An Unusual Way of Life

by Jenny Anderson

Copyright© 2011 by Jenny Anderson

True Sex Story: A fantasy is lovely, but to bring it to life is even better. A story of a loving couple who bring others to their lifestyle. A story told from the male perspective.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Swinging   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

Sharon and I first met at a party, something neither of us had bothered with since our surprisingly civilised divorces. From the moment we met, a rapport began to build, and when it was time to leave, I asked if she'd like to come home with me. She did, and that was five years ago.

We lived in a small but adequate house on a secluded farmlet, an hour out of town. With the house surrounded by scrub, it gave us the privacy we enjoyed. We had installed lighting through some of the closer areas of the garden, so if the mood took us, we could commune with nature of an evening. Many a night as we wandered naked, we would stop and enjoy carnal pleasures.

It took a further two years of living together, to find out why she and her husband divorced.

For the first year of their marriage, things went well, but when his performance in bed began to lag behind her requirements, she took an occasional lover, something he objected to. The idea of his wife with another man wasn't to his liking, and after an ultimatum, which she rejected, he asked her to leave.

This revelation came as no surprise. Her sexual appetite was something most men could only dream about, but when confronted with the demand, found it hard to perform. This was a problem I didn't have. For whatever the reason, I found I could perform as required, regardless of the demands she put on me. In fact, I often instigated our sexual romps. We were as insatiable as each other were.

Once things were out in the open, there were times when we'd talk about the things we did with others before we met, and describe in detail, what we did, how it felt, and the emotions they generated. These talks thrilled us. It was as though the third person was actually with us, and that added even more spice to our relationship, and our lovemaking.

I'd tried to ring, to tell my lover, I'd be home, although rather late. I was supposed to be away for the night on a work assignment, but last minute changes altered my plans. There was no answer when I called, so once I'd finished for the day, I drove home, thinking it would be a nice surprise.

It was late when I put the car in the garage, and locked the door. The house was in darkness, and I assumed Sharon was in bed asleep. I moved quietly into the house, not wishing to disturb her. Surprisingly, when I went into the bedroom, she wasn't there. This explained why she didn't answer the phone. Probably out with a friend, I thought, as I prepared for bed.

No sooner settled, and I heard a car in the driveway, then two doors close. As I lay there, I wondered who she would invite in at this hour. I had little time to guess. Two voices, both slightly inebriated, one Sharon, one male. I listened to the sound of the male voice; it was one I recognised, my mate Geoff.

"Paul won't be pissed off with me taking you out for a drink," I heard him ask.

Sharon giggled. "No, should he?"

"Well it's just I didn't know he'd be away. I only called into saythello."ello."

I heard bottles rattle as they took them from a bag. It appeared, they planned to have a few more drinks before he left. I lay there, wondering if I should join them, then decided not to, for the moment. It would be interesting to listen a little longer.

Geoff was a good friend, and over the years, we had shared many of our darker secrets. He knew my thoughts on Sharon, and what she'd done while she was married. My heart rate went up as the mental picture of he and I with Sharon raced through my mind. No, while we'd fantasised about a third with us, it had never been taken further. Although the time wasn't far away when it would.

I continued to listen as they poured their drinks, their conversation muted, and then footsteps going into the lounge. The tele turned on, and I heard Sharon fuss with the DVD player. Again, my heart rate went up. They were settling in for a night of movies. And what else, I began to wonder.

Curiosity got the better of me; sleep now the last thing on my mind. I thought about joining them, but changed my mind. I wanted to see what happened between them. I got off the bed and listened. Their voices muffled, distorted by the sounds from the tele. I listened harder. Then I recognised the movie. An R rated one, saucy, but without being crude. I couldn't help wonder whose idea it was to watch something like that. It was then I decided I wanted to see what they did.

Without bothering to dress, I went out the bedroom door that led onto the patio. From there, I hoped I'd be able to see into the lounge. The first thing I noticed was the curtains as they billowed through the open door. Sharon had opened the door to allow the cool breeze to flow through the house. The movement of the curtains, and the dimmed lighting, meant they wouldn't be able to see out. Now I could sit comfortably to watch and listen, without the risk of being caught.

