Melissa's First Day

by Naked City

Copyright© 2010 by Naked City

Erotica Sex Story: Melissa starts her first day at McDowell's, and learns a lot in a short time. Meet some of the customers and co-workers, and find out why Melissa loves this job.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Nudism   .

I hated having to get up after a good night's rest but I can't believe I finally got a job! What was even more unbelievable is I didn't have to spend money on work clothes. I managed to find a workplace that said I could work totally naked! And the strangest thing about it to me was ... I actually loved it! The only catch for me was, because I didn't live in Edenton, I had to wear something while traveling to work. So, after my morning shower, I found some sweatpants and a little t-shirt to wear for the ride. I must have looked funny walking out of my little apartment in a belly baring t-shirt, sweat pants, knee high nylons and heel shoes. I mean, really, how often did you see such a strange wardrobe on a person?

Anyway, I had found an easier way to get to work, so the traffic wasn't as bad as yesterday. I drove right on in to McDowell's parking lot. I had a few extra minutes, so that gave me a chance to see some of the customers coming and going. I was very shocked to see many women with no shirts or bras on. Though, I thought most of them looked really good. Others shopped totally naked. I almost salivated at the number of tasty penises I saw. I took off my shirt and sweats, and got out of my car with my towel in hand. It was usually warm in Edenton, and it sure made my body happy as I walked from the parking lot into the store. Several men smiled at me, checking out my boobs and pussy. I turned around and shook my butt for some of them. They were very appreciative for the show.

I went in and looked for Ruth.

"Hey, Melissa! You ready to start?", she asked.

"I sure am!", I replied.

"Okay, let me get your name badge and take you on a tour of the back."


"Let's go back to Elizabeth's office to get the name tag", she said.

We walked up to the front to the HR's office. Ruth kept checking me out as we went up. Of course, I couldn't help but look at her naked body.

"Elizabeth!", said Ruth.

"Oh hey, gals!", Elizabeth responded.

"Do you have Melissa's name badge ready?"

"Why I sure do", said Elizabeth.

"Oh, Elizabeth, is there a place to leave a purse or a moneypurse?", I asked.

"Yeah, I'll get you a locker. You'll need one to hold your things. That's the only bad thing about working naked. But I think it's a great trade off", she said.

"Me, too. I can't believe I actually like it. I would have never thought of it.", I mentioned.

"Well, we've been here awhile. But it was only about six months ago that we were allowed to go nude or topless. I was surprised at how many of our team members wanted to go naked at work. Of course, you know peer pressure takes over, and now everyone is naked or topless. And even the topless ones in grocery, and produce, and like that like to get away and take off their clothes and show off their sausages or kitties. Okay, here's the locker number and here's the combination. And here's your name badge. Remember, since you're not wearing anything else identifying you as a McDowell's team member, you'll need to wear your badge like a necklace."

She handed me a name badge snapped on a little rope belt. Melissa N. Oh, that's me! I put it around my neck, and picked up my locker information.

"Thanks, Elizabeth!"

"Oh, no problem, Melissa! If you need anything, let me or Ruth know", said Elizabeth.

Ruth and I left and headed to the back of the store. She showed me where the baler was. She also showed me the area where I might need to take the broken items. We walked by the receiving area. Now those guys looked great naked. And their peckers? Heavenly. Nice butts, too. Ruth and I continued around the back and she showed me how to clock in. The back of my tag had a stripe. I just had to swipe it to start, go on break or lunch, or go home. I swiped my card and started getting paid ... finally. She took me down to the breakroom. There I saw the vending machines with all sorts of snack and drinks. Plus there was a refrigerator I could use to bring my own lunch or dinner. Finally, we got to the lockers. I went to the number Elizabeth gave me and opened it up. I put in the changepurse and my towel. Ruth showed me the stockroom in case I ever needed to find an item.

The quick tour having been concluded, we went out on the floor into my department.

"Okay, here's the main part of your job", Ruth said. "Help the customer. Say hello and find out if they need assistance looking for an item."

"Of course!", I said.

"When you're not busy, straighten up the items. They should be almost to the edge of the shelf." She showed me by fixing up an endcap. "Just like that."

"You make it look very easy", I told her.

"Nah! Anyone can do this", she said. "Now, your area is this one where the small appliances are, then we've got kitchen gadgets and dinnerware. Plus the kitchen and bedding fashions. Going further, we've also got plastic storage, picture frames, furniture, rugs, and crafts."

"Dang! That's a lot of straightening!", I exclaimed.

"Yeah, but most anyone can get through it the first time in about two hours. After that, it's very easy, and you might take only thirty minutes if it's not way too messed up. Now here's the great thing about this particular job, and why we usually do it nude. After working through this a time or two a shift, we heat up. If you had clothes on, you'd be dying to get them off. By working naked, we don't have that problem. So, if by chance you're cold now, you won't be for long."

"I am a little chilly, but I am learning to work with it. I'm glad I won't be cold very long", I said with a little smile.

"Okay, well here's what's going on. You clocked in this morning. I'm going to adjust the time back to 10, so you will get paid for the time you've been here. In about two hours, you'll take a break. Then at around 2, go to lunch. Then another break around 4:30. Then you can go home at 6:30. Give you a full day's work", Ruth said.

