Pam in the Van

by Anonymous Bosch

Copyright© 2011 by Anonymous Bosch

Erotica Sex Story: After the shattering experience the first time, Pam realizes that she truly is a submissive and posts the ad on Craig's list. I recommend that you read the other Pam stories first.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   DomSub   Light Bond   .

I stood waiting on the street corner. Waiting for the black van with the mattress in the back and my rapists. I had on an old skirt and blouse in case they cut off my clothes again. My hair was in a ponytail. I felt a mix of fear of the unknown, anticipation and horniness.

I flashed back to the woods. The hot breath on the back of my neck as driver held me, suspended on his cock buried deeply in my ass. The rustle of leaves in front of me as the passenger lifted my knees and hooked them under his elbows. And then the long, hot lance of his cock plunging into my pussy and the colossal fucking that they had done to me. And then the semen running down my inner thighs when they put me down...

I squeezed my thighs together, trying to get some relief. I was already wet and my nipples were poking out of the blouse.

"How did I get to this place?" I wondered. "Why am I doing this?"

Then I thought of Enrico fucking me on the kitchen table at the house. I'd been resistant at first too.

After the sandwich, it was like I was on autopilot. It had been a life-changing event. All I had read since then told me I was a submissive; wanting and waiting to be dominated and sexually used.

"Are they going to sandwich me again?" I wondered. The idea of those long, hot cocks in me again made me shiver.

"Why am I like this? I'm a Shriver and the Shrivers are not submissive to anyone!" I thought angrily.

Then I thought, "Maybe it was because was of what happened with Enrico?"

I remembered the chaise, the fainthearted struggle on the breakfast table and his long, hard cock.

I saw the black van. It was coming up the street. It stopped in front of me and the door slid open on remote control.

"Yes or no?" I asked myself.

My anus twitched. I could see my old blindfold lying on the mattress. It was actually a sweatband. I got in with my head down.

I knelt on the mattress and the door slid shut. A water bottle filled with orange colored juice landed in front of me.

I put on the blindfold.

"Drink it." The driver growled at me.

"You don't need to drug me." I said.

"Shut up and drink!"

I drank it down. I made me feel better because my mouth was so dry.

"Put your face on the mattress and point your ass to the front of the van." The passenger ordered me.

I did and waited, my face into the bottom sheet and my ass in the air. I felt the tickle of juice running down my inner thighs as I lubricated furiously. I pressed my tits into mattress, hoping for some friction. I felt one of them move onto the mattress.

"Oh yes, Here it comes. Fuck me. Use me." I thought feverishly.

Then he was next to me. "Knees apart." He ordered me.

"Dude, she's so hot it's running down her legs!" My whole body flushed and I couldn't help it when a little moan escaped me.

"I'm such a slut," I wailed in my head.

I felt him tie something around my thigh, just above the left knee. Then he grabbed my left wrist, pulled it back and tied my wrist to my knee. He tied the other side the same way. I was helpless.

"So simple," I thought. "Two pieces of cloth and they can do anything they want to me."

I shivered and felt like I was spinning out of control. He flipped my skirt up over my back. His hand slid up my wet inner thigh and then he stroked my pussy lips. I shivered violently and moaned. His fingers slid into the leg hole of my panties and plunged into me.

"Oh god," I moaned. "That feels soooo goood."

"Man we OWN this pussy," the driver said.

"No shit. And she's a Shriver. Her family owns this fucking town."

Oh God no!" I thought. Then I cried, "How, how ... How do you know my name? I NEVER TOLD YOU MY NAME."

"We looked in your purse last time. If you hadn't posted on Craig's List soon, we were going to do a little home invasion on your sweet, fuckable ass." He caressed my cheeks thought my panties.

"Yes little Pammy, your pretty little ass belongs to us."

I began to cry. "Home invasion? Oh no. NO ... I'm not safe at home?" I thought.

