Nake, Ed's Place

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2011 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Exhibitionists dine, share, screw and splosh.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Orgy   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Food   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

"Well, THAT, wasn't like anything I've done before. How did you do this to me? My pulse is still racing. You know, my ultra modest sister would DIE if she were here. I wonder when we can bring her."

Earlier that night...

"Honey, can we go out tonight to somewhere exciting? Maybe a pleasant meal where we can plan something kinky to do. I'm feeling the urge to misbehave. HA! When have I ever said that?"

"Hmm, maybe when we used to slip away to the college swamp and 'play' on shore or in the car? I remember many fogged up windows. Sally, I'm so happy I married YOU and not your sister. One day we'll spread her legs and share the obvious camel toe she trots around so innocently and prominently. I'm sure she's teasing us with her 'innocence'. We'll have our revenge one day. But for tonight ... I do have a place in mind. It's a private club with a gourmet chef and classy meals. You should dress nicely and sexy. I'm sure you can find something that will inspire me."

"How about that tight white number with the narrow, ruffled waist? It's a little on the VERY short side, and the square, plunging cut top doesn't hide much. Didn't you tell me you get a peek at my nipples whenever I move?"

"Oh yes! And when you bend even a little, everybody gets a peek at your perfect nips, then one full tit. Don't even try to pretend you didn't know why men keep tripping and bumping walls when you lean forward. To me, you are a breath taking beauty."

"Aww, well, flattery will get you ANYwhere, so keep it up."

"I hear this club, NAKE, has an unusual tradition. Whatever you're wearing, they like you to arrive in a trench coat and wear it to the table. Most keep it open, but on until dessert."

"If I'm going to keep it on, I might as well be naked under it. Would you like THAT?"

"You wouldn't be the first to do that there."

"Ohhhh, so there's a chance we'll see some other nips escape their bonds! Hmm, I guess that makes ME a voyeur then. I can deal with that. The anticipation is making me a little moist already! Let's go!"

During the twenty minute drive there, she teased me with glimpses of her tanned, bare legs nearly to her moist pussy. She continued bouncing her knees apart for me, distracting me to stupidity, fanning her intoxicatingly fragrant cuny for me. I stammered a few of the details. "It's exempt from the exposure laws because it's a private club called in full, "NAKE, Ed's Place." $1 of each meal IS the membership due and we each have to sign in, though we can make up names. Some people get very creative, some resort to kid stuff like 'Amed Adoody'. You can expect to see a bare boob or three, maybe even your own! How do you feel about exposing a tit to everyone?"

"Wow! Well, when in Rome..." We pulled up to the gated driveway at the address I had.

There was no sign of a business, nothing about a restaurant. By all appearances, this was someone's large, well-maintained private home with lush rolling lawns. I hit the button and a camera blinked on. A mysterious disembodied voice asked, almost threateningly, if they could help. I had been told to say NOTHING more than the full name of the place, so I bellowed "NAKEDS PLACE." Wordlessly, the gate buzzed and opened and we pulled into the full, but small parking area.

It was well lit and close enough to the French doors to afford the people inside a clear view of arriving guests. Sally made a point of exiting slowly, one ... leg ... at ... a ... time ... Smiling coyly, she aimed one knee at the doors and let her unbuttoned trench coat spread open with only the loosely tied belt holding it. Her shapely, well toned, gorgeous, gaping gams so brazenly exposed so much bare skin, no one could tell if she wore anything under the coat. THIS was how she likes to expose herself. Slyly, knowing that she was probably exposed, but not too open or blatant. "Ouuu, THAT felt naughty. Do you think anyone noticed?"

"I think they ALL were watching. And hoping you left your panties homes. Did you?"

"Maybe you'll find out when we leave here." Little did she yet suspect that I planned to know before dessert. We entered the posh dining area to a hushed group. All eyes were on her, trying to tell if she had ANYthing under the coat. Her sexy dress was so tiny that despite long leggy strides, we couldn't tell. Apparently since there were only six couples there, and all were just placing their meal orders, nine P.M. was their early bird window and opening time. Sally kept her coat on and tauntingly sat. This was our 1st time here so she didn't know the rules. "Why is that woman stripping off all her clothes at the table?"

We ordered the chef's specialty and I explained more of the rules as we drank some very potent Cabernet. "I'll explain. You are so hot, men and women are drooling in your direction." She blushed, and pushed out her full chest. "After a classy meal comes THE dessert, IF the lady qualifies. Yes, dear, you have to earn the specialty dessert. It's an ice cream log the size of a Twinkie, but twice as long. It's covered in chocolate sauce and toped with crushed hazelnuts, almond crunch, dark chocolate and a luscious dense hazelnut cream. There's a little flag on a six-inch skewer stuck in the end. It has a practical purpose I'll let you guess at awhile.

