Beare Hamlet on National Nude Day

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2011 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Reluctant wife experiences National Nude Day and thorough strip searches with friends.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

We all decided to be on hand for the midnight deNUDEment in the little town of Beare Hamlet at the foot of the mountain. Sue, to put it mildly, still wasn't sure if she would strip in public or walk thru town naked. The town renamed itself after ski legend Billy Beare, born locally, won the gold for skiing. A big banner and strings of lights arched over the town's entry portal, somewhat like Reno's gaudy entries. It proclaimed the town was the county center for National Nude Day festivities on 7/14. Someone had cleverly covered the first 'e' in the BEARE HAMLET sign with a photo of a nude stripper. Rumor had it that traditionally the hot 'stripper' was actually the current mayor's wife. For the next 24 hours, the town would be known as Bare Hamlet. Rules had developed over the 3-year history of the hamlet's hosting festivities. Since the hamlet was overshadowed the rest of the year by Tahoe, this one day was also the financial opportunity that sustained them. The population of just 700, the rest of the year, wasn't enough to support more than a handful of stores, so the influx of more than ten thousand tourists was more than welcome.

Preparations begin in May to convert the streets to a spectacle of stringed lights to supplement the ten lamp poles, including two in the makeshift parking lot, an open field, at the edge of town. Once we crossed the yellow line at the town end of the lot we were in the DMZ where we received our first and last warning that absolutely no clothing, but low rise shoes, was allowed beyond the red line just a few feet away. Two volunteer, honorary for the day, cops were stationed at the controlled entrance to town. A big sign with the specific rules du jour was posted before the yellow line. The rules were:

▸ No clothing or body cover of any kind allowed within the town limits during the designated day(s) listed above. The only exceptions are:

● -Low rise shoes;

● -Two narrow chains on wrists, ankles, neck or waist.

● -Rings or small body piercings.

● -One narrow, snug belt on which you may attach one small satchel no wider than your thigh and hung at your side.

● Any food placed on your body must be removed immediately by someone else

● Volunteer officers patrol the town to enforce these rules at their widest discretion

● Children may participate only between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

● There will be no public overt sexual acts during the children's hours

● Officers may seize all clothing or hazardous items in violation and secure them at a central location until the end of festivities

● There will be a storage fee charged for these items

● Officers may search anyone at any time or place.

● Officers may detain anyone not complying with the rules or who is generally uncooperative.

● IF detained, you will spend the day in stocks, naked, in the town square.

● Participation in the festival implies consent to casual physical contact.

● Other than police actions, active sexual contact must be consensual. NO means NO.

This was our first time, so we were not prepared for the midnight switch. What would we do with all our clothes? We learned that we were overdressed for the switch. Experienced folk came wearing tiny bikinis or other minimal legal wear that was easily rolled into a tiny ball and placed into the hip sacks. Just before ten p.m. we returned to the car to decide if we had the nerve to walk back into town naked. Rae and Len were ready to go. We stood outside the car trying to convince Sue to strip with us. Tick Tock. Finally, we had a compromise. Rae had planned to wear her smallest bikini until midnight, but she offered to let Sue wear it. Rae came wearing a very small cutoff shirt and tiny shorts. She stripped off the denim shorts and had translucent boy-shorts underwear that looked like thin shorts yet covered MUCH more than her thong bikini did. Very sexy, yet that was acceptable until midnight.

Rae tossed her pants into the car with my and Len's shirt and pants. Ironically, Sue had to strip completely. She CHOSE to strip outside the car to put on Rae's bikini. She had her first public exposure there since the lot was busy with people rushing to get in town for the rituals before midnight. Several paused a second to watch her drop her panty and shirt. She blushed, but took her time dressing while strangers gawked. My naked wife was the only naked person anywhere near us and was peacocking. Rae's tiny, string-tied thong bottom covered Sue's pubes completely, but left her ass hanging in thin air around the string back. She let us convince her it was OK to wear. The strapless top was much too big for her tiny titties, so she was happy with that full, modest, coverage. Unfortunately, it left her tits formless and looking flat. Quite a contrast to her firm, but jiggling bare ass. She and Rae saw our dicks stiffen. "Didn't you boys get enough looks and licks the last two nights? Yet, your hard cocks are turning us on too. Look at how stiff Sue's tall nipples are." We took some cash and a card then headed to the yellow line.

