Dawn Joggers

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2011 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Joggers expose, screw, eat and skinny dip in a park.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Lesbian   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

I spun her to me and kissed her deeply while not so subtly pushing two fingers profoundly into her amazingly, still damp love box. "Your sweet elixir is so compelling, I want it on my face until we meet again and refresh it." Six more early morning walkers passed unnoticed as I wiped my pussy drenched fingers across my nose and...

90 minutes earlier

My wife and I went out for our weekly sunrise jog. We were three days into a long midsummer heat wave, so predawn darkness was the only time to jog. Shelly was feeling daring and challenged us to one of our adventure runs. Always in the mood, I agreed and we both went commando in wide-legged jogging shorts. Mine reached just a few inches below my crotch, just enough to keep my junk hidden if, and only if, I stayed totally relaxed. It would soon be too warm to run in a shirt, so all I wore were the shorts and shoes.

Shelly chose her favorite plain, light weight, yellow cotton T-shirt that was much too tight when it was new, several years ago. Since then, she'd stretched the crew neck and the hem to more than double their normal size. It was her daily casual and jogging shirt, so it was wearing thin in places - especially the well-worn area over her tall nipples that rubbed and rubbed the fabric away with each step. She kept fit by also jumping rope braless, further thinning her shirt front. Neither of us could wait until her nipples finally burst thru the shirt in public. I wondered aloud if she would THEN stop wearing the shirt or if she would 'forget' that her nipples were poking thru it. She never answered me.

Somehow, the yellow shirt made her pale rose nipples look dark brown and DEMAND everyone's attention. I never understood how an opaque shirt could so conspicuously advertise her aureolas so clearly. With washing, it had also shrunk until it no longer reached her navel. Her constant tugging turned it into a bell-shaped opportunity for any and all peepers. She frequently used that to her advantage by bending unnecessarily sharply when serving guests so at least one had a full view up her shirt, past her tits and gorgeous nipples. When there were more guests, at least one got a full view down her crew neck over her dangling little tits and nipples to her feet. We loved watching their startled, unvoiced reaction to her bared, hard nipples. Also, without admitting she was flashing the neighborhood, she'd do some front yard gardening on all fours so the shirt fell and stayed away from her chest. The wide-open bell bottom was always facing the sidewalk and road. She always had happy helpers appear whenever she was out there. I smiled, and got hard, watching them look down the wide-open neckline, knowing they were enjoying her swinging tits and nipples. As if that wasn't enough, she'd get up slowly, ass first, with her hands still on the ground, so the stretched out hem could slide slowly up her body. The revealing shirt was free to slide up to her chin, rarely snagging on her hard nipples, and almost always completely exposing her bare tits to the sunshine and everyone nearby. Yet, she would never admit enjoying the prolonged flashing.

Summer sunrise, actually the darkest twilight just before it, found us clandestinely entering the park at least an hour before it officially opened. We had befriended a park worker, Paul, last year with little incentives. He knew to ignore us on the path and skinny dipping in the park pond, though we had to pay a price. But that's another tale! There were signs that we were not the first there that day.

Shelly's too-small green shorts were special, made of a clingy cotton stretch blend. They prophetically had the word EXPO silk screened front and back. How did they know? Just before leaving the house, she mindlessly pulled the tiny sports shorts up as tightly as she could so the seam buried itself into the front, naked slit they barely covered as well as her curvy rear raphe. The 3-inch inseam became 1 inch and made her long, toned legs look longer and sweeter. The loose pant legs fluttered as she moved in the first light of day and casually exposed most of one sweet ass cheek at a time. I let her lead often so I could enjoy the sight of her bare ass meat shimmy and shift with each step. No one, yet, was around to enjoy her flesh with me. Even dry, the front of her stretchable shorts clung to her fabulous camel toe and invited the world to lust over her meaty labia. If you looked carefully above her outlined snatch, you would also see the nearly threadbare, faintly puckered, topiary of her pubic nest. No wonder she always wore the same, worn shorts!

After my first 100 yards, my pumped up heart rate partially swelled my manhood enough that I could feel it start creeping down my leg. Remembering my wife's earlier dare, I chose not to coral my escaping cock despite the occasional clouts of runners we expected to encounter. The focused heat of my growing cock was lightly restrained by the shorts, held against my cooler thigh and demanded my awareness. The cool breeze against my partially exposed bishop contrasted deliciously with the creeping warmth of my dick's shaft. The polarized contrast added to my arousal and rapidly increased my tumescence.

