The Coffeehouse Quintet Book 3.0: Mother Knows Best

by Dictionary Rainbow

Copyright© 2011 by Dictionary Rainbow

Mind Control Sex Story: Lilly is given the power to make decisions for her daughter with a side effect that the decisions she makes can affect her too. She chose...poorly. (Despite the title, no incest)

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Lilly sat in her seat and ignored everything around her. She ignored her cold, untouched cup of coffee. She ignored background chatter as well as the arguing couple by the windows. She ignored the fake titted slut masturbating in her seat. She even ignored it when some guy with a giant penis started fucking the slut on the table.

The text that she received from her daughter dominated Lilly's world. You're too old. You don't understand. You couldn't even face the decisions I have to make everyday. I hate you.

Too old? She wasn't even 40 yet. She could still remember what it was like to be 18, the peer pressure, the anxiety of finishing school and the growing pains of increasing responsibility. An improvement in technology didn't change anything. What was it she couldn't understand?

As for the decisions Casandra was making, she and her husband, Mark, were at a loss as to what to do. They could see their daughter slip away with poor decision after poor decision. She'd been suspended for smoking in the girls bathroom. She'd totaled her car while texting and driving. She'd been banned from stores for shoplifting. Coming home early from work one day, Lilly had even caught Casandra giving some boy a blow job.

When reasoning had failed, they'd tried punishing her. Now they were trying to manage and control her. During her suspension, they had her research the dangers of smoking. After totaling her car, they didn't get her a new one and required that she take the bus. Any new thing she brought home had to be presented with a receipt, even a pack of gum. Finally, they had given her a strict dress code and thrown out all of her clothes and makeup that didn't meet it.

Still, things didn't improve. When she brought home a failing report card, they required her to study in the presence of at least one of them for a minimum of two hours a night. The only reason Casandra had a cell phone to be texting on was that it was equipped with a GPS device so Lilly and Mark could be sure of where Casandra was at all times. Yet none of it seemed to be working.

She and Mark provided a good life for Cassandra. Lilly couldn't understand what she would be rebelling out against. Maybe they worked a bit too much, but work was important to them. Yet as many times as Casandra had been caught skipping school, it didn't seem like any of their values had rubbed off on their daughter.

The hubbub of the coffeehouse had picked up. Lilly thought she heard someone saying her name, but ignored it. Copying the text Casandra had sent, Lilly pasted it into a new one to her husband. Mark, can you believe this text Casandra just sent me? Maybe we do need counseling for her. We should discuss this tonight. Lilly

Lilly had just finished sending the message when the stranger banged his hand on the table in front of her. In her shock, Lilly dropped her phone. She glared at the man that had startled her.

He wasn't tall, nor was he particularly short, just average. He had brownish blond hair and nondescript eyes. He wasn't handsome, nor ugly. He was average. Lilly doubted she could have picked him out of a lineup. She watched him sit down across from her.

"You know it's rude to ignore people when they're talking to you," he told her.

"I'm sorry, I was just lost ... Excuse me, but who are you?" Lilly said as her tone went from apologetic to irritated.

"I'm the man who can help you with your daughter."

Lilly was distracted by the busty barista as she pulled off her shirt, exposing the largest breasts Lilly had every seen. The girl proceeded to fill all her orders by milking herself into the customer's glasses. How original she thought.

"Lilly, focus."

Turning back to her unwanted companion, Lilly furrowed her brow. Had she told him her name? "What do you mean you can help me? Are you a shrink?"

"Not exactly."

"Then what good are you?"

Now the man furrowed his brow at the brunette across from him. "There's no need to get standoffish."

"I'm sorry." Lilly took a deep breath. "You're right, I shouldn't have been rude. No matter what I'm going through, there's always time for kindness." Another moral her daughter had failed to pick up. She had Lilly's short temper, but none of the regret. "What is it that can you do?"

The man sat back and grinned. A chill ran down Lilly's spine. "I can give you control."

"What do you mean?"

Reaching forward, her companion took her coffee and drank a sip. "That's gotten quite cold."

