Tandem Extra

by Losgud

Copyright© 2010 by Losgud

Incest Sex Story: Boys & Girls, the Saga continues, crossing more family lines. This story is a note that I'm not dead yet. And it is a history-making event--Losgud's first follow-up, sequelesque piece. You do need to have read the original "Tandem" to catch all the nuances in this "Extra". If not, smart readers will catch on fast enough.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Cousins   .

The next day was the let-down of being the last day. I'd envisioned waking up with my morning package, slowly yet insistently nudging against Lily's bottom. My strategy would've worked, if Lily hadn't been already up and about.

Even so, I wanted it so bad, I coyly called out, "Oh, Lily!" I didn't even get a hum from the refrigerator in response. I spoke her name loudly, to no further effect. I could smell fresh coffee, but nevertheless. I started getting much more interested in the coffee as my other interest naturally faded. Finally limp, I went and had a big horse piss, then got dressed enough for coffee.

I'd just poured a second mug when Lily slid in through the sliding door, dangling her empty mug.

"Last morning stroll on the beach?" I smiled.

"Yea," she smiled back. "You'll go back down with me again later, won't you?"

"Of course. In the meantime, allow me to replenish your mug."

So we sat on the sofa sipping our coffee, feeling a little sad. We finally broke for a slapdash lunch of eating up what we didn't want to throw away. We wound up back on the couch. With a full belly, I scooted down on my end and dozed for about twenty minutes. It was the perfect nap, and I was happy to be woken by Lily, nuzzling me awake, obviously refreshed by her own micro-nap. She was whispering in my ear, poking the words in with her tongue, "C'mon, time for last beach."

We went down to the surf, in clothes, nestling on a bench to watch the ever-surging show. My arm was around Lily's waist, holding her clenched tight against me. Her arm was around my neck, like you could take her brother away from her only after prying away her cold dead fingers.

We didn't talk much; there wasn't much reason for words. We just so enjoyed existing side-by-side. Finally Lily whispered, "We're both super-smart. Why don't we invent something that makes us so rich we never have to worry about jobs and money, so we can just stay like this forever?"

For over an hour we stayed just like that, lightly snuggling and nuzzling and watching the pretty waves roll in off the Gulf. Sometimes we would connect for coy little kisses. Eventually we started getting a little restless, squirming around on the bench. I looked Lily in the eyes and declared, "Despite all the excellent everything else, just sitting here with you has been I think the best hour of my entire life."

Lily raised her head up enough to lightly kiss me on my lips. "Thank you," she murmured, "thank you so very much."

In unspoken unison, we rose from the bench and headed back.

Once inside, we emptied the fridge and cleaned up the kitchen. Then we moved to the bedroom. We needed to strip the bed and wash the sheets, and probably flip the mattress as well. We were on a roll of getting done the things that needed to get done, until something more pressing needed to get down first. It started with Lily shooting me a smirky look over her shoulder as she bent down to untuck the first corner of the fitted bottom sheet.

The sheets didn't move, except to ripple around us as we rolled into nakedness, getting set to soil the sheets one last time. Lily wound up riding me, like a prize-winning jockey guiding a thoroughbred to the wire, but then more like a wired gal going crazy atop her brother's nice stiff thankful cock. My sister came like crazy, and it came so fast. She was moaning her surprise, and then I was drenched in her juice.

Lily slowed way down, riding me gently, barely able to open her eyes. "This is what I want," she murmured, her eyes recovering, showering gold down upon me. It ... it was exactly what I wanted, too. What a wonderful intersection!

It was a perfect moment. I was biting the insides of my cheeks to keep from coming quite yet. My sister had no such resolve, and I didn't blame her. I encouraged her.

And then we heard the front door whamming open. There were some fast squeals, and then the door slammed shut. The quick clicks of locks shut into place. That dissolved into the universal sounds of a boy and a girl racing down a hallway to have sex.

