A Pam Sandwich

by Anonymous Bosch

Copyright© 2010 by Anonymous Bosch

Erotica Sex Story: A woman is spotted parking and then is snatched off the streets by two men in a van.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   DomSub   Rough   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

The two men sat at the stoplight and watched the convertible Mercedes park across the street from them. A long blonde mane flipped around as she spun in the seat to open the door. She opened the door and started to get out. As she rose out of the seat, her large, firm tits strained against her blouse and one of the men said, "Damn, what a hottie." She rose out of the car and her thigh length skirt swirled around her waist as she slammed the door. She was about 5'8" with long sweet legs, a sweet ass and those great tits. She was pretty too. They looked at each other and said, "She's the one." They parked behind her car and waited.

"Wow, that was a great deal on the skirt." I thought as I walked back to the car. As I rounded the corner, I vaguely noticed an idling van with the side door open behind my car. As I got up to it, I felt a sense of danger and...

A strong arm clamped my arms to my body from behind. I saw another man jump from the van and he was wearing a ski mask! I opened my mouth to scream and a hand clamped over my mouth and I screamed into it and thought, "Oh God no, this can't be happening, THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!"

The man in a ski mask ran up to me and grabbed my ankles. I started to struggle but they were too strong.

"NO, OH, PLEASE NO, THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING TO ME!" I wailed into the hand.

They lifted my legs up, stuffed me into the van and slammed the side door. I struggled and screamed into the hand clamped over my mouth. Then I heard a 'snick' and the tip of a switchblade appeared about an inch from my eye.

In a raspy, obviously fake voice, the bastard in front of me hissed, "Freeze!"

I did, franticly hoping someone had seen my abduction. I felt a sense of panic and began gasping for air.

He said, "You start screaming and I start cutting. Shake your head if you understand."

I shook my head. The point of the knife terrified me. The hand and the arm from behind released me. I was kneeling on a mattress, in a strangers van with two bastards in ski masks. "Oh god, let this be a kidnapping. My family can pay!"

From behind me, a weird object appeared. It looked like a ball with straps attached.

The fucker in front of me growled, "Open wide." When I didn't the point moved closer to my eye. I opened up. The asshole behind me stuffed the ball in my mouth and I felt him buckle the straps behind my head. Then he blindfolded me. Panic surged and I began to hyperventilate.

"NO, NO, NO, LET ME GO, LET ME GO," I screamed in my head.

The guy behind me grabbed my shoulders, spun me around and shoved me face down on the mattress. "Oh God no, no rape, please no rape!" I started sobbing into the gag. They grabbed my arms and then taped my forearms together behind my back. One of them flipped me over onto my back, straddled me and sat on my hips. I felt the van move, lurch into gear and pull out onto the street.

"Oh no, please no. Nobody saw them. NOBODY SAW THEM!"

The bastard sitting on my hips undid the first button of my blouse. Then I knew for sure. I was going to be raped. I screamed and cried into my gag and started to struggle. I kicked my legs and kneed him in the back. Then I felt the flat of the knife against my cheek. I froze.

He undid the next button, taking his time.

I have always been proud of my breasts. All of my boyfriends had loved them. C cup, nice and firm, beautifully rounded with half dollar sized small pink aureoles and nipples the size of a thimble. Now I wished I was flat as a board. Even worse, I had on a lacy, low scoop, push-up bra.

He undid the third.

And the fourth. I knew he was looking at my cleavage now.

He sat up and pulled the blouse out of my skirt. He undid the last two, flipped it open and the son of a bitch wolf whistled. I heard the fucker driving say, "Damn, that's a sexy bra."

I felt the guy sitting on me move and there was a tugging on my blouse. He began cutting through the sleeves and then the blouse was ripped out from under me.


I cried in my head and sobbed harder, the gag made me feel like I was choking. Panic surged in me again and I felt like I couldn't get enough air. He must have noticed and said, "If you won't scream, I'll remove the gag." I nodded franticly. He turned my head and he unbuckled it. It popped out of the mouth and I gasped for air. The panic eased a little.

I felt a tugging on my bra strap and knew he was cutting it. Then he cut the other one. I felt him lift the bra between my breasts and I began to moan, "No, oh please no, don't do it. Please let me go. I won't tell anyone..."

He hissed, "Shut up, bitch, or I put the gag back on."

I felt a tug and then the tight bra flew open. The bastard whistled again. The asshole driving said, "Damn, what a sweet rack. And they'll look even better when the bitch is standing." I started to struggle again as panic surged in me. I opened my mouth to scream and then felt the blade against my check again. I froze, gasping for air. He ripped the bra out from under me.

"Open your mouth. NOW!" I did, filled with dread. "Drink this," He said and squirted liquid into my mouth. I choked and coughed and then he grabbed my throat. "Swallow it, bitch!" And he squirted more. I had no choice but to swallow. It was orange juice.

