Forbidden Fantasies

by BlackStallion21

Copyright┬ę 2010 by BlackStallion21

Erotica Sex Story: There are some things we know we're not supposed to do, but wouldn't you like to do them anyways?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   First   .


In life there are the things that we do naturally and then there are the things that we are just expected to know not to do. Like for instance, we blink, yawn, eat, sleep, and breathe naturally on our own. No one has ever told you to do these things when you need to; you do them on your own.

Now technically no one tells us to procreate on our own. We are just expected to know how to do that on our own. Animals aren't taught, and we as humans aren't "taught" by mom and dad how to do it either ... We might get the old "birds and the bees" conversation from good ole mom and dad, but with the exception of my next point; we aren't taught how to have sex.

The catch to that whole situation is the unsaid! NO ONE tells us that we aren't supposed to fall in love with or have sex with certain people. You're just supposed to know. We have this tool in our pants or that moist hot box that does what it does when our brains process what they see as attraction, but we're just supposed to know not to touch certain people ... Well I didn't do as such when I railed my fantasy fourteen ways from Sunday one particular rainy afternoon.

I have always had eyes for my cousin Angela. I don't know about you but it is hard to keep my heart, and pants, in check when I get aroused every time I see this girl. She is so stupid gorgeous and she is dumb to the fact and it is actually a shame.

Angie grew up in a very strict home of a military man and woman, who happened to be my Uncle Nathan and my Aunt Patricia. She had one sibling, Lucas who was ten years older than her, so in all actuality it was almost like she was an only child after the age of eight when Luke left the house at eighteen to follow in the footsteps of Uncle Nate and become a Naval officer.

She was beautiful as I mentioned. Long naturally curly light brown hair as she was a product of an interracial marriage, she stood five feet, eight inches, and had a very athletic frame as she ran cross country. Muscular legs that could snap a tree trunk if need be, a tight firm bum, and a flat washboard stomach. Tiny snake bite breasts lined her chest and the part of Angela that always made me week in the knees was very rare to the African race. It wasn't her beautiful caramel colored skin that absolutely drove me wild, although it was much prettier than my dark chocolate complexion, but it was her eyes.

Angie and Lucas both came out with a rare condition that made their eyes hazelnut colored. The rest of my family and ninety five percent of black people come out with brown eyes. But there are that five percent that come out with bright brown eyes, and I have even seen a few with green eyes. The genes of the parent with the more dominate traits over power the gene of the lesser. And this was the case in Ang and Luke's situation. So much so, that Uncle Nate was about to get a divorce from Aunt Patty until the doctor confirmed that the DNA matched himself and his wife that made up his son. And it wasn't such a surprise when Angela Alexis was born the same way accidently ten years later.

But what made Angie unbearably attractive to me was the fact that she as I mentioned earlier, didn't know it. She never dated in high school because everyone thought she was a prude. She had but one boyfriend and from what everyone said, he wasn't lucky enough to get stink finger let alone have sex with her. She had a date to her Junior and Senior Proms, and every major dance, but none of them turned up lucky number sevens either.

Even the few girlfriends that she had were wondering if she was gay, or was just remaining celibate until marriage or if the rumors were true and she was a prude. Some friends they were! But the whole thing was the fact that she thought she was too nerdy. She made the grade every time. High honors, and honors on every report card and not because mom and daddy threatened her! She was just naturally gifted. She could listen to something once and recall it to memory for a test a week later almost perfectly. And as you can imagine, all of the dummies and jocks in high school wanted to sit beside Angela the Smart Kid.

But along with Uncle Nate, Grandma Keller only had one other child and it was my dad, Lucas. (Why my uncle named my cousin after my dad is beyond me when my name isn't even close to that. My name is Gabriel, but that's not necessary information... ) so in tradition, as Grandma Keller's mom and grandmother did, she cooked dinner every Saturday night for the family. And then her kids would take turns on Sundays as to who cooked for her and Grandpa Kelly. So I was used to seeing Angela and Lucas on a weekly basis and they were used to seeing me and my three siblings. Luke moved away for college and the navy, so because Angie was still around, her parents would still bring her to Saturday Supper.

Angie was two years younger than me, and was the same age as my sister Margaret. As a matter of fact they were only two weeks apart. I was the oldest with two twin sisters, Charleigh and Elizabeth, under Meg. They were turning eighteen the year I really started showing my feelings for Angie.

One Saturday night, we were up Grandma's house and we were all sitting around the table playing cards waiting for the meal to get done. My mom and Aunt Patty were in the kitchen helping grandma finish cooking dinner. Meg and I were fiercely beating the twins at pinochle and Angie came in to the dining room to join us.

I found myself staring at her with her glasses perched at the tip of her nose and her oversized t-shirt that covered the pair of shorts that came to the top of her meaty thighs. She sat down opposite me to the left of Meg and leaned over her shoulder and pretended to be interested in what was in her hand.

"Gabe!" Charleigh called. It seemed to be my turn but I was fixated on how cute Angie's glasses were rested on her little button nose.

"Gabriel Michael" she called again.

"What Char?" I finally snapped as my trance was broken and I looked up at my baby sister.

"Go! It's your turn." Liz finished.