The sudden lack of control of my life horrified me. 10 days ago I was rich, successful and thinking about finding a man and getting married. Now? I was a slave. A Shriver had become a fucking sex slave. Tied up with my ass in the air, ready for anything. Wanting anything. Dad would have a coronary if he found out about this. And he couldn't fire these guys like he fired Enrico, either.

I cried into the blindfold and felt him go to the front of the van. The van started and we drove off. Then I realized how diabolical this position was. I had to spread my knees wide apart to keep from tumbling all over the mattress as the van turned. I could picture myself. Tied, wrist to knee, blindfolded and spread wide open with my ass in the air and my skirt flipped up over my back. Showing my soaking wet panties to both of them. Willingly.

"Did I really WANT to be humiliated?" I asked myself. I knew the answer to that now. Yes. I did. And if these two fuckers hadn't snatched me and raped me, I would have never believed that it could be true.

The drug began to take hold. I guessed it was a date-rape drug. It enhanced my senses and detached me at the same time. I suddenly smelled the clean sheet and felt it's softness against my cheek. The juices running out me tickled my thighs. My pussy was yearning for his fingers, his tongue, his cock, his anything. I braced myself as the van rounded a corner and stopped. I heard the whine of the gate again.

"We must be back at the same place." I thought. "What place has an electric gate and takes 10 minutes to drive through?" I didn't know.

The van parked. I heard them get out. My excitement peaked.

"Oh please, let it be my sandwich time," I thought anxiously.

I slid my knees together and squeezed my thighs to try and get some relief.

The side door opened.

"Damn, look at her. Soon she's going to be begging for it."

A female voice said, "Ooooh that's hot. What a tasty little piece of ass! And she's a Shriver?" The girl laughed.

"Oh god, no. Not a girl too!" I cried out.

"Oh yes, little Pammy, a girl. And the first thing you're going to do is eat her pussy. It's a tasty one too."

"Eat a woman? I've never had sex with a woman."

"Well, little Pammy, today's the day!" Driver said. "You're going to eat her while we watch." One of them picked me up and carried me like I was his fucking bride. I smelt the woods and the felt the sun on my skin. They flipped me over and set me on the same air mattress.

A hand caressed my ass and then started to rub my pussy through my panties.

"Ooooh yesssssssss," I hissed and spread my knees wider. "Yes."

"Wow, guys. I bet she'll do anything." The girl said. "What did you do to her?"

"We made her a sandwich. It was awesome."

"What the fuck is a sandwich?" She asked.

"Mike fucked her little virgin ass standing up. I held her knees up with my elbows and jammed it into her pussy. You should have heard her howl! Then we alternated strokes. She went fucking wild!"

"Oooh, you evil bastards!" She cried. "That I gotta see!"

"Later, my dear, later." Passenger said

"Ooooh YES! Sandwich me. Do it now!" I cried.

"Hmmmm, that good, eh?" said the girl. "I might have to try one too."

"Later. We have all day to fuck little Pammy. And now, without further ado, do you want to get eaten?" Driver said.

"Ooooh Yes!" She cried. I heard her begin to strip. Then a zipper. More rustling.

"Damn, Jill," The passenger said. "You are one hot little piece of ass!"

"Why thank you, kind sir. Want some of it?"

"Yeah baby," He said like Austin Powers.

I felt movement on the air mattress. The two guys lifted my shoulders up off the mattress. It was really hard to hold up my head in this position. I felt her legs on both sides of me. I smelt pussy. The smell was intoxicating. I felt her thighs on both sides of my head. They let go of my shoulders and my body fell forward. My forehead was resting on her belly. Her pubic hair tickled my nose.

"Eat me, bitch." The girl said. "I want to come in your face."

One of the men slapped my ass. I took a tentative lick. She grabbed my head a pressed into her crotch.

"Eat ME!"

I pointed my tongue and found her clit. It was the size of my little finger first joint. I massaged it with my tongue and then sucked on it.