Lily and I were stopped, in our tracks, with her sunk all the way down on me. It sounded almost like our little beach friends, but they were not only gone, they certainly didn't have the key. It was almost like the ghosts of Jack and Jill were running down the hall.

A girl raced into the room, reduced to just her panties. Lacy light mauve ones--I had yet another new favorite color. She was pursued by a guy who looked pretty ridiculous, down to a dress shirt, the front tails parted by his poking out cock.

It was Paul and Paige, our younger cousins we hadn't seen in years. Now apparently all grown up.

She gave a little shriek when she saw us. Paul instantly started apologizing, "Mom said you guys were flying out today at nine."

"In the evening," Lily fairly cooed, "not the morning." Her hips began lightly grinding again, her cunt grasping me back to full-throttle.

Paul started flagging and back-pedaling and pretty much babbling about how they'd just go away and come back later.

Paige, however, was just eyeing us. "They do do it, too. I told you!"

At that point, Lily started riding me aggressively. She scooted us over. "Bed's pretty big," she gasped on a down-stroke. She eyed the young lovers. "Plenty of room for a little family reunion."

Paige pushed at her brother. "Get naked, and get on your back! You know what happens next." Her panties slunk away. And then Paul and I were two bros, lying side-by-side, ridden by our sisters like it was a rodeo competition.

The girls got their orgasms and relaxed. Us guys were ready for more, though grateful for the interlude. Paige was the first, reaching over to stroke Lily's breast. Lily returned the favor, increasing the interlude. Then they leaned even closer, savoring a long slow tongue kiss.

I don't know about Paul, but I was proud to still be in control of my cock. I thought about fire and brimstone to keep from shooting when their kiss kept going on. The girls broke away and started attending to their boys. But now they rode us at a conversational speed.

Lily started telling Paige, thus Paul, about the encounters with our young island friends. I kept trying to shush her, but Paige kept shushing me! "Shut up! This is so hot."

Paul and I just got used to the fact that our sisters were going to keep us up, but at bay.

"So when did you guys start?" she asked Lily, then turning her sparkly eyes down on me. She leaned over and nuzzled faces with Lily. "Maybe when you too were almost fifteen?"

There was a slight silence that I chose to fill. "Actually, we just discovered these things about a year ago."

"Really?" Paige sort of squawked.

Her cunt must've given his cock a hard squeeze. Paul too sort of squawked, "I always thought the total opposite. I've always thought of you two as the perfect couple, even if you had to marry and mate with others."

Lily turned her attention to me. It was like I was on an exercise machine. My arms had been at rest as my hands lightly caressed the globes of her ass. But then that ass starting going up and down and I had to hold on. My sister rode me at an excruciating pace; fast, but then slow. After regaining my interest quite again, she simmered down to keep me at bay.

"Yea, turns out we both had these dirty urges from early on, but we were both too shy and polite to make the hints to each other obvious enough. But I think we've done a pretty great job of making up for lost time, don't you?" she turned to me. "Every time, I feel like I'm almost fifteen."

All I could do was groan. My hands were mauling my sister's tits. She sat there, impaled on me, not visibly moving. Though her pussy muscles were at my cock like a pair of hands wringing out a washcloth. It was at the last second that she saw to stop, at once, realizing she'd gotten me going ahead of schedule. All I could do was groan. A groan that Paul recognized, but which just made the girls giggle.

"It was you guys that got us started," Paige confessed.

"Tell me more," Lily said, as Paul gave a groan himself, the long slow syllable of No-o-o!

We all knew the start of the story. About ten years before we'd traveled down to Florida with our folks, staying for a week at their house.

"That time you guys got to go out with the grown-ups for drinks and dinner ... while we got left at home for pizza and soda," Paige sputtered.

We all knew how Paul had unwittingly stepped into the unlocked bathroom just as Lily had gotten out of the shower, a towel around her waist, but her tits on full display.

