some business without being seen or interrupted and they want a special level of service. I was going to put 2 girls, one bartender and one cocktail server, in there at $1500 each plus tips."

"For 15 people?" Janice's eyes picked up "Special Level of Service?"

"Well, it's not really spelled out," John said watching her closely " but basically what they want is that there servers be dressed in skimpy outfits, they what to verbally spar with the girls and they want the freedom to get a little touchy feely. That means that ever time you walk to a table you are probably going to have guys, making comments, ogling your tits and grabbing your ass and you are going to have to deal with this, with out pissing them off."

Janice thought about that for a minute, she needed the money but could she deal the comments, the looks, and the hands. $1500 was better, but it still wasn't half of what she needed. She had never dealt with the locker room side of the male world before, could she do it? She felt some fear and trepidation, but there also was a certain excitement, at the prospect of dealing with a group of men on such a sexual basis, maybe. 'Do you think one girl could do it for $3000"

"I don't know," John said looking at her for a moment, not really surprised, knowing the level of her desperation. "Stand up" She stood and felt a twinge go thru her, anticipating what he would be asking next. He looked at her hard, undressing her with his eyes. "Turn around slowly" She turned slowly feeling his eyes as they roamed over her scrutinizing her body from head to toe. "Drop your blouse and skirt, you can keep the bra and panties."

She lowered her eyes, slowly ever so slowly her hands timidly moved to the buttons on her blouse, the age-old good self, bad self-argument was raging in the back of her mind, but her body didn't seem to be listening. Lifting her eyes and focusing them on a spot behind John, she took a breath and began to repeat, I can do this, I can do this, to herself as she undid the buttons of her blouse, hesitating for a second and then lightly shrugged her shoulders, dropping the blouse to the floor, before she could chickened out. The skirt followed, slipping down past her hips and floating to the floor with her blouse. Janice step forward away from the pile of clothes, her mind racing, she was wearing as much she would wear on the beach, a beige bra with matching thong panties, but she felt naked.

A warm lightheaded tingling sensation was flashing through her. She fought to maintain a cool detached attitude. Her eyes slowly giving her a way, betraying her as they nervously shifted from the spot on the wall to John and back again, looking for any sign of his reaction. She was surprised at the coolness in his expression. His eyes swept over her with a detached professional look that reminded her of Arnold at the pawnshop, when he examined the ring she had hocked yesterday.

John wasn't bad looking, although she had never would have thought of him as being her type. In fact she had never, until now, thought of him in a sexual way, but his detachment bothered her. Instinctively she stood a little straighter and turned, giving him a profile view, and then without even being aware of it she arched her back to accentuate her ass and inhaled expanding her breasts, as her nipples grew hard, extending, thrusting out against the sheer lace of her seamless bra.

John liked the way she stood, tall and elegant, in her underwear. She was scared, but she was proud. Her blue gray eyes sparkled, her long blonde hair hanging in long thick waves down to her shoulder blades. Her tits were nice, 36 C's he thought to himself. Her firm waist and hips, he decided were almost perfect. "Nice ass" he said absently: "drop your bra."

Janice froze, the question was becoming very real now, could she really work almost naked in front of a bunch of men. John noticed her hesitation" If you can't show your tits to me ... what's going to happen Friday night if and when some guy cops a feel?"

She new he was right, if she was going to do this, she had to change. She had to get bolder, to rid herself of her feeling of humiliation and discomfort at being naked in front of others. Reaching up and grasping the clasp between her breasts she unhooked and whipped her bra away in one motion. She tried to boldly look him in the eye, as he stared at her breast and nipples.

She didn't like the cool reaction he displayed. She was very uncomfortable standing almost naked before him while looked her over like some item of merchandise. Without thinking, she slowly moved closer to him, never taking her eyes from his. Still no reaction on his part, damn him! She was finding it increasingly difficult to stand before him with no sign of desire or approval coming from his eyes. What was he thinking?

Several moments pasted his eyes still lingering her and then she took his hand and placed it on her breast, it felt good. His eyes flickered, his reserve slipping, and then he inhaled, his hand gently closing to grip her breast, kneading it momentarily and then his fingers contracted slowly across the surface of her breast until they were pinching her nipple and stretching it, twisting, and tugging at it. She saw with satisfaction the flames of lust in his eyes. Victory at last some measure of approval.