"Sounds great."

"Now, some basic rules with the customers. You are allowed to touch and feel them anywhere on their body if they say it's okay. They can also touch and feel you anywhere if you approve. If you feel the need to get off the floor, we do have some rooms available for masturbation or sex."

"Wait! We can have sex with customers?", I asked in shock.

"Yeah, and other team members", she replied.

"Is there an age minimum?"

"No. Only you can judge how young you're comfortable with. I've had some ten year old peckers inside my thing, and sucked on some young woodies. Looking at you, I think you could handle four or five year olds", she mentioned.

Oh my God! Did she say I might be able to have sex with four or five year old boys? Really? I knew Edenton was weird. But I'd have never thought it was THIS weird! "Really?"

"Okay, I've told you enough. Here's a headset. They're all wireless. In a store like ours, they're great. If you need help finding something, click on the button on the right ear. We have people willing to help."

"Thanks, Ruth!", I said.

"No problem. I better get going and take care of my things. I'll let you get started cleaning up. Samantha will be here in a little while to help."

"Oh, good!"

"Have a good time. Call me if you need me for anything", said Ruth as she left for another part of the store.

I put on the headset and got started straightening an end display. Customers passed behind me. No doubt some of them were checking out my behind. I fixed up that endcap and starting walking down the aisles. I came across a holiday display and looked at for a moment. Then I straightened it up. I turned next into the bakeware aisle. I was fixing that up when a lady customer came in looking for a cake pan.

"Hi! Welcome to McDowell's"

"Hi there! How are you?", she asked me.

"Pretty good! My first day here. Learning a lot about the store."

"Oh, I'll bet."

I was looking at this young lady. She was quite sort of tall, a little big in the middle, and big boobed. But she looked kind of cute in her white shorts.

"I'm Melissa."

"I'm Paula", she said. "I'm here pretty often. You'll figure out the new customers from the regulars."

"How's that?" I wondered.

"The newbies will have their eyes coming out of their sockets from looking at all the naked people", she said.

I had to laugh at that. "Ha, ha, ha! Yeah, that's right."

"Anyway, I like your figure. I hope my diet will get me down to a better looking body."

"Well, you don't look so bad yourself", I told her.

"Oh, thank you. But really, I need to lose this." She made her point holding her stomach roll, just below her belly button.

"Well, I like your boobs. Mine are pretty small", I said.

"That part is true. But many with big boobs have big everything else. And that's not necessarily good."

"Yeah, you're right. Thank you. Did you need any help?", I asked her.

"Oh, no. I'm fine. Just stopping in to get a cake pan."

"Well, if you need help, let me know!", I told her.

"I will! Thanks!"

I got back to straightening the bakeware. Then I went over to the small appliance aisle, and fixed up the boxes and displays. I continued through the department while stopping along the way to help people. A couple of young ladies complimented my figure. I felt very flattered. I turned and flashed my rear end. One of them playfully slapped it. Then I got a call on the radio from Ruth.

"Melissa!", she said on my headset.

"Yes!", I called back.

"Come meet me at the sporting goods desk."

"Okay. I'm on the way."

It was a short trip to the desk. Ruth was there with a young lady and her young son. The lady had dark hair, sparkling blue eyes, a nice set of boobs with big areolas, great stomach and belly. She sported a dark landing strip on her pussy and a nice butt. Her husband had brown hair and blue eyes, a chiseled stomach, and one heck of a hard wood.

"Hey, Melissa. This is Meghan Dorsey. Meghan, this is Melissa Newman", Ruth said, introducing the women.

"Hi, Meghan. And who's this cute guy?", I asked.

"This is my husband, Doug. We have one son, Caden", Meghan said.

"Well, hi, Doug."

"Hi, Melissa. Nice to meet you", he said.

"We just love coming here. The ladies love rubbing his stomach", said Meghan.

"Oh, really?", I asked.

"Yeah, Ruth just gave him a tummy rub. And she thought you might like to try it. She mentioned you were new."

Oh my God! They trusted me enough to feel customers? I just started today! On the other hand, Doug's body kept beckoning. I kept looking down at his big penis

"They said you like tummy rubs?", I asked him.

"Oh, I love them. My wife's are the best. But I also like when other ladies feel up", he answered.

"Would you like me to give you one?", I had to know.

"Absolutely", he said.

I placed both hands on Doug and slowly began rubbing his whole front. He smiled as I moved my fingers over his belly button and nipples. Then I took his penis in my right hand and moved it slowly along the shaft/ With every touch of his skin, I felt shockwaves going through my body. I smiled at him as I moved my right hand around to feel his butt. I only did it for about a minute. But it was so great it felt much longer. Ruth and Meghan smiled as they watched me play with him.

Playing with his penis and butt gave me a bunch of butterflies in my stomach.

"Oh my God, Ruth!", I exclaimed under my breath. "I can't believe how great that felt to me."

"I knew you'd love it. And I knew Meghan and Doug would let you do it", Ruth said.

"Thank you, Meghan and Doug. You have no idea how happy you've made me today."