As usual, we met our three casual jogging buddies and two new friends, all female, at the one mile mark. My dick had retracted slightly so it was now barely inside my legging. We both often flirted with abandon with the girls, even wolf whistling their sexy, minimal outfits. Shelly whistled much louder and 'crudely' than I ever dared. Some of the girls had even briefly flashed us their tits or ass in knowing response. Their subtle giggles told me they all noticed my straining, tented shorts and the impending escape of my wayward prick. Noticing them notice me only made my dick lurch. Our three friends knew to pretend we had never gone beyond the outlandish flirting, for the sake of the newbies.

I felt the slight pop as my dick escaped into the cool morning air and lifted my shorts in the golden predawn light. Two of our joggers gasped, telling me they saw the escape. Their eyes were locked on my throbbing meat and their gasps alerted the others to follow their gaze. Six beautiful women stared silently at half my naked dick bouncing openly as it pointed to our jog path. I looked around, 'ignoring' my lewd exposure while swinging it side to side. Shelly stared at the girls and grinned, partly embarrassed but mostly aroused by the immediate possibilities of my nakedness. After several drawn out seconds of considering if I should cover it up, I decided to leave it exposed. It lurched again in approval with my choice and grew harder.

Two women, total strangers, jogged toward us, grinned widely, elbowed each other as they stared at my jouncy junk and joined our group. One bold woman, Kris, moved between Shelly and me, let her hand linger on my ass and slid under my shorts as she crossed over. I didn't see her other hand also caress my wife's ass.

She not only went under Shelly's shorts, but pried one side up to expose a bare ass cheek to some of the others behind them. Since Shelly didn't react or object, she blatantly pushed the tiny shorts deep into her ass crack letting her fingers probe deeper than needed and left my wife's curvy cheek and part of her wrinkled hole exposed. The group before them was fixated on Shelly's strained crotch, watching the shorts creep deeper into her fattened lips. Even I, in the corner of my eye, could see the shorts shrink and noticed a finger crawl from behind her ass along one pussy lip. I saw it struggle to invade my wife's undefended cunt. After many seconds of quiet and heightened anticipation, the finger jimmied the seam aside and finally, clearly exposed half of my wife's cunt to the group. Shelly kept trying to keep up an inane conversation while her pussy felt the breeze of the early morning coolness race across her wet lips. The hand lifted Shelly to her toes so one finger could find its way knuckle deep inside my wife. Shelly shifted her legs and squirmed a bit to allow the finger to plunge deeper. Two more fingers appeared between her legs and pushed the shorts into her leg crease so my wife's swollen, extended clit and all of her shaved vulva were exposed to all of us.

Kris somehow still had her other hand on my ass. She twisted my shorts over my butt and buried much of it in my ass crack. One of the women whistled at my bared, hairy ass, reached for and pet it. Kris, still determined to escalate quickly, reached between my legs inside the shorts. Bless her brashness! Brushing my boys aside, she maneuvered the shorts so my balls dropped out into view and completely bared my cock to the women.

Others watched the bold second stranger pet my ass, then reach around to my front, "I'm Annie. Looks like you need a hand here." She wrapped her warm hand around my stiff and welcoming shaft and shook hands with it! Shelly gawked at her nerve, but enjoyed the show while I, gasping, did my best, yet had to STOP running in place. Annie asked, "Do you always run without support? Doesn't that crush the boys painfully?" She lifted my sac and sexily let her nails drag along it as it fell back. A man and woman passed us, then returned to join the bawdy group. They'd heard Ann's question and seemed interested in my answer, but really just wanted to stare at our bared genitals. I, we, never expected to draw a crowd like this.

"Usually, I protect the boys. Yet, today we both decided to run free and cool. You caught us in the right mood to share, so we hope you will all share yourselves with us too. I see you've noticed my wife is only wearing what you can see, and there isn't much of that either. In case any of you missed it, I didn't, your friend has completely exposed my wife's pretty pussy to you all and has some fingers in her." I just had to firebrand the obvious in their minds.

It was time to challenge them, so I reached out and cupped Annie's breast with one hand while lifting Kris's shirt with the other. She took the hint and tossed her shirt on the grass. I slipped a finger under her sport bra and pulled it up, over a large, titillating tit. She watched as I pinched and pulled her one exposed nipple then she quickly yanked off the bra. I pulled her closer to me by her tall, hard nipple and kissed her delectable lips, then her teat. Kris moaned lightly and drew all attention to her. I held her against my hip and cupped her curvy, barely covered ass a moment before walking my hand under her shorts. Her firm, voluptuous ass smoldered. She pulled Annie's shorts off, then her jog bra leaving her wearing just a small cotton panty and shoes. Annie yanked my shorts down and grabbed my hard cock again. Now naked, I kicked them away and snagged her panty and pulled it to her thighs, leaving it there for the lusty, half-stripped look. Her hairy pussy was trimmed short enough to reveal her swelling lips thru the bush. After cupping her mons, I slid a finger inside her fattened raphe to her clit and back down. As my wife watched, I slipped two fingers inside Annie and kissed her passionately. Shelly took my prick from Annie and stroked it against Annie's leg. The two guest joggers quietly backed away and ran off.