Her breathing was quick and shallow, her eyes at half-mast, and she began to weave slightly on her feet. Her breast was stretched, extended and distorting as he continued to pull on it. Janice steadily eased her shoulder back from him as he pulled on her nipple increasing the strain on her breast and nipple and the electric feeling surging up from her pussey ... He let his hand drop from her tit, stepping back, he stammered "ah, I think we better keep this on a business level ... for both of us" he added almost apologetically. " You can get dressed now"

Wow! She thought as she tried to gather herself, She was surprised and stunned to realize that she had actually taken his hand and placed it on her breast I never would have thought that I could do something that. She could still feel the intense heat in her breasts and cheeks. That was incredible; I never thought that I would like it so ... rough ... like that...

John fought to maintain his cool approach, but it was to late, she had won that round, she knew it and so did he. Turning to pickup her clothes her eyes dropped to his crotch and she saw the outline of his cock pushing against the fabric of his trousers. With her back turned she resisted the urge to shove a fist in the air and shout YES!

John blinked several times, trying to shake the memory of her erect nipple between his fingers. It had been some time since he had been affected so strongly by a young girl. He thought the business he was in had deadened him to such feelings, but here he stood feeling like some high school kid. He waited while she dressed, with his back turned, and tried to recover his self-control.

$3000 is a lot for one girl, I might be able to sell it for ... say $2500 plus tips." His face thoughtful and showing no personal interest in her.

She was surprised at his quick recovery and her reaction to him She didn't quite understand why, but something in her felt offended "If you get them to agree to $2500, I will do it." She all but whispered

"Well if you think you want to and can do it"

"I think I proved I can and I will" she said looking him in the eye " You copped a feel ... right" "Yes well ... you know," he said, "for that kind of money they will have expectations"

"What? I don't have to fuck'um do I" she said surprised at her boldness.

"No and if you did, I wouldn't want to know about it. What you do in that room, on that night, is your business, but they do want a video tape of the evening."

"What?" she stammered, "I thought they wanted privacy."

"Hey! they are paying a lot of money; if they want it, they get it. Maybe they want it for something to remember and maybe they want it for something else. That's their business. Besides, a video offers you some protection too; after all, they are not going to get to far out of line knowing they are being filmed. Think about it!" he indignantly.

"I guess you are right ... OK" she conceded "but who is going to do the filming"

"We have 4 mounted cameras that cover the room and they want the right to bring in one of their own camera for close ups. We have a kid in, La Mesa that will edit all the tapes into one finished video and then destroy, all the out takes. They will have to pick up their copy of the video at my office before four o'clock the next day or it will be destroyed also"


"Ok then, if this is settled, I'll see you Saturday night then at 9 o'clock."

"Ah ... what should I wear?"

"We will have a costume for you, Stop by Hilltop Tailoring for a fitting, when you leave here. I will call to let them know to expect in 10 to 15 minutes. It will be here, for you, Friday night," he said.

As she reached the door he called to her " Oh, by the way shave your pussey and anything else that may need it."

Janice swallowed hard "My pussey?'

'Yes um! I told you the costumes would be skimpy"

"OK ... well I guess ... I'll see ya then." Janice said again turning to leave. For the first time since she had arrived she became aware that there were other people in the building. She saw two men working on the staging lighting, watching her as she left. She could tell they had heard at least the last part of the conversation between her and John. She felt the heat rise as she blushed, wondering what they thought. Looking straight ahead, she walked briskly to her car.

