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Erotica Sex Story: An unexpected event, on the way home. Could I be that stupid? ___ Not in my native language, I tried to keep the grammar agreeable.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Sadistic   Torture   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

Twilight surrounds me while I walk home. I decide to go around the back, that way I can take some stuff out of the shed on my way inside. The alley that leads to my gate is long. The cooling evening air speeds my paces.

Soon the tapping of my heels is accompanied by other footsteps. I look over my shoulder and notice I am not alone. The man behind me looks familiar, he probably lives nearby. It's an attractive man with a sporty appearance. With his long legs each pace takes him closer to me.

"Good evening." He says. I turn my head to reply and the next thing I know I am standing with my back to the wall and his eyes looking into mine with a piercing gaze. My answer is late, but uttered. "Good evening." After scraping my throat I politely ask him to release me. He merely states his reluctance to let something this lovely go free.

I can't help myself from wishing secretly for him to not let go of me. The hungry look in his eyes, his confidence, his rough good looks combined with the pleasant pressure of his hand on my upper arm turns me on. I wonder why I don't place my knee in his groin and leave.

I feel some fear, but mostly I feel excitement and curiosity. I wonder whether I took leave of my senses to respond this way to a complete stranger. Meanwhile I thank him for the compliment and ask what he's up to.

He's very attractive, the danger of the situation attracts and repels me at the same time. He doesn't answer, yet grins acquisitive and pulls my head back by my long blond hair. Instantly I feel his breath in my neck and his nose sliding up my skin. To my surprise a sigh escapes me.

A hand still grips my hair when he guides me to a gate near me. The solid gate to the garden is marred with two specks of moss in the shape of unequal triangles. He opens the gate and after that he opens his shed. The size of his shed is equal to mine, but there every comparison ends. The shed seems empty at first glance.

The walls are smooth and covered with stuccoes. Again the wall is pressed against my back and my view is filled by the stranger in front of me. Just a second ago I asked myself why I am showing this level of stupidity, now my mind completely shuts down. I try to recompose myself, but his hand that pulls my hair...

The hand on my shoulder slowly creeps upward, toward my neck. His gaze still pins me down. I can't look away. Then I his hand tighten around my neck. My breath was hastened as is, now I become increasingly lightheaded. I try to clear my head and calm my breathing, but I feel like puddy in his hands.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. The word rings in my head time and time again. Yet I am incapable of resisting him it seems. Still I try. My pathetic and half-hearted attempt to resist ends in my wrists being held in his vice like hand.

I feel tense and calm at the same time, it confuses me. He radiates control and calm. My mind tells me not to give way and resist, though at this point it seems senseless. Now that my mind clears I resist more. "Hush girl," he states. My resistance does not cease.

No grin or scowl is visible on his face. He doesn't speak. I try to fry myself from the very effective vice around my wrists. Damn, he is strong. He merely turns me toward the wall and presses me roughly against it. Still immobilized, the kick with one of my feet was of no effect either.

He spreads my legs and with one of his hands he keeps me pressed to the wall. I feel something slide around my wrists with a click. Cuffs. Now the fear comes. First attempt to scream ends in a soft squeak. Just when I open my mouth to scream in earnest my mouth is filled with a gag, just before the sound comes.

With my hands cuffed and a gag in my mouth, which I won't be able to remove all I have left to resist is my head and my legs. My mind works feverish on ways to escape this predicament. A hand holds the chain between the cuffs prevents me from running. Yet I try.

The cuffs burn in the flesh of my wrists. He grabs something else. Another click sounds and startled I look. Where a minute ago nothing seemed to be, now some sort of belt is hanging from the wall. He attaches it to my cuffs. Gagged and cuffed I remain standing. Mind creaking with efforts to find options.

Another chain appears. Without a thought I kick him when he comes towards me again. De first two land with a big thump. They hurt. I succeeded in getting a high kick to his stomach the other one lands on his shin. The kicks have effect. Though it's minimal.

The avid look he gives grows more intense. The next kick I try is caught in his hands. Now he's got my leg. With eyes wide I watch how he shackles my ankle with a grin on his face. He doesn't allow my foot to touch the floor, but lowers it enough to shackle my other ankle. Both shackles are attached to the wall with a chain.

Completely helpless I stand. He positions himself right in front of me, grabs me by my throat and opens my blouse. Agitation and fear rise in me. My top is pulled down and gets stuck below my bra. He lifts my breast and squeezes my nipple very hard. "You're mine now, slut." Tears well in my eyes at the pain he causes. Then he releases. I close my eyes and sigh with relief.

Another click sounds. He turns me and bends me over some sort of soft board. Then I feel a bond coming around my neck. I resist but the arm in my back keeps me from coming upright. I just can't get my leg in a position that allows me to push upward with sufficient force. When the collar is secured, the pressure on my back subsides.

I try to stand upright immediately but fail. I am held in this position y the collar. My belt is loosened and I start pleading with him to release me. I didn't want this. Didn't expect this. Still trying to fathom why I didn't escape before I was brought here. No. No. No. No. The muffled pleas have no effect.

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