Eric and Ellen's Reunion

by pj

Copyright© 2010 by pj

Erotica Sex Story: A fan-fic fantasy. Loosely based on some entertainment figures, and what happened when they resumed their long standing casual relationship after one of them divorces.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fan Fiction   Humor   Anal Sex   .

Ellen landed face down on the sheets with a soggy thump. They were expensive high thread count silk sheets but they had, hours ago, lost their fresh fragrance, now reeking of sweat, her sex and Eric's semen. In fact her tits were smack in the middle of the huge wet spot she'd left from lying on her back just before Eric had flipped her onto her belly.

She moaned in anticipation, long ago memories reminded her what was next.

"Take it easy, Eric ... it's been a while and ... Yee-e—e-e-OWWWW!"

Her eyes shut tight and her white knuckled fingers grabbed the sheets and clenched them tightly as she waited for the pain to subside. Her ass felt like it was on fire.

"What's the matter, sis ... Old Rich Ronald didn't keep that passage plowed? Or you just getting' old and fragile?"

It took a little effort to unclench her teeth and answer. Not mention she'd lost her breath.

"Fuck you, Eric. He liked it back there and he was every bit big as you. He just took his time workin' it in." Actually, she didn't like having to say that; that was part of what drove her to be dissatisfied with Ronald in bed. He was always too considerate and never just took her like the bitch in heat she knew she was.

"And quit calling me sis ... you know that pisses me off. And I know damn well you ain't got me confused with Julia. Bet you couldn't even get her alone anymore, let alone her show you any skin."

Eric laughed.

"Bullshit, baby. You never get tired of those yahoos getting you confused with her. Your bad luck you look more like me than she does."

Ellen giggled to herself. She agreed with him but she wasn't gonna give that point to the bastard. There'd been a few roles available where she and Eric actually were written in as brother and sister but they'd never really played out the way they might have.

And several other times where she and Eric were actively playing around with each other but it wasn't smart for it to become known.

The pain was now totally gone, leaving only a dull delicious ache and a feeling her whole lower belly was full. She knew Eric was just savoring the moment and the sight of his cock fully in her anus. She hoped he was also remembering how many times it had been there before. Almost thirty years, they'd gotten their rocks off together since that chance double-take meeting in the commissary. Eric had been walking around with his kid sister Julia. She knew who he was, of course but wondered why the guy was robbing the cradle. Since then, she'd occasionally been jealous of Julia, as had Eric, for that matter. But just as she and Julia were worlds apart, so were she and Eric the perfect lust-crossed pair.

She felt something wet drop on her crack and Eric, after spreading his spit around the base of his cock, began to work in and out of her.

"Like that, my sister slut?"

"mmmmm... " was all Ellen could muster. She began to flash again on all the parties, all those times at clubs, over the years, where she and Eric traded a look and knew without words they were going to find each other and get off a quicky. Which sometimes turned into all nighters if the first one was really good. And it didn't matter who they were with at the time, they threw caution and discretion to the wind and found a way to rut.

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