They sat opposite each other, relaxed in recliners, so they could talk to each other, as well as watch the movie. If I'd expected something untoward to happen, then I was disappointed. Just two friends spending a quiet night. Then things began to change.

"I should go once I've finished this," he said indicating his glass.

"No stay; we have a bottle."

"If we finish that one as well, I might have to stay."

"Would that be so bad?"

"It wouldn't be if Sean was home."

"Are you frightened to be alone with me?"

"More to the point, frightened of what I might do if I stay."

"And what might that be?" She teased.

"I think you know."

Their conversation was hotting up, Sharon's lusty nature coming to the fore. Would she encourage him to make a move on her?

"Sean's told you about me?" she asked. "The way I behaved when I was married."

"He told me."

"And what do you think of girls like me?"

"What should I think? I'm glad Sean found you; your lusty natures suit each other."

"Has he told you we talk about the things we've done with others?"

He looked surprised. "No. Do you go into details?"

"What we did, and with who. We leave nothing out. We tell each other all the juicy details." Then she changed the subject. "I need the loo." With that, she left Geoff alone.

With her out of the room, he stood, and the first thing he did was rearrange his strangled genitals. It seemed their talk had excited him. My friend was only human, and if the Sharon's of the world played up to him as mine had, it was natural his blood would be stirred. From my vantage point, I felt his indecision. Had it been anyone else but Sharon, he'd be more than willing to take things further. Could it be my lover wanted to bring our fantasies to life, and had chosen him? If so, her choice was perfect; we had known for weeks we wanted to take the next step, even though neither of us had said anything.

While Sharon had been away, she'd changed out of her slacks, and into a skirt. Now I knew she wanted to seduce him. My bet was she'd removed her knickers as well.

"Girls always look nice in a skirt," Geoff said as she re-joined him.

"Do you think so? Why is that?"

"Don't know. Skirts and long hair. Very feminine."

With that, Sharon undid her pony-tail, then shook her hair loose. "Something like this?" she asked.

Geoff looked embarrassed. "Are you trying to seduce me?"

"You know when I told you about the fantasies Sean, and I have. Maybe the fantasy is no longer enough. Perhaps we want to have someone with us."

Bless her, she knew the time was right to make our dreams a reality, and she couldn't have thought of a nicer person to ask.

"Does Sean know you're going to seduce me?"

"No, but I know he wouldn't mind."

"Yeah, well I'm not so sure. If he was here, it might be different. I've never thought about it."

"Liar. Your eyes tell a different story. I know you've thought it."

"Thinking about it, and doing it, are two different things. That's probably why I don't flirt."

"And if Sean was here, and knew I wanted you?"

"I don't know. As I said, I've never thought about something like that. If he was okay with it, then I guess I'd play."

From my vantage point, I knew her excitement was on the rise, as she quietly considered what he'd said. What she'd do from here, was a question I would have to wait for the answer.

Any normal man would have jumped on her half an hour ago, but Geoff was made of sterner stuff, our friendship the barrier.

Geoff looked at his watch, then at the half empty bottle on the table. He made a move to get up, then changed his mind as he poured the last of the drink into the glasses. I guessed he wanted to see what Sharon's next move would be. As did I.

Geoff had proven he was the friend I always knew he was, but even the best of friends have a breaking point. Sharon had excited him, and kept him excited, wanting him to take her to bed. I had to admire his fortitude as he resisted the urge.

"Why won't you come and make love to me?" I heard her ask. "Don't you want me?"

She was at a point now when she had to push him to do something. I knew the state she was in, and the loving I'd get once she knew I'd seen and heard what had gone on between them.

"Of course I want you. I've wanted to enjoy what Sean has, even if only once."

"What if it was more than once?"

I could see he didn't understand what she said. "Are you saying that he'd be willing to share you more than once?"

