by Micahe7l

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Sex Story: I worked with Britney and we dedcided one night to go to dinner after work then all Hell broke loose in a good way.

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I had worked with Britney for nearly 3 years. We would exchanged the usual pleasantries but we never really talked all that much. We would ask each other about one another's schedule but that was about it. There was no intent to ever hang out together or do anything outside of work. We always had the possibilities to go do something but neither of us acted on it because we did not want the other one to get the wrong idea. We both had our own lives. I really did not want to date someone I worked with. I had done that before and it never worked out well.

Britney always dressed quite conservatively. She would wear the usual work stuff along with what I assume included a bra, an under shirt, a t shirt and lastly her work shirt. Often times she would also wear a sweat shirt over that. I have no idea how she did that. If I wore that much I would die because I was ALWAYS hot as hell in the store. As for pants she would almost always wear a not to tight pair of black pants. Like I said they weren't obscenely tight but they were tight enough to see the panty line which always seemed to be full cut panties. On a body like that there should be much smaller types of underwear like a thong or g –string or she might even go without underwear as she had an awesome body.

One day she came to work and it seemed she was wearing noticeably less. She was wearing her work clothes but I didn't see an under shirt, t-shirt or a sweat shirt on her. I assume she was still wearing a bra but couldn't know for sure. As usual she was in her black pants but this time it was a new pair. It was a tighter pair and I didn't see the oh so typical full cut type of panty line that was usually evident. I knew she had boyfriend but I decided to try to get her to come out with me not so much on a date but just as friends to hang out. I asked her if she wanted to come to dinner. We went to this local restaurant and while eating we had some good conversation.

After dinner we decided to see a movie. We went to the theater and sat in these seats in which if you chose you could move the arm rest out of the way. We sat down and talked until the movie started. It was only about 10 or 15 minutes into the movie when Britney grabbed my arm and put it around her shoulder. I have to say I enjoyed it. I lifted the armrest and she snuggled in to me and just sort of held on to me. After about an hour she fell asleep in the chair right next to me. At the end of the movie I tried to wake her but she just wouldn't get up so I picked her up and carried her to my car. I drove her to my house. I brought her in and laid her in my bed. I was about to go to sleep on the couch when it occurred to me that I should lay there in my bed. That way when she woke up she wouldn't freak out. I knew that she'd need her clothes for work the next day so I figured the only things I could do was undress her and toss her stuff in with mine. When I took off her shirt I was surprised to see—because of her usually conservative manner of dress—that she wasn't wearing a bra. I took off her pants and she was wearing—my guess is for the first time--a sexy pink g-string. I had to take that off too so that I could clean it and when I did I saw her cute little bush. I have nothing against really but of the several girls I have slept with in the past all of them were shaved or waxed. One way or another there pussies were hairless. I was entranced by her beauty but decided to be a gentlemen and not fuck her although I guess with her asleep it might be rape. I really didn't want to take that risk. After I got that thought of my mind I looked at Britney all covered up and realized something she and my sister are close in size except my sister is a little taller and slightly heavier but pretty much the same size. I figured if Britney's stuff was still wet tomorrow or she woke up and didn't want to remain naked then she could borrow some of my sister's clothes. I could take her up to my sister's room and let her pick out and dress in whatever she wanted that my sister had. I kissed her on the forehead and set to reading my book.

I had read a couple chapters in my book when I got sick of it. I decided I'd try to wake Britney again. I had more luck this time then last time at the theater. She woke up and looked around frantically not knowing where she was. She looked at me and pleaded with me to tell her where she was. I calmed her and told her she was at my house and then asked why and I proceeded to explain why she was at my house as opposed to her own.

She calmed down when she asked if she could use the bathroom. I told her where it was and she lifted the blanket and on instinct looked down and that's when she realized she was nude. She began to throw a fit which I kind of expected so I told her how her clothes were I the washing machine and that I put them there so they'd be clean for the next day. She understood and was about to get up and walk to the bathroom when she started thinking about something. I could see the wheels turning but didn't know what exactly she was thinking so I asked what she had on her mind.

She said, "Well I was going to ask you to close your eyes but I think you have already seen my naked so there is no real point is there?" I had to agree and she didn't seem to shy or modest about her nudity. She got out of the bed and walked naked to the bathroom. As she walked away I watched and she had the sexiest little ass I have ever seen. When she had entered the bathroom I got out of the bed myself and took our clothes out of the drier and put everything with the exception of her g-string in the drier. I aid her panties on top of the drier thinking that might have to air dry.

