Older White Sarah/young Black Personal Trainer (You Do the Math)

by sarahsmile

Copyright© 2011 by sarahsmile

Sex Story: Note to Husbands: Never let your wife go to the gym after an argument. Especially if her personal trainer has the hots for her.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Cheating   Black Female   White Female   .

When my husband gave me a fitness club membership for my birthday I thought he was trying to give me a hint about my weight or condition although he swore it was only because he knew how much I loved working out.

At 42 my curvy hips and big boobs were still turning heads and being a petite woman with long reddish hair and bright green eyes I have had more than my share of unwanted advances. I knew I'd have to fight off the loser's at the fitness club but decided to go anyway to make my husband feel as if his gift was appreciated.

I was asked if I'd prefer a male or female trainer to which I replied "doesn't really matter, not really sure what that means" ... I didnt want to offend anybody ... I was so naïve ... I was nervous on my first visit but after the initial tour I was introduced to my personal trainer and he was so funny it really put me at ease. His name was Robert ... a tall ... well built black, young man and at 24 his wisdom seemed way beyond his years. At my first training session I had such a good time I was already looking forward to my next visit. Robert is an excellent trainer and knows how to get me to go further than I would ever on my own.

Over the next few weeks our daily sessions got me in the best shape I've been in since my twenties. His humor and incredible wit has had me blushing more than once and on several occasions his touch seemed to mean more than assisting me with my lift.

At 42 my petite frame and full breast's were still to be proud of and Robert never hesitated to tell me how attractive I was ... for my age. I knew he was trying to seduce me but I thought I was immune to those kind of advance's ... I felt weird even talking to Robert about personal items but as the weeks past we became closer and closer...

As I watched him working out one day I actually imagined what he would look like naked. I felt so naughty just thinking about him in that way ... His huge biceps were as wide as my thighs and at 6'5" he towered over my 5'5" frame. I would always be faithful to my husband but I figured as long as my naughty thought's were just in my head I wasn't doing anything that could be considered betrayal.

Just getting all this attention from such an Adonis I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter as I worked out on the Stairmaster. I was such a conservative wife all these years that just thinking these thoughts was more than I ever did before but something was different.Robert just then came up behind me and ran his finger up my back as if to say hello. I just smirked and told him I'd be done in a minute and we could start our workout. I always played it like I was uninterested but the facade was weakening Robert was actually the first black man I ever befriended and enjoyed his company so much that I even laughed when his jokes werent funny. You might wonder what a 42 year old woman and a 24 year old guy might have in common to talk about but we just always did ... It was a new feeling for me to have such a large and muscular man pay such attention to me and the fact that he was black I must admit made me like him even more.

One of my first real hints that Robert was trying to seduce me came as I was working my lateral muscles ... my sinewy trainer was spotting me from behind. His big hands were first on my biceps helping me pull downward ... when he moved them to my waist I just kept pulling down the weights. When his hands crept upward they were glancing the bottom of my large tightly covered breasts. Each time I would pull down on the weights his hands would make contact with my giggling boobs. I felt a rush of adrenalin knowing a man other than my husband was touching my tits and I felt no guilt and actually went past my rep. number to feel his hands on me a little longer.

When my set ended he left his hands under my breasts and whispered into my ear " that was awesome Sarah ... wanna go again?"

I told my new friend with a bit of regret that I was very married and just frowned and backed off as he said "ok ... no problem". I knew he was making a pass at me and although impressed I wasn't going to cross that line with him ... I think he got the message but like most guy's that are hunting female prey ... no means yes...

The next few weeks were more of the same with the sexual tension between Robert and myself building to a dangerously high level for a married woman.

One day I went to the gym after a huge fight with my husband. After telling Robert about what had happened I couldn't hold back the tears and began to cry. Not wanting me to be embarrassed he took me into the office. As he closed the door I instinctively allowed Robert to give me a hug as he told me it was alright. As my head rested on his massive chest ... Robert rubbed my back ... then my lower back ... then my ass ... I felt so comfortable in his arms and the familiar musky smell of Roberts shirt had me in a haze. I don't know what came over me but as I pulled back and looked up into Roberts eyes my resistance to his advances dropped completely and as he lowered his lips to mine ... I closed my eyes and enjoyed my first kiss with a black man.

He kissed me slowly at first ... his breath smelled sweet and clean ... then he gradually opened both our mouths wide with his lips and kissed me more passionately then my husband ever had. My arms went around his neck as I felt the side of his tongue with the tip of mine ... I had been trying my best all these weeks to try to resist his advances but all it took was one moment of weakness to show the preditor a kink in the armor and he took full advantage.