Lilly leaned towards him and repeated, "What do you mean?"

Still holding her cup, the man leaned back and placed both hands on it. Steam started rising out as if someone had come by and given him a fresh refill of coffee. He took another sip. "Much better."

"You told me earlier it's rude to ignore people." Lilly frowned at him. "Tell me, what do you mean?"

"Exactly what I said. Whenever your daughter faces a decision, one where you'd like influence, you get to make the decision for her."

"What, you mean like tell her what she should do?"

"Not exactly. More like, you'll be in the driver's seat."

Throwing her hands up in disgust, Lilly snarled, "I don't understand what you're saying at all." Her movement caused her naturally large chest to jiggle and she noticed her companion's stare.

"Why don't I show you?" he asked.

Lilly blinked her eyes a couple of time and looked around. Gone were the chesty milk server and her table mate. Gone were the ambient noise and smell of coffee. She sat in a classroom surrounded by teenage kids. In her right hand was a pencil and a small folded piece of paper was in her left. "Where am I?" she asked aloud, breaking the silence in the room. Her voice wasn't her voice. It was her daughter's.

The kids around her laughed and the teacher in the front of the room scowled at her. "Cassy, you're in the middle of your History final. Now please be quiet and work."

Ducking her head, Lilly looked at the paper on the desk in front of her. Casandra had written "Cassy" on the top in big loopy letters. Lilly hated that her daughter called herself that. Lilly erased the name and rewrote "Casandra" on the test in neat letters.

Turning her attention to the small piece of paper in her other hand, Lilly gasped. It was the answers to the test in front of her. Her daughter was planning on cheating. Why on earth would she need to cheat on this exam? Lilly herself had watched Casandra study for this very test last night. Did Casandra not have enough faith in her own abilities to pass?

Lilly had faith in her daughter. All Casandra had to do was to apply herself. Lilly had to stop her daughter from cheating. The only thing she could think to do was to eat the paper. Crumpling it up, Lilly threw it in her mouth, chewed it, then swallowed it. Blinking again, Lilly looked around the bustling coffee shop.

"What did you think?" The man asked her.

"Was that real?" Even as she asked it, Lilly knew in her soul that it was.

"It was as real as your big ol' titties."

Lilly frowned at the man's vulgarity.

"So, I take it you liked it."

Liked it? Lilly loved it. Her daughter would turn out just the way she wanted her to, without arguments and without hateful texts. "I couldn't dream of anything better."

"Good, well then. Good luck with it." The man stood up to leave. Lilly put out her hand to stop him, but came a few inches short of actually touching him.

"That's it? 'Here's a power to control your daughter's decisions. Have a good day'? Really? What's the catch? What do you want?"

Spreading his hands out in a "nothing up my sleeves" gesture, the man stood in front of her. "Normally, I like to make bets or some such, but you acquiesced so kindly that I ask of nothing in return. Maybe I'll just leave you with this one warning. The decisions you make for your daughter can affect you, too."

"What does that mean?"

The man just smiled. Sweat peppered Lilly's forehead. She was terrified. She didn't want him to answer the question. Lilly's racing heartbeat slowed as the man walked away from her and out of the coffeehouse.

Lilly sat in her chair for awhile. She wondered what he meant. She wondered how long she'd have her power. She wondered if it was wise to have accepted it.

Putting her worries behind her, Lilly wiped her table clean for the next person and took her empty cup to the counter. Even though the restaurant had staff to bus the table, being as crowded and busy as it was, Lilly felt it was the nice thing to do. Without looking up from milking her left breast into a waiting customer's cup, the massively endowed barista thanked Lilly for her patronage.

Returning to her office, Lilly sneered at Amber, the front receptionist. "Amber, how many times do you have to be told? This is a place of business, not a strip club."

Surprised by the fact Lilly had even talked to her, the receptionist made a bumbling effort to pull her low cut top over her ample chest which rivaled Lilly's own. Where Lilly's was natural, however, Amber's had the look of a surgeon's touch.

