The Golden Bow

by Dreamwalker

Copyright© 2010 by Dreamwalker

True Story: "Oh Mathew, just think we will soon have our own little bundle of joy."

Tags: Ma/Fa   True Story  

Jennifer sat up in bed and greeted the morning with a smile. She glanced at the calendar, filled with pink X's, on the wall next to the bed. She felt a special glow inside that made her tingle from head to toe, and today nothing would extinguish it. She then enthusiastically said, "I don't believe it, my wedding day is finally here! " Wiping a tear from the corner of her eye, she hummed the tune, "Here comes the bride." Then got up, slid into her blue jeans, shirt, and donned pair of loafers.

She thought for a moment and smiled, she had everything planned down to the last toast to the happy couple.

The phone rang and she picked it up and said, "Hello!"

Granny replied, "Hello Jennifer, can you come over this morning?"

Jennifer replied, "Yes, I have a hair appointment at ten am. I will stop by and see you first, OK?"

Granny replied, "OK, sweety sees you then."

Jennifer thought, now what do you suppose that will be? A family heirloom, the diamond necklace Granny wore on her wedding day, or just something borrowed something blue. "Oh I can't wait to see, "she uttered.

Jennifer pictured in her mind the handsome image of Mathew and quivered. He had piercing blue eyes, salt, and pepper colored short hair, an oval face with a cute button nose, a cute handle-bar mustache, and stood six foot, with a robust figure--long legs and big hands. Oh-my, he is definitely worth keeping. In addition, I almost need a step stool to kiss him, guess that is why he calls me, "short-one," she expressed. Mathew was three years older than her and a perfect man. She considered their love to be picture perfect.

She remembered the night he proposed to her, as if it was yesterday. Mathew had called that morning and said, "Jennifer I have reservations at Top Hat for eight pm, so wear your dancing dud's, we're having a, 'night to remember!'"

After taking a long bubble bath and two hours of pampering, Jennifer glanced at her sexy figure in the mirror and uttered, "Oh you beautiful baby!" She wore a full-length green gown that hugged all the right curves. Accentuated with emerald-green jewelry that made her green eyes sparkle with excitement she uttered, "OK, Mat, what's up your sleeve now?"

When Mathew picked her up Jennifer noticed he was pale and sweaty. She kissed him and asked, "Darling, are you feeling OK?" All he did was nod his head yes. Now she was worried, because he was never this quiet.

Jennifer watched him closely all through dinner and he still looked pained and nervous. She wiped a drop of whip cream from her lips and said, "Excuse me Mathew, I need to powder my nose."

She went into the restroom and rushed over to the bathroom mirror then closely examined herself, maybe she had a piece of broccoli stuck between her teeth. There was nothing there, and her makeup was still intact. She backed up and turned around checking for a tear or stain in her gown, maybe Mathew had seen something and was afraid of hurting her feelings.

Mathew pulled out Jennifer's chair when she returned to the table. "Welcome back sweetheart," he told her. He coughed and with a shaky voice said, "I have something to ask you darling."

He walked over to her, turned her around facing him, then reached into his suit pocket and pulled out a small black velvet box. He was shaking so hard he almost dropped the box, then bent down on one knee and took her small hand in his. In addition, with a quivering voice said, "Jennifer Wilson, will you marry me?" He slowly opened a small blue velvet box, revealing an antique silver wedding band and matching engagement ring.

Jennifer excitedly replied, "Oh Mathew Roger! Yes I will marry you," wiping a single tear of joy from the corner of her eye. "Oh sweetheart the rings are so beautiful. I love you!"

She melted in Mathew's arms as their lips touched and kissed deeply. She felt his relax and heard a big sigh of relief. The whole room noticed, and vibrated with applause as they sat down. The waiter brought cooled champagne to the table, poured them their first glass, and uttered, "Congratulations!"

She brought her thoughts back to the present as she drove into Granny's driveway, walked to the door and knocked. The door opened and she uttered, "Hello Granny! Guess what, I'm getting married!"

Granny greeted her with open arms saying, "Hi dear, I am so happy for you. You will make such a beautiful bride! Come sit next to me on the sofa, I have a surprise for you!"

Jennifer sat down on the sofa and noticed a package on the coffee table tied with a golden bow. "Granny you did not have to buy me another present," she uttered.

Granny patted her hand and said, "Yes I did, now open it with love, then we can talk."

She opened it gently, inside was a white linen handkerchief surrounded by lace, adorned with a small golden bow. Jennifer started to unfold the handkerchief.

Granny grabbed her hand. "Don't read it now honey. The handkerchief is for you to carry today. Then after the wedding is over I want you both to sit down and read it. Now can I help with anything else?"

"No Granny, everything is done," She replied. All she needed to do now was get her hair and makeup done then put on her wedding gown. She kissed Granny on the cheek. "See you around two p.m., OK!"

As she was putting the final touches on her gown, Jennifer heard a soft knock on the parsonage door. Granny walked over and hugged her and said, "Jennifer, turn around, let me see you. My dear, you're beautiful!"

Jennifer showed Granny the small heart shaped locket mom just put around her neck. "It has Mom and Dad's picture in it and in her right hand was the special handkerchief," she said. Then she hugged Granny saying, "I will cherish it forever, I love you!"

She was changing for the honeymoon trip and when done tucked the special handkerchief into her purse. She could not wait to read the note with Mathew. She smiled and whispered, "Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Rogers, ooh I like the sound of it," then uttered again.

Jennifer snuggled up close to Mathew as the limousine drove toward the airport. She kissed his cheek and whispered, "Darling I want to read you the note that came with the handkerchief. I promised Granny I would wait till we were alone to read it."

"Well then--Mrs. Rogers, read it," Mathew exclaimed.

She read the note out-loud; This special handkerchief was made with love for Jennifer to carry on her wedding day. Under the golden bow is one small stitch--cut it carefully. And see what the future may hold for Mr. and Mrs. Rogers. I love you, Granny Wilson.

Mathew watched Jennifer cautiously cut the thread then slowly opened the fabric. Our eyes widened in amazement as before them lay a small baby bonnet trimmed with lace adorned by a golden bow.

Author's Poem
Time passes; she forgets the handkerchief with a golden bow.
That she stored away after reading its special poem.
She soon feels the baby kicking and is all aglow.
Then she remembers the handkerchief with the golden bow.

Jennifer thought for a moment, today was their six-month anniversary. She giggled to herself and then tickled Mathew's ribs saying, "Bet you don't know what today is? If you don't know you owe me a steak dinner."

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