The appointment with the tailor went smoothly. An oriental lady, the shop owner, gave her a costume and asked her step into the changing room, remove everything except her panties, put on the costume and return for marking. The costume was a one piece dress, buttoned in the front, fairly low cut, Sleeveless, with a short mini skirt, hanging only 3 or 4 inches below her crotch. Oh well she thought it could have been worse. The material was heavy stretch type used in ski pants. The girl made several quick marks here and there with a marker and stood back looking at it intently as if to visualize the finished product. Then she moved back in for a couple more marks around her under arms and under her breast. Stepping back she smiled "That should do it"

Janice arrived at the social hall just before 9 pm, she was nervous; she didn't know what to expect for sure, whether the guys would like her or if she could handle herself in the manner that they expected. What did they expect? She had nagging thoughts on what they might be expecting since her interview with John, but had dismissed her suspicions as nonsense, after all this was a public place. Besides she had not agreed to do anything more then to wear a skimpy costume, put up with some comments and possibly let them play a little grab ass if they were fast enough. Was it going to be just a business meeting with her as a sexual after thought, she wondered, or would she be the center of attention in a heated evening of sexual skirmishing. Over the last couple nights she had become aware that there was apart of her that was excited at the prospect of having a group of men view her as a sexually object. What ever had happened to woman's lib? She giggled, her mind racing, Was she to be an ornament to decorate the table, or the main entree? She started toward the entrance. "Looks like the parties in full swing" she murmured as she looked around. The parking was about a third full.

John met her in the hallway; he had been sitting at a table across from his office. The Music was loud and a bunch of guys were watching a girl dance on stage, She must have just started her number. Janice thought she almost fully dressed. John rose to meet her.

"Nervous?" he asked as she approached.

She thought about trying to put on a brave front, but gave up the idea. "Yes, I not sure what to expect."

"From what I've seen, I think you will do just find" John said smiling at her encouragingly. "If you do find it's to much for you to handle by yourself, there is a intercom behind the bar, just call anytime before 11:30 and we will get you a helper, after that your on your own. Your friend Anna will be working on stage tonight and has volunteered to stick around and help you if you need her.

"Thank you, but I think I will be alright, at least once I get going. I just have to get over the jitters. Once I get past the skimpy costume and start serving drinks I will be fine." She smiled bravely, surprised to hear that Anna was stripping.

"Ok" he said pointing to the office " You can change in there. Your costume is on the back of a chair and there is a mirror, if you need it, on the back of the door. When your dressed, unlock the office door, but go into the bar thru the other door in the office it will let you in right behind the bar. Look around and make yourself comfortable with the room, I will be over shortly to show around and help you find anything that you haven't be able to find. This is the office door key, and this one will open the back door so your customers can come in. Your customers will be wearing red nametags like this" he said holding up for her to see ... Don't let anyone in without a nametag."

Janice nodded and took the keys and headed for the office. John watched her walk to the office, his eye on the way her hips moved. He was thinking of her standing so proudly in his office, in just her panties, and the way her tits had felt and those nipples. Cut it out, your acting like a silly schoolboy, John thought to himself. He thought of her costume waiting for her in the office, as silly as it seemed, he found himself eagerly anticipating the chance to see her in it.

Janice closed the office door locking it She looked at the mirror on the door it was full length. In a corner against the wall behind his desk there was a hand sink and small hidden medicine cabinet with shaving implements and aftershave. Looks like John used the area to shave, she thought to herself, wondering why that mattered to her, but it did.

The costume was on the chair in front of his desk, it was light beige. She looked around the office. It was a nice looking room with dark paneling, a 6'rosewood desk with a leather office chair behind it and two straight back wood chairs with upholstered seats in front. The wall behind the desk had both base and wall cabinets stretching along most of the wall. The door to the bar he had told her to use was in the corner. She walked over and unlocked the door looking in, there was a white envelope lying on the bar just a few feet away. She started to reach for it and stopped. Later she thought it's time to get dressed.

Walking back to the mirror, she unbuttoned her blouse, laying it over the other chair. She unfastened her bra and put it with the blouse. Next she stepped out of her slacks. She looked at her self in the mirror. "Well girl ... just what are you getting yourself into?" She asked softy. She ran a hand up her sides to her under arms. Oops! She thought your getting a little sweaty their girl, and you showered less than an hour ago. I think your nerves are showing. Walking to the sink she found a towel hanging next to it. I hope he doesn't mind my using his towel, she thought, and washed her under arms. She held the up the towel and smelled it before drying herself. She could smell him. She shuddered. "Oh god girl, your getting horney." She whispered to herself.