Next to the RULES sign was now a small booth that sold approved satchels for $10. The sacks had the town logo on it, "Nude Day in BARE" and a leather tie to hold the bottom to your leg so it didn't flop around. Included with each sack were several Sani-Wipes, condoms and tissues. We bought two. They were big enough to also hold cash, keys, card and the tiny clothes we would strip off. Two officers, a male and female, were walking the yellow line. They were already naked except for their 'uniform' - a wide belt for their necessities, a Royal Blue ball cap with a generic police shield and shoes. The male was average build with a small but erect dick sticking straight out. But the female was a beauty. Her long blonde hair and light blue eyes contrasted with the phony sour look on her very pretty face. Her body was amazing and well toned. Full C cups topped her narrow waist and flared hips. A Golden fleece capped her bare, puffy vulva. I salivated and tried impossibly not to stare.

"Hey, pretty boy, is that a pistol you're trying to smuggle in? You and your buddy, line up against the wall and spread em. You ladies, line up for my partner. No telling what you're trying to hide." I smiled. She must be kidding, though I was happy to let her frisk me. "You think this is funny? Move it!" Len and I leaned over, hands on the wall. Officer Jane swept across my hair then skimmed my shoulders and arms then wrapped around to my nipples. She patted then pulled and twisted them. I felt her big tits slide down my back as her hands went to my hips. She pulled my shorts away from my ass then moved both hands over my bare cheeks, giving them a firm squeeze. Her hands moved around to the front and gently massaged my taint before firmly gripping my stiff dick. "What have we got here? Turn around!" She pulled my shorts forward and peeked inside. My dick moved up from the restraint of my briefs to form an even longer tent. Jane whistled. "Looks like a weapon here. I have to check." She pulled my brief down mid thigh and my stiff rod popped out and up. "Whoa! Almost poked out my eye. That could be assault." She knelt before me, gripped my throbbing cock and slid the remaining foreskin back. "This looks like it's armed. I must unload it, unless you prefer my partner Jim to unload you?"

"Ummm, nooo I think you're doing a fine job. I agree you should unload it before it goes off on its own." Rae and Len grinned, Sue didn't know what to think as she watched her man being man handled. She watched Jane begin stroking me and licking her lips. Len reached into his shorts and stroked his cock. Jane warned him to leave his weapon to her, for professional discharge. After a dozen strokes, the clear drop of Cowper's swelled to a big bead ready to fall off my dick. Jane reached out with her tongue and lick it off with a sigh. I grunted and startled at the heat of her firm tongue. Sue stared open mouthed at the stranger with my dick in her mouth. Jane licked down my shaft and onto my balls while slowly stroking me. She stared into my eyes as she sucked my shameless dick into her moist mouth. After a moment of gentle sucking and stroking, she sucked me harder and deeper. I was already breathing hard when I felt her throat firmly grasp my cock head and draw it deeper. The heat and grip of her throat quickly got my hips thrusting involuntarily. My cock head swelled and pushed against her wet esophagus as I grunted and delivered my life seed into her belly. She drank it all down and smiled around my sensitive, deflating dick.

"Looks like your weapon is discharged and safe. NEXT!" She kissed my dick as she pulled my shorts up, but left me to wrestle my weapon back into my shorts. She skipped the pretense frisking with Len and directly pulled his shorts down. She cupped his ass and pulled his fat, stubby cock to her face. "Is this as long as it gets? Not sure I can help you." She stroked him several times then squeezed his thick dick into her mouth. It didn't reach her throat, but she sucked it hard maybe trying to thin it out and stretch it. Len was already primed from watching her with me, so he didn't last long. He grunted and shot a load onto her tongue. She pulled away and aimed his dick at her chest. His next two spurts covered her big tits. "Uh oh. That's littering. You could go to the stocks for that unless your friends clean me up ... with their tongues."

Sue protested "There's no way I'm licking Len's scum off a stranger's tits. This is no festival! This is..." Rae snapped her around and reminded her that 'failure to comply' was another charge she would be CONVICTED of without trial.

"Do you really want to spend some hours or all day in the stock with who knows what nasty surprises waiting there? With all the leeway the town gives today, you could be gang raped by everybody who comes by. After all Len's and Al's cum we drank in the last two days, I don't think you should make an issue of it here, today."

"Listen to your friend, gal, she seems to know the rules here. Bend over and lick my tits while my partner examines you. You too, friend." She stayed on her knees as Rae approached her. Officer Jack harshly shoved Sue toward Jane. Sue and Rae leaned on the wall behind Jane so they could leave their asses high and present them to Jack for inspection. Our wives made quick work of Len's cum and took some extra licks of Jane's stiffened nipples. On his way to Rae's ass, Jack slapped his small, stiff staff against Sue's pillowy cheeks.