As this 42 year old Mother of two was French kissing a 24 year old very muscular black man I forgot about everything except the thick cock that was now grinding into my belly through Roberts shorts.The minutes passed as we continued to kiss ... our tongues inside each others mouths ... my big boobs squished against Robert as he pulled me close and kissed my willing lips...

As he began to massage my full breast through my tight shirt that barely covered them, I felt my nipples harden in response to his assault. I saw Robert reach over and lock the door to the gym office ... realizing what we were about to do next. But the thought of my asshole husband sitting at home waiting for me to return came into my head. He bought this gym membership for me and would never guess what I was doing with it. Even if he was a jerk he's given me a life and didn't deserve to be cheated on like this.

I broke our kiss and said "I cant do this" as I straightened my clothes ... Robert apologized and opened the door as I left the office and headed for the shower's. When I was all washed up I got dressed and headed for my car. I didn't see Robert until I was almost to my car. He pulled up in his convertible corvette and just smiled at me. I told him he caught me in a vulnerable moment and I shouldn't have let that happen. He told me he has been dreaming about me and all the wonderful things that he would love to do to me. I don't know why but the first thing I thought of when he said "do to me" was him going down on me which is what I had also been dreaming of. My husband had never performed oral on me and with his tiny prick could never even get me to orgasm.

Here I was ... standing next to my dream guy ... with hours of nothing to do that sunny day ... and very pissed at my inconsiderate husband...

Robert looked up at me and said " would you have walked out if I weren't a Black man?" is that why you cant allow yourself to follow your feelings? I was knocked back on my heels ... the worst thing I could think of was to be accused of being a racist ... NO NO NO ... I replied ... terrified of being labeled I said "not at all Robert its because I'm married ... I think your terrific and would love to be with you "if" and then he finished my sentence ... if I weren't a Black man right? No No No I said again. And rambled on about having black friends and all the other stupid things a white person says when accused of being a racist.

Now I felt I had to prove to him I wasn't a racist ... that I really did want to be with him but I didn't want to betray my husband ... but no matter what I said he gave me that look that told me this was all about his skin color. I felt a wave come over me as I asked him how he would feel if his wife cheated on him. He told me just what I didn't want to hear.

He said if his life ever got to the point where his wife felt she was not getting enough at home and had to look else where for her release that he would give his wife his blessing's to cheat. But he did add that no wife of his would ever got to that point. But he was right ... my husband had neglected me for too many years ... and this gym membership was just a lame way of getting me out of the house more. If he took care of my needs I wouldn't even be wondering about Robert ... but he didn't ... and here was Robert ... looking good enough to eat...

All of a sudden I felt myself let go ... walked around to Roberts passenger side ... got into his car ... and said " this has nothing to do with your color ... I want more Robert ... lots more". And with that he sped away ... leaving my car and my marriage vows in the parking lot of the fitness center.

As we entered Roberts apartment he immediately grabbed me and pulled me to him. After a short glance into each others eyes ... we locked in another passionate kiss as we did in the gym office. His tongue exploring my mouth ... my hands exploring his sinewy ass and back ... he was a fast worker and his hands pulled my sweater over my head exposing my bra laden boobs. Next was my skirt ... leaving me naked except for my bra and panties. Robert was fumbling with my bra clasp as I searched out his cock ... reaching inside his shorts. When my bra fell to the floor Roberts sucked each nipple in turn as I began to stroke his full length in his shorts. His cock felt massive and my tiny fingers with their long red fingernails barely fit all the way around.

As I dropped to my knees I pulled his shorts down and off. His cock ... already stiff ... smacked me in the face as I released it from its bounds. At first I just planted little kisses all around his massive head but as I grabbed and stroked the thick base of Roberts cock I began to take him further and further down my throat. I sucked on and on as Robert and I matched each other moan for moan. His hands were folded over his head as he gently glided his cock deeper and deeper down my throat. Occasionally I would duck underneath and lick Roberts golf ball sized nuts as I stroked his spit soaked length. Then I would run my lips and tongue up and down his length as I brought my young lover closer and closer to orgasm.

After sucking him like a cock hungry slut for almost 15 minutes he tapped me on the forehead and motioned me over to the sofa. I sat back on my heels for a minute to catch my breath but Robert helped me up and over to the bed. I realized I would obey any command given to me by Robert and words would not be necessary for most of them. Just as he told me what to do as my trainer he would tell me what to do as my lover ... and possibly Master. The thought brought a gush from deep inside of me.

As Robert gently spread my legs I took a deep breath and got ready for what I had dreamed of for years. His tongue at first licked my slit from bottom to top ... lapping up my juices that had formed as I masturbated his huge cock. When he inserted two fingers and worked them underneath my clit I pulled his face to mine and thanked him with a passionate kiss. As our tongues intertwined he pumped his fingers into my now soaked pussy.

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