The continuation of the story, the what-happened-next that we'd never heard before. Paul had retreated to his bedroom, touching himself lightly but waiting for the sound of us driving away. Then he started going to town thinking about Lily's breasts. Paige had barged into his room unannounced; once she saw his cock, she was hooked. They both lost their virginities that night, while the rest of us were off with drinks and dinner.

Paige brayed at me, "The rest of the visit, I kept trying to accidentally barge in on you, but you always kept the latch locked! You're so mean! What would've happened when I was almost fifteen and you guys weren't doing it?"

At that point, Lily and Paige turned to one another. They both had question mark eyebrows. They both nodded, the question marks unfurling to become exclamations!

Lily went first, reaching over to stroke the side of Paul's face. "Do my tits still make you want to run off to your room to jack-off?" He glanced at me long enough for me to convey back the fact: the girls are in control now.

Our sisters rose up in unison, leaving us brothers poking up into the open air like untended lighthouses. They shifted around, and then Lily sank down on Paul, leaning over to bat her tits in his face. He giggled and grabbed. Paige just sort of draped herself atop me, settling down until she tugged me over, rolling us until she was on her back, legs spread. "I want you on top," she declared. The tip of me was poking at her entrance, until she pulled me in.

My cousin had very small, absolutely sexy breasts. She was freshly shaven between her legs. She looked so absolutely almost fifteen, and then she cooed about it. "What if you hadn't locked the bathroom door? And since you weren't doing Lily, would you have done me? Would you have let me seduce you? Back when I was almost fifteen?"

Lily choked back a laugh. "Trust me, flash that shy boy some panties, and he gets the right idea real quick." I flashed back to that evening a year back when I'd caught an innocent glimpse of my sister's panties up her short skirt. And how, seeing what I was seeing, she'd responded by parting her legs even more, finally jump-starting our union.

My cock was like cast-iron, but ever on the verge of melting into the butter of utter satisfaction. The room went like crazy as the four of us exploded in unison. It was like if, on that fateful evening, Lily and I had bowed out on the grown-up entertainment and stayed at the house. Catching our younger cousins, and discovering ourselves, stepping firm-footed on our common ground!

The four of us lay splattered all over that torn up bed. Eventually Paul sort of muttered allowed, "Hope you guys have a cab booked to the airport. It's hard to get a cab at the last minute. And I want it understood that I'll be unable to drive anywhere until maybe tomorrow."

We all cracked up, in our sprawled leisure. Paige rose enough to slap at him laughing harder, "Stupid! We took a cab here. There's nothing for you to offer not drive!"

Paul got an incredibly sympathetic stupid face. And his cock gave a sort of lurch. Which his sister noticed, reaching down to assist.

"I was speaking theoretically," he explained to us as she leaned forward some more, so she could comfortably bend down and take him in her mouth.

"Actually," I explained, "we got a rental at the airport. I am the cab. And if we're an hour late with the drop-off, just by any bit of a minute, the undiscounted $100/hr immediately kicks in, and is owed." It was like talking to floor tiles!

Paul and Paige had moved into a moanin' & groanin' 69.

Meanwhile, Lily was giving me that look, and it was surely working. Her hex had something working enough for her to drop in and lend a hand. Followed by a bit of luscious mouth.

I should've returned the favor, but I wasn't much interested in tasting another guy's remains. Besides, she had me so hard again in so few seconds, there was nothing to do but push her away and roll her onto her back. Tussled into that position, my sister's legs spread open on their own accord. Revealing her willing, and very ready source. I slipped in, and heaven was reborn yet again. I was taking my sister.

Our cousins continued to suck each other off like crazy. It didn't take very long for them to enjoy a conjoined come. After that performance, all they could do was sit back and watch us. As we very slowly pleasured one another, my cock in my sister's cunt. Each of us taking that sweet time. Paige must've gotten bored with how I was able to hold off and keep repeatedly pleasing my sister. She scooted up, and then slung an arm behind me, the hand probing between my legs to find my balls. Having found what she was looking for, she cradled me, cuddled me, cupping me like a mission.

