The Food Court

by VeryWellAged

Copyright© 2011 by VeryWellAged

Erotica Story: Best read after Jake - Joyfully or with Ganda! Marty's life changes because of a bet and he gets to win no matter who wins the bet. Marty's a average 'Joe.' Divorced, paying child support, a job that is going nowhere. A guy who can't catch break. And then when he does... he is one lucky SOB!

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   .

If you think you recognize someone in this story, you are wrong.

I have changed each enough that if you have a match, well then you don't. See?

I made these changes knowing that anything written would eventually fall into the wrong hands.

Oh yes, I did make this all up! It is fiction, you know.

[Author's note:

While this story is not tied to the Jake's Choices, there is much in here that assumes knowledge of life in the Philippines, which I have covered in the Threads #2 and #3 stories. Unless you really know the underbelly of life in the Philippines, I recommend you not read this story unless you have already read those.]

I could sit in a food court anywhere in the USA and the likelihood of anyone talking to me would be thin. The likelihood of a couple of pretty young girls talking to me would be nonexistent.

I'm just an average middle aged guy with a little too much around the middle, thinning, graying hair and child support payments high enough to keep me working my tail off.

A month ago my supervisor called me into her office. This is not normally a good thing. She doesn't like me much and we aren't what you call on speaking terms. Normally it's her chewing me out for something I had no control over. So I am not expecting to like the experience as I come to her door. The actual door is open and I knock on the jamb. She signals me to come in with a hand gesture.

Martin, I just got a call from HR. What's your problem with taking vacation leave?

Excuse me ma'am? What problem? I haven't taken any, how can there be a problem?

Jeez, Martin, are you really that dense boy? That's the point. You haven't taken any vacation leave in three years. HR is having a cow. You've accumulated six weeks of paid leave and they ordered me to tell you to take it ALL by the end of the year. On top of that, you've accumulated 13 comp days and they have tacked that on as well! I am going to hire a temp just to cover for your sorry ass! You've got to take a two month vacation and Martin, that means NOW! You have two weeks to figure out where you're going because this being almost the middle of October, you have to do all of this before January 1st! You got that MARTIN? Jeezuz, Mary and John, What the Fuck am I going to do with you? Now get the fuck out of here and back to work!

Well, like I said, I never did like having to talk to her. Even good news sounded bad by the time she was finished with ya'. So here I am back at work, pissed off and not knowing what to do. When we break for lunch some of the guys are all trying to come up with what I should do for two months. Man you never heard such dumb stuff, like ice fishing for two months! Who the fuck is going to sit in a shack on a fucking frozen lake alone for two months and call that a vacation? Some guys must just be wrapped wrong is all I can figure. Then Artie, who ain't said a thing, says, if it was his vacation he knows just what he would do.

He says: It's what I'm planning on doing when I retire anyway. You know I was stationed in Subic Bay in the Philippines when I was in the Navy, right? Well I figure I'd go back there. I got some buddies that are there right now, my age and on a modest pension, they have a nice place to live, it's always warm and they get more pussy than Victoria's got secrets!

Billy is looking at Artie and says: Old man you're full of shit. No old fart like you is going to attract any pussy worth fucking. Not now and not in a million years!

But Artie, he's not backing down. Billy-boy how'd you like to take a bet on that?

Billy is laughing: What you got in mind old man?

Well Billy-boy, the way I figure it, we have Marty here settle it for us. You buy Marty's airfare to the Philippines and I will put up even more cash to cover the tickets and the change for an earlier return date if needed. We fly Marty-boy over there. He can stay with my buddies in Cebu so he don't have to pay for no hotels. The food is so cheap there that he will be saving money even if he's been eating Dinty Moore three times a day here. He goes to the food court of a mall and hangs out for three hours a day. If he ain't had four pussies in the first week, we fly him home, I pay you off and cover the diff. If he gets the pussy, you lose the bet and my money stays in my pocket. Either way, Marty gets a free trip to the South Pacific and he's a winner. Well you got the balls or ain't ya'?

Billy wanted to know: Who's gonna hold your share, Artie?

Artie thinks a bit and I'll be damned if he doesn't say: Our supervisor! She hates all of us equally anyway so she won't play favorites!

Artie had Billy over a barrel on that! And so that's how it happened that I am sitting at a food court here in a mall in Cebu. Not a fancy one, but one for the everyday folks. This is my second day here. I'm not sure if what I am doing is going by the agreement because I wasn't here an hour yesterday. But I was here long enough for these two teenagers to start talking to me. We got real friendly and after I bought them a couple of 300 peso loads for their phones we went back to where I am staying and damn if I didn't have two pieces of grade A fine Filipina ass yesterday afternoon! They left at 6:30 last night saying they had to be home or their mom would whip 'em.

To help Artie prove the bet I have'ta take pics of each of the girls I am with and email them from an Internet Café. There are Internet places all over so that's not a problem. I sent the first two pics last night. I bet Billy is shitting his pants.