Women like Amber disgusted Lilly. She was a living cliche, a simple minded person who, despite her various mistakes, hadn't been fired because she had a reputation for being good at taking memos on her knees. "I'm sorry, Ms Smith."

Without replying, Lilly walked past the person of her contempt, headed to her cubicle and threw her purse down on her desk. She shook her computer's mouse and typed in the password for the screen saver. The documents and spreadsheets she'd left up before heading out for lunch reappeared on the screen. Putting her personal life aside, Lilly attacked her work with the gusto that she felt would lead her to becoming a branch manager within the year.

She was making excellent progress when her computer and cubicle walls disappeared. She blinked and looked around. Lilly was back in Casandra's school. The teacher in the front of the room was handing out some papers.

The geeky looking boy sitting next to Lilly leaned over. "Remember, I'll let you see my answers if you go out with me this Saturday."

Too shocked by the arrangement her daughter had made to cheat, all Lilly could do was mutter, "Wait..."

"Quiet, Cassy!" The teacher said. "The test's started."

Lilly looked at the paper in front of her daughter's body: physics. Unlike the history exam, the cheat sheet wasn't paper. Lilly couldn't exactly eat the boy next to her. The only option she had was to do the test herself. Lilly had been terrible at physics when she was in school, now over twenty years later she had no hope.

She flipped through the pages and tried to find a problem she could understand. 20 years wasn't long enough to forget the social pressures of high school, but it was long enough to forget how to calculate the oscillation of a spring with given spring constant k and loaded with a mass of m.

Had her daughter actually tried, she would have definitely scored better than Lilly. She distinctly remembered Mark, who was a mechanical engineer, helping Casandra with problems like these. If only Lilly had paid attention at the time. Now, almost an hour of the allotted ninety minutes had passed and Lilly hadn't written anything. What good did it do to be the cause of her daughter failing this test?

Allowing her daughter to cheat was wrong, but causing her daughter to fail was almost as bad. Her grades were low enough that a zero on this test might prevent Casandra from graduating. Good to his word, the boy next to her had left his finished work on the edge of his desk. The answers were clearly visible, if only Lilly would allow herself to look.

Sure, to anyone looking it would still be Casandra cheating, but on the inside, where it mattered, Casandra would be innocent. Lilly would be the one taking the easy way out. The idea sprang into Lilly's head so quick, she almost laughed out loud. That had to work! Turning back to the first page, she looked at the boy's test and then was back in her cubicle.

The cursor on her monitor flashed, waiting for her input. How boring. Enter number, output number. Numbers, number, numbers. Work sucked. Sighing, Lilly pushed herself away from the computer and stretched. She'd only been back from lunch for an hour and she was already bored.

No, that wasn't right. She distinctly remembered loving her job. She could feel just below the surface of boredom that she had drive and ambition. There was something blocking it, a desire that she'd never felt before, the desire to take the easy way out of things.

Was this what the stranger had meant when he said she could be affected, too? She had taken the easy path for her daughter by cheating, and new memories of taking the path of least resistance throughout her life came to Lilly. She'd led a life of barely passing grades, purely average performance reviews, and married the first man that had came along.

As her new reality set in, Lilly could still feel and remember the old one. Even in her mind it existed as a faint memory of a pleasant dream. The remaining her in the dream screamed that she couldn't handle this power, that she wanted it gone. But the woman that she was couldn't be bothered to worry about it. It would sort itself out eventually.

Getting up, Lilly headed into the break room and emptied the last of the coffee into her cup. She put the empty pot back onto the burner and left the task of making the next batch to the person after her.

Pulling out her phone, she texted her husband. Hey, babe. Bored at work again. Can't wait to see ya. Be ready for some tonight. Love Lilly. She pushed send and started drinking her coffee. She idly daydreamed about taking her well toned husband and his large penis when she got home while she drank.

Only after a couple of sips, Amber came in. "Hey Amber," Lilly said. A strange sense, not quite like deja vu but similar, came over Lilly that she despised Amber. It was an odd feeling to have for her best friend.

"Oh, hey, Lills. Taking a break?" Amber picked up the empty pot and looked at it.

