Jonquil's Diary

by Mario Vacchi

Copyright© 2011 by Mario Vacchi

Erotica Sex Story: In the world of Steampunk Fantasy, smart and 'with-it' young people are professionally 'bed-trained.' Jonquil's family has decided she should get it and sends her off to school.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Steampunk   Group Sex   Anal Sex   First   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Teacher/Student   .

June 1st Dear Diary:

Please excuse the messy writing; it is so hard to have good penmanship on a train. Yes, Diary, I am on a train traveling from London to York and thence to Brasethwaite Castle. I am going there for a month of Bed Training. Poppa says that all the smart people are taking it and so must I before I go away to Girton College in the fall. Momma was worried about the idea until Poppa reassured her that virginity has no value in a bride any longer. After all, my dear little nephew Phillip was born only five and a half months after brother Theo married Jane and no one has had anything unkind to say about the matter.

Lady Alexandra is well known in the country gentry and we have heard nothing but the best kind of gossip about her. She assured Poppa via the post that almost all the graduates of her school go on to brilliant marriages. I wonder what the others do.


June 2nd Dear Diary:

This has certainly been a surprising day! I arrived in York after an excellent breakfast in the restaurant car. I was still digesting the eggs, sausage, kidneys and pudding on the platform when this elegant steam car arrived to take us to Brasethwaite. That is correct, Diary, I said us. It appears that this training session has three other students besides me. There is Cora, a cheerful ginger young lady from Edinburgh, Thomas from outside of Kent and a brilliant young Anglo-Indian named Rudyard. He says his parents loved the lake by that name so much they named him after it. I think that both odd and very nearly cruel but he seems to be a fine young man in spite of it. His father is a professor of art so I suppose one must expect such eccentricity.

The ride in the steam car was exhilarating! The driver, Wilkinson, went very fast and we all hung on for dear life. I was told that car can actually exceed forty-five miles per hour. One wonders how the human body can withstand such pressure.

Brasethwaite Castle is my new home for the next month and a grand one it is. I said as much to Lady Alexandra and she sniffed and said that it was the very devil to keep up. My amazement at such language must have shown on my face because she laughed and told me that country folk are forthright in their opinions and that I needed to get used to it.

Mme. Babbette, the headmistress, is from Normandy and her accents in both French and English are a bit hard to follow. However, she is a warm and cheerful lady. I believe Poppa would call her 'earthy'. She explained that since we are all here for bed training, we must be ready for bed at all times. We were sent to our rooms to change into what we will wear for the next month. If I did not have some idea of my purpose here I would be appalled. I am allowed only a camisole, pantalettes, and slippers. For meals we can dress up in silk caftans. Mama would have to go for a lie down. She spends three hours every day making clothes and here I am, among the peers, wearing little more than a few pocket handkerchiefs. I must admit that it feels very free in comparison to my usual dress.

I have been assigned a room all to myself! The bed is rather large but Mme. Babbette says that it has to be so we can do homework. I have not the slightest idea what that was supposed to mean.


June 3rd Dear Diary:

At breakfast this morning we had visitors. A Dr. Roger Merely and his companion dined with us. She is the famous mathematician and notorious copulist Mia La Touche. Rudyard tells me that Mme. Babbette and her husband, Maître Hercule, trained her. They must be very good because all the men in the room clustered about her like bees around sugar syrup. I think she is sweet, though, and she spoke to each one of us individually. She asked me what my plans were and when I told her I had been admitted to Girton she was impressed. She admonished me that a bed trained young lady with a university education should not let herself get rushed into marriage. She herself never attended university but was taught mathematics by Maître Hercule. She also told me that now that she is an independent woman, the world is her oyster. I asked if she was going to marry Dr. Merely and she laughed. She said she would not and was looking for a proper wife for him, one who would share. I have no idea what that was supposed to mean.

