Gas, Grass or Ass

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2011 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: No free rides, even on National Nude Day. Damaged beauty coerced to strip in public. Finally, others get involved in her education. One of them shares her milk.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Lactation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

"You can kiss my ass if you think I'm going to get all naked here on the street. Then you..."

Four weeks ago Gena was merely a barely attractive, zoftig, distant, class acquaintance I desperately wanted sitting on my face. At 5'10" in flats and 170 lbs., she wasn't my usual type. Her pleasant, not hot, face would never win a beauty contest, but I liked her innocent aura and girl-next-door accessibility. Despite her big frame, her 40x31x40 D+ cups figure always turned heads. She usually wore snug and plunging-neck tops that made tit men drool, but she always wore loose slacks and never showed her legs. Her demeanor also broadcast low self esteem and distrust.

Day 1 - On the last day of school, after ignoring me all year, even keeping a cold distance, my college infatuation actually sought me out. Once she learned we both lived in Brooklyn she asked if I were going to summer classes, then she asked for rides to and from school for several weeks. What nerve! She didn't even know enough to be suitably impressed with my cherry-red D-type Jaguar. She was desperate or she wouldn't even be talking to me. Apparently, after a crash, her car wouldn't be fixed for some time. Well, it was my turn to play it cool. I explained that while I would enjoy her company, I was hesitant only since I had to go 8 miles to get her and 10 more out of my usual way to school (36 miles extra per day). After some insincere pleading, I agreed to the rides for a fee and cheekily reminded her of the 70s expression "Gas, Grass or Ass, nobody rides free." Since she was saving for repairs, she couldn't offer cash/gas OR grass so only ASS was left.

Gena refused to trade sex for rides and I agreed I wouldn't demand sex, but she had to agree to all else. We both liked getting in an hour before classes for some last minute cramming and both had classes on Wednesdays and Fridays. We were even in the same afternoon class so we could leave together. That 1st day I demanded to see her bare ass in the campus lot BEFORE she got in my car. She refused and tried for another ride, but couldn't get one. So, leaving our last class, she pleaded with me to ride free. I stood firm, reminded her of our agreement and insisted she drop her pants at the car and stay bare-assed for 30 seconds. JUST 30 seconds. Fuming, she agreed.

In the lot, she stayed on her side of the car and waited for everyone to leave. I wouldn't let her drag it out so I gave her five minutes to comply or walk the 25 miles home. I'm not used to playing hard ball, but she needed the nudge. Finally, she slid her pants and panty down showing her surprisingly well toned thighs and a shapely ass. Even the light tan left sharp tan lines that told me she wore a full cover bikini bottom. I exaggerated a wolf whistle at her and asked her to spin for me. She refused, preferring instead to let the last three people leaving see her partially covered front. Even with the top down in the blistering heat, it was a quiet, chilly ride home. She had me leave her at Ocean Parkway and the Belt Parkway, a few blocks from her home. Was she being considerate? Or was she ashamed of something?

Day 2 - Actually two weeks later, when summer classes started, I drove the 8 mi to her drop off/pickup point. I insisted she show me her ass again, but this time she was to strip on her side and walk to my side of the car, ignoring all the morning traffic on Ocean Parkway. She grit her teeth and angrily threw her pants and panty at me. Just to spite me, I'm sure, she ran to my side of the car, the street side, around the back of the car. With her hands on hips, she wiggled her hirsute ass for me for 30 seconds. The auburn patches around her holes and at the tops of her thighs had to go. I reached out and lightly petted her dense, bare cheeks. She pulled away and glared at me still leaving her hairy box facing the heavy traffic. Keeping her bush turned away from me was an angry, defiant act. When she demanded her clothes back I told her she had to ride to classes as she was, bottomless and sitting on the towel I'd presciently brought with me. She shouted that was ridiculous, but I quickly stashed her clothes under my seat.

Usually, sitting bottomless in a car isn't too revealing due to the big doors, BUT on a D-type Jag or a TR-3, the doors scoop down low and offer a much better view to pedestrians and other cars. I told her to either get in or walk home bottomless - she got in. "Your bared, muscular legs are very shapely and sexy. If you don't want an impartial opinion, stop me now." She paused, but stayed silent. "They would really turn heads in shorts or a very short dress, but in the loose slacks they look like thick tree stumps. You already display those big breasts nicely." She seemed embarrassed by the attention and denied she could ever be sexy. "Then why would I want to see your sweet ass again after seeing it once?" No answer. She kept her hands folded in her lap, trying to hide her hirsute bush, for the entire trip.