She stood looking at herself in the mirror, wondering if this was a mistake or not, but not knowing what else she could do. Finally she turned and picked up her costume. She almost shrieked when she saw it. "Oh my god!" she said " I can't wear this." She stood looking at it. Turned it around, she sipped her arms in and started to button it. It was to tight; it was almost two inches to small. She looked at it, and then tugged on it, and it stretched, she had forgotten that they were using a stretchable material. She tried again and buttoned one button at the waist, she reached for the next button up and buttoned it. That was it! No more buttons "Goddamn!" she muttered. One button an inch and a half below her navel and one an inch and a half above her navel that's all there was holding it together. I fit her around the waist and chest like a second skin. The stretch material cut just below the underside of her breasts, which then jutted tantalizingly out over the heavier material. Her breasts were held in place by a panel of sheer nylon stocking material, which incased each breast much like nude pantyhose fit a woman's leg. She was totally exposed. Well her breasts were totally exposed. She stood looking at her nipples watching them swell and extend, protruding like to small fingertips pointing out through the material encasing them ... The material was skin toned and so sheer it was as though she was wearing nothing over her breast. She could see the little bumps in her areola and the small creases in her aroused nipples. She stood looking in awe, she couldn't help being impressed with the workmanship. It fit to perfection, but it was so brazen, in your face, here I am sexually. There no way she could wear it. She walked around the room nervously trying to think what she would tell John. That's when she noticed that the skirt was completely open in the front. It was a wrap around shirt with no over hang. The skirt came together held perfectly in place by the two buttons at her navel. It fell from there with both ends of the skirt perfectly aligned, touching together, just barely, from button to hem. And the hem was shorter than the one in the tailoring shop. This one wasn't more that 2 inches below her crotch. My God! She exclaimed again, turning to look at her back in the mirror.

"Well at least it covers my ass, well at least it does as long as I'm standing up straight it." She mumbled

"Ah shit," she said looking around frantically. " There's no pants for this thing. Am I supposed to wear this with out ... oh fuck! ... hmh ... yeah ... most likely! I'm supposed to wear this fuck me dress and entertain 15 guys ... shit they are going wear this little girl out." She sat down on one of the straight back chairs, trying to think of what she was going to do. The Hem was weighted lightly just enough to make it hang right, and the front vent was stiffen ever so slightly with some sort of facing material which seemed to keep it hanging straight without being overly stiff. But when she walked the material would swing exposing her, how exposed would depend on how fast she was moving. She sat shaking her head. What was she to do, she slowly looked over at herself in the mirror and quickly slammed her legs back together. Standing up, she quickly decided this was definitely not a dress to sit in. It was a great out fit to wear for a lover but not for a bunch of strange men. She had visions of being ravished by 15 men, which she quickly pushed away.

"If I call John and tell him I can't wear this, he will just send Anna in to do it.

No, that won't work" she thought, "This outfit won't fit Anna.

No he said he would send her in to help if I needed, She thought. He must have a costume around here somewhere for her, or he wouldn't send her in. She started poking through the cabinets, it didn't long and she found another costume just like hers folded on a shelf. So obviously he wasn't taking any chances, if she cried uncle he would just send in Anna and she would be out the money.

"Damn girl, you get into more messes."

It wasn't like she was a virgin; she hadn't been one since she was thirteen. She wasn't a prude, after all she had fucked almost every man she had ever gone with, she thought to herself.

The first time she had see her ex with his new girl she had picked up a guy in a bar and fucked him in an alley behind the bar. But that was about as wild as she had ever been and really to be honest she hadn't gone out with that many guys. She had slept with 6 to be exact, not counting the guy in the alley. Still, she thought of herself as being "a Good Girl" Not the Type of girl who would entertain a room of 15 men with Tits hanging out and in a short skirt and no panties. My God.

"Well girl, I guess, times are a changin'," she said. "I'm here, I need the money, I'm going to have to do it, and so, I might as well try to have some fun with it. Yeah, hah, hah, what a bunch of BS"

Standing in front of the mirror she looked herself in the eye "Well girl, can you pull it off? If you do, you will get yourself out of one jam, but can you stay out of trouble after that? I guess we'll find out. It's not going to get any better thinking about it. Lets do it." She said heading to the bar.