After breakfast we were sent to our rooms to rest. Mme. Babbette says that we must never attempt any of our lessons on a full stomach but must digest our meals first. The room is exotic. There is a large, filmy, black curtain hanging from the ceiling all around the bed. I have counted eight candles and an incense burner on tall stands. There are no chairs in the room but there are several very large pillows with tassels on their corners lying in a pile on the floor. Mama will be glad to know that the windows seal well and that there are no drafts. The pictures on the walls are naughty.

After our rest we all met in a large room. Mme. Babbette calls it the lecture hall and that the laboratory is through the doors to the south. We did not go there today. Today's lesson was all about proper breathing. We must learn to breathe very deeply when we are in bed with someone, she says, so we practiced breathing. It made me light-headed and giggly. Mme. Babbette said that was perfectly normal. We are putting a great deal of oxygen into our bodies that way and it makes us feel good and happy. I shall practice breathing every day.

After lunch we were told to bathe and that the bath is down the hall. Following instructions I took a Turkish towel and a change of clothing. Imagine my surprise when the door to the baths opened onto a conservatory! It was so lush and tropical. There were palms and vines and orchids and the bath was a warm pool in the center. Several of the more advanced young lady students were already there lounging about the sides. I was pointed to a shower and told to wash off with French milled soap before getting into the pool. It was embarrassing to wash myself before so many eyes but Gloria, a second month girl, said I should get used to being watched by women because I would soon be watched by men. I am still blushing.


June 4th Dear Diary:

My goodness but there is a lot to learn! After breakfast Dr. Merely gave us a magic lantern show on human anatomy. Diary, I never dreamed that my insides were so complex. We were shown diagrams that described how the man's parts and the woman's parts work and how they interact. We tried very hard not to giggle. After the lecture we were sent back to our rooms with diagrams to study. Mme Babbette says that we should use pastel pencils to color in the diagrams. She also told us that we were to learn the proper names of each part. There are a lot and I can just tell that she will test us on them. I spent the morning studying hard and practicing my breathing.

After lunch and a nap, we were taken upstairs to the ballroom for waltz lessons. I am sorry to admit that I blushed the entire way up the stairs. All the staff could see us in our underthings! Poor Thomas and Rudyard were bare-chested and it must have been very difficult for them. Fortunately, it did not take long.

Maître Hercule is a stern dance master. He walks around in polished boots with a riding crop stuck into the top. He never hits anyone with it but gestures furiously when we get something wrong. I danced with Rudyard and Maître Hercule nearly tore his hair out. He grabbed Rudyard's left hand and made him put it in the center of my back. That gave me such chills, to have a man's hand on my bare back and my chest pressed against his. Our dancing went better after that.

We bathed again before bed time. I have come to greatly enjoy the fall of hot water over my skin and also sitting neck deep in it. I believe I shall miss the baths most of all when we leave.

Whenever we are all together, Rudyard keeps looking at me sideways. I think he likes me.


June 5th. Dear Diary:

This morning we went into the laboratory for our morning lesson. I have no idea what I expected a bed training laboratory to look like but I could not have imagined the reality. In the front of the room was a table with rubber models, very life-like rubber models of both men's and women's parts. I am sure I turned bright red. There were padded benches for us to sit on and in the rear of the room were actual beds! At least there are curtains that can be drawn around them. I know I do not want to be watched when I am in bed with someone.

Mme Babbette began to introduce us to the models. She put them in our hands. I'm sorry to say that it was all I could do to keep from dropping them. The girls started with the women's models and the boys started with the men's. Mme Babbette demonstrated diverse stroking methods we could use to give ourselves pleasure and then sent us back to the beds to practice on ourselves! I climbed into the bed farthest away from everyone else and pulled the curtains tight. I thought perhaps to just sit there and wait until the others were finished but Mme Babbette has dealt with shy young ladies for years and knew my mind better than I did. She reached in through the curtains and insisted that I remove my garments and hand them to her. When I had done so, she told me that I must start stroking my parts at once and that if I do not, she would know it. I obediently complied.