"Mmmm. Keep going." She rotated her hips up.

Click. I saw a flash of light through the blindfold. They were taking pictures!

"Cool," the driver said. "Great picture."

I moaned with despair into Jill's pussy. With my hands tied, her pussy was all that was holding my head up. She pressed my head down until my mouth was at her entrance.

"Fuck me with your tongue, bitch." She said. My ass was slapped hard.

"Do it, cunt!"

I stabbed into her with my tongue as far as I could reach. My nose was rubbing her clit as I tongue fucked her. She was holding my head and humping my face.

"Ooohh YES, bitch. That's better. Fuck my pussy, bitch."

As she writhed beneath me, I realized I liked it. I licked my way up her gaping slit and sucked hard on her clit. Juice ran out of me and her. I badly wanted to come.

"Oooh YES! She's into it now!" Jill moaned.

"Guys, come here and suck on my nipples. Suck them. Bite them ... Oh please bite them..." She moaned.

As I assaulted her pussy, I heard rustling of leaves and then. "Yessssssss, boys. Oh yes. Bite them. Ooooh yes. Squeeze my tits ... oh yes ... bite them."

I was jealous. I wanted my pussy eaten and my tits sucked.

"Ooooh yes, I'm getting close. Hold my legs up, boys. Spread me wide so I can come in this bitch's face."

"Okay Jill - get ready for the E ticket ride!"

I felt her legs move and she was wide open for me. I went wild, eating her everywhere. She jammed my face into her mound and moaned.

"Ooooooh YES! YES!" Her belly rippled as she came in my face. I tasted her juices and lapped them up. "Oh yes," I thought. "I like eating pussy..."

"Hell, what didn't I like?" I wondered.

Jill lay there, panting. I put my head on her thigh, grateful to get some air. I had hairs in my mouth and tried to spit them out. I rubbed my wet face on her thigh and licked it off.

Jill caressed my hair and said, "How do you like my pussy now?"

"Maybe from now on I'll like oysters." I said.

They all laughed. Mike said, "Little Pammy likes everything. She sure liked being raped!" They laughed again. It was true. I heard movement. Hands gripped my panties at the hips. I felt them tear and they were yanked off. I remembered the first time my panties had been ripped off.

Enrico. My family's kitchen.

I heard more movement. I heard a shutter clicking and saw the flash.

"Look at that beautiful, sopping pussy!" Mike said. "Want some of that, Jill?"

"She's got a pretty asshole too!" Jill said.

I felt someone stand on the air mattress and then soft hands on my hips. Her hair tickled my ass.

I spread my knees wider and Jill giggled. "Need some relief, I see. What do you want?"

"Oh Jill, eat me. Lick my asshole. Suck my pussy ... oh I need it. I need it so bad..."

"Beg for it." Jill ordered me. I heard one of the men snicker.

"Please eat me. I need it so bad. Please Jill. Please make me come!"

I felt more hair and then a tongue washed down my crack.

"Ohhh yesssssssssss, Jill. Do me ... I need to come..." I moaned.

I knew two men were watching me have sex with a woman and I didn't care. All it did was make me hotter. Her tongue circled my asshole and I shivered with delight. Then she tried to force it into me and she rubbed my clit.

"Yeesssss. Please fuck my ass!" I cried. I heard a camera clicking and saw the flash. Jill lashed my asshole with her tongue and finger fucked me until I was trembling on the edge of coming.

I felt movement next to my head and Mike whispered in ear, "Fucking your tight asshole comes later."

I shivered violently and came, bucking and writhing against by bonds.

"Ooooooh yes!" I had needed that!

"Wow. Look at her go off!"

As I panted on the mattress, I felt someone stepped on it and suddenly a thick, hard cock slammed into me; all the way to the core of my pussy.

"OH GOD!" I cried out.

Mike said, "Yes. I am!" His hands gripped my hips painfully and he fucked me like a jackhammer. I heard myself grunt each time he slammed into me. It was wonderful.