I felt him get up and thought, "Oh no, what now? My skirt?" I thought of the rape fantasy I used with my vibrator sometimes. Little did I know how horrible the reality was going to be. I felt the van flex and realized he had sat in the passenger seat, leaving me lying on my back, naked from the waist up. My arms hurt and they were forcing my chest up, thrusting my breasts up for those bastards to leer at.

The panic began to ease and I felt myself getting calmer. They drove in silence for about 20 minutes. I could smell the bottom sheet on the mattress and it had just been washed.

"Rapists with clean laundry?" I thought to myself.

It began to dawn on me that I had been drugged. I was suddenly aware that my senses had been heightened, but at the same time had a sense of detachment from reality.

I felt the van flex and the guy who had cut off my blouse came and sat on my hips again.

"Oh God, what now?" I wondered.

I felt his fingers very lightly touch my shoulder. He brushed them over my upper chest, barely touching me. It felt good. And I hated him for it. His fingertips grazed over my chest and then down on my stomach, never touching my breasts. My tummy twitched when he touched it, I was so sensitized by the drug. He continued, soothing me like a pet, the bastard. It felt wonderful. He gently brushed his fingers around the bottom of my breasts. I shivered and my toes curled in my sandals.

Then his fingertips were touching my breasts all around. He lightly pulled them together, brushing up the sides, gathering his fingers together until he lightly brushed my nipples.

I shivered and thought "Oh, that son of a bitch, that feels wonderful."

I lost count of how many times he did it. I had to clamp my teeth together so I wouldn't moan.

I felt him slide down a little and then felt the tickle of hair on my hyper-sensitive breast. He began to kiss and nibble the lower part of my right breast. Then he gently scraped his teeth next to my nipple. He moved over slightly and scraped his teeth again and captured my nipple between them. His tongue lashed the tip of my nipple furiously. I had to almost bite my tongue to keep silent. I felt my skin flush and a line of fire ran right to my clit. I felt myself getting wet as his tongue whipped over my captured nipple. He licked and nibbled over to my other breast. This time I couldn't help it. When he captured and lashed my other nipple, a moan leaked out of me. I heard the fucking driving snicker when he heard it. He squeezed my breasts together and raced back and forth from nipple to nipple, licking and gently nipping on them. He rolled them in his fingers and tugged on them. I heard myself gasping. It felt soooooo goooood. And I hated the son of a bitch for making love to me. And I was furious at myself for responding. I felt I like my body was betraying me. And the drug was making a non-response impossible for me.

He slid down a little further and felt him begin to nibble his way down my tummy. It was so sensitive that it was twitching. My legs were trapped beneath him. He nibbled along the top of my skirt. He sat up on my calves and I felt him pull on my skirt. I heard a ripping sound and then the skirt was whipped out from under me.

Another wolf whistle.

"Bastards!" I thought to myself.

The driver said, "Those panties would fit in a shot glass! What a hot little bitch we caught!"

Then his lips nibbled along the tops of my panties. Nibbling, licking, nipping - it felt divine on my so sensitive skin. My clit was sparking and I felt sopping wet. He shifted to the panty line along the tops of my thighs.

"Oh god, what is going to happen if he eats me?" I wondered.

"I'm going to fucking come. Bastards! I hate you!" I cried to myself.

He forced his knees between my legs.

"Oh God, no. I won't be able to resist." I sobbed in my head.

His hands gripped under my calves as he forced my legs up and spread me wide open.

He said, "Mikey, I think she likes it. Her pussy is sopping wet!"

It was the ultimate humiliation. My skin felt hot. I tried to bring my legs down but he was way too strong.

He nibbled the soft skin behind my knee. None of my lovers had ever done that. I had not known it was an erogenous zone. He kissed and licked his way down my inner thigh. I was torn between dread and desire for him to eat me. He arrived at the edge of my panties, right next to my sopping pussy. He dropped one leg. I felt a tugging and my panties were being cut off. He ripped them out from under me. All I left was my sandals.

"Oh I love a shaven pussy!" He said.

He put one hand flat on my lower belly and then gently started to rub my clit in circles with his thumb. I felt hair on my inner thighs and then his tongue lanced into me. I moaned and couldn't help arching my back. He thrust his tongue into me, rubbing my clit for a few moments. Helplessly, I was spiraling up to a massive orgasm. Then he pushed my legs open wide and opened my pussy lips with his fingers. He licked the insides of my pussy lips up until he hummed on my clit. And did it again. And again. And again. I heard moaning and knew to my shame it was me. My face burned from the humiliation.

The driver said, "Oh man, I can't wait for some of that. What a hot little bitch."

Then to my horror, I heard myself moan, "Eat me. Eat my hot little pussy."

The fucking drug had worked. I had my legs spread wide open for a fucking rapist! His lips were on my clit and he was humming. I was shivering on the edge of coming. Suddenly, he plunged two fingers into my pussy with his fingertips curved up. He rapidly finger-fucked me, rubbing my G spot and humming on my clit. It was too much.