Britney came back and hoped into bed and still with out any modesty sat on top of the covers leaving her nude body open to any ones view. She asked me why I had a towel hanging from the ceiling and I explained to provide a little privacy and to block out the setting sun as my bedroom window faced west. I was so turned on sitting there with a willingly naked girl in my bed. It's not like I've never had a naked women in my bed but this wasn't leading to sex so I could just look at her soft flawless skin. She had small but very firm and perky breast. She also had her pussy looking like that of a seven year old as there was not hair to be found and it was so tight and tiny. I just had to tell her what I thought when she went to the bathroom. I told her how I had looked at the tight ass and just thought it was the most beautiful thing ever. She thanked me.

After a while she made this purring sound and turned over on to her stomach. There it was again the best ass on the planet. She asked me quietly if I would rub her back and I readily did. I figured while I was rubbing her back I could work her back and eventually that gorgeous ass. I started rubbing and worked my way down slowly. I was pretty much giving her a free massage.

On my bed side table I have this skin lotion stuff. It's not for what you think. My hands get so dry when it is cold outside. I decided to squirt some on Britney's back and work that in to her supple soft skin. After a short while longer I worked my way down to her fantastic ass. The only difference between most of her body and her butt was that her butt was so strong. I worked on that but for what must've been an hour at least. Then I began working on her legs. That was unplanned but I decided why not she hadn't objected to me massaging her ass I might as well work the legs. When finished up I told her but got no response and that's when I realized that she had fallen asleep again. I was beginning to think she had narcolepsy or something. I reached in her purse to see if she was on any medication or anything and didn't find any meds but I did a couple things one was her schedule for work She was working t he maximum amount for a part timer allowed by our union. I also found a "toy" with the name Thomas written on the side in permanent marker. I had heard Britney talk with another co-worker that she was date a guy name Thomas. Maybe that is what she meant. I put that and the schedule back in the purse and changed into my sleep clothes. Normally I wouldn't strip naked and change into my sleep clothes but with Britney asleep I figured it was no big deal.

I got in bed with her and put us both under the covers. Due to the fact that I hadn't had girl in my bed in far too long I put my arms around her and held her close to me. I could feel her soft warm flesh against me. Normally I wear a shirt of some sort to bed but that night I decided not to. As I lay down I could feel her bare skin press against me and it felt fabulous.

We woke up at about he same time the next morning. I looked over at her smiling at me and I smiled at her then I dropped my gaze slightly to take a look at her sexy little breast but hen realized that at some point during the night my hands had moved and were now covering her breast. I'm not quite sure if her hands had moved to but they were in my pants and she had her hand wrapped around my very hard cock. I never wore underwear to bed so it was possible for her hand to have moved during the night in to my pants and grab my dick, because of the fact that she was sleeping nude it is plausible that my hands shifted and enough to grope her breast.

I removed my hand from her breast and expected her to move her hand from my cock. That however was not the case. Instead of removing her hand she pulled my dick out of pants and began to stroke it up and down or back and forth however you want to interpret that.

It was very clear to me that Britney was very comfortable with me. She had no problem sleeping at the theater with me there. She also slept in my bed with me and she was 100% naked. I liked that she felt that comfortable around me. It made me happy. I knew I liked her as a co-worker and now as A friend and perhaps more than that soon. That was not just a hope that was a wish of mine.

We jus t laid in bed for the next couple of hours until we knew we had to get ready for work I got out of bed and stripped so I could take a shower. After Britney's hands had jacked me often so many Times I had dried cum all over me and I needed to get that off me and the only way to do that was by taking a shower. The only difference between this shower and the one I took the day before was this time I'd have a "friend" with me. Not only was she a friend she was female and quite possibly one of the hottest girls ever. I turned on the shower and let it run for a bit and I grabbed Britney and kissed her with reckless abandon. I though one of two things would happen. she would slap me or she'd kiss me back. Lucky for me she did the later. She was into it and jumped off the ground and wrapped her legs around my waist. Had she given e a bit more notice I could have had more time to stabilize myself. We didn't quite fall to the ground in a heap but I did stumble a little. I was able to regain my balance and some how climb in to the shower with Britney still attached to my upper body. I have to say that was an experience that I won't soon forget. This whole time that Britney was holding on to me my dick began getting harder and harder. I was ready to go again but Britney refused to jack me off. That mad me sad that is until Britney dropped to her knees and with out the least bit of trouble took all 7 inches right down her throat like it was nothing. Maybe to her it was nothing but on some level I began thinking she was a virgin except for "Thomas." Although with how much she drank before she was 21 mind you and the friends she typically hung out with I found that hard to believe.

