Waking Up to Go to Bed

by Bi John 4 Both

Copyright© 2010 by Bi John 4 Both

Sex Story: A bi male is with his female mature lover and discribes their love making

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   2nd POV   .

The day's sun and fun had taken it's toll on us, we had joked and flirted with sexual innuendos all day, and absolutely planned on fulfilling them when we got back to the hotel room you had booked for us. There we were, sacked out on the couch of the suite, rubbing each other's feet; that intimate act of touching, feeling, soothing. Soon we were both asleep; the droning television singing it's lullaby of gibberish to us.

My dreams were of you, they had been filled with you since we met on the Internet. I had set out to meet someone mature, caring and loving. Someone that would not treat me like a freak as some had called me after knowing about my bi side. Actually I loved how you watched me and Steve have sex, and how it had turned you on. I did not mind your other life; I knew I had to share you with the world you had carved out at your home, but for now you were mine. For now you loved me, as a lover, for now you were my addiction, and I was getting my fill.

I woke up, not really with a start, just one of those things, when you know that your neck will have the worst crick in it if you do not move, and with your feet still in my hands, on my chest there was really no place to move. I rolled off the couch and stretched. My arms reaching toward the ceiling. POP - POP - there went my back and one hip, ahhhhhh that felt good, nothing like the release of that tension. Doing martial arts for half my life has kept me lean and limber, but sometimes I still would get stiff. I would love to release some more of that tension in my body. I watched you sleeping there, so quite, so beautiful, I just adore the shape of your lips, the curve of your eyebrows, the way you breath - softly - you are so seductive, your lips gently parted, lips glistening with the blue light of the television. I know you were having dreams of something delicious, because you must have just licked those lips, they are so kissable. I know I have to wake you, but I need that kiss too, so I lean down to kiss you, and you begin to wake up, and stretch.

You are like a cat, squirming over the couch, my lips never leave yours; you do not push me away, liking the gentle pressure; maybe you were even thinking of kissing me before you woke up. You can't really talk, you are not that awake yet. I stand up, and you put your hands out for me, I know you would love me to pick you up and heave you over my shoulder and toss you into the bed. I am too sleepy for that myself tonight, and I know my balance isn't the best, with the wine we shared when we were home alone after the restaurant.

I laugh to myself, remembering how the bed collapsed under me and Steve while I was fucking him and you were sitting there close to us, watching us. You laughed so hard you were sure you peed as you were fingering yourself to your second orgasm. Steve was the bitch to my pounding, the submissive to my dominant alpha dog as you called me. It sort of puts you out of the mood when that kind of thing happens, and I remember coming over to you after that happened and laughing with you. Soon that animal lust thing took over and the heat that our loving makes, drives all thoughts from our heads. I remember it so clearly too, after I came in you, Steve on that tilted bed took my cock deep in his mouth, taking the cock that was still covered with your juices and was still thick; as I normally am after I cum. Soon had me hard again. He just readjusted his position so that he was actually getting leverage from the angle of the bed. Soon he had my rod pushing, thrusting deeper into him again, this time on his back, his cock in-between us. My snarls and growls betraying the wolf in me; I was close to exploding again, this time leaving my seed deep where Steve needed my hot molten lava. Again I could see you pinching your nipples like mad, your fingers flying over your clit, just colors and moods, and splashes of images passing across your mind. You can not even hear your own moans, those moans that I hear and that excite me even more and spurr that explosion that Steve, like the slut that he is, so graciously accepted.

We stumble into the bedroom, and I stretch out in my way, laying on my back for a little while, before rolling over onto my side and scooping you up in my arms and sleeping as the fork slept with the spoon on that night that the cow jumped over the moon. I lay there collecting my thoughts, and your little hand reaches over and starts feeling that territory familiar to you, the face of that territory changes though, right under the magic touch of your hand; growing, stretching and slowly coming to life. The blood thickening those muscles, making the base hard, and soon under the stroking of your hand, I become fully erect. You lean over with the other hand, and start running your finger nails through the thin forest of fur that covers my chest. Your fingers don't get lost, you find your way, though the woods and seek out your destination like a skilled explorer. Your fingers soon play over my nipple as well. Ohhh how delicious that is, how hot that makes me, and how hungry it makes me for your own nipples, but I am selfish for the moment I just receive your pleasure. Soon your mouth starts moving over; your teeth gently pulling on my nipples -- biting me. I know that your hand can feel how that makes my cock even harder for you. Your hand still working it's magic on me. You are loving the feeling, the power of my cock, the hardness steels your resolve to have me deep inside you again. My precum lubricating your hand, dimming the shine of your rings, but your hand is lovely just like that, loving me, knowing that you will have me in you soon, for that is why you are loving on me, exciting me, your itch needs scratching huh?

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