Now I know how she would know if I did not. It felt like nothing I have ever felt before. It was so good that I began to whimper and moan. I could hear Cora doing the same. When we finished, Mme Babbette let us have our clothes again so we would not display ourselves to the boys.

In the afternoon we danced again. Rudyard held me very close.


June 6th Dear Diary:

I must say that after yesterday I should have known what today would bring. After our morning rest we once again repaired to the laboratory. Mme. Babbette refreshed our memories with a demonstration of useful strokes. She then handed the men's models to the girls and v. versa. Mme. Babbette was very particular about how we showed what we had learned. She cajoled the boys to be very delicate and made especially certain that we girls touched all the right spots. Initially we were very hesitant and embarrassed but Mme. Babbette can be quite forceful and we soon were very interested in demonstrating our ability. Not doing so merited quite a lecture. When she was satisfied, we looked up and saw to our surprise that it was time for luncheon. We arrived in the dining room very much subdued, I fear. Rudyard would not look me in the eye the entire meal.

After eating we were sent to bathe and to rest. I could hardly sleep I was so anxious to know what would follow. When we returned to the laboratory Mme. Babbette asked if we had any preferences for partners. Rudyard and I have been spending so much time together at meals and in waltz class that she presumed to pair us. Mme. Babbette told us that this afternoon we should apply our knowledge on each other. We began with the boys sitting on the bed with their legs apart and the girls sitting between the boys' thighs. We were to lean back and the boys were to pleasure us with their hands. Afterwards we would exchange places.

Rudyard and I went to one of the beds and pulled the curtains. Again, Mme. Babbette reached inside and demanded our clothing. I blushed very much from being unclothed with a naked man. Rudyard's male organ was quite stiff and when I sat between his legs it poked me in the back. He must have learned his lessons well because he touched me very gently and in just the right way. He also reminded me to breathe very deeply.

Diary, I understand the paroxysm now. It is the greatest gift God has given womankind. After Rudyard had stroked me sufficiently, I gave a great cry and fell shaking into his arms. He held me until the tremors ceased.

Next it was his turn to sit between my legs and to have me stroke and pleasure him. I must have done it correctly because he shot white seed out all over my hand. It tasted salty.

At waltz lesson I clung to him.


June 7th Dear Diary:

Today is Sunday. After breakfast we all returned to our rooms and put our traveling clothes back on. It seems that Brasethwaite has its own chapel and we must all attend services every Sunday morning. The vicar is young and quite handsome. This morning he preached from the Song of Songs, Which is Solomon's. I am surprised that such erotic language is in the Bible. Vicar says that is because God approves of physical love and that people should enjoy it, which is quite a revelation.

Rudyard says that the Song is wonderful poetry and he finds it inspiring

After lunch, Lord Bohun, Viscount Venture, took all the boys fishing for the afternoon. Lady Alexandra loaded all the girls up into the steam car and we went shopping and sight-seeing in York. Our first stop was at the apothecary's where she made sure we all bought enough Herbal Preventatives to last through our lessons. Mme. Babbette says that we must make sure not to have babies until there is enough money to care for them. I think that is very wise and it is a great relief to the mind.

After supper we danced. I got to dance with Lord Bohun. He is very tall but a skilled waltzer. Dancing with Rudyard is more exciting.


June 8th Dear Diary:

Rudyard has written me a love letter! I am so flushed with excitement and warm about my thighs. No one has ever written me a love letter before and Rudyard is a true poet. His words make me melt and want to fly to his arms. If he had given it to me in the morning I don't know what I should have done.

This morning we had just the most exciting demonstration in the laboratory. Maître Hercule and Mme. Babbette gathered us around a bed and then removed their clothing and demonstrated caresses! She sat between his legs and leaned back against his chest as he ran his hands all over her body. He said that the boys were to pay special attention to the way he stroked and caressed her breasts. Imagining having Rudyard do that to me, I soaked through my pantalettes. It was embarrassing but Mme. Babbette congratulated me.