"Let's check out the bigger gal first." He slid his hand up Rae's thigh and over her bountiful booty, gingerly squeezing her ample cheeks. While gawking at her big, pendulous tits so clearly displayed under her tiny cutoff shirt, he kept moving his hand up her back and pushed her scrap of a shirt up a few more inches. Her full D-cups hung into the shirt and very little of her nipples were visible. He pushed the back of her shirt to her shoulders and wrapped his hands around to her chest, finally pushing the front of her shirt up to her chin and freeing her captured nipples. Both beautiful breasts swung free, collided and bounced alluringly for all to admire. Jack licked his lips, but slid his dickie into the crack of her ass and leaned into her. He reached around and groped her tits, exploring the valley between her boobs, feeling the velvety smooth skin texture and squeezing each glorious globe a full minute before declaring them REAL and free of contraband. What contraband could anyone bring in? After a final tug and pinch of each succulent nipple, he slid his hands down to her hips, then around to her mons. Sue watched as closely as she could, expecting the same treatment shortly.

"Hmm, what have we got here?" he transparently asked no one. After rocking his hand between her mound and clit, he slid his middle finger into her gash, opening her swelling camel toe, burying the seam of her panty inside her and baring the edges of her swelling labia. Rae moaned as he pressed deeper. Jack moved up to the waist of the boy shorts and, giving the rest of us a sneaky grin, slowly pulled them over her cheeks. Len gulped when he saw his wife's bared asshole come into view just inches from Jack. With her underwear pulled just halfway over her ass, Rae felt much more exposed and vulnerable than if he just peeled them off. She wiggled her ass in anticipation, trying to make her panty slide down. Jack slapped her left cheek hard. "I'll take them off in a minute. Don't interfere with my pat down, pretty lady."

He crouched down to put her asshole at eye level and, using both thumbs, spread her cheeks to better expose her puckered hole. "Relax girlie. If you don't open up this hole, I'll have to assume you ARE hiding something and push harder to look inside. You KNOW I have to look in your other hole too, so let's get to it." He licked two fingers before sucking them into his mouth to thoroughly soak them. Watching Jack prepare, Jane kept Rae's mouth on her nipple. Jack circled Rae's back hole with a wet finger; pushed then rolled it past the wrinkled foyer and quickly broached her anus. Rae briefly flinched, but anal play wasn't new to her. Jack plunged his finger to its last joint and twisted it harshly inside her. After several deep plunges, he leveraged a second finger into her, opening her anus wider. With each lunge she gasped then bit down on Jane's nipple so Jane moaned in time with Jack's ass attacks.

"Nothing yet. I'm afraid I must go deeper." He quickly pulled her panty to her ankles, letting Len and me see her fattened pussy lips, moistened with her dew. "I'm pleased this pleases, no excites you, my dear. We're nearly done." Jack pushed her legs farther apart and slid two clean fingers along, then into her raphe. He angled them at her clit as he dropped deeper into her slot. Rae briefly shivered just as Jack pushed three fingers into her pussy, quickly expanding it. She was determined not to cum. Her ragged breathing got louder each time he twisted his fat fingers inside her wet, puffy pussy.

Finally surrendering, she shouted, "Ughhh, L ... L ... Lennn, watch what this bastard is doing to me. LEARN!" What was hard to see was that on alternate shoves, Jack angled his index finger firmly and wiggled it as it approached her clit. "Damn it! That feels so wonderfulllllll!" were the last words she screamed before she shivered in orgasm. Jack pulled her knees back to force her legs straight and her butt higher as Jane pulled down Rae's head. When her soaked and spent pussy thrust back at Jack's face, he leaned into it, tongue first. Len watched him lick his wife's clit to her asshole, circle it and lick back to her clit before thrusting his obscenely long tongue deep into her smoldering pussy, spreading her lips widely. He knew his normal tongue would never plunge as deeply into Rae and wondered how much she would later miss Jack's. She reached back and held her pussy open in flagrant invitation for more tonguemanship. Jack obliged, his tongue shaft licked her cervix until she shuddered again in orgasm. Despite his best efforts to drink all of her, some luscious nectar streamed down her thigh. Jane caught the overflow. Sue stared agape. I wondered if she were now anxious for her own exam to begin.

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