After we did get out of the shower and dried off. I dried myself like any normal adult would. I did a fatherly thing with Britney and wrapped her in big fluffy towel and regretted it almost immediately. With her all wrapped up in that towel it made her look so young and that was just something I didn't want from her. She did take it off and wrapped it around her waist still her small perky tits exposed. I was thankful for that. I brought her into my bedroom upstairs and asked her if she wanted to wear the clothes she had the day before to which she sort of laughed informing me that she had no choice. I reiterated to make her aware I meant underwear. She looked at me weird and I informed that she and my sister were about the same size. She wondered if it was clean which it was but I was not sure it was dry so I brought her up to my sister's room. She asked me if I would turn away while she got dressed. I stood there in disbelief she had been walking around naked and slept naked in bed with me not t o mention she jacked me off and even gave me head in the shower. Anyway I respected her enough and tuned away while she got dressed until she said I could turn back around. She looked great in my sister's clothes. She was wearing a pink bra and a c-string. (I know I said c-string. It's like a g-string without the strings at the hips.) She said I like this I gotta get some for myself. Where did your sister get these? I told her I'd e-mail her hyperlink to the website.

She was happy with that and she showed it when she smiled. I told her that if she were gonna wear c-strings she'd need to get rid of some of that pubic hair. She said she's thought about it but was always nervous because she thought she'd cut herself. I told her if she wanted I could trim her shorter. She asked have you ever shaved anyone. I told her just myself. She said yeah but that's a face that's supposed to be shaved. I said well yeah I did my face but I shaved my dick too. Didn't you realize that it was hairless earlier when you were jacking me off? She said I guess I didn't notice. Let me have another look. Normally I wouldn't show my dick to just anyone but I had seen her naked and she had already jacked me off so it wasn't like she hadn't seen it before. I pulled it out and let her see it. She instantly grabbed it and began examining it all over. She lifted it looking for hair all around it. Once she was satisfied with my shave job she let go and agreed to let me shave her. I led her to the bathroom and had her hop in the shower to soften her pubic hair. I turned on the water but before she got in I took a pair of scissors and cut her pubic hair short. I had cut quite a small amount from her pussy cause despite the fact that Britney was an adult she was small and didn't have much pubic hair. I asked if she wanted to shave in the shower or wait until she got out. She asked ho I had done it and I told her I did it I the shower but with me doing another person it would probably be easier outside the shower. She agreed and asked if I minded if she shaved her legs and stuff. She said she wanted to look uniform throughout so I told her sure. She got in but left the shower curtain open. I didn't really know what to do so I put the seat down on the toilet and enjoyed the impromptu show. After a while she asked me to join her in the shower and I decided that would be okay. I stripped and again before I even stepped in the shower she grabbed my dick. I was hard again with in seconds. I was worried she was gonna jack me off again but I was surprised and thrilled when she dropped to her knees and engulfed my whole dick in her mouth. She was really good a this so I wasn't even going to attempt to hold back. She had her mouth filled with more cum then I ever unloaded before. She held it in a mouth before swallowing it all down and the she opened her mouth to show me that she had swallowed it all. I could take very little more and because I had sex in the shower on more than one occasion I decided to get out. I dragged Britney with mean sat her up on the counter that was covered with water from cooled steam. I pulled her legs apart to beginning the enjoyable job of shaving her. I filled my hand with a large amount of shaving cream and applied in generously to Britney's young pussy. I began shaving with the direction of her hair growth. A lot was coming off as I expected. After I finished it the first time I reapplied more shaving cream and this time shaved against the hair growth. This time less hair came off but that's just because most of it came off with the first shave job. She was cleanly shaven now but to test my work I didn't just run my hand over her newly bald pussy no no no. I decided that I would return to her the oral sex that she had given to me earlier. I began pacing kisses all over her bald little beaver and enjoying my handy work as I realized when I didn't come in contact with anymore hair that I had done quite well. I worked my way in ward towards the prize in all of this and before even reaching her clit she was thrust in to multiple orgasms. One on top of another and another made it seem to me like they'd never stop. I was so soaked in her juices that I was sure I was going to drown. Luckily I didn't drown in her copious juices. Even through they tasted incredibly sweet I could only swallow so much before I would fall in to a coma so I had to stand up and let the rest of my lower body get more soaked which wasn't at all possible. I was soaked to the bone. (No pun intended.) Not only was I so wet I felt I'd never get dry I was sporting a major erection. It was in desperate need of some attention either from me or some one else namely Britney. She walked weakly to my bedroom the whole time running her hand over her newly bald snatch. I don't know for sure whether she liked it or was just getting use to the feeling that she hadn't experienced since before puberty. She was hairless and she had pubic hair since some point in puberty although even with her formally full bush it was not that thick of a coating. I wanted to fuck Britney as soon a she got back in bed with me but that wasn't going to happen cause she got into the bed and was pretty much in a trance. The whole time she laid there rubbing her pussy and soaking my bed sheets She had a far off glazed look in her eyes that truthfully scared the hell out of me. She continued fingering her bald cunt until she passed out. While she was asleep yet again she cried out my name several times. That also freaked me out.

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