After she had several paroxysms, she traded places with her husband and made him make very loud, happy noises before he ejaculated all over her hands. I saw that both Thomas and Rudyard were quite excited. I was very tempted to invite Rudyard to my room to help with my homework.

I could not sleep after lunch for thinking about it.

During waltz lessons, Rudyard's hand crept down my back and his fingers were just inside the top of my pantalettes. I did not tell anyone.


June 9th Dear Diary:

This morning the boys were allowed into the baths at the same time the girls were. We were a little shy with each other as none of us had all been naked together but the older students encouraged us to scrub each other's backs and even showed us how. The big soapy sponges feel wonderful when rubbed hard on our backs. They feel even better rubbed softly on our fronts! Soapy hands are better yet. Cora, Thomas, Rudyard and I made a circle, each washing the person on our right. The more senior students applauded. For a few moments I had both Thomas and Rudyard's manhood in hand but Gloria said to stop as I mustn't exhaust them too early in the day. Thomas made sure I was very clean all over.

In the laboratory, Mme. Babbette told us to go to bed in couples and practice what we saw yesterday. After the demonstration, Rudyard's letter and this morning's bath play I was ready and eager. Once the curtains were closed, I undid Rudyard's pantaloons and pulled them down. He had no chance to touch me before I had him very aroused so he slapped my hands aside and pulled off my clothing. It was such fun. I squealed and struggled but he overpowered me. Being overpowered and molested so was almost enough to make me surrender my virginity at once but he reminded me that we were to practice caresses. Two people can use up a great deal of time caressing. I don't think Rudyard will be excitable until tomorrow. After two paroxysms he fell asleep in my arms.

After our afternoon nap we were taught a series of exercises designed to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles. Mme Babbette says they are very important for health, easy childbirth and erotic pleasure. She gave Cora and me little steel dumbbells that we are to insert into our parts and try and lift. It is an interesting idea. I shall be exercising quite rigorously from here on.


June 10th Dear Diary:

This morning's lesson was about kissing. I was surprised that kissing can entail so much. Rudyard and I practiced tongue kissing. I told him he must come to my room and help me practice. It will be good homework. Perhaps I shouldn't have told him that so early, though, because next Maître Hercule removed Mme. Babbette's clothing again and demonstrated more kisses. He showed us one called 'the snake'. It starts behind the woman's neck and ends up with him sucking her toes. It takes a very long time and Mme. Babbette enjoyed it very much. Rudyard says that he will practice it on me tonight. The idea makes me warm between my thighs.

The next lesson amazed me. Mme. Babbette removed Maîtres clothing and started a 'snake' on him but when she got to his male organ she kissed it until it was large and stiff. Then, Diary, she swallowed it! She bobbed her head up and down until he groaned in a paroxysm. When she came up she was smiling and licking her lips. She said he tasted salty.

The she handed out the rubber models to us. Maître took the boys and Madame took the girls and we spent the rest of the morning learning those kinds of kisses. My throat is a bit raw.

After lunch we did breathing exercises, pubococcygeus muscles exercises and then waltzed for hours. I was exhausted and needed a nap before supper.

After supper Rudyard came to my room. I had already lit two or three candles and the incense. In the dim light the room was very exotic and romantic. We kissed for a long time before Rudyard removed my clothing and kissed a snake on me. I kept breathing very deeply until he kissed my sex in what is called gamahuche. Then I screamed. His side whiskers tickle so erotically.

Afterwards I kissed his organ and swallowed it. He still tastes salty.


June 11th Dear Diary:

This morning Lady Alexandra introduced us to the idea of polyamory. She says it is perfectly possible for one person to love more than one other. It is different from the harems of the Arabs and Turks in that not only may one man love several women but one woman may love several men. I think that is fair. My great aunt Sophie was abducted while traveling in the Holy Land and sold to the Sultan of Tougourt. It took several years of diplomacy to find her and when the family tried to free her she refused to come home. She had born the Sultan twin sons and had risen to a high position. She writes occasionally and says that sharing a husband with three other woman has its advantages.