"I know he would, if you were okay with it. Just think, sitting home alone and feeling horny, how nice it would be if you could call in and have me."

He grinned somewhat shyly. "It could be fun."

"Would you like a sample of what you'd get?"

"When Sean's with us, and I know it's okay."

"But what if I want you now?" she persisted.

When she said that, her feet came off the floor, to rest on the seat of the recliner. I knew the view Geoff had, and wished I was with them. If nothing else, he was in for a show.

I'd een right when I guessed she'd removed her knickers when she changed clothes. She had. With her knees up, her skirt slid to her waist, and she displayed everything between her legs. Opening her legs, her fingers went down to dispel the urge she had. Geoff was surprised at her openness, and had to rearrange his growing erection. Sharon squirmed on the seat as she noticed his discomfort, and with that, became bolder.

"If you're not going to do anything to me, why don't you take that thing out and play with it. That way we can watch each other."

It took another five minutes before his lust got the better of him. Instead of going to her to relieve their needs, he contented himself by masturbating while she watched.

An erection in full lust, was not something Sharon could ignore. She went to him, and without saying a word, put her mouth over the excited thing. I knew the power of her wonderful mouth, and wondered how long it would be before he climaxed. Two minutes was all it took. He went to pull away as he did, but she surprised him by taking what he offered, then kept at him until he was finished.

The quick encounter had taken Sharon beyond sexy, and she left Geoff in no doubt what would happen when the three of us were together. "Next time I want it in me. I want you to fuck me, and when you're finished I want Sean to do it to me. Are you up to something like that?"

"I'm sure I can. Look, I have to go, anymore of this and I will have to stay."

"You know you can if you want."

"Next time. When Sean's home."

Geoff got up to leave, and Sharon saw him to the door.

I'd wanted to surprise her. Now with what I'd seen and heard, her surprise would be more than I hoped for. With that I slipped quietly back into bed to await my lover.

When she came into the bedroom, she began to undress without turning on the light. As she sat on the side of the bed, I spoke.

"Tasty is he?"

She almost did herself an injury as she flew off the bed and turned to face the direction of my voice. "Who's there," she asked, obviously frightened.

"Who do you usually expect to find in your bed?" with that, I turned on the side light.

"I thought you were away."

"I was supposed to, but things changed at the last minute. I tried to ring you."

"How long have you been home?"

"I was here when you and Geoff got back."

"Why didn't you join us?"

"I wanted to see what happened."

"Where were you?"

"Outside the lounge, on the deck, sitting in a chair."

Sharon still stood where she'd stopped in fright. The defensive pose she'd taken at the sound of my voice, began to relax, but she made no move to come closer to the bed.

"I guess you know how much of a good friend he is then, and how much of a slut I am. If I hadn't forced myself on him, nothing would have happened."

"You certainly had him worked up. Do you really want him to join us?"

"I know we haven't discussed it, but I thought you wanted someone with us as much as I do."

"You did the right thing, and with the right person. When he does get you, he'll look after you well, and then you'll have me to contend with."

"Maybe both together?"

"Greedy. Now back to my question."

"Very tasty. I shouldn't have done it, but when I knew he wouldn't do anything, even though he wanted to. I couldn't leave the poor thing like that."

"Very considerate of you. Are you still sexy? I watched while you played with yourself, but stopped when you took pity on him."

My question was stupid. Of course she was sexy. A woman in heat gives off a subtle aroma, and my senses told me she was still in a lusty mood.

"Perhaps you should show me what you'd have done to him if you'd been able to get him to play."

She held out her hand, "best you get out of bed and come into the lounge with me."

I glanced to our bed. "Not in here?"

"Not in our bed. For now, you're Geoff. I'd never have brought him in here."

I thought that was rather touching. Our bed was just that, ours.

Even though we were naked, and as horny as hell, we sat as they had, opposite each other. Sharon went back to what she'd been doing, and I followed with what Geoff had done. I had to admit it was rather erotic, to sit apart and watch each other ease our needs.