After a quiet start, Gena opened up about her past. Kids always made fun of her size and looks since she was always big for her grade. She was always picked last for school sports teams. Finally asked on a date when a High School senior, she let the kid talk her into sex and gave it up carelessly. It turned out the kid dated her only on a dare and even bet he could lay her on the first date. He also ridiculed her bushy overgrowths. There was no second date. She lost her ability to trust people the same day she lost her virginity to a clumsy juvenile. I knew I could help her self esteem and accomplish my own selfish goal at once. A win-win for us.

At school, I made her get out and walk around to me before I gave her back her clothes. Though still a little cautious, I think she was beginning to enjoy the exposure. Although hundreds of students were in the lot, only the dozen nearest us could see her bare bottom. She dressed slowly, with a new confidence growing, next to me.

At the end of the day, we stopped at my side of the car and without waiting to be asked, and with a sly smirk, she stripped off her slacks and panty.

This time, during her 30-second wiggle show, I put one hand firmly on her left cheek and left it there thru all her wiggling. She didn't comment or object. The ride home was not as chilly as the other and she didn't have her hands on her lap to cover up. I even caught her letting her legs drift open and stay open, occasionally sneaking a furtive stoke into her hairy box.

Day 3- The following Wednesday. She was early for my pick up. This time she was in snug, high-thigh, light colored, shorts that casually and clearly revealed her plumped camel toe as she stood at her side of the car and cockily aimed her groin at me. I was pleasantly shocked at her progress and daring. Sometimes a little sprig of hair peeking out from shorts can be very lusty. In this case a whole forest was sprawling from her groin and capped her thighs. Fortunately, I usually don't mind crawling thru a few bushes to get to a picnic! Since I was focused on her sexy legs, as she slowly peeled the shorts off it took me a few seconds to notice she'd chosen not to wear panties. When she handed her shorts to me, I inspected the crotch and noted it was damp. It seemed to me she was ready for more challenges. She slowly walked around the FRONT of the car and gave me an eye full. Her naked ass swayed provocatively while she held her blouse bunched high at her waist and kept her eyes fixed on me. She ignored the usual barrage of horns and howls from the traffic jams she created.

When she reached my door, I stopped her and told her it was time for more. When she turned to me, her wild bush was at mouth level. I caught her watching me lick my lips as I tried to look thru her dense tangle of hair. After a long silence, I told her to remove her top and bra. I hoped she hadn't yet noticed my tenting pants.

"You can kiss my ass if you think I'm going to get all naked here on the street. Then you..."

"OK. I will."

"What? Do you have any idea how long it's been since anyone kissed me or my ass? Why would you... ?"

"Gena, do you really have no idea how hot you are? With that beautiful body you should have every horny guy in ten miles sniffing after you." Just for simple emphasis, I deeply sniffed her aromatic pants' crotch. "The rest of us will GET horny at the thought of touching you or kissing your ass so I am happy to offer my services. Many women get off on a good ass licking. You may be ready to experience that now. So strip for us ... please?"

Flustered, she stared at me a moment before opening her shirt. "I don't know what to say. No one has ever said that to me or shown any physical interest. Us?" She handed me her shirt and hesitatingly unbuckled the four hooks of her massive bra. Her long pubs fluttered just inches from my face in the breezes from the braking cars.

"Yes, US - Me and all these crazy drivers braking hard to gawk at your beautiful ass. No one will bother you while you're with me, so you can be daring and safe. You still need to be quick for now." I looked up just as her big tits fell out of her bra. "God! Those are awesome. They fulfill all the promises they teasingly make every day. What beautiful, shapely and perky tits for being so big. One nipple is already hard and looks so tasty. My girlfriend is a 32A cup, yet they already sag."

"Your GIRLFRIEND!?! " she bellowed. "You have a girl and you're making me strip for you? Asshole! How could you do that to her and use ME to do it?"