"OH GOD NO, I'M COMING" burst out of me.

I was moaning as I writhed around and then I clamped his head between my legs. He was still fingering and sucking me. Then my back arched and I came. It was the most massive orgasm I've ever had. Juices gushed out of me and the son of a bitch was lapping them up like a dog.

Finally, I came back to earth and lay there, limp. He slid his fingers out of my pussy.

"Tell you what man, she tastes great!" He got up and went to the passenger seat.

A little while later, the van stopped. I heard a gate or something whine open. They drove another 10 minutes or so and then parked.

"Oh god, what now?" I wondered.

They got out and then the side door opened. They grabbed my legs, pulled me out and stood me up. I felt them staring. I was totally naked in front of two rapists and all I had on were sandals.

"Dude, you were right. Her tits look even better when she's standing. What a great body! Look at her long legs and that great ass!"

Two hands squeezed my breasts. It was the driver's turn. Hands raced over my body, squeezing my ass. Then I was picked up and thrown over a shoulder. They started walking. My mind was spinning. I felt so helpless. My taped arms ached badly. I could feel the sun on me and then they carried me into the trees.

"Oh God, what now?" I thought.

They stopped and set me down. I was standing on an air mattress. One of them drew the back of the knife along my throat. I froze, filled with dread.

"Now you are going to do what you are told, and do it well. Got it?"


"Yes sir."

"Yes sir," I said, terrified at what was to come.

"On your knees."

"Oh God, I have to suck these bastards?" I thought. I like sucking cock but not like this.

I heard the rustling of clothes and then a zipper. More rustling. I smelt cock.

"At least he's clean," I thought.

The mattress moved and then a cock was pressed against my face, next to my nose.

"Suck my balls," growled at me.

I licked them all over and took one into my mouth and sucked on it. It was large, like an apricot. His cock was pressed against my nose and the blindfold. I sucked the other one. I felt a little dizzy. The smell of his cock was arousing me. I started to lick my way up his shaft. With the blindfold on it seemed endless and gigantic. I felt him point the head at my mouth. I ran my tongue all over the head, the cleft, under the rim and into the pee hole.

"Oh yeah, she's suckled a cock before." It was the driver I was sucking.

His hips moved forward and he fed his cock into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the shaft and sucked as hard as I could.

The drug and the orgasm in the van had made me totally surrender and I hated it.

His cock was hard and hot in my mouth. I began to crave semen. I liked it when my lovers came in my mouth. The taste of semen varied but it was addictive for me. He stopped thrusting his hips and I bobbed my head furiously. I found myself wishing I could grab his ass and feed it into my grasping mouth. He stepped back slightly and I kneed forward to keep it deep in my mouth.

He laughed and said, "Dude she LOVES this. Can we keep her?"

"Totally. She's ours! Man, this is gonna be awesome. I say we make a sandwich."

I heard a high five. My face burned with humiliation as my head bobbed up and down on the long shaft of the cock I craved.

I pulled off and said, "Please free my arms, they are killing me!" Then I leaned forward and took the entire length of his cock. I felt a tugging and then the tape was painfully peeled off of my arms.

He moaned, "Oh yeah, that's it, suck my dick. Take it all. I'm going to pour a load right down your throat."

I massaged my arms as they painfully came back to life. He grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth, grunting. I felt him shiver, and then the cock in my mouth swelled. He tried to thrust it into my throat. I grabbed the shaft, blocked the pee slit with my tongue and got ready for a mouthful. He went up on his toes, moaned, and a flood of hot come shot into my mouth. I moaned and swallowed. Another blast as he stroked my head.

"Oh baby, you are the best cock sucker I've ever had..."

Another pulse and some of it ran down my chin onto my breasts. Finally it stopped. I sat back on heels. That was tasty. I scooped up the come on my chin and breasts and licked it off my fingers.

I felt movement on the air mattress. And then smelt another cock. Goody. And I felt ashamed to be so, so, subservient to rapists. It's the drug, I told myself. I have more self-esteem than this.

I reach out and wrapped my hand around the shaft. It was thicker than the first one and seemed huge without sight. I thought about whipping off the blindfold. Then I thought, "Maybe they'll let me go if I haven't seen their faces."

I pointed the pulsing cock straight up and licked his balls. I got both of them into my mouth and sucked on them. His aroma was making my pussy gush.

"Are they both going to fuck me?" I wondered.

I felt movement behind me. The driver was parting my knees. Two fingers thrust into my sparking pussy and I moaned around the balls in my mouth. I popped the balls out of my mouth and licked my way up the shaft.

He caressed my head and said, "You love sucking dick, don't you."

I said, "Yes."

"Yes sir!"

"Yes sir."

"Yes sir what!?"

"Yes sir, I love sucking dick. I love the feel of a rock hard dick in my mouth. And I love taste of come."

"Then suck me, you little slave."

"Please sir, fuck my face!"

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