"This time," she instructed me, "Lily wants to explode from feeling you explode, inside her."

And then, before our very eyes, that was exactly what happened. Lily and I had locked eyes; she saw mine shudder as I went over the edge, and then I had a second of focus to watch her too enter the dance.

We were slapping together like two huge fish landed on a pier, caught in the act, a two-for-one, as we continued our flailing rut on the damp planks. Our act of spawning complete, we sank to the bottom of the bed.

"God," Paul gave a titter, "that was hotter than any porn." His sister answered with some remark, but I quit listening to words. My sister and I lay there, motionless, just this side of death; entwined but not actively touching. Our big moon eyes reflected back and forth, saying all that ever had to be said.

More time had melted away. However deliciously spent, it moved us that much closer to airport time. Since we lived in the same town, we shared the same flight home. I was guessing we wouldn't indulge in any Mile-High shenanigans. I wasn't ready to go back to a stolen afternoon or evening maybe every couple months.

That was when Paul piped up again. "We're booked in Thursday through Sunday. Why don't you guys change your tickets and stay on?"

Well, because changing a pair of airline tickets a couple hours out was ridiculously expensive. Paul cooed, "I have plastic. This place is just a tiny bit of Mom's portfolio. Money should not be an issue."

"We want you guys to stay!" Paige emphasized.

Lily gave me a distinctive I'm in shrug. Paul took the cue to get up and grab his phone. He left the room for maybe forty seconds, then came back in announcing the ticket change was a fait accompli.

"I," I said, "I still need to sell this to my wife."

Paige grabbed the cell out of her brother's hand, and then handed it to me. "Go take a walk down the beach. And make that call." Her hands free, she started touching Lily. Lily seemed to enjoy the touch, touching back. "Come back with the okay, and we'll make it worth your while."

Sure, miracles do happen, but I was kind of thinking that the promise of girl-stuff might be better left to another day, one where I hadn't already shot twice. Like maybe in the morning. So I took the bait and walked down to the beach, punching the numbers then waiting for Dana to pick up and make the stupid ringing go away. I took a twenty minute stroll, and just kept getting voicemail. I gave up and went back to the condo. A little worried, because I'd been gone awhile, and I'd left my sister with my cousins, all naked in the bed...

I slid back inside and was sort of shocked. Everyone was out of the bedroom, and dressed, and drinking coffee. The aroma of the crappy Mr. Coffee was the most erotically alluring of my entire life. I joined in and fixed my mug, raised it to my lips, and then quit pretending all eyes weren't upon me. "All I got was voicemail, and I didn't leave a message."

We were all nursing our coffees, and digesting that. The room was the silence of slight sips. We camped out like that, intent on enjoying our coffee. But then the phone exploded like a bomb. We all sloshed our coffee and peed our pants, nearly.

It was his, and I'd tossed it across the couch towards him when I first sat down, so of course Paul picked it up and answered. The rest of us pretended to ignore him, like we wouldn't be listening in. But then he just grunted a few times, turning and bending to hold the phone out to me. While grabbing it, I apparently hit the speaker-phone button, because there was Dana speaking into the room. She was kind of concerned that I'd kept calling her from a stranger's phone when wasn't I supposed to be up in a fucking airplane by now?

Then she gave a wicked little laugh.

I explained that it was my cousin Paul's phone, and then began the staying-over story. Dana cut me short with a cackle.

"What?" I answered.

"So you've gotten to fuck your hot little cousin as well?"

Our entire room when totally silent.

Dana giggled, eventually. "Haven't you figured that out?"

The room waited for another prompt.

"Great minds think alike. Up here we've already rebooked to stay through Sunday."

There was another brief silence.

"You and your sister think you're so special. Why do you think, up here on the Cape, we've met up shed of our spouses? We get the kids to bed around 9, the folks head up around 10, so by 11 we're all down in the basement den, reliving old memories."

