A Close Shave

by Naked City

Copyright© 2010 by Naked City

Erotica Sex Story: Customer Joe Jamerson shops at the McDowell's looking for a good shaver. He got a lot more than he bargained for when found clerk Laura Mullins and cashier Chloe Pereira. It's an experience Joe will never forget.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Interracial   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Female   Petting   Voyeurism   Nudism   .

"Hi! Welcome to McDowell's! How can I help you?", said the young sales girl.

Wow! I'd been to many McDowell's in other cities. But I swear to God, I looked up at the lady employee, and she looked out of uniform. More like way out of uniform. More like she was butt naked!

"Hi! Are you out of uniform?", I asked her.

"Oh no! This is my usual uniform. I'm Laura!", she answered.

"I'm Joe. Nice to meet you. So, wait a minute! They actually let you work here without any clothes on?", I wanted to know.

"Yeah. The city did away with the indeceny laws, and let everyone be naked in public if they want", she said.

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah! We were one of the first stores in the city to alter our dress code to allow for it. The grocery departments and cashiers have to wear pants along with socks and shoes. But everyone can work naked. And they usually do."

"I see. Well, I do like your uniform", I told her. She was quite short, but attractive in her 34B breasts, trim tummy, and bare pussy.

"Thanks. How can I help you?", she asked.

"Well, I'm in need of a good razor", I replied.

"Okay. I see you have a thick moustache and beard. You're wanting to get rid of that?"


"No problem. I have a couple of different models that would take care of that", she told me.

Laura took me over to the electric razors. They had a few rechargeable shavers on display. She took out one of them.

"I've been in this department for a few years, so I know which shavers work the best. I think this one might be perfect for what you're needing", she said.

Now I know McDowell's employees were supposed to be very helpful and customer focused. But what happened next I had never seen in McDowell's. Laura took the razor off the charger and started shaving my beard. She picked up a mirror to show me how well the shaver worked.

"See why I think this will work?"

I saw that the beard was shaved quite smoothly. "Wow! Very nice and smooth!" Laura shaved my moustache, too. Like my chin, my upper lip was quite smooth and hairless. She noticed some chest hairs.

"Now, this razor comes with some special attachments."

"Special attachments? What's so special about them?"

As I'm standing here telling you this story, I kind of wished I hadn't asked that question. Laura unbuttoned my shirt right there in the store. Now I wanted to make it clear that I didn't have a great body. My gut was quite big and carrying too many extra pounds. Same thing for my butt. But she looked at me with my open shirt and noticed all the hair on my chest and stomach.

"Well, this attachment works well with tummy and chest hair." Laura changed the head on the shaver to this other one that's a little bit bigger. Then she put it on my tummy. Boy, it tickled. But I saw it working. I noticed where the razor had been, I could see skin. As she continued working with the razor, I saw more of my own skin. She carefully shaved around my nipples, then got rid of all the hair on my tummy.

"You have a nice belly, Joe", she complimented.

"Thanks. I guess it's now a lot easier to see", I appreciatively answered.


I checked out her belly button, and liked it. "You have a nice belly button yourself", I said to her.

"Thanks. Yeah, I do. I love my sister's belly button, too. She's on the high school volleyball team", she said.

"Does she go to school naked?", I asked.

"Yes, she does! And her volleyball team plays home games in the buff", she replied.

"What?! They let students go to class naked here?", I asked, astonished by her last statement.

"Yeah. Anyone can be naked just about anywhere at anytime. That means young kids and old fogies."


"Yeah, now let change this attachment. Then I'll show you the other one", she said. She took off the big attachment and put on a smaller one. It felt quite soft on my skin.

"Feels soft. What does it do?", I asked. Oh, was I sorry I asked. She shaved the little hairs on my nipples. But she wasn't done. She got down on her knees, undid my pants, and pulled them to the floor. I was getting turned on by this and my member started getting hard in my underwear. Then my underwear didn't stay on very long. Laura pulled it down. Now my hard pecker and big fat ass were exposed for all to see. Oh, how embarassing it was!

"Well, what this does is shave the hair around the sensitive places on your body. Like your nipples..." That wasn't the only sensitive spot it shaves. She shaved the hair on my cock and balls.

"Damn! Shaved off all the hair on my private area!", I exclaimed.

"Yeah, and looking great! And, see, I have no hair down there either!", she said as she pointed out her bare pussy.

"True! You look great."

"You too! Lemme finish up here."

She put the original head back on and finished shaving the area above and around my penis. It was still at attention. I thought it was quite embarassing.

"Forgive my manhood", I said.

"Oh my God. It looks quite nice now that I've taken care of it. I think it loved getting the shave", she said, noting how hard and straight it was.

"I'm having a problem. I've got a lot of pent up sexual energy", I mentioned to her.

"Oh, I can solve that for you. Follow me", she said. Uh oh? What had I done? And did you know how hard it is to walk with your pants at your feet? Laura took me to a little room next to the garden center. I didn't notice until just then how nice of an ass she had. She opened the door and turned the lights on. Oh ... my ... God!! It was a small room with two queen sized beds. She helped me get my shoes off, then my pants and shirt. She picked a bed and led me to it. We sat down and tightly held each other. I could feel her body on mine. And it felt really good. I leaned into her. She french kissed me. Then she laid on a bed and let me kiss her tender breasts, belly button, and bare pussy lips. She beckoned, "Come put your pent up sexual energy in my pouch."

She longlingly looked at me. She was so small compared to me. But I climbed up on top and, at her urging, inserted my dick inside her little love sack. Once it was in, I lost control, sexually. I pushed my penis further in, and started ejaculating.

"Oh my God! Yes! Keep going, Joe! Keep going!" Wow! She was loving this! And so was I! I kept fucking young Laura. She smiled, but I saw her get more and more excited. As I kept pushing in, she neared having an orgasm. "Ooooh! Oooooooh ... Ooooooooohhhh ... Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

Damn! That was fucking great! I went to a store to get a razor. And I ended up boning a girl.

"Ohhh ... Joe ... thank you", she said.

"Thank me?", I wondered.

"Yes. You were a perfect gentlemen while we had sex. Wow, you look awesome after my shaving job", she noted.

I looked down at my hairless chest, tummy, and penis. "I'm beginning to like it, too. Can I walk around the store like this?"

"You sure can. If you want to, you can go anywhere in Edenton like that."

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