Yesterday I got here right as school was letting out. Today I am here at 1:30 in the afternoon. There aren't as many teens right now but there are mom's with kids. Being with the teens was something I will never forget, but I think I really want to see if I can find someone a bit older!

In the meantime, you know I didn't eat any of the food here yesterday, but I have decided to try some today. I am wandering around the court – it's a sort'a circle – and trying to figure out what to order.

I hear giggling behind me. As I turn around I see a pretty woman, maybe in her twenties? Maybe early thirties? Anyway she's pretty and she's talking to me. Do you know about Filipino food?

No Miss, I sure don't. Could you help me? Oh, I'm sorry my name is Marty. Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you Marty, I am Eve. Are you very hungry Marty?

No, Eve, not real hungry, but I wanted just to try some things and see what it was like.

Marty! I am so proud of you willing to try. How much do you have to spend on this experiment?

Well will 500 pesos be enough?

May I select things for you?

You bet. That would be great Eve.

And that's what she is doing. She gets me a round doughy ball she calls SioPao, an eggroll looking thing she calls Lumpia, some noodles she calls Pancit and white rice. And I have money left over! She get's something for herself she calls sinigang with rice, and I pay for that too. It's the least I can do. We sit down to eat together. I have too much on my plate, but everything is better than good. It is fantastic! Those Chinese don't know shit about eggrolls. These Lumpia beat them all to hell. The Pancit is so much better than the Lo Mein down at the China Dragon that I'm thinking Lo Mein ought to be outlawed. And oh shit, the SioPao, how can you say the best damn fast food ever! Hot damn that is good! Eve is laughing at me.

I think you like Filipino food Marty! That is nice, good for you.

There is a pause and I'm still eating.

Marty ... why are you here?

Well Eve, it's a vacation. A buddy at work told me that the best place to go for a vacation was here and so I came.

Are you doing anything special? I mean a mall is not exactly a vacation spot.

Well, I don't know, I was just trying to see what life was like here for the average person. I'm just an average person back home.

Are you married Marty?

No, Eve, I was but I got divorced about ten years ago.

Do you have a girlfriend back home?

No, sure don't Eve. Had one for a while, but with my salary and the child support I pay for the kids there's not much left and so I guess I'm not what you call a good prospect for a girlfriend.

But you make enough to pay your bills? Yes?

Yeh, sure ... but girls want more than that!

You have a place to live?

Sure, I have an apartment.

An apartment for just you?


So Marty, you are a good guy, you pay for your children even though you are divorced, you have a place to live, you have a job, why the girls not want you? I don't understand?

Eve, girls want more I guess. Besides I'm not good looking.

You like my looks Marty?

Eve, you are beautiful.

Salamat, you know what that means Marty?

Yes, the guys told me it means 'thank you, ' and you are welcome Eve, but you really are good looking.

Marty you are pogi.

What does Pogi mean Eve?

It mean handsome Marty. You are handsome.

Marty, I have some shopping to do. You want to help come with me and maybe help me carry a bag home?

Sure, I'd be happy to do that. Where are we going first?

And off we go grocery shopping. Eve has no car and she buys only what she can carry home. With my extra hands she can get some more. As we are shopping she asks me if I will stay with her for supper. I tell her sure so long as I can pay for the groceries.

She says: Deal!

You know those discount cards we use at our supermarkets, well I'll be damned they have the same things in the Philippines. Eve whips out a Rustans card and then I pay using my debit card from the US and it all works. What a fucking world. Anyway we head back to her place. It's a ten minute walk before we are there.

When we get to her place, she introduces me to her mother and then her father and then her sister, and then another sister and then her brother and then another sister ... and holy shit how many are there? This is a small apartment! There is a fan going and thank God for that! Her mother and father do not speak any English but her brothers and sisters do. I am answering questions non-stop. How did I meet Eve? What am I doing in the Philippines? Where do I work? What do I do at work? How old are my children? Why did I get a divorce? Do I like the Philippines? Why am I not married now? Why don't I have a girlfriend? Do I like Filipino food?

Finally Eve has mercy on me and tells them to give me a break!

There is no dinner table. Everyone gets food from the stove and sits down wherever they can and eats. Eve puts a plate together for me. I don't recognize a damned thing on the plate, but I dig in. It's good. Heavy on the garlic, but I love garlic, so that's fine. There is a lot of talking but I can't understand a word. Everyone is in good spirits and the fact that I am eating is getting smiles and thumbs up.

After supper a karaoke CD is shoved into a CD player and a TV is turned on. There is a controller where you can tap in the song number. The entire family is taking turns signing. Half the tunes are old US pop standards. They get me to sing a few songs by the Carpenters and the Eagles. At some point I yawn and Eve says she is going to walk me home. I protest saying that I can get home fine, and her father is saying I should stay with them for the night. But Eve shoves a few things into her handbag and we are out the door.

We are hand and hand. Eve is quiet for a while and then she says: Marty if your girlfriend worked and you shared your expenses, would you be OK? Would there be enough money?

I was not sure what she is asking but I try to answer: Well, we would not be rich but yeah, I guess that we would be OK. Why?

Oh, nothing.