Topless Kris stepped back to Shelly and slowly pulled her shirt over her head so we could all watch her small tits interestingly reshape themselves as she raised and dropped her arms. Shelly pulled Kris' shorts to her knees then snagged her panty and pulled it into her shorts before removing both, leaving Kris naked on the path. Kris returned the gesture by prying my wife's shorts out of her leg crease and pulled it over her ankles.

The curious couple stripped off all their clothes, but didn't stay long for us to gawk at his huge cock or her immense sagging tits. The woman bent over to show us her ass and pussy, but shouted, "I can see where this is going, but we play alone." Her husband pushed two fingers into her glistening, colossal cunt then he sped away licking his fingers. We may have to rename this path the Naked Mile Jog Course! Two of the original joggers stripped off their shorts and panties, but left the jog bras on. They dug into their hairy bushes and one said, "We'll see you at the pond." They spread their lips to flash us some deep pink and ran off with pants in hand.

Four of us totally naked turned to the last holdout and Shelly demanded, "Well? Are you going to join us? These two don't know our routine, but you do. Girls, we leave all our clothes here and jog naked the last half mile to skinny dip in the pond." Oddly, Carol still hesitated perhaps because of the two strangers, or perhaps she wanted the penalty! Since she didn't say NO, I suggested we help her decide. We ripped her T-shirt to shreds and yanked her bra off, threatening to shred it too, but didn't. "Because you hesitated this time," Shelly added, "you won't have these to wear when we get back here." She laughed wickedly as she and Kris harshly yanked her shorts and panty off then ripped them to shreds as she watched. Carol shrieked, but didn't truly seem too upset at the idea of later running to her car naked. Shelly gathered her clothes and mine and compacted them AND Carol's sport bra and effects into a roll. Kris and Annie did the same with theirs.

While Annie was bent over, Shelly dropped to her knees, "Let's see how wet my husband made you, sweetie." Before Annie could stand, Shelly pushed three fingers into her wet snatch. I held her head down and slapped her face with my rigid rod. She quickly opened her mouth and captured it. As I fucked her face, Shelly fucked her pussy with her tongue. Kris and Carol sat down on the grass close-by to watch and quickly started fingering themselves, then each other. Shelly pushed a thumb into Annie's asshole. She moaned and vibrated my dick. I struggled to delay my eruption.

Carol crawled to Shelly and sucked her perfect nipple before asking her to let her take over in Annie's pussy. Carol licked Annie's ass crack, spread it wide and stuck her tongue in her gaping asshole. In moments, she replaced it with two fingers, knuckles deep and pried her tongue into her sloppy, wet cunt. Her other hand harshly pulled Annie's puckered nipple. She groaned around my dick again and I almost lost it.

Shelly, sex-starved look on her face, crawled over to Kris who was deeply finger fucking herself on the grass and breathing raspily. She pulled the fingers out of her cunt and sucked them clean while staring into Carol's eyes. They kissed frantically and deeply. I watched them assume the 69 position with my wife on top and I thrust deeper into Annie's throat. The exquisite heat and pressure made me gasp. After just a few deep throat strokes, I lost control. My sperm roiled in my balls and I felt the thundering, semen express train build pressure as it raced up my cock and finally with my loud, extended outburst, explode spastically into her throat. Annie held me pressed against her mouth while Carol flicked her clit. Her climbing vibrations revived my cock to full stiffness in a brief moment, but I pulled away.

I stumbled to my wife and rested a moment while I watched her and Kris eat each other. Carol and Annie were already on the grass in 69 and busily sucking snatches. Kris rolled Shelly to the grass and I had the opportunity I wanted. Kris was flicking my wife's clit and fingering her. My dick fully stiffened again as I moved toward Kris' ass. Shelly had her thumb in it and was biting her labia. I knelt over Shelly's head and she pulled my dick down into her warm mouth briefly before rubbing it against Kris' pussy. She knew what I wanted. From four inches below, she watched my cock bury itself deep into Kris with one quick thrust. Kris lurched and grunted into Shelly's snatch.

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