After the lesson, Mme Babbette said that we also should learn polyamory and therefore directed me to practice kissing with Tom while Rudyard did the same with Cora. It is becoming easier to be naked with a man, now. Tom does gamahuche even better than Rudyard. He sucks slightly while he licks and sends me into paroxysms very quickly. He kept me at it for a long time. I told him it was cruel to make me so helpless but he only smiled in a most wicked fashion. He says he got the idea from Cora who sucked when she swallowed his manhood. I told him it was a very good idea indeed and returned the favor when it was my turn. If you swallow a phallus far enough, when the man ejaculates you taste nothing.

This afternoon we had another dancing lesson. I waltzed with all the men: Rudyard, Tom, Maître Hercule and Lord Bohun. Diary, I have decided that men are great fun.


June 12th Dear Diary:

This morning we were all given a book called The Kama Sutra. It is profusely illustrated. Who would have ever thought that congress between a man and a woman could be done in so many different positions? I do not believe that some of them are really possible. Mme. Babbette requires us to read it during our rest periods. She brought out the rubber models again and showed us very explicitly how they fit together. By the end of the lesson I was perspiring profusely. At least Mme and Maître did not demonstrate for us!

I am sitting here in my room with candles lit and incense burning. During the dancing lessons Rudyard pressed very close to me. I could feel his arousal through our thin garments. He whispered in my ear that tonight he intends to have me. I am waiting.


June 13th Dear Diary:

I am a woman. My chapter of maidenhood has closed and a new one begins. When Rudyard came to my room last night I was wearing my caftan. He was quite indignant and pulled my clothes off roughly saying that the next time he comes to me he expects to find me naked. I struggled but he is much stronger and soon had me bare. It was delicious. He refused my attempts to pleasure him with my mouth but set his face between my thighs and began gamahuche. Thomas must have told him about sucking for he did that and I responded loudly. Then he threw himself upon me. The weight of his body, the pressure on my parts was overwhelming and then he entered me. Oh Diary, I have looked forward to this day with anxiety but the reality is exquisite. When he had had his way with me we lay in each other's arms and kissed and were quite silly. Just as I was drifting off to sleep I felt him becoming hard and erect again. I opened myself once more. He took a lot longer the second time and when he had finished we fell asleep with him still inside and on top of me.

In the morning we walked to the baths hand in hand. As we bathed, Lady Alexandra came into the baths, disrobed and joined us in the tub. She congratulated Rudyard on ravishing me and said that I must have performed well as everyone on the hall could hear us. It seems that I can expect other visitors, now that I am no longer intact. Lady Alexandra even suggested that I go visiting on my own.

After breakfast the lesson dealt with how a man goes about the process of learning to have multiple paroxysms. It seems a strange idea but Mme. Babbette insists that it is possible and that a man can remain hard for an hour or more. Naturally, both Thomas and Rudyard are enthusiastic about learning this. Cora is pouting. Thomas has not vanquished her yet. I told her she should go to his room and ride St. George on him. She has a very mischievous face when she is thinking naughty thoughts.

After lunch Lady Alexandra took me to her day room. We again discussed my plans for my future and she, like Miss La Touche, admonished me that a young lady with bed training and a university education should not rush into marriage. She asked how I felt about men in general and gentlemen in particular. My answers must have set her thinking. She believes I may be turning into a natural copulist. I think she may be right.


June 14th Dear Diary:

Today the vicar preached on the Decalogue. He pointed out that the commandment regarding covetousness states quite baldly that wives were property and that the commandment against adultery implied that having congress with another man's wife was theft. Now that we women are no longer property it becomes very complicated. It must be best for both parties to discuss such things before marriage and often after that.