"Before her dessert order is accepted, she must strip at the table - NAKE-ED. See, this isn't really Ed's Place. Once naked under the coat, she, by that I mean YOU may drop the trench coat or slip the coat off your shoulders and keep it on your arms. You are allowed to strip under the coat or come in wearing only the coat. Either way, you must be visibly and completely naked to everyone else in the club. THEN the happy waiter can take the dessert order. He will accept your promise of nudity if you want to stretch out your strip tease for us. But you won't get dessert until you are totally naked. Take it as a dare to strip among strangers. Aha! I see that intrigues you. One nipple is about to shred your dress. Lean forward a little to give them a peek at your tantalizing tits."

"You really want me to show strangers in a club EVERYTHING? Tits, pussy and ass? Then what? What if they want to finger fuck me? Are you OK with me blowing them here? I thought leaving my bra and panties off was too daring!"

"I'd rather you blow me, here, while they watch. If you're OK with their finger fucking your ass or pussy and you don't pick up any STDs, I'm happy to watch. You said you were feeling naughty ... how naughty? While we wait for dessert, you must AT LEAST walk around the table, coat off or draped on your arms, to your date. All kinds of sex play are permitted except intercourse. Orgasms are encouraged. In fact, you get a new, free dessert for each orgasm. The frozen log is often inserted in any hole, then shared. It's time to put up. Are you ready to lead?"

"Oh fuck! My heart's POUNDING! Both blondes there have removed their tops and have their tits out already, but that's all. OK ... watch this." She stood, facing me, her back to the other couples. Though she could take her arms out of the coat, then strip off her dress, she decided to shirk the coat. It hit the floor with a mild, but dramatic thump. She struck a pose as if she were on stage- head turned sharply over her shoulder, brown, wavy hair flying wildly.

She threw her gorgeous long legs far apart and tightened her plump, high ass. Her short white dress rose several inches more than a mini should. Every bit of exposed thigh was tanned, toned and mouth watering. The room got quieter as all eyes turned to her luscious body. With a confident smirk, she reached over her shoulders and unhooked her dress. She slowly slid the zipper down, down, down ... past her muscled back and showed the strangers the crack of her sweet ass. The front loosened completely, the back opened to expose the sides of her tight tits, seven cocks lurched. She shrugged the dress off her shoulders, but caught it just before her nipples escaped. Sally froze briefly with a fake 'aw shucks, what did I do?' expression.

I was the only one, so far, who had a well-lit view of her ample cleavage. After briefly twisting at her waist to share that view with all the tables around her, she pointed to her feet and let the dress top slide down her arms. Past her sumptuous tits, her swollen and tall nipples, beyond her navel until it stopped low on her hips. The A/C chilled her nipples and some of us saw them LEAP to their tallest. Her full C cups were firm and stood perfectly balanced on her sweet chest. Only her widely spread legs kept the last of her tiny dress on her hips.

She leaned over our table, letting her tits slap my face and her pillowy ass jut out at the strangers. I gently took a tit in hand, then pointed it at half the group before sucking its cherry tip into my famished mouth. Sally looked over her back and saw all the women had their tits exposed. One tit in hand, their partners stroked the other. They were rubbing dicks, three of them already standing up outside of pants. She smiled at me and said, "I'm ready." as she pulled her feet together.

We still didn't know if she had panties on. The last of her tiny dress collapsed and slid over her succulent ass. No! No panties. The dress puddled around her spiked heels, her sweet and very bare ass displayed for all to enjoy. Of course, this gave me a public view of her ohh sooo sweeeet pussy. She'd trimmed her bush down to her clit, then shaved her lips clean.

My now publicly naked wife had nothing to hide her nude beauty. After slowly stepping out of her pooled dress, she leaned forward until her elbows were on my table. As I sucked her tit, I imagined the view the guests and staff behind her had. Since she jutted her ass toward them, they were staring at a perfect ass and the bare, swollen, glistening, perfect pussy lips below them.

Sally saw my cock thrust hard against my pants and unzipped me. She reached in and pulled the first 3 inches out into the chilled air. There was no way to pull the rest out since it was so stiff already. After one long lick, she pulled me to my feet by my dick. Once unfastened, she tugged my pants past my balls and freed the rest of my stiff rod to let it poke out of my fly.

Like a magician's assistant, she stepped to my side, did a flourish and curtsey to my raging cock. I noticed all other cocks were already jutting out, and most were wrapped in at least one female hand. Sally wasn't done. Still at my side and facing the others, she began a slow naked squat while pulling my pants down to my ankles. As she dropped lower, she spread her knees and kept her soaked snatch pointing at the strangers. Her pussy gaped open for them, exposing her hard and swollen clit.

Sally slowly slid her hands up my legs as she rose, finally caressing my sack then twanging my magic twanger for the group. When stiff enough, she likes to play a note with it. She enjoyed watching everyone watch it bounce. Her upper thighs were moist with pussy juice, but she was more aware of the clear Cowpers about to drop off my purple dick head. Playing to the crowd, she mimed the question ... should she, or shouldn't she?