"What would you do next?" I asked, in need for this to go somewhere.

I was soon to find out, and I was still finding out two hours later as she showered me with her sexual prowess.

Somewhat exhausted, I lay back in the chair. "Do you think he's up to a session like that?"

"Probably not, but if he is, I doubt he'll manage to get home."

"Do you think it best we don't let on I was here, and watched what happened?"

"Yeah, tell him I told you, and it's okay. He'd be embarrassed if he knew. Are you ready for bed?"

"Only for sleep. It's been a long, interesting and enjoyable night."

During the week, Sharon and I discussed what had transpired between them, and how we felt about it. We agreed, he was the logical person to help bring our fantasies to life.

Geoff called in late the following Saturday afternoon. I was pleased to see him relaxed. As though he had moved past what happened between him and Sharon. With drinks in hand, we sat on the patio, enjoying the seclusion of our bush setting. The talk was of general things friends talk about, work, who we've met lately, along with light hearted banter.

We invited Geoff to eat with us, knowing he had nothing to do for the evening. By late evening, we were in party mode. Sharon gently teased Geoff and me about the alcohol we'd consumed. It was only a tease. She knew neither of us were pissed. We were just happy. She went inside to prepare the evening meal, and when I went inside to get more to drink, she looked at me and cocked a questioning eyebrow. I knew the question.

"Tonight's the night?"

She smiled. "Are you sure?"

"I am if you are. How do you think we should start?"

"Once we've finished eating, perhaps you could become frisky with me, and as the night wears on you could play with my breasts or something. Gradually build up the heat."

"What about complaining about your bra being too tight or something, then without leaving us, turn your back and take it off. When they're unsupported, they have a lovely seductive way of moving under your top. Then later you could put on a skirt."

"He'd like that. It will bring back memories of the other night."

Our plan was in motion, now it was time to re-join my friend, while Sharon prepared the meal.

He took the offered drink, and looked at me. "Called in the other night, and took Sharon out for a drink, then came back and had a few more. I hope it was okay?"

"She said you did. Nice of you to take her out and keep her company. She said she wanted you to stay the night."

"What else did she say?"

"That you were the perfect gentleman, and she forced herself on you."

Before the conversation could go any further, Sharon called us to the table. I was glad about that. I wasn't sure where he wanted to go with the discussion.

The meal was consumed, as was a drink or two, and by the time the chairs were pushed back, we'd been well fed and watered. I had nothing planned for the timing of the things Sharon and I knew would happen. When she was ready, she'd say something about her bra, and from there, the night would hot up.

An hour later, we were on the patio, and I noticed Sharon begin to squirm her shoulders, as though something wasn't right. Another fifteen minutes passed before she said anything.

"This bra is cutting into me. If you guys don't mind, I have to take it off."

She stood, and with her back to us, removed the supposed offending article. She turned as she pulled down her top, which gave us males a fleeting glimpse of the underside of her breasts and mid-drift.

"There, that's better," she said as she sat with us again.

Geoff's gaze never left her breasts as she re-joined us. Even after she sat, he watched as they moved enticingly within the confines of her top. Who could blame him, they were beautiful. Eventually, he lifted his gaze, and saw Sharon smile at him. A lingering silence followed that event.

We were soon in party mode again, and it was another hour before Sharon excused herself. On her return, both Geoff and I were pleasantly surprised. She had changed her clothes. Not only had she put on a skirt and released her hair, but had changed into a low cut tank-top. Now she was really putting on a show for us males.

"You look good enough to eat," I said as a way of congratulating her on a great choice.

She looked at us both, and then smiled. "Perhaps later."

Geoff knew now there was a game afoot, but had no idea what would happen, or if he was to be included. Whatever took place though, he knew the night would be something special.

On the way to a much more frequent trip to the loo, I stopped behind Sharon and massaged her shoulders, then went further. One hand slipped inside her top, to play with a breast, while the other pulled the shoulder strap down her arm. Now it was easy to release her breast to our watching guest. With one breast exposed, I became more forceful; I teased her nipple, then worked behind it, the way she liked. Then, leaving things as they were, continued on to the loo. I looked back as I reached the passage, quick to notice she hadn't bothered to cover herself.