I was sort of shocked, hey? The whole room of us were, listening in. But then the rest of them started sort of smiling.

And then she added, "And it was so-o cute, last night. Guess the fruit doesn't fall too far from the trees." Dana related staggering so well-fucked down to her own room, to the bed she was sharing with her sister, who followed, striding bowlegged too as their brothers' come trickled out of her pussy, too!

It was a cramped and crammed house, and Dana relayed how they'd come upon the room where our kids slept. A lamp was still on, and the door wasn't shut all the way. In that little room, Jenny got the little twin bed, while Joey was on the floor in a sleeping bag.

Except they were both in the little bed, naked and curled up, the covers kicked to the floor.

"They're too young for all that, aren't they?"

"Apparently not. Not that I checked the sheets or anything."

"So, what did you do," was what I wanted to know.

I could see her shrugging. "I left the little lamp on, to not change things. But I did shut the door, to give them their privacy."

We thought that was all, but then my wife whispered more, "Be sure to take lots of vacation snapshots. Maybe later we can hook up with Lily and share our albums." She giggled, and with that ended the call.

There was silence in the room, indeed the entire condo. It was Paul who croaked the first crack in the quiet. "Guess we're not so special." Paige concurred. "That was really hot," she murmured.

"Dude," Paul slapped my shoulder in a delayed instant response, "thanks so much for putting that on speaker-phone." It was Lily who first walked over to me, joining me on the sofa, straddling my legs and settling down facing me, rubbing her fabric against mine. Our cousins quickly mimicked us. "It's the bro-sis revolution," Paige grinned at us, "spreading all over the nation."

Lily was the first to overtly groan, "Let's go back to bed!" We quickly adjourned to that room, and got naked. I stood there and my sister knelt down, taking my cock into her mouth.

Paul was pretty excited by technology. "Fuck photos," he scrambled back, "we're shooting video." His sister felt a bit neglected, moving in with her mouth to join Lily's. I was not complaining. We wound up starting off with me on my back, my sister on top while my cousin rode my mouth. Orgasms later, they switched, and I wound up shooting my load inside my young cousin.

Paul kept shooting as we fell apart and untangled. That would've been the point for a long dull shot of gasping and panting and the catching of breaths. But Lily was quickly shifting, moving down to clean my shrinking cock with her mouth. She almost got me hard again, but I wasn't that young so she smiled and moved away. Moving in between our cousin's legs, to tongue my come leaking out her cunt.

It was at that point--I sat up and wound up swinging my legs over the edge of the bed to the floor ... that Paul shoved the camera in my hands. "Keep filming," he gasped.

I couldn't blame him; who could deny the hotness? My sister was still kneeling bent down between his sister's thighs. Lily's perky little ass was pointing straight up, spread and cocked and showing her stuff. No wonder he moved in on it. He was doing her doggy, but just for a minute. Paige had a final and grandiose explosion under her cousin's tongue. After that, she was flinging bodies. She wound up pinning Paul on his back, riding him then like a fucking banshee. My sister rose up and scooted over, smothering him with her cunt sauce. That went on for a noisy little bit, but then the volcano roared. He thrust up, tossing the girls but still remaining skewered to his sister. He went at her like a madman, then whispered in her ear. She turned to Lily's ear. My sister slid down so that when Paul slid out of his sister just in time to scoot up, there were two pairs of tits, lined up, for him to shower with his jizz. It was like Duck Hunting for Dummies.

That particular clip ended about then. I was aroused once more, so fuck the camera--I was ready to be an actor again! I moved down on my sister like crazy. I fucked her so ferociously--and heroically--that our little cousins were orgasming just from watching. Immediately afterwards, me still poised atop and inside her, well, who really cared about the posterity of a great fuck just because no camera was around? Certainly not me, I insisted on proving.