It was a half an hour walk back to where I was staying. Artie's friends had given me my own bedroom in the house they leased. The room has an air-conditioner, which for sleeping purposes is a blessing. I invite Eve in. No one else is home and we go to my room.

Marty, would you like me to stay with you tonight?

Oh Eve, I sure would but was too embarrassed to ask you. Thank you. You sure are sweet and beautiful.

And you are pogi Marty!

Eve, do you need glasses?

Haha you are funny Marty. No my eyesight is perfect. Maybe you need to clean your glasses!

I reach out to her and she comes right to me. This is a woman, not a girl, and she wants me! Me, Marty, hey OK. So I pull down the zipper in the back of her dress and it slumps against her arms as we kiss and kiss and kiss. She lets her arms loose and the dress falls to the floor. I am pretty much working mouth to mouth at the moment, but it is clear that she looks as good out of the dress as she did in it. She has panties on and a bra but that is all. As we kiss I unhook the bra. I'm sort'a rusty at this but I do get it done and the bra slides down to her arms. And then she lets that fall too. My hand goes to her breast. It is firm and warm and her nipple is hard. I slide my head down to suck on it and Eve moans. As I suck, my hand moves down to her panties and I slide my hand inside the panty to reach the Promised Land. It's the damnedest thing, she ain't got no hair down there. I am feeling nothing but skin. Those teenage girls were like that last night but I just figured it was a teen thing. Now I guess I have to refigure that. Her cunt is slick with her female juices. My finger slides right in and she takes a sharp breath in. My lips loosen their hold of her nipple and I ask her: You OK?

Oh, yes Marty, yes, I'm OK.

She unbuttons my shirt and I take it off. I kick off my sandals. She opens my belt and shorts and soon they, and my briefs, are gone. I slide her little pink panties down and take a good look at her. She is beyond pretty. She can't be twenty-five, can she? There is simply nothing that isn't just right as I look at her. And she is putting her arms around me to kiss some more. Oh shit am I a lucky guy or what?

We kiss and then just sort'a fall on to the bed. She has my cock in her hands and she is jacking me off. God that feels good. I pull her down. We lie face to face.

Marty, you really like me?

Sure Eve, how can you ask that now? Of course I like you.

Oh, I think I ask it wrong. My English is not too good. Marty, maybe you would like me as your girlfriend?

Eve I'm just here for two months and then I have to go home.

I know Marty, but if you like me good enough as a girlfriend when you are here, maybe you will want to marry me when you go home?

Now Eve is still jacking me off and I don't want to say that question was a downer but it sure took the wind out of my sails! Holy shit ... I mean I just met her this afternoon!

Marty I am not asking you to want to marry me now. I am saying let me show you I can be good to you. If I am your girlfriend then I can show you that.

Eve I told you I don't have a lot of money and I have to pay a lot of child support.

Marty I know, you think I am stupid? I hear you but you say if the girl works it would be alright. If you like me and want me, when I marry you I will work hard to bring money home.

OK now I am not sexed up at all. But my mind is all confused. She is saying she doesn't want me to support her, she wants to work with me to make a life together. And she thinks I am 'pogi'!

Are you for real? I'm just a working guy with nothing much to show for all that. You really want me? Why?

Marty, you ever hit a girl?

No. Hell, no Eve. I ain't never hit any girl.

Will you cheat on me if we marry?

No I ain't never cheated and I ain't gona start now.

You always tell the truth?

Yeh, ain't no reason to lie. It just makes things worse.

That's why Marty. You are hard worker, you don't hit, don't cheat, you tell the truth and you are pogi.

Eve if I bring you to the USA you would never stay with me. Every handsome and rich guy from miles around would be asking you to go with him. You say I am pogi but those guys are more pogi and much richer.

You got Bible Marty?


I will swear on God's word that if I marry you I will stay with you forever. I will not look at another man. If you marry me, you are my husband for life Marty. No annulment, no divorce.

Eve, I am scared. I haven't had a girlfriend in years and you are the most beautiful woman I have ever been with in my life.

You will see Marty. You will see. I am your Girlfriend. No one else from now on. I will take care of you. You will see.

Eve, I have been honest with you but there is something I need to tell you about how I got here. It has to do with a bet that I didn't make. It will take a few minutes but I need you to hear it all and understand. OK?

OK, Marty, I am listening.

So I tell her the entire thing, from the stuff about the supervisor to the bet between Artie and Billy. Eve listens to the whole story, interrupting on occasion to get it all straight in her head.

At the end she says: Salamat for telling me the truth. Who do you want to win the bet?

Well if I wasn't going to be your boyfriend I would have said Artie, but now how do I do that?

Marty, all you have to send is a photo of each girl? There needs to be four girls, but you already sent the two from yesterday? And I would be three? No problem!

Huh? How?

Tomorrow Marty. I will show you tomorrow. Tonight we have other things to do!

She bends over me and starts kissing me. And then, oh God, then she whispers in my ear: Teach me Marty. Please teach me.

Teach you what Eve?

Teach me how to please you Marty. I have never been with a man before.

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