By the time I reached the loo, I had an erection that made doing what I went in for, a little difficult. When I'd finished, it had shown no sign of returning to its flaccid state, which posed a bit of a problem when I tried to put it away. I went into the bedroom, took off my undies, and changed into track pants. If my excitement showed, then so what. By now all of us knew what would happen.

The thought of their progress had my heart rate up, and I felt an unexpected excitement course through me. For a moment, I wondered if it was strange to feel like I did. To openly invite a friend to partake of my lovers delights, while I was with them. The question remained unanswered. Strange or not, the euphoria I experienced at that moment was wonderful. And I still didn't know if they'd done anything.

I moved through the lounge, and noticed Geoff was with Sharon, his hand over her shoulder, as he fondled her breast. She was stroking his crutch with her cheek. As I got closer, I heard her say. "See, I told you Sean would be okay with what we did."

"He knows, doesn't he?"

"I told him you were the perfect gentleman, but I made you hard, then sucked you off."

"And he was okay with that?"

"More than okay. He wanted it to happen."

I sat and faced them. Geoff went to take his hand away, but Sharon stopped him. "You leave that where it is. It's nice the way you do it."

"I think she wanted you to do something like this to her the other night." I said.

For a moment, Geoff felt uncomfortable. "Believe me, I wanted to as well. When she played with herself, it was too much, and when she came to me, I let her do what she wanted."

"She can be very persuasive."

I stood, then moved beside her. My hand down the front of her top, and while Geoff played with one breast, I played with the other. Sharon had taken her cheek away, which left room for her hand to stroke the lump in Geoff's trousers. It wasn't enough. She undid his belt and fly, her hand groping for his erection. As his trousers slid down his thighs, she freed the strangled thing.

With that accomplished, her free hand pulled down my pants, and gave me the same treatment. She sat there nonchalantly masturbating the two of us while we played with her. Just as things got to an interesting point, she stopped.

"I think I'd better do the dishes," she said as she stood.

Geoff and I were left facing each other, our slobbering erections with nothing to do.

Sharon stopped at the door, and then turned to us. "I guess I'm not going to need my top on any longer." With that, she made a show as she took it off and threw it on the lounge, then turned and went into the kitchen.

"That was interesting," Geoff said as we hurriedly put ourselves away.

I could think of very little to add to his comment. "Very. I think she wants to play."

"But what should I do?"

"Nothing, it's her game, so we'll play it how she wants."

"What if she wants me to, you know... ?"

"To fuck her?"


"It's her game, and if that's what she wants, then do it. This will be an interesting night."

Once the dishes were finished, Sharon didn't re-join us. Instead, she fussed around in the lounge. She dimmed the lights and put on some quiet music, ignoring our presence. Through this, we males watched as she got things how she wanted them. Her naked top did nothing to still our blood as it pounded in our veins.

"I guess this means we go inside." I said when she didn't come out.

We males had subsided a little while Sharon was in the kitchen, but when she fussed around in the lounge bare topped, we hardened again. In my case, without any undies, I was on show, my track pants doing little to hide it. Geoff was well covered, but the first thing he did when he stood, was to rearrange himself, something he managed to do, but blushed as he made himself comfortable.

"That woman could give a corpse a hard-on," his way of explaining his discomfort.

"That she could. Best we go in and see what else she has planned."

Sharon looked up as we entered the room. "Am I here just so you two can perv on me? What about something for me to get excited over?"

"What do you suggest? We haven't the attributes you have."

"You boys have no idea what turns a woman on. Get your shirts off for a start."

Of course the very nature of the game we'd set in motion, was enough to heighten her sexuality. As I removed my shirt, I gave her comment some thought. She was right. We didn't have a clue what turned a woman on. I, like most males, thought the sight of a good hard erection was all it took to turn a female into a quivering lustful heap. On reflection, that had little to do with it.