"Oooh," Jill said, "I need to try that!"

He pulled out. I felt the mattress flex.

Mike said, "Go for it, Ben!" Well, at least now I knew both their names.

Hard hands gripped my hips. Ben's longer cock slammed into me and I cried out.


I felt hands pull my blouse up over my head while that thick cock cored me. I felt tugging and my bra was cut off. Someone knelt over my head and then soft hands reached around my torso and squeezed my breasts.

"Nice tits, little Pammy. I can't wait to suck on them." Jill said. Then she pinched and pulled my nipples.

I came again, moaning into Jill's thigh. Ben pulled out. Neither one had come in me. I was so disappointed.

Distantly, as I recovered from two huge orgasms in minutes, I felt a tugging. My bonds had been cut off. They stood me up with my blouse still over my head. One of the men taped my forearms together behind me.

"Ohhh," said Jill. "You have awesome tits, little Pammy!"

She grasped them, squeezed and then a hot tongue lashed the tip of a nipple. Another mouth found the other nipple. My head began to spin from the double assault.

"Ooooh," I sighed. "That feels good." My toes curled and I got goose bumps all over.

Then Jill said, "This is ridiculous. Everybody is naked except for her! I want to see the whole package of little Pammy"

Ben, "You're right!" I felt him unzip my skirt and pull it down. Then he grabbed my blouse, which was still over my head and ripped it open. Buttons flew everywhere. I gasped because it hurt. Then I felt him cut the sleeves open and I was naked. I could feel them look at me. In my rape fantasy my blouse was always ripped off. I shivered with my pussy sparking. Click. Click.

"Oh my," said Jill. "She's fucking HOT!" They surrounded me and hands raced all over me, squeezing and pinching.

"I think you should thank Jill for the complement." Mike said to me.

"Thank you, Jill."

"Thank you, Mistress!" He growled at me.

"Thank you, Mistress." I said, meekly.

"On your knees, slave," She ordered me. I knelt awkwardly in the leaves.

"Lick my asshole, slave," she ordered me. I felt someone stand in front of me and cheeks where pushed in my face.

Mike said, "Here let us help." I heard them move and then Jill said, "Oh yeah boys, open up those cheeks."

I leaned in and ran my tongue up and down her crack, lashing and nibbling.

"Oooh, that's nice, little slave."

"Thank the mistress, slave," Ben ordered me.

"Thank you, Mistress Jill."

"Ooh I like that. Mistress Jill indeed. Now keep licking." I felt her move her feet apart.

"Now, little bitch, fuck me with your thumb." I jammed it in her. I was licking a woman's ass and liking it. It made me excited and humiliated at the same time. Mom would have a conniption if she found out. I heard the camera shutter clicking. At least I had a blindfold on.

It was as if she read my mind. "Boys, I want to see her face when I look at those pictures."

Ben said, "Hey Mike, she's right. Now that we have the video footage of her willingly having sex today, what can she do? It doesn't matter if she sees our faces."

"Video? You're filming this????" I cried out. They ignored me.

"Dude, you're right." The blindfold came off. Somehow, that increased my humiliation. I knelt there in the leaves, blinking in the light. Jill's ass crack was right in my face. It was wet with my saliva and her pink little asshole was right at the height of my mouth. My thumb was buried in her pussy. The camera clicked. By reflex I turned to the sound. Click. One of the men had just taken a full face-on shot of me, naked, and with a woman's ass in my face. My heart sank. I guess I had still entertained the idea of getting control of my life back.

"Lick me, slave. Fuck my asshole with that hot little tongue."

Video? Pictures? Connect the dots and what do you get? Pictures and videos of me for sale on the internet. Click. Click.

My life was over. If anyone recognized me, it would take about 30 seconds to be on deadspin_com. I was known in the media as The Shriver Princess.

