Surprise Ravishes

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2011 by LiteroCat

Humor Sex Story: Based on a funny Euro TV ad. Lust crazed hubby rushes home to surprise and ravish his wife. He too is surprised.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Humor   Oral Sex   .

The holidays always remind me how lucky I am to have such an exceptional, sexy, lusty, spontaneous wife. After long minutes of grinning stupidly in beau reves, longing for her naked love, I get painfully hard and I can't wait to run home and bury my love inside her. Isn't that odd, after being married six years, that I still feel so strongly about her? I love her so much, I stopped questioning why she never wanted her family to meet me. Or was it ME to meet her family? Something in her past damaged her so badly she never spoke of them. Once, she slipped and mentioned she had a younger sister who also left her young mother's annoying beauty unscathed. She clammed up right after that and never explained.

Finally, the end of the torturously slow day came. Finally! Thinking of my beautiful, petite wife hopefully waiting for me at home lit the afterburners in my ass. A cascade of quickly fading voices questioned 'What is that blurrrrrr' as I flew out of the office. Unheeded, I was in my car in a flash. Traffic was as light as it's ever been, yet was intolerable! Finally, in record time, I screeched to a halt in my driveway. Before the car door closed, my tie and jacket were off. Inside the front door, my shirt fluttered to the floor, my shoes ricocheted off two walls.

There she was, sitting on our sofa uncomfortably clam, teacup in hand, curiously staring in the direction of our silent TV. Before I exited the kitchen, I had an ad hoc plan. Her ribbed top would be the first to go, followed VERY quickly by her short skirt that barely covered any of her gorgeous legs. My pants fell as I rushed into the living room, exposing my choice that day to work commando. Waddling quickly at her caused my rigid rod to waddle out of phase while still pointing at her. She turned haltingly toward me, but too late ... I nearly tackled her off her seat and sent her cup flying. Off balance and trying to speak gave me the seconds I needed to yank her tank top over her head and expose her braless, little, near B cups. Her absolutely perfect nipples instantly swelled and stood tall. Before they reached their full height, I had my tongue in her mouth silencing her attempt to stammer her words at me.

As she regained her balance, I took a second to pop the one large button holding her tiny, tan, wraparound skirt at her hips. It unwrapped and fell in slow motion and left my beautiful wife standing in only heels and a wispy panty. Sue tried again to say something, but I knew it could wait - whatever it was - it could wait an hour, but my lust could not. While our tongues tangoed in her noisy mouth, I slid one hand to her left titty and pinched her nectarous nipple. She groaned into my mouth; my eyes rolled back. My hand moved South, to the narrow panty waist, and pushed her sex shield over her hips. It fell unevenly until Sue kicked it off followed by her shoes which left her totally nude. Though she was a beautiful sight to behold, my eyes were still closed as I savored her tongue and tit. When she opened her legs, my petrified pipe, that had been waiting for access to her warm, wet sex, jumped up to the breach.

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