What was it my friend had unwittingly done to make Sharon move on him as she had? It certainly wasn't the lack of sex. It wasn't loneliness. She'd been on her own several times before, and with many opportunities for some extra, but hadn't done anything.

Geoff had removed his shirt, and stood waiting to see what happened next. He and I had a similar physique, and while we weren't handsome in the film star ratings, we were pleasing to the eye. Could that be what turned her on?

"Okay, I have to agree. We don't know what attracts you to guys like us. I want you to tell us. And what it was that made you move on Geoff the other night."

She smiled at us. "That's just it. I don't know any more than you do, but something happened, and to be truthful it started when we began to tell each other stories. Not that either of you would have noticed."

"That doesn't answer the question. What attracted you, and in particular, why you wanted him that night."

Sharon thought about her answer for five minutes, then with a smile to me, beckoned Geoff to sit with her.

"One of the reasons is that the two of you are so much alike. Another is, even knowing what I did with other men while I was married, and the fantasy stories we tell each other, he never made an inappropriate move on me. I found that endearing."

While Sharon gathered her thoughts, her hand had moved to Geoff's leg, and she absentmindedly scratched his thigh. As she did, I moved into the shadows.

"None of that explains why I did what I did that night. The quiet couple of hours at the pub was the beginning. His friendship had moved beyond that, your friendship with him of little consequence. In a way, he'd become a part of our fantasy."

Her hand had moved, no longer content with his thigh. Now she stroked his re-awakened manhood. He glanced to me, worried things were out of hand. Then I saw him relax as he remembered my earlier words.

"I guess the main turn on was he wanted to become a living part of our fantasy." She turned to him as she undid his pants. "Would you like to be part of our fantasy?"

His first reply was an unintelligible squeak. He cleared his throat. "Yes, and when I find a girl of my own, I'll make sure she'll like to as well."

Sharon had him out now, and gently masturbated him. "You're not going to be shy tonight, are you?"

"No, not tonight."

If I'd thought it was erotic when I watched them the previous time, then being close, knowing my turn would come, was something beyond imagination. Oblivious to my presence, they removed the last of their clothes, and with that done, Sharon straddled him. For Geoff, this was to prove to be a quick encounter. The excitement of the night proved his early undoing. She stayed with him until he was of no further use, then left him and moved to her hands and knees, offering herself to me, while she buried her head in his lap.

This had been one of our dreams, to have her immediately someone had finished in her. It proved to be everything we thought it would. Although Geoff's first encounter had been brief, Sharon soon reawakened his interest, and he stayed like it for the rest of the night.

My lover found religion that night, and it was in the small hours of the morning, exhaustion, put paid to any more loving.

From that night on, Geoff called in more often. Not always to partake of my lover's delights, although it did happen. It was as though he had become part of the family.

Gradually, Geoff's visits became less frequent. We wondered about it, but assumed he'd found a girlfriend. We were right. Eventually, a month went by without any contact. One evening there was a knock at the door, and he walked in. Something we did when we visited. Our heart rates went up, thinking he'd called in for some fun. We were wrong. For the first time, he brought his girlfriend. By the smug look on his face, he knew what a surprise she was.

"Jenny, I'd like to introduce you to two of the most wonderful deviates you could ever hope to meet."

With the introductions out of the way, Jenny looked at Geoff. "Are these the ones?"

Sharon blushed. From those few words, she knew Geoff had told her the way things were between us.

It as one thing to be friendly with her favours, but to have another female know how friendly, was something she didn't expect.

"These are the ones. You couldn't ask for better friends."

Jenny eyed Sharon in a friendly way. "Thank you for looking after him."

"You don't mind?"

"Should I? I've done it. A long time ago, it was the done thing. A lone weary traveller, welcomed to a friendly fire. It was the polite thing for the male to offer his partner. Right into this century, it was still practiced in some cultures if there was a shortage of females."