"Yeah. Sorry about that. I was planning on brewing another before I left," Lilly lied.

"Sure you were," Amber laughed as she busied herself making the next batch. "You catch Idol last night?"

"You bet I did."

"Man, that 16 year old is so cute! What I wouldn't give to be the girl to pop his cherry."

Lilly frowned. She loved Amber because she was the only person in the office who slacked off more than she did, but at the same time, she wasn't that fond of Amber's loose ways. Ignoring the comment, Lilly went on. "Who do you think's gonna win? My money's on one of the girls."

"My eyes are only on the boys, if you get what I mean?"

She got it. Swirling the dregs of her coffee around in the cup before she downed it, Lilly rinsed the cup and set it to dry. "Well, I guess I'd better get back to work."

"So soon? I was going to step out for a smoke. I was hoping you wouldn't mind keeping me company."

Though she didn't smoke, Lilly often went outside to keep Amber company while she did. Lilly didn't think it was fair that smokers got to skip out on work because they had a disgusting habit and she didn't. Going outside with Amber killed two birds with one stone; she got to slack off and gossip.

"You should have said so sooner. Let's go!"

Twenty minutes later, Lilly was back at her desk. She was trying her best to concentrate on work when her phone went off. She picked it up and read the text from her daughter. Mom, going to the mall with friends to blow off post exam steam. Home before dinner.

Lilly wished her girl would go home and study, but instead texted back Have fun. As long as she got some studying in after dinner, Lilly didn't care. Like work, school had never been too much of a priority for her. Her wish was mostly a half hearted "wishing for a better life" for her daughter.

Having been distracted, Lilly opened a browser page and started scanning through the Land's End online summer catalog. If her daughter got to go shopping, why couldn't she? She got another cup of coffee, but instead of drinking it in the break room, she brought it back to her desk and continued her shopping.

Bringing the cup up to her mouth to take a sip of coffee, Lilly's empty hand smacked her face. Looking around, Lilly saw she was standing in her daughter's underwear clad body in a dressing room. Casandra had inherited her mother's impressive bust line. The years hadn't gotten to them yet and they stood more proudly off her chest than Lilly's own.

Hormones raced through Casandra's body. The vibrancy of youth overwhelmed Lilly's mind. Is this what Casandra felt like when not taking a test? No wonder she was so surly at Lilly's strict dress and boy code. It took all of her strength just to not breakdown and masturbate.

Through the mental fog, Lilly tried to determine what decision she was supposed to make for her daughter. It couldn't be shoplifting, could it? Casandra's body jiggled as Lilly rummaged through her daughter's bag. No, it wasn't shoplifting.

Looking for her daughter's clothes to get dressed, she found what her daughter had brought in to try on. The shear blouse might have been respectable if it had been a longer cut and thick enough to hide anything underneath it. The skirt on the other hand, never had a chance to be decent.

What was Casandra doing with such trashy clothes? Even Amber would have thought twice about them. Lilly looked at her daughter's trim figure in the mirror. Cassy ... Casandra did work hard to keep herself in shape. Lilly was reminded of herself in her youth, she could have been looking at herself 20 years ago. Maybe it was the hormones, or maybe it was a secret desire to see what she would have looked like if she'd been more risque, but Lilly decided to try the clothes on. She could try them on, but make sure her daughter didn't actually buy them.

Slipping on the skirt first, Lilly found it was no more than an ass wrap. With the right pair of heels, it would have been stunning. Putting on the top, Lilly saw that her daughter had picked out a size too small. The shirt strained at holding in Cassy's large tits. Lilly felt a blush of pride infuse with the non-stop bombardment of horniness. Her little girl had definitely gotten her best features.

Not being able to do up the top buttons, Lilly left them open and twirled in front of the mirror. There was no doubt about it, she would have looked so hot.

"How's it going in there, Cassy?" A voice asked from outside the changing room.

"Uhh, fine."

"Come on out and let me see how you look."

Lilly hesitated with her hand on the door. She could turn back now, change and say they didn't fit, but that would mean a lot of work and it would be easier just to step out ... Lilly opened the door and Susan, her daughter's best friend, was waiting outside. "Damn, you look good. To bad your mom would kill you if she saw you like that."