Something in me snapped. I gave up. I leaned in and circled her anus hard and fast with the point of my tongue. It tasted bitter. Click, click from the camera.

Jill cried "Oh YES THAT'S IT!" Then she said, "Get over here one of you, I need a cock in my mouth."

I heard him move and then he hissed "Yeeeesssss. Suck that cock." More clicking.

I pointed my tongue as hard as I could and stabbed it into her anus. I got the tip in and the bitterness increased. Jill moaned around Ben's cock and I felt her shiver and gush all over my thumb. I sat back on my heels. My knees hurt and my arms ached. Ben started to fuck Jill's face holding her head. She had her arms around his waist and was hanging on for dear life. I noticed she had a nice legs and a nice round ass. I sucked my thumb. "Nice." I thought. I used my fingers, scooped more juice out of her and licked it off. Click. Click.

Jill mumbled something around the cock in her mouth. Then I saw Ben scrunch up his face, step back and began shooting in he face. She was moaning and I guessed trying to swallow. I saw droplets falling to the ground between her legs. Click. Click.

"So sad," I thought. "What a waste of some tasty come."

Jill stood up and I struggled to my feet. She turned and I looked at her face. Globs of came covered her forehead to chin and dripped onto her breasts. She was a cutie. I kissed her, probing her mouth for Ben's come. I licked it off her chin and then her breasts. She stroked my back as I did it.

"Very good, little slave, very good..." She mumbled. Click. Click. Click.

"Thank you, Mistress..."

Jill grabbed my chin and looked at me. "Wow, you are a beautiful little slave."

"Thank you, Mistress..."

Mike walked over to me and pointed, "That way." He said. I saw a path leading further into the woods. "I bet it's sandwich time," I thought happily. I felt a burst of warmth as I walked, lubricating for my masters. I felt their gaze on me. I swung my hips more.

"Doesn't she have a sweet ass?" I heard Ben say. "And I'm about to plow that puppy."

Mike said, "Wait, you got her ass last time. It's my turn."

Jill said, "Do I get a sandwich too?"

"Okay man, you open her up and then we'll fucking destroy her." Said Ben. I shivered and squeezed my thighs together as I walked. We got to a little clearing.

Mike said to Jill, "Sure, if you can get us hard after we do the slave. But you might want to watch and then decide."

Mike said, "Stop here." I looked around and saw what must be the limb they had a tied me over last time, when Ben had raped my ass. Moisture oozed out of my pussy. I shivered in anticipation. Ben was setting up the video camera on the tripod.

I got a clear look at Mike's face. He looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. I glanced at Ben. Now there's a handsome master. Both of them had nice bodies. Mike was as hard as a telephone pole. His shaft was a double handful long. It was pointing right up at his belly. He bent down and picked up a jar. Lube. My mouth went dry and more juice oozed out of me. Mike crooked his finger at me and he smiled when you saw me looking at his cock.

"C'mon, you can take it. You took Ben's."

"I know I can, Master Mike." He gripped my chin and looked me in the eyes. You really are a slave now, aren't you?"

"Yes, Master Mike."

"Beg me for it."

"Please master, please fuck my ass with that huge hard cock. Rape me. Rape my little asshole."

"Get me ready." He glanced at Ben. The camera was rolling. Ben walked up behind me and freed my arms. He rubbed them, massaging them back to life. I took the lube from Mike and knelt in the leaves. I bent over and sucked the length of him into my mouth. He caressed my head. I scooped out a glob of the lube. I drooled all over his cock, trembling.

"Mmmm, that's nice, little slave."

I backed off and coating his shaft, leaving a glob at the tip. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mistress Jill watching, entranced. Ben was getting an erection. Our little clearing was simmering in sexual tension.

Mike stood me up and we walked over to a tree.

"Are you going to tie me up, Master Mike?"

"No little slave. Last time we raped you. This time, you're going to do it willingly."

"Yes, Master Mike."

I saw Ben walk up behind Jill. He started squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

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