Sharon was quiet as she took stock of Geoff's new friend. "I guess it's in our genetic makeup then."

"What would you like to drink?" I asked our guest.

"Same as Geoff."

That made things easy. The four of us drank the same thing.

"How did you meet?" I heard Sharon ask.

"We've known each other for ages, but when you and Sean showed me how things could be, I became more interested. After that, things changed between us."

"I think he likes us girls with society's version of loose morals." Jenny added.

I handed out the drinks, and then sat with them. "I suppose you won't be calling in as often now."

"Perhaps more often, if we're both welcome."

"Of course you're welcome." Sharon was quick to say. "Shall we go out on the deck and enjoy the evening? All the biting, flying things have gone to bed."

Three of us went out with our drinks. Sharon stayed behind, saying she had something to do. Ten minutes passed and she hadn't joined us, and I began to wonder what she'd found so important that it had to be done while we had guests. Although it proved to be a good time to get a thumb-nail sketch of Jenny's life to date.

When Sharon appeared, it became evident why she was so long. She'd changed into her play clothes. The same ones she'd worn the first night with Geoff.

I began to wonder if I'd missed something.

"I like your outfit." Jenny said. "I wish I'd worn something more casual."

"We're about the same size." Sharon said, as she eyed Jenny. "If you'd like to change, I'm sure I can find something."

The girls made their way to the bedroom, which left Geoff and I with puzzled looks. "Have I missed something," I asked in all innocence.

"If you have, then so have I," he said. Like me at a loss to understand what had transpired between the girls.

"Sharon's in her play clothes, and Jenny is about to change into something like it. I think tonight could be an exciting night. Has Jenny said anything?"

"Nothing. She likes the way you two think though. Perhaps it's pay-back."

Now it was my turn to feel as awkward as Geoff had been the first night with Sharon. "Do you think?"

"I've no idea. I guess we'll have to wait."

What should have been a five minute job had now taken the girls over half an hour, and still they weren't with us. I got up and poured Geoff and me another drink. Something to while away the time while we waited. From the kitchen, I could hear sounds of them talking, but the words were muffled, and I had no idea what was said.

"Busy talking," I said as I took the drinks back.

Geoff took his. "About us I guess."

I laughed. "That should be a short conversation."

We fell into a comfortable silence that came with a long friendship. Each of us in our own way thinking how lucky we were.

When the girls did re-join us, we both agreed the wait was worth it. Sharon still wore the same appealing clothes she'd worn earlier, but what Jenny wore, took our immediate attention. Like Sharon, she was a girl who knew what she wanted out of life. She had on one of Sharon's skirts that moved enticingly when she walked. The thing that took our lecherous eyes was what she wore on her top. It was one of Sharon's shirts, and she had it tucked firmly into the waist band of the skirt. To make it more interesting, she hadn't bothered to do up any of the buttons. While her breasts weren't on show, their movement within the confines of the loose fitting garment, threatened to do just that.

I used a line I'd used the first night Sharon had Geoff. "You two look good enough to eat."

Sharon looked at Jenny and smiled. "Do you think we should let them?"

"We'll see. Perhaps if they're good boys and get us a drink, then we might."

Geoff knew where things were, and hurried to do as she asked. For the moment, I was left to entertain the girls, who were in a playful mood.

"You look very nice," I said to Jenny as I tried not to drool over what she almost had on show.

"And of course you look delectable," I said to Sharon, who at the time was bent forward as she tidied up something that didn't need it, her breasts on display to me.

"Did I miss anything?" Geoff asked when he returned.

I looked to the girls. "No nothing. Although I did compliment them on how nice they look."

"They do that." He said as he sat with Jenny.

An hour passed, and we were in good spirits, and the conversation had turned suggestive.

"Why are the lights in among the shrubs?" Jenny asked.

Sharon looked at me, smiled, then turned to Jenny, and said. "It's so we can take nocturnal walks, and not bump into things." Then turned to me. "Why don't you take Jenny for a walk? Show her how beautiful the garden is at night."