Several thumbs-ups satisfied the answer she wanted, so she bent and licked me dry. Once her warm tongue wrapped my dick, the room faded and the group vanished for me. All I heard and felt was my sweet wife's slurping my dick. Seriously distracted, it was sometime before I noticed that she had turned her ass to the crowd and was bent only from the waist. As she sucked my shaft into her throat until my pubes tickled her nose, she also brazenly wiggled her shapely, naked ass at the aroused diners. Her invitation went unanswered. Before I could cum, she stood and looked around. All the women were naked. "I know I have to walk around to our table, but can I go any way I choose?"

"Yes you can, but what have you got in mind."

Suddenly, totally confident and looking breathlessly lusty and sluty, she pouted "I want a little more attention than I'm getting." Refreshing honesty. Another reason I married her. She practices all things, including honesty and free sex, with what Confucius called 'Loving Kindness.' With that, Sally walked around two tables, stroking a stranger's tit and tugging nipples as she passed.

She bent over stranger 1's head and reached into his lap. As she stroked his dick with his wife, he looked up and sucked her nipple sharply before biting and pulling it with his teeth. His wife reached down her back and toyed with Sally's ass. She moved to the third table and signaled stranger 2 to slide his chair away from the table. He faced me and from my place, I could see he was naked.

Sally stood at his left and bent sharply from her waist. She braced herself with one hand on his thigh so her tits were in his face. He and his beautiful, sexy wife pulled her nipples hard. Sally moaned lightly. She bent all the way, legs straight, until she got his dick in her mouth, which his wife helped guide into her. The wife spread her slim legs widely, exposing her swollen clit, lips and pink pussy to everyone. Her strong sex fragrance filled Sally's nostrils and wafted thru the room. His right hand slipped inside his wife's slick, bald snatch and stroked it deeply.

When Sally briefly released his prick, he offered her his wife's aromatic nectar. Eyes glistening, she accepted by sucking his fingers into her mouth and wrapping her tongue around them. Once cleaned, she leaned to his wife and Frenched her juices back to her. After a long, deep, passionate kiss she sucked her husband's raging dick deep into her throat. As she bobbed her head and swung her tits for him, Sally and I were acutely aware that her ass was next to stranger 3's head.

Sally tried to bump his head, hopefully his mouth, with every bob. Each time she bent, her ass spread a little and exposed her puckered hole and wet pussy, up close and very personal, to him and his wife. He stroked her ass as it moved by him and inhaled her aroused, musky, combined pussy and anal fragrance. His wife reached across him and circled my Sally's asshole. She rubbed the dry, wrinkled edges several times before slipping one finger abruptly into her sopping pussy until her knuckles stopped her assault.

Sally lurched upward, wide eyed, taking the dick in her mouth with her. As stranger 3 slowly pulled his wife's finger from my wife's wet and swollen hole, he pressed his tongue on both. Leaving his tongue on or partially in my wife, he began finger fucking her with HIS wife's finger. The room was quiet ... except for Sally's moans. I'll have to ask Sally how she likes that move. I do, and I plan to try it soonest.

In a wall mirror, stranger 2 watched my wife's hole getting fucked as she sucked his dick. The sight and feel stirred his balls and sent three strong ropes of cum into my wife's mouth. She swallowed the first two. The third pooled on her tongue. She showed it to the man just before she licked his tongue, passing his cum back into his mouth. His wife then licked the rest of her man's cum off my wife's tongue and teeth. Stranger 3 now had two fingers deep in Sally's pussy and alternated deep plunges with his wife's two fingers. I also saw all four of their fingers vanish into her pussy at the SAME TIME. Sally's moans built louder and faster.

I had been slowly choking my dick as I watched my wife molest strangers and be molested in good turn. A warm hand covered mine and joined in jacking me. Stranger 4 was watching my wife while fingering his beautiful red head. Her hand pushed my hand off my cock and gave me a better hand job than I was doing. I returned her brilliant, naughty smile. She slid half her finger across my dick tip to pick up the big, clear drop of slippery Cowpers. Her man watched as she licked my juice off the tip of her finger.

Her eyes were locked with mine as she slipped that whole finger deep into my mouth. My juice is slightly sweet and not slimy so I enjoy its flavor. Once I sucked her finger clean, she pressed her tongue deep into my moist mouth. It was as skilled a tongue as I've ever tasted. Lost in her flavorful, athletic tongue, it took a second to notice a finger had slipped into my mouth. My tongue automatically included her finger in our marathon.

Moaning lightly and enjoying the explosions in my mouth, I became aware of the scent and taste of female nectar. Her finger left briefly to scoop more sweet pussy juice from her wet cunt. When it returned, hovering briefly under my nose, my brain floated away from my skull. She was DELICIOUS! My two fingers blindly found her carrot topped, fragrant hole.

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