Again the boys went fishing. We women discussed botany. It seems that many common herbs have interesting effects...


June 15th Dear Diary:

As I was going down the hall for breakfast I saw Cora leave Thomas' room. She was quite naked and wearing the broadest smile. There is nothing like a good plundering to start a lady's day, I guess. I thought to discuss the possibility with Rudyard at breakfast but Lady Alexandra bade me sit next to her instead. She proposed the most delectable prank. Tonight we will trade bedrooms and she will lie in wait for Rudyard while I entertain his lordship. The very thought made me moist.

This morning's lesson was hard work. We alternated between breathing exercises and pubococcygeus exercises. As well the boys needed assistance working toward multiple paroxysms. They must be stroked until near to climax and then relax completely. Mme. Babbette says that it will take most the coming week before they are successful but that once they are capable we women's lives will be much enhanced! By lunch time I looked forward to rest time.

During waltz lessons the men were most forward. When I accused Thomas of being cheeky he pushed his hand down inside the back of my pantalettes and said that while he might be, I was far more so. We finished the dance that way. I do love a man's palm on my bottom.

After supper I waited until the hall was clear and then surreptitiously made my way to the stairs. I met Lady Alexandra coming down with Mme. Babbette. Madame led me back upstairs to her ladyship's bedroom. She told me to wait until I heard the bath begin to run in Lord Bohun's room and then open the door that connects them. This is the universal sign among the gentry that a lady is entertaining that evening. While he bathed, I enjoyed the smoke that Lady Alexandra left for me in her hookah. The mix of herbs had a peppery taste and the smoke left me feeling most languorous and hot below my belly. My thighs fell open of their own accord and I was sure his lordship would have his way with me immediately.

Diary, I was wrong. When Lord Bohun saw the door open and me in his lady's bed he smiled broadly. Climbing in beside me he took me in his arms. The man has practiced The Snake a great deal, I gather, as he soon had me whimpering with desire from his kisses. I begged him to use me at once but he grinned mischievously and said I must climax for him first. When his lips touched my sex I wailed. Then he rolled over on top of me and had me most vigorously. Perhaps instead of marrying I shall become the mistress of some lord.


June 16th Dear Diary:

I am becoming quite the wag-tail. This morning I proposed to Mme. Babbette that I take Rudyard back to my room and help him with his homework. She laughed and said that it was good idea. I grabbed Rudyard by his side whiskers and marched him back to the room and told him to rearrange the cushions on the floor into the form of a chaise. When he lay down, I knelt beside him and started pleasuring him with my mouth. When he was hard enough I straddled him and rode him slowly. We both breathed very deeply, alternating. As our passion rose we began to pant and when Rudyard was at the brink of paroxysm, he completely relaxed while I continued to rock. He trembled all over but stayed hard inside me. I told him to do it again. When he finally erupted within me he had managed three before. And I had held one long one, very long.

After lunch, we waltzed. Cora, Lady Alexandra, Mme. Babbette and I all danced naked with the men.

Tonight Thomas put me on my hands and knees and took me from behind.


June 17th Dear Diary:

Today Mme. Babbette announced that it was time for our mid-session examination. That came as quite a surprise. She said it was in two parts, a theoretical and a practical. That was alarming. The theoretical part I was prepared for but the practical? We were to couple while Madame watched and took notes?

Fortunately, that was not the case. The theoretical part came at once. It was really very simple, just color in the different parts of both the male and female diagrams and give their proper titles. Since I knew this was coming and had been studying I finished in good time, most sure that I had everything right. I did.

The practical part was delightful. Each of the instructors took a student to one of the beds in the back of the laboratory, closed the curtains and rogered us soundly. Half an hour later another instructor came and did so again. I must say, Lord Bohun is a skilled lover but Maître Hercule is more-so and rather larger in the Nebuchadnezzar. I am glad he did not grade my blind cupid. I should have been much stretched.

