A Touch of Incest

by Sirdar

Copyright© 2011 by Sirdar

Incest Sex Story: This is a story which i found on an Indian story site. It was in partial Indian dialect and not very good English I do not know the actual author but I thoughgt it was a good little story. It is a story of incest between a Ftaher and Daughter

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   .

Note: I am not the author of this story, but I found it on an Indian site and re-wrote it to make it more readable. But I rather liked the plot The story is essentially the same

"Darling Molly, what we did was wrong. I was drunk and so were you, and I am afraid that our feelings for one another just got out of control.". Sorry, darling but we must not allow this to ever happen again ... A father cannot make love to his daughter, even one so lovely as you no matter how much he loves her."

"Tony Brain valiantly tried to reason with his lovely daughter Molly, a widow now 27 years old. But deep down in his heart, he did not really want it to stop. He knew it was wrong, but making love to her the previous night had been a wonderful experience for him He wanted to go on making love to her, he loved her so much.

He knew that incest was wrong, but that added to the excitement of it. He stared lovingly at his beautiful daughter,, her big erect boobs., her lovely features, her slim figure all excited him.

"But why Papa dear? I love you so much, and it can never be wrong to have sex with someone who loves you? Mamma is dead Papa, and so is my husband ... I love you, and your lovely big cock. Your cock has given my pussy the kind of enjoyment and loving which was so much better than it has ever received from anyone else. Just look at my pussy Papa" She said as she lifted her skirt to. show him "Just touch it, touch my pussy and see how it throbs just for you my darling Papa"

Molly was quite despondent, the previous night of making love had been fantastic, -it had been something she had missed, and she was going crazy for her father/lover to make love to her over and over again. She wanted more, much more. She wanted his babies.

"Because Molly dear you're my daughter, that's why. You must not think about what we did, it is a sin. it's incest. Neither society or the law allows it"

But Papa dear God has created us with only one difference, male and female, cock and pussy" Molly said. They are made to go together, to make babies, and to show our love for one another.

But her father did not have a good answer, so he stayed silent, he gazed at her in longing as he fought the battle within himself. He was trying to convince himself, that it could not be wrong for him to make love to such a beautiful daughter, so he kept his mouth shut.

"But Molly dear I am your father. How can I fuck you?" He said lamely.

Molly ignored his objection, instead she moved over and sat on his lap knowing that it would be harder for him to refuse when he had her in his arms. She wriggled her bum provocatively over his growing hardness

"I'm a grown woman Papa. I can decide for myself who I want to sleep with, and make babies with, and we can keep our relationship to ourselves. We can buy a house away from here where no one knows us. We will live there as husband and wife. Papa, so lets be a part of nature and live again."

"So you've thought about it carefully Molly?

But I find it hard to thing of my darling Molly as my partner."

"Papa, answer me honestly, and tell me that you don't want to fuck me, and I will not speak of it again ... I will bring an end to our relationship ... But do you not want to suck on my tits? Do you not want to touch your daughter's pussy.?" He looked at her and he thought seriously about lying. Molly must have sensed his weakening resolve, because she slipped from his lap, and unbuckled his belt and placed her hand inside his pants on his bulging cock. She ran her hand on the length of his cock over his underwear." Aaaaaaa ... ooooooh ... noooooooo ... beti naaaaaa" The contact sent a jolt of excitement through him, and his cock sprang into life.

"Molly, my darling," he said hoarsely. "We can't ever repeat what we did last night." He knew that his voice was not convincing even to himself as he spoke.

"Yes, we can. Papa" He was now very aware of the heat of her young body, the swell of her breasts, her thighs pressing sensually against his own, her hands fondling his cock. She said, as she realised he could not turn back.

"I want to do everything with you. Darling Papa" Tony darted a glance at her heaving bosom and placed his trembling hand on her shoulder "You're absolutely sure ".

"Yes, Papa, everything," she said... "I want to suck you. I want you to eat me. I want to feel your cock deep inside me. I want to feel your seed shoot inside me. I want you to make a baby for me Papa - our own special baby."

"Molly!" he croaked, "do you have to use language like that? Do you have to talk dirty with your father? It makes me sound like daughter-fucker"

"But Papa dear nothing can be dirty in love, Papa, can it be?" she asked. Then she said. "I want to suck on your big cock. Then I want you to eat your daughter's pussy, as you called it. I want to feel your cock inside my pussy. I want to feel your seed in my pussy. Is that wrong or dirty, Papa?"