The kids were friends with a family full of kids down the street. Summer was near ending, and they got invited to spend a long lake weekend on a houseboat with those kids. Dana and I granted an exhilarating permission.

The original invitation extended to us, but we quickly begged off, to everyone's relief. It was great that our kids had great friends so close, and those kids were indeed a delight. But their parents were a pair of pills. If I had to spend a weekend on a boat with them, I'd bring my own anchor, the chain wrapped and locked around my neck and waist. My social life vest.

Dana referred to them as Mr. & Mrs. Yuck.

The kids left midmorning Friday, due back about the same on Monday. About ten minutes later my wife swept by me, grabbing my hand and pulling me back to bed. We were Mr. & Mrs. Fuck.

I woke back up shortly before noon, alone in the bed but still sticky from sex. I took a quick shower, then found Dana in the kitchen, her hair still wet, dressed in just one of my dress shirts, ill-buttoned. I'd entered the kitchen thinking of coffee and toast, but suddenly I was sniffing around again. I was in just a pair of gym shorts, which were starting to point out.

Dana fended me off, all the while talking on the phone. "Sounds great; so it's a date, then?" Then she gave a squeal as she evaded me again. "What? That? One guess. Yea, your horny brother woke up and is trying to hump me again. Yea? Really! Okay, here he is."

She handed me the phone. "It's your sister."

Lily told me, "Save it for later," but in a voice like the collage letters of ransom notes. And then the line went dead. I let it stay there in my hand, dead weight; I just sort of stared at the piece of plastic, trying to figure things out. I couldn't figure out a damn thing, so I put the phone back in its cradle. And then I looked at my wife and said, "So, what's up?"

Dana worked up a frantic face as she squealed, "We're having a slumber party tonight with your sister!"

She gauged my face, and then continued. "Dinner delivered and drinks and DVDs. And then maybe we'll view some vacation snapshots and home movies. Never know."

That left me, dick stuffed back in my pants. After lunch I was left with hours wondering what would be happening. My dick was worrying about that as well, but Dana kept slapping me away. Finally I went away and napped a late afternoon hour away.

We had a new pot of coffee going when Lily came knocking. It was as had been described.

The three of us went through all the menus, and then settled on pizza. Lily had arrived with a ton of good beer. It took us an entire movie to digest and start enjoying the beer.

It was my wife who eventually rose up, obscuring the final credits. She reached down to pull my sister off the sofa. "Time to bore you with my vacation slide show. I've got my laptop hooked up to the t.v. in the bedroom--let's go!"

Lily reached down to her purse and pulled out a DVD-R. "And I have movies," she trilled.

Dana had refused me a preview, so I joined my sister in seeing for the first time the photographic evidence of the basement debauchery that'd gone on up at the Cape. My wife and her sister and their two brothers had all the recombinations down pat. My sister had never done anal, so she was shocked by the shots of Dana full of both her brothers.

"It feels so good to be so full of love," she cooed

"The one in your ass is really cute."

"Jim? He's just divorced from his slut of an ex. He's thinking about moving back to town. He's a really sweet guy, and he mounts you like a fucking stallion. I think you guys should meet."

I was kind of wondering about Hey, what about me? It was the end of summer and they were both in filmy shorts and tight bouncy tees that spelled no bra. My sister got off the bed first, standing at the foot of it. She started our DVD, and then ignored it, drawing the sound down to zero. She reached down for my wife's hand, pulling her up, to her feet, drawing in an accomplice.

They were blocking the screen when I gave my cousin a facial. They didn't care about me on the screen. They were interested in the me still sitting up on the bed trying to shush them away from the screen.

Lily rudely yanked Dana's shirt off up over her head. And there were my wife's beautiful breasts, boldly on display. My sister spoke, "One guess what happens next?"

I could not predict that. I mean, I had a very general idea, a very vague notion, and no, it did not include my sister sucking on my wife's tits until Dana could peel off Lily's top, so as to return the favor.

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