"Oh, it's no problem. Like I said, he loves getting his body rubbed here. You made him very hard", said Meghan

"I did!", Doug said. "Thanks."

"You're welcome, sweetie. Come back for another one soon", said Ruth.

"Anyway, we've taken up enough of your time, ladies. Thank you", said Meghan.

"Come back anytime. We'll do it again", said Ruth.

Meghan and Doug walked away and went back to shopping. Ruth turned to me and asked, "Do you need to relieve yourself, or are you okay?"

"I should be fine. Thanks."

"Okay. I'll let you get back to straightening. Actually, go up to the front, grab a basket, and go get the returns from the service desk. Then put them back on the shelves. It'll help you learn the departments you work in."

"Sounds like a good plan. Thanks."

I left right away, went by the front doors of the store, and pulled out a cart.

"Hi!", said the greeter.

"Hi, I'm Melissa."

"I'm Alice. Nice to meet you."

"So how do like working without clothes?", I asked.

"I wasn't sure I'd like it.", she replied. "But I tried it out for a few shifts. And I love it. Is this your first time working naked?"

"Yes, my first day. I can't believe what I've gotten away with so far", I said.

"What did you do?", she asked.

"I felt up some lady's husband. Do you normally feel up customers?"

"Sometimes. Depends on whether I feel attracted to them. Having a decent pecker helps."

"Ruth mentioned about sex?", I asked.

"It happens. Sometimes, I've done it with teenage boys", she remarked.

"Do they comment about doing Grandma?"

"No. But they do love that we have someone here who's willing to do someone that young."

"Okay. You think I'll have sex here?", I questioned.

"Yeah. But I don't know when. But it'll happen", she said with confidence.

Nice! I wondered if it would be a high school boy or something. Maybe a girl? I didn't know. Anyway, I walked with my cart over behind the desk. I picked up several different things that were in my buckets like a drapery, some glasses, a blender, a pillow, several towels, some picture frames, and a rug. It looked like a smorgasboard of items. I checked out some of my other team members as I walked back through the store. Some of them looked smashing in the buff. Some did have weight issues. But I was happy that those people let those concerns slide for comfort's sake. Can you tell this former textile wearer now loves wearing nothing? Besides, I think everyone loves checking out my body.

I found some of the items, and was putting away a towel when a female customer approached me.

"Hi, do you know where I can find blenders?", she asked

"Sure! Right over here! Follow me", I told her.

I walked in front of her and led her to the blenders.

"Thanks! Nice ass!", she said.

"Thanks", I said with pride. "You're not too bad yourself."

"Oh, you're too generous. I'm Joyce, by the way."

"I'm Melissa. I'm brand new here. First day."

"I hope you stay a long time. You look great, even your boobs", she said to me.

"Thanks. I wish they were bigger, but I'll take them."

"I'm the one with the big boobs. I love my nipples."

"Yeah, big areolas, too", I noticed.

She picked up the blender and put it in her cart. "Thanks!"

"You're welcome!" And I went back to my cart and started putting more items away. Pretty soon, it was time for my first break. I radioed that I was going on a break and went to the time clock to clock out for break. Then I walked over to my locker and got my towel and purse, and headed into the breakroom. I found a chair, put my towel down, and got money out to buy a drink from the vending machine. One of the cashiers, Jason Pratt, was also on break.

"So, how are you liking working here so far?", he asked.

"Oh, I'm loving it", I replied. "Do you like working here?"

"Sure! It pays pretty good, and I don't have to wear very much", he said.

"You have to wear slacks?"

"Yeah, I'm a cashier, so I have to wear slacks. Produce and meat and stuff."

"I know. Anyway, you're back here", I told him.

He got up from the table. His pants and underwear were dragging the floor. His full naked body on display. Nice, big penis. He turned around and let me check out his naked backside. Nice butt, too. I just had to cop a feel of it.

"I love your butt", I said.

"Thanks. Can I feel your ass?", he asked.

"Well ... fair is fair. Here!", I said as I turned around. Oh, his hands felt so soft on my rear end.

I bought the drink and sat down to enjoy it. One other lady, Sheri, came in and sat her naked body at the table. She and I looked pretty similar, except she had darker hair and had a little hair on her pussy.

"Hi there. I'm Melissa."

"I'm Sheri. Welcome to McDowell's. So are you liking the nudity?"

"Yeah. I can't believe how eventful my morning has been", I said.

"Uh oh. What did you do?", she asked.

"Well, I was fixing up my area and Ruth had me go over to the sporting goods desk. And she had me rub the belly and penis of some woman's husband. I thought I was about to explode from the sexual excitement."

"Wait until you have sex with customers or team members. I did it with Charles in Plumbing."

"How was his plumbing?", I asked.

"First rate", she replied.

"Awesome! Ruth mentioned there was some rooms for sex?", I asked her.

"Yeah, lemme show you real quick."

Sheri and I went through some doors back towards the sales floor but turned right. I pulled on the door and saw four beds. Then I saw Laura from Health & Beauty in one of them with a thirtyish man. I could tell he had great looking butt. The two were hot and heavy in lovemaking and we closed the door and left.

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