After supper Miss La Touche graciously invited me to her suite. She advised me that I received full marks on my examination. "Talented" and "Enthusiastic" were words she underscored on the remarks. Once more she brought up the subject of my future plans. Mme. Babbette told her that my French is very, very good but with a charming British accent. Miss La Touche asked what my maths were like and I blushed to admit that while I can keep accounts with the help of a mechanical abacus, matters beyond that are a mystery. She smiled and said that I should not be concerned. She told me that she has some connections and that she had been in touch with them.

That night I fell asleep at once and did not wake until it was light.


June 18th Dear Diary:

Today I received a letter from home. Dear Poppa writes to say that he has received a letter from, of all strange places, the Foreign Office. Someone there with an illegible signature 'strongly' recommends that I read Recent History and Modern Languages when I arrive at Girton. This is very odd. Who in the Foreign Office can have any knowledge of me or interest therein? It must be that this is the contact Miss La Touche was telling me about. I wonder who it is. However, since I have no other definite plans I will give the idea serious consideration.

At breakfast, Lord Bohun took me aside and quietly invited me to return to Brasethwaite Castle when I am finished at Girton. He says that I will be given a full scholarship if I desire to take the complete six month course. That is amazing. I admit that I approach my studies here with great enthusiasm. Men are wonderful things to play with. Some of them are even interesting people. But that I am thought so good at making the beast with two backs that I should take what I now know to be professional grade coupling lessons is quite the compliment. I assured him that I would, unless Fate intervenes somehow, be glad to accept their generosity.

This morning I took Thomas to my room. Now that Rudyard can have multiple paroxysms and Cora can stretch hers out for a quarter hour there remains only Thomas. I continue work with him. He will become a magnificent lover or die trying! I believe that we made progress.

There were no waltz lessons this afternoon. I spent the time in bed with Lord Bohun.


June 19th Dear Diary

This morning more work with Thomas. It will not be long before he succeeds.

I spent this afternoon in bed with Maître Hercule. He told me that it was time to begin exploring my blind cupid. I said that I feared that he was too large and that he would hurt me. His face is so mobile; it immediately took on a cherubic expression. He took me in his arms and rocked me gently. If I did not wish to submit myself to him in that way, he said, then he would return me to my lovely Rudyard. However, before we coupled so, Mme. Babbette would have to intervene. I asked what he meant and he chuckled. Coupling, he advised, can be done with more than two people.

After dinner we dressed in our traveling clothes and waltzed genteelly. Rudyard kissed me goodnight at my door. He can be so romantic at times. And so animalistic at others!


June 20th Dear Diary

Success at last! This morning Thomas had four paroxysms in the course of three quarter hour. After he had the first one I relaxed myself and spent 30 minutes trembling and shaking in climax. He asked me to marry him. I told him he was being silly. Coupling for pleasure is not love, it is simply pleasure. Besides, I will not be ready to marry for at least five years and if Miss La Touche is correct rather longer than that. He should marry Cora and go to work for her family's airship building yard. Now that the compression ignition engine is in manufacture, airships will soon be the major route of high-speed travel. Only the poor and those of luxurious intent will tour by steamship any longer.

After the post luncheon rest period, Mme. Babbette summoned me. She said that her husband had related my concerns regarding sodomy. She is sympathetic and announced that she would assist Rudyard and me. We were to join her in her bedroom at once.

I must say, Rudyard is unseemly eager to occupy my nancy. Madame began by explaining that for the comfort of the catamite a great deal of lubrication is required and some time must be spent in massage and relaxation. For the health of the indorser, either the lady must be very clean or a protective must be worn. She announced that she had just had an enema and that I was to sit and observe while she instructed Rudyard. At that point she whisked his drawers off. Then she took out another rubber model. With her fingers and a jar of glycerin/lanolin, she showed him in detail how to insert the lubricant and how to gently stretch and massage the opening. I blushed for the first time in a week.