This seemed too good to be true. My lover was sending me off into the darkness with a gorgeous woman, and I began to wonder if they hadn't planned it. It seemed Sharon wanted to spend time alone with Geoff, and for me to discover what plans Jenny had.

I stood and held out my hand. "Shall we?"

"I'd like that." She said as she took the offered hand.

We walked through the garden, enjoying the ambience of the surroundings and the night. Once we were out of sight of the house, Jenny stopped and turned to me.

"The night you were supposed to be away, and Geoff took Sharon out for a drink, why was she so sure you wouldn't be upset if she had sex with him? And why were you willing for him to have her while you were with them?"

"Is there anything he hasn't told you?"

"I know all I need to know."

"He told you about how we fantasise about our previous lovers, and what a boost it gives our love life?"


"We hadn't discussed it, but knew it was time to bring a third into our lives. Geoff was the natural choice. He'd been without a meaningful woman in his life, and we knew his sex life was non-existent."

"What was it like?"

I looked at her and wondered about the question. "What was what like?"

"Watching him with her. Surely, you must have felt jealous. The pair of them naked, enjoying each other."

"I found it a thrill, and so did she. He wasn't at her very long, then I had her while she made him serviceable again. From there on, she was happy to look after the two of us. Her life long fantasies now a reality."

"And he came back more than once?"

"Whenever he was here, and they wanted each other. It didn't always happen. He kept calling in until he met you, then nothing. We guessed he'd found a woman of his own, and she was keeping him busy."

I wondered why she had so many questions about what went on before they got together. "Does the fact he's screwed her upset you?"

"Not in the slightest. In fact, he's probably screwing her now."

From the moment Sharon suggested I show Jenny our garden, I knew what would happen. "Would you like to watch?"

"No, I've a better idea." With that, she took my hand and put it on her barely covered breasts. "Would you like to play with me for a while?"

That had to be the silliest question I'd ever been asked. Of course I wanted to play with her. The sexual tension that had built during the night, and the explicit talk about what happened between Geoff and Sharon, had me excited. Now with my hand on her breasts, she was all I could think of. "If its play you want. I'm ready."

With that, I became more forceful, and quickly discovered how she liked to be touched. Her hands busy with my belt and fly were quick to release my erection.

"There, that's better," she said. "Now we can really get to know each other."

My mouth moved down to take in one of her painfully erect nipples. A hand wandered under the flimsy skirt Sharon had leant her, not surprised to find she hadn't bothered with panties. The talk we'd had, had the same effect on her as it had me. She was as ready as any woman I'd ever touched. Standing face to face, didn't leave us with many options, so I turned her back to me, and then lifted the back of her skirt. She knew what I wanted, and held it out of the way, while the other hand held me firmly between her thighs. I had no hope of entering her in this position, but it felt good. With my erection held where she wanted it, I gently moved between her legs, my hands free to play with both breasts.

It wasn't enough for her. She pulled away from my hands and bent forward. "Put it in me," she whispered.

I did as she asked, thrilled, by the way, she felt as I moved into her. "Does Geoff look after you properly?"

"You should know how good a lover he is. Didn't he look after Sharon?"

"He looked after her very well. If he does the same to you, you should be happy."

"I am, but I'm like Sharon. I like the decadence of what we're doing. We've talked about this almost from the first time we got together, but wanted to be sure we were an item before we did."

I liked the way they'd thought this through. They were committed, as Sharon and I were. She wasn't just some floozy he'd picked up somewhere for a night of fun.

My legs were cramping, and needed to change. "Shall we go and watch? We could do this while we do, and they could watch us."

"In a minute we will, but I want you to do me doggy." With that said, she dropped to her hands and knees, and presented herself.

Five minutes in this more than willing playmate was enough. My mind was in two places. One enjoying what Jenny offered, the other, wondering how far things had progressed with Sharon and Geoff. Strangely, I found the wondering more exciting than the doing.

"Time to go. If I don't stop now, my night could come to a premature end."

"That was nice," she said as I pulled away.

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