"Whoa. She knows all about this and has even suggested some ideas. You can meet her next week if you like." I already had planned that for NND. "Meanwhile, turn around and show all your new admirers your bountiful tits and sweet slit. Bend over so I can kiss your ass as promised. Quickly, before the police show up." Confused, she hesitated. Lost in thought, she slowly turned toward the main road as if under a spell. "Grab your ankles and swing those gorgeous tits for the sleepy commuters. Goooood! Now step back toward me." I held both hips and pulled her ass over the low-cut car door. After lightly stroking her smooth cheeks, I spread them to expose her pale brown puckered hole under a cluster of clean hair. I pushed her knees apart for a better view of her puffy, hairy, dewy, large labia. Knowing she would lurch, I slid my left hand up her right thigh and quickly cupped her puffed pussy. She pulled away and I pulled her back by her mons.

"Hey! I said 'kiss my ass' not make a spectacle of me and feel me..."

"And you agreed to everything but intercourse, so give me the next minute. Surrender to me and trust me. Slide your ass back to me, close to my mouth." Maybe the threat of the law pushed her to comply, but I only had a minute to enjoy her naked body so I made the most of it. I pressed my nose into her bedewed box and slid it up the long crack of her plush ass. While pausing with my mouth pushed against her fragrant pussy, I stretched my tongue to wrap it over all her labia and ensured she felt my warm wetness. Instead of pulling away, she squirmed on my face. My fantasy was already fulfilled and she tasted and smelled as phenomenally as I expected. Since she was pushing her pussy onto my exploring mouth, it was clear she enjoyed the experience - her first oral encounter. I was careful not to kiss any part of her too soon. I allowed her cheeks to close on my face so I could reach out for her dangling tits. The nipple I explored was already stiff. When I pinched it, she moaned so loudly I'm sure some of the other drivers heard her. With time pressing us, I slid my tongue between her labia, up and into her bigger crack until it pushed against her puckered muscle. I briefly licked it and pushed against the hole. She resisted, but I again pulled her cheeks apart and gave her a loud, sucking kiss on her slightly musky sphincter.

Gena lunged up, turned and stared at me in shock. "I ... I ah I thought you were just going to quickly kiss my ass cheek. Why did you do all that?"

"Honestly, there's more than one reason. I wanted you to feel the pleasure of an intimate encounter and how different it is from your assault, that's what it really was when you lost your virginity to that moron. It's obvious you enjoyed today despite your reluctance. We only had a minute, so you can imagine how much more intense it will be when we take an hour to explore your pleasure threshold. I can help you cum many times during that hour. Do you have multiple orgasms when you masturbate?"

"Give me back my clothes and let's leave fast. I don't talk to anyone about IF I masturbate ... but I don't get naked in public either, or have oral sex, or kiss, or feel ... ummm, things like this. So, umm, yes OK, OK, I do it and NO I don't have multiples. I'm not sure if I have any. It feels good, but it's not like what I heard. How embarrassing! Yes, even more than being naked. I don't think I've ever had a big O, so I can't be sure. So what are your other reasons?"

When she got to her side of the car, I tossed her the blouse. "That's all you're getting until we get to school. Don't button it more than half way and you will leave it open like that all day. Watch how the guys react to your stepped up teasing. It will be my delight to help you with your first real orgasm and your multiples. My other reasons? Well, I love teaching and seeing reactions to learning. I guess since you confided in me, I'll confess something to you. It's been my year-long fantasy since I first saw you to taste you while you sat on my face." Her eyes popped. She rode quietly and I enjoyed watching her perplexed look and lumbering big tits.

"Are we going to repeat what you did when we go home? Maybe we can take a little longer?"

"Ugggggh, Gena, I think you just made me stain my pants!" She giggled and stared at my crotch. Maybe she WILL be ready to participate in National Nude Day in two weeks? Grabbing her still damp shorts, I made a show of deeply sniffing its crotch. When I caught her slyly watching me, I licked and sucked the tasty, fragrant crotch.

After our last class, Gena approached the car with a group of four guys and six women close behind her. She unbuttoned her blouse before she got to the car, but waited for the guys to pass before tossing it to me. "You were right about all the attention I got today with my braless shirt half open. I never had so many comments, complements and droolers before. Most wanted my number. It was so much fun teasing them for a change! I've never, ever seen so many trouser tents. One guy leaned against me to whisper something sleazy, and look down my shirt, I'm sure. My hand touched his thing, you know. Well ... I didn't move it away. I pressed it and squeezed him in the hall. He nearly fell over." She grinned broadly and proudly.