When she stepped into the bar she pickup the envelope and counted the money, $2500 in cash. Now where was she going to put it, after going thru all this, she sure didn't to lose it. She had left her purse in the car and her clothes on the chair in the office. She looked around she spotted a small empty plastic jar and put the money in it, shoving it to the back behind some other items on a shelf under the bar. Then she began to check the bar set up.

She had been working for close to half an hour getting ice, cutting lemons, a few limes and such when John came in the room. She had almost forgotten her outfit until she saw his eyes staring at he breast as he approached. " Oh shit " she muttered half turning away, before stopping and facing him.

His eyes lifted for a moment " A little jittery are we he smiled" his eyes dropping back to her breasts.

"Jittery ... Hell I feel Naked!"

"Well for all practical purposes you are." He laughed

"Very funny" she tried to ignore his eyes on her

"I like" he said fidgeting slightly " You have great nipples"

Embarrassed she looked down and saw that her nipples were hard as rock " Gee, what does a girl say to something like that ... Thank you ... I guess" she said and stared back at him. "I didn't find any panties to go with this outfit."

"I know. Well it looks like you are finding your way around OK, any questions?" He asked doing his best to look unaffected by her.

"I won't be able to bend over without showing my ass and pussy!" she fussed, not willing to let him ignore her discomfort.

"The guys will appreciate it" He quipped, "My advice is don't bend over unless you need to, or unless ... you want to."

"Smart ass!"

He chuckled. She was beginning to feel annoyed by his attitude of indifference again. She wasn't sure what kind of reaction she wanted from him. During the interview, when he was feeling her nipple, he had been ready to throw her on his desk and have his way with her. Is that what she wanted? Janice wasn't sure but she knew that if she was going to be on display for him, she definitely wanted to have a lot more impact than this. "Do you have the keys for the back bar."

"No we won't be using our liquor, they have their own, one of the guys will deliver it to you shortly. It's there booze, this is not our party, and we just rented the room. Your working tonight for them and whatever happens is between to you and them."

"OK" what about mixers?"

"He should have what they said they needed, there will only be twelve to fifteen guys so it won't be hard to work from bottles." he smiled.

"No except for working naked, it will be a piece of cake." She said straight-faced

The door open and Carl came in with three boxes stacked on a handcart. Janice turned quickly to the back bar, busing her self with a bar towel.

"Where would you like these?" he asked. John stood quietly waiting for her to answer him. She gave him a dirty look, seeing that he had no intention of helping her out.

"Set them next to the end of the bar and I will get them," She stammered

"Ok but I need you to check them in and sign for the stuff." Carl said as he plop the boxes down on the floor at the end of the bar.

"John will sign for it."

"No, I can't do that, Carl is from the liquor store down the way, Remember this has nothing to do with my operation here, this is their thing and you represent them. You will have to check the order in and sign for it." John grinned knowing full well that she had been trying to avoid facing the young man. "It's prepaid isn't it Carl." John asked moving to one of the tables, he sat down facing the bar.

"Yes it is." The youth declared as he put two bottles on the bar, ready to check them in with Janice.

She had lost her case and she knew, as she turned and looked at John with his shit-eating grin and she stuck her tongue out. John grinned back at her.

Carl was stacking bottles on the bar, from the first box, when he looked up, Janice saw the shocked look on his face and watched him fumble one of the bottles. She caught it just as it rolled off the edge of the bar. She giggled liking the affect she was having on him and found herself hoping John had notice too. "You almost dropped one." she said it setting it back nonchalantly on the bar. His eyes were glue to breasts now, she looked down and saw that her nipples were standing fully erect demanding there share of attention, He was young, maybe 19 or 20 Janice guessed. She found his nervousness exciting.

"Sorry..." he stammered taking a quick breath. He reached to retrieve the bottle Janice had replaced on the bar and in the process knocked his paper work off the bar on to the floor; he quickly moved to pick it up. Janice found she was enjoying his reaction, better than she had John's, even if John had paid her some compliments. She felt a certain sense of power watching the young man fumble about. He continued to do his job, while timidly seeking peaks at her tits. What would he do, she wondered if he knew she wasn't wearing any pants? A smile played across her lips as she thought about what his reaction might be. John had not shown any interest in that area. She was surprised he had not checked to make sure that she had complied with his instructions; I guess he figured he would know soon enough.