Tony swallowed hard. "I'll say and do what you like," she said. "I'll say whatever you want, as long as you fuck me. Her fingers round his erection felt so good, so warm, so ... right. He felt a thrill of excitement. Molly saw a change come over her father's face, and she undid his belt and pulled his pants right down to the floor, making him shed his underwear and his hard cock was in her hands. She stroked him gently. Her hand was warm and soft. With her free hand, she managed to pull off her T shirt, and skirt

The scene of his naked daughter lying back on the sofa, made his mouth water. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard. He wanted to fuck her, his daughter too seemed to have the same thought, because she didn't make a move to change positions. Instead, she played with her pussy while she placed her mouth on his cock and started sucking. Her face was flushed, and he undid her hair. She looked so beautiful. She closed her moistened lips, tasting his wonderful cock. "Mmm," she breathed. "I like it when you push your cock deep in my mouth. I can't wait to feel your hot monster inside my pussy."

She teased him. "Is all this wonder cock just for me?" She ran her hands over his cock and then gently fondled his testicles. Tony pulled her closer, and cupped her breasts lovingly. He lifted her mouth to his lips and kissed her. When she finally broke the kiss, she whispered, "I can't wait to fuck you." She squeezed his dick. Then she gently pushed him on the sofa. When she was done, she pulled his hands to her breasts.

Her nipples grew stiff as he tweaked them. "Oh, that's nice, Papa" she said. "I like your hands on me." She closed her eyes and stroked his erection. They lay side by side on the wide sofa like that for almost a minute. "Do you want to use the bed? The bed you shared with mother? Replace me with mother in bed, Papa. Treat me as you treated mother, your wife!" she said at last. "OK darling, lets go to bed. Do you want to fuck me here?" he said. He watched her bare ass as she walked from the sofa to his bed.

On the bed she lay naked as the day she was born and his eyes were drawn to her pussy. She reached between her legs and ran a finger along her slit. His cock was hard, and waiting. She spread her leg's. "Do you want me to lick your pussy, darling? I know you love it. I love it too. But why don't you bend before me on hands and knees, like a bitch? And I suck your pussy like a dog!."

Molly knelt before her father on the bed and put her hands on the bed rest, while he bent like a dog behind her, his hands on her inner thighs. Her skin was soft and smooth. He inhaled the smell of her wet pussy. Then he flicked his tongue over her slit and tasted her pussy. She gasped and her belly tingled. "Oh, wow," she hissed, her hand went back and her fingers combed through his hair. She hissed again, as he licked her satiny pussy. He cupped her ass, and kissed her everywhere. He circled her clit with his tongue and she cried out softly. He licked and sucked until he felt her pussy was weeping with excitement. Then he inserted a finger into his daughter's pussy. Her hips bucked, but he continued licking. She pushed him away. "Fuck me," she said. "Fuck me, please. I want to come with your cock inside my pussy, Papa." She lay on her back, her thighs spread and she caught his cock and rubbed the pink head over her pussy. Then she moved her hips up and his cock was pushed inside her hungry pussy.

He was inside his own daughter again! He was fucking her again. "Oh, " she gasped, "fuck me Papa." The words rang in his ears. Heat and moisture surrounded his cock. Molly was urging him on and he began thrusting his cock into his daughter's pussy. His hips slapped her raised thighs, filling the room with the sounds of sex. Then she lifted her breasts. Her nipples bounced with each thrust. He lowered his lips and captured one. She hissed as he nibbled gently. She pulled his face up and kissed him long and deep, her tongue sparring with his. After a moment she broke the kiss and groaned as he filled her again. "Fuck me, lover boy" she panted. "Come inside me lover boy. Fill me with come, you bastard." He was shocked to hear his daughter's words. His dead wife used to call him "lover boy" and now his daughter was calling him by that name, on "Her Bed". He pushed himself up and concentrated on fucking her. She begged him to fuck her faster. He was going as fast as he could "Harder, lover boy, fuck your wife faster, harder, lover boy lover boy fuck me hard". He felt a rush of heat and moisture as her pussy clenched him. Her eyes rolled back. He kept pounding into her. His own climax was close, and his balls felt tight with the need for release. He groaned. "Oh, darling! I am cumming ... Ohhhhh God I am cumming inside my Molly, my wife" He screamed.

Her pussy tightened round his cock. With a final lunge, he buried himself as deep as he could and felt an explosion of pleasure. The sensation spread his entire body. He clamped his eyes shut. Beneath him, his daughter heaved in the final throes of her own orgasm. His cock went soft in her pussy, and she made a moan as it slipped out. She smiled. "I love you lover boy, my husband, my master!" "I love you too, Molly, my wife!." They had become a married couple.

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