One of the girls turned in time to see her expose her tits and her little shriek turned all her friends around. They all stopped and stared, slack jawed, at Gena's bare chest. I told her to continue stripping and ignore them or enjoy them, her choice. Her eyes sparkled with her pixy smirk as she turned back toward the girls and opened her shorts. As they stared with huge eyes, she peeled the shorts off, exposing her hairy, naked bush to them. She bent over and grabbed her ankles, staring at the dumbfounded girls. When I knelt behind her, the girls moved closer and silently surrounded us for a closer look.

I slid my hands up her thick thighs and over her smooth ass. The six women scuffled for position when I spread her cheeks open. I told her to relax her muscles and drew her asshole open. The girls stayed silent, but I heard their breathing get deep and raspy. I rolled my thumbs into the puckered depths of Gena's back raphe then slid them down to her labia, stroked them all and watched her outer lips engorge. I spread her lips open and some of us gazed deep into her gaping vagina. I commented loudly about how wet and fragrant her pussy was. "Gena, look at the girls. Have you ever seen women get aroused just watching YOU? The four in pants are rubbing their pussies over or under the slacks and the other two have their hands under their skirts. You can imagine what they're doing. Ask nicely and they may let you watch them rub their bare pussies." She looked back at them, blushed, but said nothing.

I licked her plump lips and pushed my tongue inside her pussy before pushing her legs apart and licking up to her clit. She shuddered abruptly at the first warm contact and her sweet-scented juices tripled. I licked and drank her nectar as quickly as I could, yet some made a trail down her thigh. She shuddered and groaned again as I licked her thigh clean. I had to brace her knees to keep her from collapsing. I told her, "THAT was your first orgasm today. It won't be your last." One of the girls released an orgasmic moan that turned Gena's head. All shyness was gone, so why the hell was I still dressed? The girls in slacks either had them down or had their hands buried inside them. The two in skirts had them hoisted to their waists. One had pulled her panty aside and showed us her topiary as she roughly rubbed her exposed, swollen clit. The other had no panties and was deeply fingering her bald pussy.

Gena was still bent over, but now leaning on the low car door. She saw the near nude girls all around us, yet said or did nothing. Before they became too distracting to either of us, I returned to Gena's waiting holes. I buried my nose in her musky brown hole so my tongue could wrap around and lick under her clitoral hood. I split it open and swirled my tongue gently around her growing clit. She moaned and quivered again in her second orgasm. This time I stayed on it, but slowly and lightly stroked it with my tongue then used my fingers to pull the hood side to side to put gentle, indirect pressure on her very sensitive pink pearl. I waited impatiently, with one eye on the self-gratifying fans, until Gena caught her breath and started to calm down.

Just before she lost her edge, I abruptly pushed a digit into her vacant vagina and held it still. She gasped and clenched my encroacher firmly. Her velvety, steamy slot gripped tightly and she held her breath. Seconds later, I twitched my finger up along the inner puckered walls of her cavern. She gasped deeply and lurched to one side. "What did you do? I don't remember feeling that before. Didn't I say 'no intercourse'?" In answer, I waited until she relaxed her grip on my digit and slowly withdrew it. She shuddered again at the sudden emptiness. I waited a few seconds, then shoved two fingers into her depths. She screamed and came a fourth time. There was soooo much more I wanted to do to her, but was she ready for it?

"Sadly, my dick is still in my pants, so be assured that whatever you feel inside you, it won't be my cock ... until you beg me to suck it or tuck it in you. Four orgasms in twenty minutes isn't bad for someone who never really had one in her life, is it? I think you can handle two more orgasms, but you'll tell me if you can't. Have you ever found your G-spot?" That should have her focus on the hidden pearl whether she'd visited it before or not.

"Isn't the G-spot a myth? Even if it does exist, I hear that not everyone has one; and I'm very sure I doughhhoughhhhn't..." Happily wrong again. I timed my approach with her words; first slipping my V shaped digits firmly against her upper vault so I would miss her spot. Anxious as I was to pounce on her tender spot, I alternately pressed one finger then the other against the moist, swollen, textured flesh surrounding the spot so each press pulsed and tugged in just the right way. I softened my attack to the gentlest stroking possible as I ran one finger over her strained, bulging spot. Just as she said 'don't', I pressed down harder and tugged it in a tiny circle. Her shriek echoed around the open parking area and I heard two more strangers behind me groan their sympathetic orgasms. When she could speak again, she grunted, 'Ohhhhh, God! What was that?"