"My Bad, here," I said laying down my card.

"Pay attention. You always scream at us." Charleigh chided.

I didn't comment because I didn't want to start a mindless argument over a card game.

As the game progressed, I caught myself over and over again thinking about Angie and how beautiful she was. But I figured I would just lay low and chill. So when dinner was on the table and we all were sitting around the table eating I tried my hardest not to react to the fact that Angela sat beside me and was rubbing her stocking feet along my jeans as she ate. It was actually so surreal. Like she was playing mind games with me and I was supposed to act stupid and let it all ride off my back. And that was my original intention, but the rock hard pipe that was turning from clay to copper to now a solid steel structure was telling me something else.

Dinner finished without a hitch and I went to the kitchen to head up the clean up process as we did every Saturday, and I started washing the dishes as Angela and Margaret rinsed and stacked and the twins put the dishes in their perspective places. Thank God, Angela left me alone because I think I might have ripped her apart in front of my sisters.

Meg and I were best friends, so she immediately noticed any changes in my behavior and she realized that I was silent while I was washing the dishes. Angela excused herself to the bathroom and I dropped a glass bowl into the sudsy water when I felt a set of tits poking into my back and hot breath on my neck.

"Is everything ok with you Gabe?" she asked.

"Shit Meg!" I said as I dropped the bowl and the suds splashed up into my face. "I could have broken Gram's bowl. Chill, yeah I'm alright."

"Well let me know if you need to talk." She said as she went back to rinsing the dishes.

I felt bad for lying to my sister but in certain instances that's what needs to be done. I couldn't tell her about my crush on Angela even though she was my best friend. Angela was my cousin and I knew that I shouldn't have the feelings that I had.

We finished the dinner dishes and were sitting in the living room of Grams house watching the Pittsburgh Steelers totally devastate the Cleveland Browns on TV and I was sitting on the floor in front of the couch. Angie got up to go to the kitchen to get a glass of diet coke and when she came back, she sat down beside me and proceeded to then lay on me. She laid her head in my lap and it was only a matter of time before my body was doing the talking for me.

A massive erection started building in my pants as all of my attention from the game was diverted to the beautiful specimen that was lying in my lap. Of course she knew what she was doing. She had to know that I wasn't getting an erection watching a bunch of sweaty men bash the hell out of each other on the grid iron.

So I did as any boyfriend would to his princess, I started playing in her hair. Stroking, petting, and twisting the beautiful smelling hair that was attached to the most beautiful scalp in the world.

Meg noticed the actions being performed immediately, and she didn't seem to be happy about it. But she was a bigger person than that, so she didn't speak a word to me about it. But trust, I would hear about it later. She was my roommate and she never held her tongue when it came to telling me where she stood on issues in my life! (But I digress)

Every minute I sat there with Angela's head in my lap, I was wishing and imagining that her face was turned inward and her hot mouth was dripping hot saliva down my shaft and onto my balls. The feeling of want was so intense that my head was spinning and I couldn't take much more of it. And just as I thought I was about to explode the unthinkable happened; Angela got up.

Once she was on her feet and she turned around to me and extended her hand. Hesitant, but not wanting to cause a scene in front of the siblings and the rest of the family, I took her hand and got up and followed her. She wouldn't let go of my hand, but I followed her as she took me through the dining room, the kitchen and down the basement stairs. She was quiet the entire way as if she were hiding something,

Scared as I was, I kept quiet and went with her. Off to the side of Gram's laundry room was a game room that was no longer in use and Angela took me in there ... boy did I wish I opened my mouth and asked what was going on.

For a thin small petite girl, Angela was stronger than I thought. Grabbing both of my arms right above the wrist, and fully facing me, Angela slammed me against the wall and squared off toe to toe.

The thirty seconds that I stood there with this chocolate beauty in my field of view seemed to be decades.

"So, is it true?" she asked in a very hushed tone.

"Is what true Ange?"

"Please don't play stupid with me Gabriel. I haven't the time."

I was starting to sweat bullets now, and the knot in my throat was getting bigger and bigger, not to mention the lump in my pants. My throat was dry and it was getting hard to swallow as Angela stepped in closer. She was now looking up into my eyes as I stood a mere two inches taller than her, and her breasts were pressing into my chest, and now standing square in front of me, the bulge in my pants was pressing into her mid torso.

"So are you going to answer me or is the hard lump in your pants going to tell on you? Do you want to fuck me?" she asked.

Never before had I been as light headed and dizzy as I was that moment. The urge to faint was so overpowering and I could hear my heart beat ringing in my ears louder than I ever remember. And I still couldn't talk.

"Answer me Gabriel! What, does the cat got your tongue?" she said as she took her hand and gently drug it up the inside of my leg to the v in my jeans. The heat that was radiating from the throbbing snake in my pants was now radiating onto Angela's hand as she stroked my scrotum through my jeans.

I breathed heavily and managed to close my mouth and force saliva down my dry throat. "Yes Angie I want you."

And as if something snapped inside of her, Angela immediately dropped to her knees and both hands clawed and scratched at my zipper and button on my jeans. She ripped them open and with two tiny paws reached into my pants and into my briefs and pulled out my cock.

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