Lilly laughed. "Oh, I dunno. I think she might like it." Which was true. She loved the way she looked in the outfit. It didn't mean she was going to let Cassy buy it, though.

"What are you talking about? The bitch would flip."

"Don't talk about me ... my mom that way. Come on, let's go get me some heels." Lilly turned and headed for the shoe department and screamed as hot coffee scalded her chest. She set her coffee cup down and looked at her ruined blouse. It was her favorite. Her favorite? This piece of crap? Why had she done up so many buttons?

Undoing the buttons down to the downward curve of her breasts, Lilly opened the top to expose her ample flesh. Again, she got the not-quite-deja-vu feeling. She shouldn't be parading around like some sort of tramp, but exposing the soft flesh of her bosom felt natural, like she'd done it her entire life.

That was ridiculous, of course she'd done it her entire life. Someone as lazy as she was didn't make it as far as she did without showing off a little bit of flesh every now and then. There was nothing wrong with it. She'd made the right choice for her daughter. As much as she was cheating and ditching school, Cassy wasn't going to get anywhere without showing a bit.

Yet, at the same time, a movie played in Lilly's head of her scolding Amber for her revealing attire. Lilly knew that was a real memory, but one that no one else shared with her. It was a memory of a life led by her in a different universe, a different dimension. Again, she'd made a decision for her daughter that had changed herself.

The actress in her memory screamed at her to stop, to button up, to never use the power again. She yelled at Lilly to get back to work, to get serious, that she was blowing her chance for the big promotion. She ranted and raved around in Lilly's mind. Instead of listening, Lilly got up and headed over to her best friend's desk. The woman in her mind faded like a memory of a boring sitcom from the night before.

Arriving at the receptionist's desk, Lilly admired Amber's low cut top and artificial cleavage. If she could have stomached the thought of surgery, she wouldn't have minded reviving her figure to its youth, especially since she had just experienced her daughter's body.

"Ahhh, Lills! You got coffee on your crusty old-lady shirt," Amber said, looking up from whatever menial task she was pretending to do.

"I know! That's why I'm here. You got an extra top I can borrow?"

Amber turned around and pulled out a neatly folded shirt and mini-skirt from her bag. She handed them over. "I was going to wear these to happy hour tonight, but since you woke up this morning and put on your schoolmarm outfit, something's gotta save you from your fashion crisis."

Happily taking the outfit, Lilly gave Amber a smile. "What say we ditch early and go get started?"

"You read my mind!"

"I'll go get changed."

Lilly went into the bathroom and stripped down to her undies. She examined herself in the mirror and compared her body to her daughter's. The years had taken their toll on her once marvelous breasts. She should have them fixed up, and while the doctor was in there, she could have him up them a size or two.

In her mind, Lilly rolled her eyes. Her husband would love that, more men drooling over his wife. She didn't understand why he hated her fashion sense so much. It's not like it had changed over the years. So what if other men looked? Lilly wasn't about to go off and fuck any of them. Maybe if he worked out more she wouldn't look back. But when ever she nagged him about his growing belly, he just got angry.

Unable to fathom why she hadn't worn a thong, Lilly pulled her grannie panties off and chucked them in the trash with her ruined shirt and drab slacks. She gave her hairy friend a pat and joy seared her nerves. She was still raging from her daughter's sex drive.

Biting her lower lip, Lilly peeked around to make sure no one was there. She headed into a stall and leaned against the wall, then reached between her legs and started rubbing herself.

The thrill of pleasuring herself at work where anyone could come in and hear her slight whimpers fed her flames. Her hand stroked faster until the stall's walls shook with her vibrations. Finally, they rocked back and forth as her orgasm crashed into her.

Still wearing only her bra and shoes, Lilly stepped out of the stall. To her horror, Margarette from accounting was washing her hands. She gave Lilly a disdainful look in the mirror.

"I ... uhh ... spilt some coffee on my blouse and Amber gave me something to change into, so I ... uhh..."

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