"THAT was your G-spot concerto. It's not a myth. It was discovered about 150 years ago and some morons still dispute it, even making women doubt themselves. You definitely have one and it's working very well. See how fun hands on teaching can be? Ready for another orgasm? It may be your biggest yet."

"No, no more today or you'll have to pick me up and carry me into the car. I ... I ... I never imagined those feelings were possible or could be so intense. We better go."

"OK. Ladies, if any of you needs a ride in the future, you know the price. Here's my number. Call me." I helped Gena into the car and she sat stiffly, naked and woozy. I asked her if she wanted her blouse. She didn't answer. We drove out of the lot, but a few blocks later, I pulled over and helped her put on the loose top so we wouldn't get arrested. "You can leave it wide open, but cover up if you see any cops." She didn't respond. It fluttered wildly, nearly constantly open, yet occasionally covered one tit or the other, teasing drivers who always sped up to match our speed and gawk. When we got to her drop off spot, she climbed out, still dazed and started to walk away naked. I called her back and had to order her to put on her shorts and close at least one shirt button. I asked, pressed actually, if I could take her to her door, but she shook her head. "Next time I see you, I want to see your bush trimmed. No need to stylize it, but cut it short especially over your labia. Wax your bikini area and your back hole. Let me know if you want help with those. OK?" She walked away silently, still pensive and gave a simple, short backward wave over her shoulder.

Day 4- Friday, there was no ride. She called early to say she wasn't going in. I asked what was wrong and how I could help, but she spoke slowly yet gave no explanation. Maybe it had all been too much for my near virgin after all? Maybe I scared her too much to even consider a Nude Day operation? DAMN! That Monday, I called to check on her. She sounded much better and lively. Since she was also a little breathless, I asked "What have you been doing?" All she would say was 'Practicing.' and that she'd see me Wednesday at the usual time. I asked her to be early, but wouldn't say why. Nude Day was ON for sure!

Day 5- Wednesday, 7/14, National Nude Day at last! Gena was waiting when I pulled up to a screeching stop. Since the top was down again, she easily spotted my naked passenger well before I stopped. We noticed she already had a perplexed look. Her clothes were much more daring. She wore a very short, brown, pleated skirt that let the lowest bit of her ass flirt with all nearby eyeballs. It bounced haphazardly with every step in a playful, careless way that was new to her and easily exposed all of her dense, muscular legs and most of her tiny, white cotton, bikini panty. Her totally unbuttoned white blouse was snugly tied under her bountiful boobs. It was shear enough to see she also wore a nude bra that softly wrapped around and separated each soft tit.

"Umm, OHH, ehhh, Hi? Why are you guys naked? While waiting, I saw many naked people shouting from cars or walking around fearlessly. They screamed at me to 'take it off'. What's up with all that? I dressed as risky as I ever dared, yet now I feel overdressed. Who is this and why are YOU naked?" Her eyes flittered all over our bodies and kept returning to my mini me.

"So many questions! While I fill you in, strip for us. This is my girlfriend, Sue." Still seated in the low car, Sue reached out and up as if to shake hands. Instead, she lifted Gena's bantam skirt and pressed her palm against Gena's mons then slipped her fingers down the outline of her labia. Wish I had the nerve to do that when I meet a woman!

"Hi Gena. Nice to finally meet you. Honey, you were so right about her legs. They are very muscular and look great in this tiny tennis skirt, but any longer to her knees would make them look chunky instead." She kept stroking Gena's slit. Pretending to ignore the stimulating fingers, Gena took off her shirt and let her tits tumble in the form-fitting cradle of her pliable mesh bra. I caught her staring at Sue's small, sagging, swaying breasts. Sue turned her around and slid her other hand gently over Gena's tiny bikini and bulging butt. Gena unhooked the skirt and pried it over her head so Sue could continue her ribald attention unhindered. She was already much more receptive and compliant than we expected. Cars whizzed by, full of naked people who called out taunts and hung out their windows obscenely flaunting their nudity.

While Sue kept stroking Gena's deepening front raphe, she gently slid her other hand under the strained cotton panty, pried it away from her prominent posterior and lightly followed the steep curves across then into the deep rear raphe. "Sue love, don't go under her frontal panty until it is soaked with her juices. I'll come around and help." I stepped out of the car wearing just sneakers and walked as if in slow motion to Gena. She stared at my growing, springy shaft the whole time. It thrust lewdly, unaided when I saw her lick her lips.

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