As they worked to finish the check in, he couldn't keep his eyes from straying back to breast. Finishing the first two liquor boxes she moved around to the far side of the bar so she could see the mixers and other items in the third box, still on the floor. Carl had squatted down and was reading off the bottles in the box as She checked them off the invoice. She saw his face at crotch level, not more than a foot away, as he looked up she reached across the bar to get a bar rag for the bottles. She was unable to resisted a smile when she heard him fall over against the bar.

Taking a small step towards him, she spread her leg slightly, and felt delightfully wicked. Her vaginal lips spread and her clit extended in excitement, as she felt the coolness of the air between her legs.

"Are you all right?" she asked looking down at him as he lay on the floor against the bar

"Yes I just bump my head." he said, barely audible, his eyes firmly fixed on her pussy.

"Well ok then thank you" she said waiting for him to have a good look. Then she moved back behind the bar and signed his invoice.

She was on fire; She was astonished at her behavior, she had never felt so much power as woman. A few more minutes and he would have actually been drooling and so would she. I better get a grip she thought to herself or it's going to be open season on Janice tonight.

John chuckled after Carl had left. " For a girl who was so upset a few minutes ago, you seem to be adjusting just fine." He said with a wicked grin.

She looked at him and smiled sheepishly " I guess even this job can have its moments"

"I think you are going to be just fine." John said starting for the door. " Oh I talked to Mike, he said the main party would probably continue for another hour or two but that he and his group would be moving back here in about 15 minutes, They'll knock on the door when they get here." John turned to go.

'Ok" Janice said

John stopped at the door and looked back just in time to see Janice bend over, with her feet spread, to pick the last box up off the floor. "God dang!" he muttered to himself as looked at her bare ass and pussy. "I don't know what so special about that girl, I'm surrounded by cunt and ass all day long. What is it about her that gets me so excited." He said to himself running his hand down his pant leg trying to sooth his ridged cock.

This might not be so bad after all Janice thought, I kind of enjoyed teasing that kid and I sure liked it when John missed a step on the way out, bet he thinks about that image for a while.

She had just finished putting the last bottles in order on the back bar and was looking around the room when she heard the knocking.

"It's Party time!" Janice said walking over to the door. Standing partly behind the door as she opened it she checked for nametags of the first 5 or 6 guys coming thru the door. "Good evening Gentlemen my name is Janice and it will be my pleasure to be your server this evening."

Hello, hiya they greeted her as they came thru the door and went their way. She returned to the bar.

"Can I get you anything to drink?"

"I'll have a Stoli on the rocks"

"Make it two" came another reply

"Chivas and water"

"I'll have Gin and Tonic and a Grand Marnier in a shifter for Mike he should be here momentarily."

"Jack Daniels straight up"

"And I'll have a Gentleman Jack and water" was the last

"Ok Gentleman, be right there" as she hurriedly prepared the drinks.

She assembled the drinks on a bar tray and walked slowly to the table. She was waiting for there reaction. Nobody had noticed her yet; only her head had been visible around the door, as they had entered. She didn't have long to wait. Approaching the table one of the guys looked up and choked out "Ah ... wow! Now that's the way I like 'em. Hey Charlie look at the hooters on this chick."

She was self-conscious as they all turned to look at once, but felt a certain element of excitement at the same time. She was pleased that they liked her hooters. She tried to keep from smiling at their looks and at the various comments. She moved up closer to the table to set the drinks in place.

"I believe you had the Stolis she said setting them down in front of the two guys to her left and then setting the other drinks down where they went. Almost immediately the fumbling began for money to tip her. The last one to tip was sitting across the table from her and held a ten-dollar bill up short-armed so she would have to reach for it, thus giving everyone a better look at her tits as she leaned out over the table. She knew what he was up to and smiled as she leaned forward to take the bill. Mike came I nto the room as she was reaching for it and had a good look at her ass. Hearing his footsteps, she started to turn, as she straightened, Mike was already there.

"Hi, I'm Mike the Grand Marnier" he said dropping a five on her tray.

"Thank you, Mike the Grand Marnier " she said returning to the bar.

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