Then she removed her clothing and, handing Rudyard the bottle, bent over her dressing chair to give him access to her fundament. His interest was obvious! At first he was very careful but she encouraged him and when at last she was satisfied with his technique, she covered his cock with the ointment. Then she turned and bent over again. He stepped up behind her and pushed himself into her brown hole. I expected her to squeal at least but instead she sighed. Rudyard took hold of her by her hips and began to fuck her most industriously. She reminded him that we only have a limited amount of time and that he would have to do me as well so he worked himself into a dry paroxysm and withdrew.

Then, Diary, it was my turn. I felt most humiliated but assumed a bent over position at the side of Madame's bed. The touch of his fingers was surprisingly pleasant and as he began to insert the lubricant into me I found myself actually responding. I grew moist as he stretched me. Then he stopped and Madame must have given him some sign that I was ready for his assault. She stood beside me and instructed me to push out as he pressed. I obeyed and within a second he was in me. I squealed. Madame chuckled and said that gentlemen loved it when ladies made such noises. Rudyard stood quite still for a while and then slowly pushed his arbor vitae farther in. When his thighs were against my bottom he withdrew and began to futter me. I do not believe that I shall ever learn to fully enjoy such treatment but Madame said that it is part of a woman's role to be the box for a man's tool. I shall get used to it, I suppose. Rudyard later told me that he had enjoyed himself immensely and was looking forward to abusing me again.


June 21st Dear Diary:

To my great surprise my bottom is not sore. I would have thought so unnatural a congress would be damaging but it seems such is not the case. Thinking back I must admit that it was far less unpleasant that I feared. One can, I imagine, get used to such treatment with practice.

At breakfast Lady A embraced me and congratulated me on my progress. She assures me that when I return in four years I shall graduate with top marks and qualify for a Diploma in Erotic Arts. Until then I must satisfy myself with the intimate company of reliable young gentlemen. Determining which ones are reliable can be challenging. She assured me that the ladies of the gentry know who among their sons would be suitable playmates at Cambridge and she would wire me a list of names. She also whispered that some of them are likely to be as interested in each other as they will be in me. That can set up very interesting ménages she said, and proceeded to tell me about the time she talked her husband into joining her and Dr. Merely in her bedroom where they both rogered her at the same time, one in front and one in back! Lady A must hold a Doctorate in Erotic Arts.

More exercises and breathing in the morning, as well as some very interesting stretching exercises. We are told that yoga is an important part of the extended course. I greatly enjoyed 'helping' Rudyard into the full lotus position. The wails were delightfully piteous. Maybe next time he will think twice about indorsing my fundament!

The after lunch waltz was formal and gracious. That is all very well but naked and rampant is more fun.


June 22nd Dear Diary:

This morning vicar preached on the New Testament. I find it intriguing that Our Lord never once in all the Gospels made mention of the sexual behavior of unmarried persons. Disregarding the habit in those days to treat a woman before marriage as her father's property and afterwards as her husband's, it seems to leave open a great number of possibilities. And I had to clap my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing when he pointed out that St. Paul only insisted on monogamy among 'elders' of the church. So vicar must satisfy himself solely with his wife while Lord B might fill the castle sleeping wing with ladies? So amusing...

After services, Lady A announced that we should take tea in the countryside. The groom hitched a team to their coach and Lord B, Lady A, Madame and Maître, and we four junior students all climbed aboard for a picnic. When we arrived at a suitable site, the gentlemen went off angling. Madame adjured them to bring back fish as she had brought along a kerosene stove and intended to prepare truite au bleu for tea. We ladies unpacked the picnic things and spread out a cloth on the grass. Then Lady A proposed that we should disrobe and reenact the Manet painting that hangs in their drawing room. It is titled Luncheon in the Woods and shows two naked ladies having a picnic with two clothed gentlemen. The idea is so exciting. I knew that after tea we would be ravished without mercy. I could hardly wait.

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